The Unusual Suspects [PDF] The Unusual Suspects | by ↠ Michael Buckley Peter Ferguson - The Unusual Suspects, The Unusual Suspects Orphaned sisters Sabrina and Daphne are sent to live with their mysterious grandmother The girls start school and Daphne is lucky to get Snow White for a teacher but Sabrina is stuck with mean Mr Gr

  • Title: The Unusual Suspects
  • Author: Michael Buckley Peter Ferguson
  • ISBN: 9780810993235
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback

The Unusual Suspects

[PDF] The Unusual Suspects | by ↠ Michael Buckley Peter Ferguson, The Unusual Suspects, Michael Buckley Peter Ferguson, The Unusual Suspects Orphaned sisters Sabrina and Daphne are sent to live with their mysterious grandmother The girls start school and Daphne is lucky to get Snow White for a teacher but Sabrina is stuck with mean Mr Grumpner and a class of mildly psychotic sixth graders When Mr Grumpner is murdered the sisters must discover which Everafter is responsible [PDF] The Unusual Suspects | by ↠ Michael Buckley Peter Ferguson. [PDF] The Unusual Suspects | by ↠ Michael Buckley Peter Ferguson - The Unusual Suspects, The Unusual Suspects Orphaned sisters Sabrina and Daphne are sent to live with their mysterious grandmother The girls start school and Daphne is lucky to get Snow White for a teacher but Sabrina is stuck with mean Mr Gr

  • [PDF] The Unusual Suspects | by ↠ Michael Buckley Peter Ferguson
    124Michael Buckley Peter Ferguson
The Unusual Suspects
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  1. Sabrina and Daphne are off to school Daphne loves being in class with Snow White as a teacher, but Sabrina s having a tougher time she keeps getting teased and beat up Things don t get any better when Puck joins her class But even Daphne can t deny there are monsters loose in the school and they re killing people There are red handprints all over Even Mayor Charming is turning to the Grimm Sisters for help solving the case But Sabrina s anger at not being able to find her parents is growing Coup [...]

  2. First of all, can I say how much I love MG books that actually make me laugh Not just crack a smile, or get giddy in my soul like the Vulcan fangirl I am, but laugh out loud Which is precisely what Sisters Grimm has managed to do.And then there s Sabrina Grimm Yass, I adore her Sure, she may get annoying at times, and sometimes the way she deals with Everafters makes me want to go Dude, you go trust them Please and then punch her But she s got her good side too She s got a strong mind, really re [...]

  3. I liked the first one better, as the mystery in this one only really started around 60%, but there was definitely a few surprises in this one, what with view spoiler Bella actually being a bad person, and all of the Everafters children being stolen and actually being Bella and Toby and Natalie hide spoiler And I wonder what s going to happen next That ending was so good view spoiler Didn t expect Little Red Riding Hood to be a villain either hide spoiler I love the twists to the fairy tales in [...]

  4. 4.5 STARS OMG I love this series so much Even I had a hard time figuring out the mystery These are full of adventures and antics and all the fairytale characters we love and hate This had a great lesson on prejudice and sexism, even though I was right alongside Granny in being mad at Sabrina for half the book And that ending WOWExcited to get into the next one as things are really starting to pick up in the mystery behind the disappearance of their parents.

  5. If you should be looking for a fun series to read aloud to some young people in your life, this is a pretty good series Lots of fairy tale adventure with the characters not exactly like you remember from the originals Throw in some life lessons for the youngsters and a good time will be had by all Having said that, the ending pissed me offt to mention the 10 and 7 year olds to which I was reading this story At the height of the action, just when everybody is in perilI see the dreaded To Be Conti [...]

  6. I wish they had these books around when I was growing up They are a fun read with a protagonist that any hormonal tween can relate too I appreciate that we see faults in Sabrina as she learns some hard truths about herself Flawed heroes and heroines are always interesting I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series.

  7. Daphne and Sabrina are back in this latest installment of the Sisters Grimm series Ferryport Landing isn t all like it seems fairytale creatures actually live there And Sabrina and Daphne Grimm are Fairytale Detectives helping their grandmother with solving the town s crime.In this book, Sabrina and Daphne are heading back to school But they need someone to protect them So while Daphne gets the most amazing teacher ever Ms White aka Snow White like with the seven dwarves who may or may not still [...]

  8. I read this book on the plane back from the US, and it was terrific The main character, Sabrina, was feisty and interesting, and the plot was just complex enough to hold my interest The idea behind this series is that the Brothers Grimm and all the fairytale characters founded a town alongside humans with magical protection so they can live safely they were chased out of Europe The Sisters Grimm, modern day relatives of the brothers, live with their grandmother and solve local crimes while tryin [...]

  9. Definitely loving my redive into this genre, and these books aren t disappointing If you re looking for a quick and cute middle grade read, this could be the series for you Can t wait to get to the next book

  10. WOW I actually enjoyed this book 1 was not the best but this one was AMAZING Great characters with a twist of magic I LOVED reading this surprisingly even if I had to read it for school Great read

  11. This is my review for, The Unusual Suspect, the second book in the Sisters Grimm series written by Michael Buckley This was a great book and this is the second time I have read this series, as it is my favorite series of all time and I have not taken any AR tests on it I recommend this story for anyone who enjoys fairy tales, adventure, and mystery The story revolves around an eleven year old girl named Sabrina Grimm and her younger sister Daphne Grimm, whose parents have been kidnapped They now [...]

  12. This is the second book in The Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley It s a whimsical romp through the different fairy tales, with myriad characters coming into the story Puck is completely obnoxious, but is also one of my favorites.The members of the Grimm family are a diverse mix and I am becoming vested in them and their story, even if Sabrina seems too whiny I liked the book and will continue reading the series, especially since our oldest loves the taleseresting quote It s a natural huma [...]

  13. This book is a the next series of the Grimm Sisters in which the sisters have to work together with their grandma against their will to save a school from mass destruction Also they have to find the missing children that have disappeared from the school While doing this they will encounter many fairytale characters like beauty and the beast , the princess and the frog, and rapunzel They will now have to find out from these following three suspects who is the criminal and what they eventually dis [...]

  14. When I originally started the sisters Grimm series, it was because a friend had recommended them to me.I thought, ok, so I ordered the first four books from my library, and started to read them.In book one, it took me quite awhile to get into the book, I just wasn t feeling it at all My friend had said they were amazing but, nothing really amazed me at first.When I got to the middle of the book, something clicked, and I couldn t put the book down I devoured the rest, and grabbed book two, and de [...]

  15. How can I not appreciate this series with all of it s fairy tale references and Puck as one of the main characters I really do enjoy all of the characters and the clever approach to the real life situations of major fairy tale characters This is a fun, light read to bring me a moment of fresh air while I am tackling some intense reading challenges.

  16. This book is a complete action packed mystery that will blow your mind at the end and that you will love this book no matter what genre you like.

  17. I received the first two books in Michael Buckley s Sisters Grimm books as a gift The premise of the series sounded incredibly promising and exactly like the kind of thing I would love Even the covers are great Unfortunately, I was not as impressed by the first book, The Fairy Tale Detectives, as I had hoped Still, having The Unusual Suspects, the second volume, in hand I decided to soldier on.The story opens not too far after the first book Sabrina age 11 and her sister Daphne I think age 7 hav [...]

  18. Omg I loved this book so much It was fun and creepy and action packed I especially liked how Sabrina s anger was portrayed, because it was real and understandable, even if I hated the things she was saying I also loved Puc, and the portrayal of middle school Magical elemennts aside, it felt like there was a lot of truth to this book And oh that ending I am just dying to know what happens next

  19. I really love this series and they keep getting better and better I recommend this book to anyone who likes magic and knows a lot of fairy tales If you have read A Midsummers Night Dream you would also enjoy this series because Puck is a big character in the books.

  20. Ok, I read the entire series straight through and since I didn t write a review for each one and the stories have started blend together and I know the various reveals , I am going to write one review for books 2 through 9.The series was enjoyable, but uneven for me Most of the books never seemed like mysteries with detectives In some of the books the characters seemed to happen upon events, clues, etc There were assumptions and gaps in logic, and several characters personalities seemed to switc [...]

  21. Sabrina Daphne Grimm are orphaned sisters living with their grandmother They are decendants of the brothers Grimm, which means that they are surrounded by living stories, people out of fairy tales Ever Afters When they start going to school, Daphne is lucky and gets Snow White as a teacher while Sabrina has a terrible school experience, she is always getting teased and beat up But there are monsters in there school, murders are occuring, including Sabrina s teacher Mr Grumpner and there are red [...]

  22. Sabrina is annoying Puck is obnoxious Daphne is naive The three of them drive each other bonkers and give Granny Relda gray hair as they continue solving mysteries and looking for the answer to the greatest mystery to the Sisters Grimm how can they get their parents back It s a book filled with good guys gone bad, bad guys resurfacing, and one shocking new development It s a quick read.

  23. I read the first one and thought it was okay I began the second one because all of my students really seemed to be enjoying the series and I had purchased the first two books in a set This series is a lot of fun, although, it s not one I can t put down With that said, I have to admit that upon finishing this book, I had to go out and buy the next one as Michael Buckley really leaves you hanging and extremely intrigued to find out what will happen next

  24. Leseeindruck 2te Teil der ReiheEs setzt sich im Prinzip genauso fort wie zuvor Die B nde spielen zeitlich sehr nah beieinander Es geht bergeordnet immer noch, um das Leben bei Omi Relda und um die Suche nach Mama und Papa Ich fand ihn hnlich jung geschrieben und gut lesbar Es gab in jedem Kapitel ein sch nes unterst tzendes Bild An einigen Stellen war mir Kl rungen oder Einf hrungen von schwierigen W rtern zu offensichtlich.

  25. This is the second installment in the Sisters Grimm series Sabrina and Daphne Grimm are still looking for their missing parents One of the teachers at the local elementary school is found dead While investigating the murder the girls uncover a sinister plot and a clue to their parents whereabouts Imagine having Snow White for a teacher A satisfying sequel in this fun series The ending only whets your appetite for the third book.

  26. This one wasn t quite as good as the first, Sabrina is kind of annoying me now, hopefully she ll grow up a bit in the next books I think she s starting too but her anger and control issues get the best of her still I will continue with the series for now though, as I still like the concept and there are other characters that I love.

  27. The second book in this series was just as good as the first in so many ways It wasn t slow at all and moved right through the events of the story It had a little touch of darkness to it that made me enjoy it that much I saw character development with Sabrina Daphne brought that childish and fun part to the story just like in the first one.

  28. The second book was not as well plotted as the first one It is still a good romp This is a great series for elementary school children girls especially who lean toward science fiction fantasy or mystery.