Brothers in Arms Brothers in Arms Best Read || [Lois McMaster Bujold] - Brothers in Arms, Brothers in Arms In the wake of unexpected planetary peace and the disappearance of the Dendarii payroll mercenary captain Miles Naismith attempts to discover the link between the insufferable Captain Galeni and the

  • Title: Brothers in Arms
  • Author: Lois McMaster Bujold
  • ISBN: 9780671697990
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback

Brothers in Arms

Brothers in Arms Best Read || [Lois McMaster Bujold], Brothers in Arms, Lois McMaster Bujold, Brothers in Arms In the wake of unexpected planetary peace and the disappearance of the Dendarii payroll mercenary captain Miles Naismith attempts to discover the link between the insufferable Captain Galeni and the Komarran rebel expatriates Reissue AB Brothers in Arms Best Read || [Lois McMaster Bujold]. Brothers in Arms Best Read || [Lois McMaster Bujold] - Brothers in Arms, Brothers in Arms In the wake of unexpected planetary peace and the disappearance of the Dendarii payroll mercenary captain Miles Naismith attempts to discover the link between the insufferable Captain Galeni and the

  • Brothers in Arms Best Read || [Lois McMaster Bujold]
    282Lois McMaster Bujold
Brothers in Arms
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  1. A buddy read with Choko and Maria.In the last novella chronologically the Dendarii mercenary fleet took some serious beating and manage to get a mighty Empire seriously pissed off The result there was a really nice juicy reward for Miles Vorkosigan aka Admiral Naismith and the fleet had to escape into a remote peaceful place for much needed repairs From the moment I began reading the series I wondered what happened to good old mother Earth.Here my question was finally answered as the remote peac [...]

  2. 4 A buddy read with Evgeny and Maria because we need some FORWARD MOMENTUM Gosh, what can I say about this Universe where Miles Vorkosigan rains supreme IT IS AWESOME Yes, yes, as I said in my review of the previous book, I passed from the level of an objective reader to the zone of fan girl subjectivity I am a fan So, take my review in the spirit in which it is intended, which is just to gush over my love for the genius of Louis McMaster Bujold and her unfailing ability to write a story full of [...]

  3. So, the juicy gossip is Miles finally gets laid I won t confirm or deny you ll have to read it and find out for yourself PAnother engaging mis adventure with Miles, that starts seemingly simple and grows complex enough to require his brilliant mind to solve it Maybe less humorous than the previous book as trouble hits too close to home, but still a fun read.

  4. Well, as always, it was entertaining and fun and I barely have something to say about it that others haven t said before I m looking and pointing at you, Evgeny The lazy beast has taken over me again DP.S Worst Cover Gallery is here though Hmmm, this is probably the most boring edition of Gallery.

  5. As per usual, Miles Vorkosigan creates a stir wherever he goes After figuratively hitting a wasp nest with a stick and annoying the Cetagandians, he hares off to old Earth to get his crew healthy and his ships fixed Of course, things go horribly awry and lots of intrigue adventure follows Somehow, for me, even though there are lots of action sequences, these books are about the relationships He has to balance his two identities as Lord Vorkosigan and Admiral Naismith, each with their own respon [...]

  6. so how tall is Tyrion the Imp anyway I think Miles Vorkosigan is well under 5 foot both characters are brilliant, idiosyncratic, lovelorn, and really full of themselves I always thought that Tyrion was a complete original but there s a lot of Miles in him and Miles came first, right I suppose it doesn t matter who came first, what matters to me is that these are two of my favorite creations in all of genre fiction well I ve always had a fondness for short guys with big brains Miles actually call [...]

  7. So I settled down to read the first book in an omnibus with warm fuzzy feelings, and was not disappointed I d read a book further in the series, so I knew about Mark, but, of course, not the details about where he had come from Knowing or less how it came out did not spoil the book for me in fact, it made it interesting How do we get from here to there That s often far interesting than what twists are coming up next.Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy [...]

  8. Buddy read with Choko and Evgeny.If I have to be completely honest this should have a 3 star rating However I gave it a bonus star because it introduces one of my favourite support characters in the series Duv Galeni Following the events of Dagoola and another operation soon after it the Dendarii are in a desperate need of some down time and to repair the damaged equipment As a result they end up on Earth the cradle of human civilization And because this is Miles a simple repair job and retrieva [...]

  9. edit 11 26 13My advice regarding the Vorkosigan Saga boils down to this go read them All of them I suggest starting with The Warrior s Apprentice and no, this isn t one of my usual careless suggestions to jump midway into a series it s recommended by Bujold herself And now, onwards to Brothers in Arms In Miles Vorkosigan s most recent mission as his alter ego Admiral Miles Naismith of the Dendarii Free Mercenaries, he was sent undercover to rescue one important man from a Cetagandan POW camp As [...]

  10. Summary Flippin awesome I ve read the Vorkosigan Saga all out of order this is book 5, but it was the 13th I d read curtailed review the puppy has just been sick the fun never ends in this house After this I read Resplendant

  11. 4.0 to 4.5 stars Miles Vorkosigan is on my list of the top 10 best SF characters ever This is another great novel, though IMHO not the best.

  12. This series just keeps on getting better For those who are unaware of this series Miles Vorkosigan is a short officer who usually is looked down upon because of his appearance, but what people don t know is that he also accidentally became a mercenary captain and goes along with his fleet to war torn planets to save the day He is hilarious and his quest in life is to be appreciated for the brilliant mind that he knows he is That is a very simplified plot to get you on the series If you want to s [...]

  13. Miles and his Dendarri Mercenaries including his latest crush, Elli Quinn vist Earth for some RR and basic shuttle repairs, but nothing is ever simple when Lord Miles Vorkosigan Admiral Naismith is around From here, things grow even complicated, because now there is a third Miles His clone Good thing cousin Ivan is around to cover his back I like this cover best The Vorkosigan Saga is space opera an adventurous lark across the cosmos, laced with danger, romance and philosophy As science fiction [...]

  14. Miles Vorkosigan and his alter ego, Admiral Naismith, are closely intertwined in this story sometimes it s as confusing for the reader as it is for Miles, but Bujold certainly handles it deftly Then she adds to the confusion It never occurred to me that Miles s comment to the reporter about there being a clone of him would turn out to be true, and a clone planned paid for by Komarrans never saw that coming Interesting tidbits that stood out for me Miles s realization that giving Elli such a beau [...]

  15. The series is definitely gaining momentum by this novel, changing tracks only a little from the previous stories It introduces a short and surly wrinkle that will grow into one interesting character in his own right This novel is than an introduction for him, though It s funny, clever, and does a deft job at worldbuilding Earth with barely touching it Miles, like the reader me , wanted to sightsee, but he was kept so busy we missed almost everything And it should have been a vacation This was o [...]

  16. Another fun adventure with Miles This one is set in London, on Earth, which is a bit of a backwater Other than that, it was pretty typically Miles kind of crazy, a bit spastic, irreverent, definitely twisty As usual, none of Miles superiors are very happy with him as he undermines usurps their authority through sheer intelligence, energy, force of personality How he does this is most of the fun.There wasn t anything really new improved in this novel though, so I can only give it 3 stars It s pro [...]

  17. Right, let s catch up with the Vorkosigan books I m up to Memory now and probably won t be able to hold on much longer before reading even further, so best post a couple of reviews before they all become muddled in my mind.It s not long after the rescue mission told in the wonderful Borders of Infinity, and Miles and the Dendarii mercenaries decide to make a pit stop on good old Earth There are some necessary repairs to be made, plus, Miles thinks it s a good idea to be somewhere he can keep awa [...]

  18. This book sees Miles finally visiting Earth Cool And having crazy adventures with cousin Ivan, meeting lots of interesting people related to past history of the Barrayaran conquest of Komarr, and so forth It s one of the best of this series but to say is to introduce spoilers, which I refuse to do Read and enjoy.Here s my favorite quote from this book I had to discover and teach myself all kinds of tricks to get people to respond to the inside of me, and not the outside Quinn speaking, of cours [...]

  19. Having finished my tour of my favorite Vorkosigan books, I proceed now to my less favorite ones Mind, this simply means that instead of being Oh My GOD, this is AMAZING , they are simply quite good.I will observe that I am reading them in reverse order, probably because a mature Miles, a mature setting, and, to be honest, a experienced author make the latter books truly grand Still, this is a fun little book, and we get to meet Mark for the first time.

  20. My first Vorkosigan read Why did I wait so long to try this series A fun space opera romp even if it did take place on Earth Started here because it s the one they had on disk at the library but I went back and got the first one So I m ready to suck down the whole series Anyone who s read this will know I just love Miles What a great character I listened to this and the narrator wasn t the best I ve ever heard but he did okay.

  21. Miles Learns About Family Obligations Or rather, he internalizes it in a way he had kind of shoved to the side previously, placing 90% of his focus on the Dendarii and being Naismith and precious little on being Vorksosigan, and Barrayar In the context of how far I ve read into the series now, I see this plot as the lever needed to advance things in the direction Bujold was intending, and I appreciate it a lot than I did in the midst of reading it The two things in particular I liked about this [...]

  22. Brothers in Arms is marked as the 8th work in Bujold s Vorkosigan Saga and most definitely is not the place to start I definitely recommend the series as a whole Miles Vorkosigan, the primary character in most of the books is a literary heart throb, and this series is about as good as space opera gets I like that Miles isn t the usual handsome or brawny hero you find in this genre Rather, like his nautical counterpart and literary ancestor Horatio Hornblower, Miles succeeds on his wits underline [...]

  23. Miles Vorkosigan continues to get in trouble and the series continues to be fun to read There is nothing extraordinary about the plot, but the characters are just so good that even an average plot is engaging Seriously if not for previous character development within the series this would just be an average read The introduction of the clone played well with Mile s developing worldview of family and individual value Living in a culture that abhors disabilities, Miles has taken a unique within hi [...]

  24. One of the things I love about this series is watching Miles grow Like he used to give Elena such a hard time about being a woman who wanted honour and glory, and now that asshole at the embassy tells him to get all these women out of here and he just wants to pull the guy s throat out And he doesn t blame Elli for not wanting Barrayar He s sad about it, but he also realizes that everything he loves about her is everything Barrayar would smother It s fantastic Also, I just want to pet Mark forev [...]

  25. While as entertaining as many other Vorkosigan books, this one left me with the impression of being too light a reading experience I was having a good enough time that I read the last 150 pages on a single, lazy Sunday, but I predict that I m going to be hard pressed to retell the plot six months from now.Could I have given half stars, I d rate this as 3.5 stars, but I don t think it deserves four stars.

  26. To engage in a brief recap on the morning of March 8, International Women s Day, I had the sudden idea that maybe I should try some older sff by a woman, so as to celebrate in style In the evening, I was almost done with Shards of Honour, the first volume of Bujold s Vorkosigan saga Now, the month is over, and seven novels and three novellas later, I can only look back and be grateful for that excellent choice on my part thanks, past self These books aren t always brilliant, but they are consist [...]

  27. BROTHERS IN ARMS is a difficult book to review because while it has quite a bit going for it, I can t really say it is anything other than entertaining The introduction of Miles brother is a plot which never really becomes anything other than ridiculous at least to me and the conflict comes across as extraordinarily low stakes Still, it s fun, the characters are entertained, and I enjoyed the political situation as well.The premise is Miles and his band of mercenaries have taken up on the planet [...]

  28. 8.5 10After a series of successive books with each one focusing on different characters, Lois McMaster Bujold returns in Brothers in Arms, the fifth installment of the Vorkosigan Saga, back to the main s protagonist s adventures, traveling us this time to the planet where humanity first came to its existence Earth and in a story that, as it slowly unfolds through her incredibly enjoyable writing, takes us deep into a planetary adventure full of conspiracies, political turmoil, action, and, most [...]