Evil Genius ✓ Evil Genius ✓ Catherine Jinks - Evil Genius, Evil Genius Cadel Piggott has a genius IQ and a fascination with systems of all kinds At seven he was illegally hacking into computers Now he s fourteen and studying for his World Domination degree taking class

  • Title: Evil Genius
  • Author: Catherine Jinks
  • ISBN: 9780152059880
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Hardcover

Evil Genius

✓ Evil Genius ✓ Catherine Jinks, Evil Genius, Catherine Jinks, Evil Genius Cadel Piggott has a genius IQ and a fascination with systems of all kinds At seven he was illegally hacking into computers Now he s fourteen and studying for his World Domination degree taking classes like embezzlement misinformation forgery and infiltration at the institute founded by criminal mastermind Dr Phineas Darkkon Although Cadel may be advanced beyond hiCadel Piggott has ✓ Evil Genius ✓ Catherine Jinks. ✓ Evil Genius ✓ Catherine Jinks - Evil Genius, Evil Genius Cadel Piggott has a genius IQ and a fascination with systems of all kinds At seven he was illegally hacking into computers Now he s fourteen and studying for his World Domination degree taking class

  • ✓ Evil Genius ✓ Catherine Jinks
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Evil Genius
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  1. Few pleasures are quite as sublime as reading a book, enjoying it, and only afterwards realizing that you re familiar with the author Ask me who Catherine Jinks was before I read Evil Genius and you d have met with a blank stare accompanied by some rapid fire blinking Only after I read and enjoyed her latest did I put two and two together Catherine Jinks Pagan s Crusade Catherine Jinks Evil Genius The Pagan series is probably one of the best too little appreciated historical fiction series of bo [...]

  2. This book is a book that I really liked and have no idea why The plot was confusing, Cadel dressing up as a girl should have been weird, most of the characters at the school were disturbing, and yet I loved it Admittedly the beginning leading into the middle was a bit boring, and I did skim read a little, but I found the end leaving me with that warm fuzzy feeling of just right Not many books do that.I think what sold me was the character s development The main character Cadel, who I was worried [...]

  3. I m not sure why I picked this audio book up, but I m glad that I did It was a lot of fun the characterization of the main character, a child, was very well done His motivations, extreme intelligence in some areas complete blindness in others was excellent It was quite an adventure, too.The reader was perfect for me Her accent high voice fit the book well.On the downside, the author obviously doesn t know much about computers they are a major part of the story Her techno babble made me cringe at [...]

  4. Cadel Piggett is a smart boy with a genius IQ and loves computers of all kinds He can hack into other systems and do other atrocious things and his psychiatrist Thaddeus is guiding him through life When he finds out that his father is an evil criminal mastermind and runs a school for evil known as the Axis institute, he goes not knowing of his father s dark intentions Can he stop his father s dark plans before it is too late Read on and find out for yourself.This was a pretty good YA audiobook I [...]

  5. Eh It was ok, but it seemed like it might be too long and a bit boring in parts for the intended middle grade audience At least I think that s the intended audience.Sort of reminded me of Artemis Fowlbut not as good Still, I love the idea of an Evil Child Genius There s a good chance I ll give the next book a shot for that reason alone.

  6. When we meet Cadel Piggot, he s only seven years old and he s just gotten into trouble with the law for hacking into some very well guarded databases Cadel s adoptive parents take him to a therapist, Thaddeus, who becomes one of Cadel s only trusted confidants Because of his genius IQ, his lack of social skills and lack of interest in most other people , and his interest in highly technical subjects, Cadel attends a special elementary middle school His teachers try to engage him, but Cadel is on [...]

  7. I am horribly conflicted by this book While the first part was interesting, watching a young child struggle with his intellect, learning as well as school, it got rather boring when he enrolled in the school for evil geniuses Which wasn t really what was advertised on the tin It slowly managed to get to a climax with a few twists and turns, when the action finally got started and the book got interesting, and then it ended, with no real resolution I am unsure if I will read the next in the serie [...]

  8. Did I like this book This book is unique This book is very, very unique, like, I have never read a book quite like this one before, and I am very happy about that I am a guy who normally likes the bad guys in books and movies better than the heroes because being evil is so much fun This book is about a special school designed to train villains So yes, I liked this book a whole lot.Summary Again, as with all my reviews, this summary will be short and sweet in order to avoid major spoilers So, th [...]

  9. Cadel Piggott isn t your typical kid For one thing, he s extremely gifted intelligence wise And for another, he s the son of the evil Dr Darkkon, who is being held in prison for various crimes When Cadel s adopted parents take him to see a psychologist following Cadel s attempts to illegally hack into various computer systems, Cadel falls under the influence of Dr Thaddeus Roth Unknown to his adoptive parents, Roth is actually part of Darkkon s league of evil and instead of helping Cadel with hi [...]

  10. I picked up this book after a recommendation from a friend The one i picked up had the black cover very enchanting, and a gripping blurb I read the first page as i usually do when testing a book it was gripping and very descriptive so, i purchased the book The start was superb Very visual and the characters where very believable as well After really enjoying the first chapters, the story dragged on Some times there would be a very quick change, but then back to its dragging I must admit, sometim [...]

  11. This is a book I probably wouldn t have picked up on my own Partly because I m just not in the habit of giving books without plot blurbs much attention, and partly because I don t pay much attention to the YA section.It was absolutely wonderful to read a book written on this level this is seriously not a book for people who have trouble with simple html formatting, and technobabble serious and humorous abounds The plot is solid and complex, and even when I felt like I had a grasp on what was goi [...]

  12. This is a book that boys would like My husband was intrigued by the cover and the inside cover made him laugh The bad guys are deliciously evil and our hero Cadel is just as bad.Evil Genius is the story of Cadel Piggott At a very young age, Cadel was able to hack into any computer system He was an outsider, but studied human behavior and interactions As a result, he developed a dating matchmaking site He engineered the failure of his senior class at high school as well as the collapse of his sch [...]

  13. What An Amazing Book.Seriously, I finished this book after feverishly reading it for about three days, and I just sat there thinking about it for about two hours before I could go to sleep It was brilliant.Character development, amazing plotlines and twists, brilliant originality all things that went into Evil Genius I spent today driving around to multiple bookshops to try and find the sequel, but so far I ve only found the third in the series and I m DYING TO READ IT Highly, HIGHLY recommended [...]

  14. I can t be bothered wasting my time with this book I m a fan of evil, but this story hasn t done anything for me at all This book dragged on too much and I don t have the patience for it too many other books out there to read, so I won t waste my time on a book I m not enjoying.

  15. All his life, Cadel has been living with his inattentive and uncaring adoptive parents He is a genius when it comes to computers and systems, and even controls the whole train system for a day, despite being around 7 years old at the start of the book Then he meets this doctor who introduces him to the Axis Institute, where he takes classes like Mutation, Pure Evil, Forgery, and Misinformation His projects start becoming and cruel, until he meets an online friend names Kay Lee who makes him st [...]

  16. By the end of last year I was in a total YA funk I was feeling jaded, and extremely tired of reading about American teens in American schools and all the usual clich s that that comes with So someone recommended Evil Genius to me as a book that would break me out of my funk they even said they would eat their hat if I didn t like it.Well, no need to break out the hat dipping sauce, but I didn t enjoy it as much as I d hoped either, even if it did meet the criteria.Cadel Piggott is far from an or [...]

  17. School stories have been popular since at least the 19th Century when Tom Brown s Schooldays by Thomas Hughes was published in 1857 I suppose that once school, and therefore childhood literacy, became common, young people wanted to read, and the one setting they all shared and could relate to was school Such stories became a sort of genre, which I ve heard labeled English Schoolboy Stories or, alternately, British school novels, although they can take place in any part of the former British Empi [...]

  18. ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.Cadel Piggott doesn t really fit in His genius IQ and his peculiar obsessions seem strange to his classmates He s not a malicious child, but his boredom drives him to challenge himself by hacking into computers and designing intricate pranks It doesn t help that his parents are constantly busy and don t spend any time with him The only person who really seems to care about Cadel is Dr Thaddeus Roth, his psychologist Thaddeus even encourages Cadel s obsessi [...]

  19. Evil Genius starts out simply enough and we are introduced to Cadel Piggot, a seven year old genius who has a habit of dismantling his adoptive parents security system, hacking into high security computer networks and bill pay services This unusual behavior lands Cadel in trouble with the law As a result, he is referred to Dr Thaddeus Roth, a well known psychologist for troubled kids WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS A LOT OF PLOT SUMMARY Dr Thaddeus Roth, being an out of the ordinary psychologist, enco [...]

  20. Stuff I Read Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks ReviewI thought I knew what I was getting into when I picked up this book There s a manga I ve seen, Hollow Fields, that has basically the same what I presumed was the premise, that there s basically a school for evil geniuses That s what I got from the synopsis and the inside cover and so that s what I was prepared for, something fast and with lots of explosions Now don t get me wrong, there were explosions, but this book sets up a much slower boil th [...]

  21. Thirteen year old genius Cadel Piggott lives in Sydney Australia with his distracted parents Unfortunately, his advanced intellect makes it hard for him to understand how other people think, and he has no social skills, so he spends his time in corners by himself Bored out of his skull, Cadel quite naturally gets into some mischief in this case some computer hacking , by causing mass transit and such As a result, he s taken to see a psychologist, who, treats him like an adult The psychologist re [...]

  22. Maybe I don t really want to give this a 5, but maybe I do, especially since I ve been in the throes of some horrible YA recently So, maybe my rating of this book is entirely comparative But I don t think so When I started reading about Cadel, I wasn t sure why the book was so big I expected it to be childish and maybe Roald Dahl esque tale about a gifted boy in hands of smart dumb adults charming, straightforward, with a 50 50 chance of being memorable By the time I had spent a whole day doing [...]

  23. Uff, was eine schwere Geburt Ich bin recht lange um das Buch herum getigert einfach weil es so superlustig klang und genau meinen Geschmack trifft Das grelle Pink hat mich aber ein wenig abgeschreckt, ganz ehrlich, was soll das Habs dann aber g nstig bekommen und mir gedacht, dass es definitiv ein Versuch wert ist Zu dem Zeitpunkt wusste ich auch noch nicht, dass dies ebenfalls eine Reihe ist Viel kann ich nicht sagen bzw wei ich auch nicht was genau ich sagen soll, es ist halt ein wenig meh Des [...]

  24. Inhalt Cadel ist eigentlich ein ganz normaler Junge, der aber einige Eigenschaften hat, die man f r genial h lt Er knackt selbst die verschl sselsten Portale und hackt sich die die Daten gro er Firmen Seine Eltern erkennen sein Potential, haben aber Angst, er findet sich in der normalen Welt damit nicht zurecht Aus diesem Grund schicken sie ihn auf das AXIS Institut, wo er in diversen Unterrichtsthemen ausgebildet werden soll Mit nur einem Ziel Cadel soll nach Abschluss seiner Ausbildung die Wel [...]

  25. Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks is a fictional story that I would highly recommend to anyone who likes books with slower plots but complex characters I would definitely rate this book five stars The main character in Evil Genius is a young boy named Cadel Piggot Cadel is a computer genius, and at a very young age, he is capable of creating so much mayhem with his unusual skills that the police refer his foster parents the Piggots to Thaddeus Roth, a child psychologist During Thaddeus and Cadel s [...]

  26. In the book Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks the theme is that with hard work anything is possible This book takes place Australia, the home of a seven year old boy genius named Cadel Caden s foster parents are worried about him because they have received multiple calls from his school about him hacking into their computers His foster parents decide to take him to a therapist, named Thaddeus, who Cadel begins having private meetings with Thaddeus then sets Cadel up with video conferences with his [...]

  27. Not for me Other people seem to love this book, but I couldn t get myself to care very much at any time over the several arduous days it took me to complete this novel Were I not reading the title for an assignment, I would have given up.The first 200 pages are incredibly tedius The narrative was descriptive and detailed, but boring to me It wasn t particularly clever or especially intriguing It felt like standard fare and the effort put into explaining every detail weighed down the story The pl [...]

  28. What on earth did I just read This book was wholly unexpected in structure It starts when the main character is seven and goes until he s fourteen, I think When I started, I thought I was reading a middle grade, but by the end, Cadel the MC was seriously crushing on a girl and people were getting murdered left and right and there were no other kids his age and the story was embroiled in the various affairs both meanings of the word applicable here of the adults in his life That s not MG But the [...]

  29. Slow to start at first, with a tedious list of nefarious characters and outlandish scenarios, Evil Genius rapidly revs up the pace near the end of the book Cadel Piggott, aka Cadel Darkkon, is a child genius He is in foster care with Lanna and Stanley Piggott, who are strangely indifferent to his needs or ambitions When they agree that Cadel may attend the Axis Institute, headed by Thaddeus Roth, Cadel is bewildered There he is taught classes in loopholes, disguise, embezzlement, forgery, and di [...]