Foundation [PDF] Foundation | by Ò Isaac Asimov - Foundation, Foundation For twelve thousand years the Galactic Empire has ruled supreme Now it is dying But only Hari Seldon creator of the revolutionary science of psychohistory can see into the future to a dark age of ig

  • Title: Foundation
  • Author: Isaac Asimov
  • ISBN: 9780553803716
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Hardcover


[PDF] Foundation | by Ò Isaac Asimov, Foundation, Isaac Asimov, Foundation For twelve thousand years the Galactic Empire has ruled supreme Now it is dying But only Hari Seldon creator of the revolutionary science of psychohistory can see into the future to a dark age of ignorance barbarism and warfare that will last thirty thousand years To preserve knowledge and save mankind Seldon gathers the best minds in the Empire both scientisFor twelve thousand yea [PDF] Foundation | by Ò Isaac Asimov. [PDF] Foundation | by Ò Isaac Asimov - Foundation, Foundation For twelve thousand years the Galactic Empire has ruled supreme Now it is dying But only Hari Seldon creator of the revolutionary science of psychohistory can see into the future to a dark age of ig

  • [PDF] Foundation | by Ò Isaac Asimov
    181Isaac Asimov
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  1. Honestly, I don t get why this book series is so popular There are some interesting elements to it for instance, the use of religion as a tool of mass control and the implicit resultant argument that religion is no than a fraud, the opiate of the people, after all , but the book gave me little to enjoy or dig into The forces of the novel are broad, historical, dealing with masses of people this means that there is little to no room for individual characters here and little to be done by the few [...]

  2. A great story, told in a terribly boring fashion One dimensional characters engaged in various trade negotiations, political upheavals and general planning Dry beyond belief The concepts are very engaging religion as a means of control, psychohistory, etc but the telling of the story leaves much to be desired Some sections are much better than others, particularly 1 3 There is a really good story between the lines here one that I think would work much, much better as a television series.

  3. This is the most ambitious thing I ve ever read The scope of this is just hugely imaginative The idea is to create the new, and perfect, galactic empire The old one is dying But new empires don t just pop up overnight it takes years for the right circumstances to arise it takes years for all the pieces to slot perfectly into place The brightest mind of the age has used his incredibly farfetched, yet incredibly brilliant, psychohistory to predict the exact date the empire will fall He has used th [...]

  4. 2.5 rounded up to 3 for the idea I postponed writing the review as I was hoping that something would click in my head and I would realize just how magnificent this novel is It did not happen, unfortunately First of all, I was made to believe that this is a SF book It isn t Not really It is of a socio political one It is not even a novel, but a set of stories who present a series of political, sociological, psychological and religious ideas all based on the famous Psychohistory concept The ease [...]

  5. I read this again after about a thirty year hiatus I remember as a high schooler liking it, and I read and liked some of the sequels, but not entirely getting the full ideas presented After some time to grow up and mature, I think I can appreciate Asimov s vision better than before Maybe it was the lack of much action that hindered my enjoyment as a teenager, but as an adult I really liked the concepts approached and the ideas put forth Great science fiction and very influential on the works tha [...]

  6. Foundation The name is apt Isaac Asimov s sprawling scifi tale is the rock on which much of today s space opera is built Truer scifi historians than me would cite the late 1920s and pulp magazines such as Amazing Stories and E E Doc Smith as the DNA donors that spawned a thousand space operas They would be right, but Asimov s fame towers above all others His 1952 story of the decline and fall of the Galactic Empire is space opera s foundation.Unfortunately, the analogy continues Foundation has a [...]

  7. From my first reading of this Foundation Trilogy when I was fourteen to my latest reading today, I still put these in my top ten books of all time No question.Why So many reasons And even though the characters and the short story like presentation of the different times are quite fine and memorable, it isn t these that I point to.It s the ideas.It s also how our history is writ large as SF It s the social exploration It s the re establishment of civilization, one building block at a time It s th [...]

  8. Absolutely Loved it Hail Asimov He is brilliant His writing is enchanting and filled with awe inspiring genius Work of sheer Ingenuity Height of Inventiveness

  9. Yes, I have read Foundation before, chances are you have too However, for some reason I missed out on the later Foundation books from Foundation s Edge, I can barely remember who Hari Seldon is or why Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent So reread the series from the beginning it is then no great hardship really, a fun time is already guaranteed, and the three volumes combined are shorter than a single book by Peter F Hamilton.The very first Foundation story was published in 1942, arou [...]

  10. The Foundation trilogy three first books and the Foundation series all seven are often regarded as the greatest set of Science Fiction literature ever produced The Foundation series won the one time Hugo Award for Best All Time Series in 1966 Isaac Asimov was among the world s best authors, an accomplished scientist, and he was also a genius with an IQ above 170, and it shows in the intelligently concocted but complex plots and narrative There are already 331 reviews for this Science Fiction nov [...]

  11. Now that the Empire had lost control over the farther reaches of the Galaxy, these little splinter groups of planets became kingdoms with comic opera kings and nobles, and petty, meaningless wars, and a life that went on pathetically among the ruins.A civilization falling Nuclear power forgotten Science fading to mythology until the Foundation had stepped in After twelve thousand years of peace, prosperity and expansion, the Galactic Empire is crumbling Its vain aristocracy is ignorant of this, [...]

  12. An amusing read, but I think I still prefer Brin and Simmons when it comes to epic space opera Probably the most interesting thing about this book and, I assume, the rest of the series is the millennia spanning time scale of its narrative, which Asimov handles by establishing Hari Seldon s statistical prophesy, and then dropping in at critical junctures to investigate how individuals contrive to fulfill that prophecy It s kind of a fun model, always knowing the general direction of the plot with [...]

  13. psychohistory that branch of mathematics which deals with the reactions of human conglomerates to fixed social and economic stimuli says that the patterns and cycles of human societies can be accurately predicted.Hari Seldon that genius psychohistorian whose homely visage speaks to his followers hundreds of years after his death says that the Empire must fall and that thousands of years of barbarism must follow.The Foundation that secretive colony of scientists established by Seldon on the plane [...]

  14. 3.5 Call it idealism Call it an identification of myself with that mystical generalization to which we refer by the term, humanity I have read exactly fourteen novels and countless short stories written by this genius of a man because people, he s a genius Don t even start looking for a fitting word, because you won t find any He s a genius, period and this is only the third time I rate one of his works less than four stars The fact that this is happening with the first installment in the most [...]

  15. I highly recommend Foundation to anyone who professes to have a grain of interest in Sci Fi The political intrigue, religious undertones, innovative sci fi thoeories, world building, and epic scope make Foundation one of the most worthy reads of speculative fiction.The premise is that the genius, Harry Seldon, has created and perfected a new science, phychohistory, a form of advanced statistics, to the degree that he can mathematically predict and guide the future of extremely large population s [...]

  16. Buddy Read at Emma s Tea PartyThe Foundation trilogy is considered to be the best Science Fiction series of all time And with reason This first book is what we can call a huge introduction to what is in my opinion and little experience the best sociological study ever put in fiction There is no problem exposed in Foundation that cannot be transposed to our reality or history As a warning I must say the book doesn t have any kind of character development It doesn t even have a main character And [...]

  17. 527 Foundation Foundation, 1 , Isaac Asimov 1994 1371 474 1382 474 9649521542 20 1951 1951 1952 1953

  18. Not my first work by Asimov but I was told that this trilogy, together with his robot stories that I ve read , are his finest work and some of the most important works in science fiction I now understand why.Asimov does not only have an extremely amiable writing style, he is a master in phrasing complex matter in a simple, unassuming way that immediately transports you tens of thousands of years into the future Any concept, no matter how alien to us, becomes normal within only a few lines.In thi [...]

  19. There s a reason everyone recommends this trilogy It really is that good I flew through this granted it really isn t long and loved every second It s essentially 5 short stories that follow one another and need to be read in order I m very keen to read the rest of the Foundation novels when I m finished with my 2014 challenge The investigation of science, religion and trade, and how they can work together and against one another is remarkably well done It was unusual to read Asimov sans robots, [...]

  20. This is where Science Fiction especially Space Opera first started Any fan of Science Fiction has to read this, this is the father of all Science Fiction Its why its called Foundation It is the Foundation of science fiction.

  21. I just re read this for about the 5th or 6th time, although this was probably the first time I ve gone back to this volume in over a decade or even two Asimov still holds up for me, though I can t say how much of that is nostalgia Still, he s probably not for everyone, a little wordy at times, not much action Even so the whole Foundation series was a major great concept when it first came out and I still recommend it to anyone who loves science fiction, especially classic science fiction This bo [...]

  22. This is a very interesting book full politics and intrigue Actually not a lot really happens but the author provides a lot of food for thought Some times I felt the writing was just a bit too dry and the characters a bit too bland Overall however it is a classic piece of science fiction and I am happy I have read it.

  23. 1.99 Kindle sale, July 23, 2017 One of my very favorite old Golden Age SF novels The old empire is dying, says one Hari Selden, a brilliant historian and statistician, even though hardly anyone believes him Can he and his followers use their knowledge of history and human behavior to build a better galactic society when the current empire collapses A quick and absorbing read that s great fun.I cut my science fiction lovin teeth on this trilogy Asimov was brilliant.Read count I dunno, 4 or 5 time [...]

  24. Confession This is one of my favorite books and I ve probably read it 20 25 times, I usually read it at least once a year.The first book in the Foundation series this series won the Hugo award for best all time series as we follow the path of Foundation set out by Hari Seldon and his psychohistory.Galaxy spanning huge cast of characters hundreds of years are covered most epic, most awesome.Highest possible recommendationIf you re one of the five people left who haven t read this book just go do [...]

  25. Vak f ilk kez okumam n zerinden alt sene ge mi kinci kitab da okuduktan sonra kalan kitaplar n bask s n n olmamas , sahaflarda bulunanlar da u uk fiyatlarla sat ld ndan seriyi bir kenara att m Bir de utanmadan Vak f d rt y ld zla, Vak f ve mparatorluk u da y ld zla de erlendirmi im Zamanla okur nas l de i ir, kitaba kar beklentiler nas l de i ir okurken anlad m.Son birka senedir kitaplar n n bulunmamas ndan dolay T rkiye de bir Asimov merak ba g sterdi thaki nin seriyi yeniden basmas , yo un bir [...]

  26. 6.0 stars On my list of All Time Favorite novels The epic scope of this series e.g a Galactic Empire spanning 25 million worlds and containing over a quadrillion people , the great characters, the fun story and the concept of psychohistory, which I think is one of the coolest concepts ever, make this an absolute must read for SF fans It is just loads of fun HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION Winner Hugo Award for Best All Time Series The Foundation Trilogy 1966 Voted onto the Locus List of All Time [...]

  27. Alongside the Robots, the Foundation must be the most endearing and enduring thing that Asimov has created Being the mathematics nut that I am, I enjoyed the whole concept of being able to predict human behaviour accurately statistically, given the size of the population was big enough The discipline of psychohistory is presented with just enough uncertainty to make it credible A terrific read

  28. I read the Foundation novels when I was younger, probably around the same time that I began getting into science fiction and fantasy in grades 7 and 8 I read a lot of Asimov, both because there was a lot of him in my suspiciously well stocked public library and because well, he wrote a lot of books I read about the Foundation, psychohistory, his Three Laws of Robotics everything and anything Asimov, if I could check it out with that brilliant plastic card, I would devour it I can t remember if t [...]

  29. It s always good to read something that helped mold a genre you love in the case of science fiction, that means reading Heinlein, Bradbury and Asimov What s even better is when that classic turns out to be interesting than anticipated In this particular case, that seems to be in spite of itself It tries really hard to be very boring, in a number of ways 1 Consistently telling instead of showing, to the extreme that there were literally no action sequences in the entire novel, a novel in which t [...]