Wolf Brother ☆ Wolf Brother æ Michelle Paver Geoff Taylor - Wolf Brother, Wolf Brother Six thousand years ago Evil stalks the land Only twelve year old Torak and his wolf cub companion can defeat it Their journey together takes them through deep forests across giant glaciers and into

  • Title: Wolf Brother
  • Author: Michelle Paver Geoff Taylor
  • ISBN: 9780060728274
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback

Wolf Brother

☆ Wolf Brother æ Michelle Paver Geoff Taylor, Wolf Brother, Michelle Paver Geoff Taylor, Wolf Brother Six thousand years ago Evil stalks the land Only twelve year old Torak and his wolf cub companion can defeat it Their journey together takes them through deep forests across giant glaciers and into dangers they never imagined In this page turning original and spectacularly told adventure story Torak and Wolf are joined by an incredible cast of characters as they bSix thousand yea ☆ Wolf Brother æ Michelle Paver Geoff Taylor. ☆ Wolf Brother æ Michelle Paver Geoff Taylor - Wolf Brother, Wolf Brother Six thousand years ago Evil stalks the land Only twelve year old Torak and his wolf cub companion can defeat it Their journey together takes them through deep forests across giant glaciers and into

  • ☆ Wolf Brother æ Michelle Paver Geoff Taylor
    175Michelle Paver Geoff Taylor
Wolf Brother
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  1. Onvan Wolf Brother Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, 1 Nevisande Michelle Paver ISBN 60728272 ISBN13 9780060728274 Dar 295 Safhe Saal e Chap 2004

  2. Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver is a wonderful kid s book about a boy, Torak, and his Wolf and their quest to keep a promise he made to his dying Fa The author obviously did an enormous amount of research to make this book realistic and full of details from nature making it a great story that I read to my son He fell in love with all the characters and was on the edge of the couch nearly from cover to cover Highly recommended to kids 10 and up.Special callout to Biblio Curious who suggested this [...]

  3. So I loved this book It is so different from any middle grade I have ever read I loved the obvious amount of research the author did to make this prehistoric Native American fantasy story really come across well Wolf and Torak s friendship is what I aspire Nanook and my relationship to be I think there were some areas that could have been better namely that the ending was very rushed when compared to how much struggle and adventure came before, but I m boosting my rating because of its uniquenes [...]

  4. Well consider me a slightly angry wolf cub right now I hate to say itbut the ending really spoiled the book for me I try to take the whole book into considering, butweeeell, I wasn t that entirely enamoured by it in the first place I really liked the setting though There seriously aren t enough books with clans and natives mixed with fantastical magic and according to the author s note, it s like based off Inuit s, Native Americans, and the people of the Ice Age SO HUZZAH FOR THAT Plus there was [...]

  5. I read this book in one night, need I say I absolutely love this kind of novel The incorporation of nature, tribal power, and, of course, a hint of dark magic really mixes nicely to create a phenomenal piece of fiction literature I think Paver could not have woven together a better story The character development of Renn and Torak is thorough, and Torak s relationship with Wolf is noticeably deep and very spiritually significant Wolf has a deep love for Torak, and their mutual respect for each [...]

  6. THIS BOOK IS AMAZING I began reading the series when I was 11 and have recently reread it for the 4th time I STILL LOVE LOVE LOVE IT I was reluctant to read it again only because I had first read it at a much younger age, and I felt that perhaps I had grown out of it I could not have been any wrong Michelle Paver has this wonderful ability to reconstruct a lost world that could only be reached in the depths of one s imagination Everything is told in so much detail the clothing, food, tools, fac [...]

  7. Moram da priznma knjiga je mnogo bolja nego sto sam ocekivao Kao prvo atmosfera je odlicna, stvarno te uspesno prebacuje u ogromnu i hladnu sumu punu opasnosti ali lepote Likova nema punao ali su fino definisani i imaju fin razvoj tokom price I iako je u sustini knjiga za decu imam osecaj da je racnija i strasnija nego mnoge grim dark novele iako nema puno krvi, jako malo nasilja ali to nekako jos vise istice u prvi plan kada se nesto strasno dogodi.Slobodno probajte, necete se razocarati.

  8. Wolf Brother is a prehistoric wilderness survival adventure that pits a 12 year old boy and his wolf companion against an evil spirit bear that threatens the survival of the forest and all of the clans This was a very enjoyable read for me, and I will look for by this author suitable for pre teens through adult

  9. I picked this book up in a charity shop I d seen this book many times but never read it I, not thinking about purchasing it, started to read and was immediately trailblazing each word It s reminded me strongly of another series of books called Earth s Children written by Jean M Auel Even though it says this is 9 12 fiction, it s still a great book for many people alike I like how the author showed different POV between Torak and Wolf Also like how Wolf thinks, to Wolf Torak is known as Tall Tail [...]

  10. I listened to Ian McKellen Gandalf bring this piece to stunning life It s a fantasy, set in ancient Bronze Age Europe, uncounted aeons ago The first of 6 books Beautifully written, the story is fast paced and action packed It s told in 3rd person, with the POV shifting from the boy Torak to his brother a wolf cub The setting is vivid and the story sometimes felt almost real, like it could almost have happened, back when people ate reindeer and worshipped the spirits in rocks and rivers and raven [...]

  11. When you start reading the first paragraph of Wolf Brother, you re hooked You keep turning pages, and learn of the setting, set back 6,000 years ago in the continent of europe Your eyes follow the lines of the page, and realize the continent is not separated into countries, but clans, named after native wildlife You flip the page to the next chapter, and learn of the main character of this story, Torak You discover that his father was killed by a mysterious demon animal, and Torak is left alone [...]

  12. Loved it The ancient world was exciting to hear about, to see what the author has pieced together from fact to create her own, very unique and quite credible land of ancient darkness and magic.Fast paced, and full of adventure it s as good as ever Started out with the audio book but finished with the actual copy i much prefer this way but the audio was very easy to just slot into my day.

  13. This is a book for all ages and I really enjoyed reading it It s full of action and at the same time so easy to read.

  14. I actually read these series when I was a younger teen At that point in time I really hated romantic Young Adult novels and enjoyed fantasy and otherworldly settings That is probably why the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Series were one of my favourites but do not be disheartened, for there is romance, it s just not drowning in it It is a very original book and in the young adult shelves you won t find too many like this It is hunting and is set in an age far earlier then technology and all tha [...]

  15. This was a good book I would recomend this book to everyone because i liked it and i normally hate to read It is about a boy Torak who lives in the forest by himself because his father was killed by the evil bear He also as a child lived with a pack of wolves so he can talk to wolves as he later learns when he bocomes close friends with his friend wolf They journey together through the forest and get caught by a tribe out in the wild while they were hunting The evil bear has been going around to [...]

  16. Fantastic series to share with your kids It s middle grade They live in the wild, so there are some hunting scenes that could be intense for sensitive children The boys I taught were fine, some girls too A couple girls didn t like those parts, but they all really enjoyed it.Great pacing and character development It has elements of magic and tonnes of educational elements relating to nature Great discussion topics to have with kids about respecting nature, technology, friendship and survival an a [...]

  17. ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.Torak and his father have been living alone, away from their clan, for as long as Torak can remember When a demon possessed bear attacks them one night, Torak s father is mortally wounded Before he dies, he makes Torak promise to seek the Mountain of the World Spirit On his journey to the mountain, Torak meets a recently orphaned wolf cub who becomes his guide, and then the boy and his wolf are captured by a tribe who wonder if Torak will fulfill their pro [...]

  18. The setting in this book is in the woods six thousand years ago When young Torak is left all alone after his father died he must remember all the things he was taught in order to survive on his own pg7 8 When evil has come over the land and is held within a bear, whom knows nothing but to kill, Torak and his wolf companion must conquer it together But it s becomes hard when an Indian clan captures them and hold them hostage pg78 84 Can Torak and his wolf make it to the mountain in time before th [...]

  19. The first time I saw this book was at a Barnes and Nobles a couple years ago It was a choice between a Haunted Storys or Wolf Brother I am so glad that I picked Wolf Brother Not only was this book fictionally entertaining, but Michelle Paver succeeded in making it a page turner with Facts The food that they ate, the clothes that they wear, the clans, the life, All of this was Facts She really made you feel like you are there The main character, Torak, is a 12 year old boy, or 12 Summers Old, as [...]

  20. I am absolutely in love with Wolf Brother I can t believe it took me so long to read this series The first thing that stood out for me about this book is the unique setting and time period How many YA novels can you name that are set in the Stone Age Not many, I guarantee you The details that Michelle Paver wrote about the forest and the animals were fantastic You know that she did her research because of the way the lives of the character were portrayed I don t know much about the Stone Age so [...]

  21. This book by Michelle Paver I thought was absolutely amazing One of my favorite parts was when Torak meets Renn at the raven camp At first sure they weren t friends but as there unexpected journey went on they learned that they needed each other along with Torak s companion wolf I would definitely recommend this book to other people because it is a great book for people who love adventure and action There is also constant disappointment through out this book that Torak and Renn will endure The T [...]

  22. Tourak and his wolf set out on a quest to take on a terrible bear Wolf Brother is an exciting story of action and adventure, along with a bit of magic.My husband and I listened to this audiobook It s a 1001 Children s Book You Must Read.My husband s rating My rating

  23. Cringe worthy cliche opening chased me off, too bad, since this is usually my type of subject matter DNF.

  24. Torak es un ni o que viv a s lo con su padre, hasta que este fue asesinado por un gran oso Su padre le dice que debe llegar hasta la monta a del esp ritu del mundo, pero Torak siente miedo pues nunca hab a estado solo en el mundo.Sus dudas se despejan un poco cuando encuentra a un lobezno que parece ser capaz de entenderlo Tambi n a su peque o grupo se une Renn, una ni a del Clan de los Cuervos que cree que Torak es el salvador que la profec a menciona Juro por mi sangre en esta hoja y por cada [...]

  25. Wolf Brother is an alright book if you re into light reading and this kind of genre If you, like me, however, are into used to deeper books, that leave you wanting and give you something to think about afterwards this book might leave you unimpressed.The character development is gone over very lightly From one page to the next, Torak goes from finding the wolf pup annoying, to needing it and worrying about it Torak and Renns relationship is interesting, but the development is left out, and with [...]

  26. This will be a brief review of the whole Chronicle of Ancient Darkness series, but there won t be any spoilers from any of the books.I loved this series as a child It was one of my childhood obsessions And I hate leaving a series unfinished Unfortunately, by the time the final book, Ghost Hunter, was released, I was already way older than the series target audience and had moved on to other things Only last year, when I read Paver s adult novel Dark Matter, did I decide to reread the first 5 boo [...]

  27. Sometime in the distant past and somewhere on a primitive world, a young man traveled with his father when they come upon something evil.Torak was twelve years old and was facing nature s elements by himself His father was recently killed by a bear and the young boy was left on his own Before Fa passed away he instructed his son to find the Mountain of the World Spirit He told him that his guide would find him but whom it would be was a mystery Lastly, he also gave him an odd warning to Stay awa [...]

  28. Wolf brother takes place around the year 4000 BC in a forest in Canada In the forest, a demon bear is terrorizing everything It killed Torak s the main character father Before he died he told Torak to head towards teh Mountain of The World Spirit There the World Spirit will destroy the bear He said that he must find his guide Torak fled into the forest towards the mountain.On his way, he finds a wolf cub He finds out that its whole pack drowned in a flash flood and he was the only one that survi [...]