The Black Arrow The Black Arrow Best Download || [Robert Louis Stevenson] - The Black Arrow, The Black Arrow From the beloved author of Treasure Island Originally serialized in a periodical of boys adventure fiction The Black Arrow is a swashbuckling portrait of a young man s journey to discover the heroism

  • Title: The Black Arrow
  • Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
  • ISBN: 9780543896605
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback

The Black Arrow

The Black Arrow Best Download || [Robert Louis Stevenson], The Black Arrow, Robert Louis Stevenson, The Black Arrow From the beloved author of Treasure Island Originally serialized in a periodical of boys adventure fiction The Black Arrow is a swashbuckling portrait of a young man s journey to discover the heroism within himself Young Dick Shelton caught in the midst of England s War of the Roses finds his loyalties torn between the guardian who will ultimately betray him and the lFrom the be The Black Arrow Best Download || [Robert Louis Stevenson]. The Black Arrow Best Download || [Robert Louis Stevenson] - The Black Arrow, The Black Arrow From the beloved author of Treasure Island Originally serialized in a periodical of boys adventure fiction The Black Arrow is a swashbuckling portrait of a young man s journey to discover the heroism

  • The Black Arrow Best Download || [Robert Louis Stevenson]
    315Robert Louis Stevenson
The Black Arrow
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  1. This was a reread for me, but my previous experience of the book was back in junior high school A lot of it I consciously remembered much of it I recalled once reminded, and some of it was like a new book to me I d wanted for some time to reread it, both so as to write a better informed review and to see if my youthful liking for it held up under the scrutiny of an adult perspective and experienced taste Obviously, it did Some might say I m too prodigal with five star ratings but based on my si [...]

  2. Enjoyable historical fiction set during the Wars of the Roses featuring a merely moderately disfigured Richard of Gloucester that is, Richard III before he became infamous , ship stealing and crashing thereof assaults on fortified houses, minor battles, a sinister leper, sinister wall hangings and a sinister stolen inheritance.Ideal for impressionable children if you want to leave them with a life long suspicion of wall hangings.

  3. La tortura della frecciaRicordando lo sceneggiato televisivo con Loretta Goggi di cui attendevo con trepidazione le puntate credo la domenica sera e confidando nella garanzia del nome Stevenson, mi sono dedicato con attenzione e con molte attese a questa lettura.Ma qual sorpresa Quello che mi era sembrata una trama avventurosa mi parsa ora una storia poco probabile, scritta in modo non pi attuale quanti giri di parole per non dire nulla , prevedibile, confusa, poco coinvolgente, con invocazioni [...]

  4. Black Arrow by Robert Louise Stevenson is a historical fiction set in the time of War of the Roses The book tells the story of a young man named Richard Shelton, who in the quest of obtaining justice for his father s murder and rescuing his love from the grip of the villainous warden, displays loyalty and courage and becomes an important warrior for the Yorks For his unwavering valor, he is rewarded with a knighthood The story is interesting enough, but what I liked most is the history that is s [...]

  5. An arrow sang in the air, like a huge hornet it struck old A between the shoulder blades, and pierced him clean through, and he fell forward on his face among the cabbages And then, to the wonder of the lad, this beautiful and tall young lady made but one step of it, and threw her arms about his neck and gave him a hundred kisses all in one This is an action movie before there were action movies I can imagine generations of young and old readers bent over this book, as I was, drawn into the intr [...]

  6. I love Stevenson as a writer, yet The Black Arrow had somehow passed me by before now It s a medieval Treasure Island, set during the Wars of the Roses and published, like Treasure Island, first pseudonymously as a serial publication 1883 , and then as a novel 1888 Like Treasure Island, The Black Arrow is often labeled as children s fiction, though the current Young Adult category fits it better i.e there s a lot in it for old adults as well Stevenson was amusingly dismissive of this book he sym [...]

  7. Raccontami una storiaLe dame, i cavalieri, i soldati, i fuorilegge La Guerra delle due Rose, le battaglie, spade, frecce, cavalli Il castello e la foresta La brama di potere, l istinto di vendetta L ingiustizia e la ribellione Il tradimento, l infamia, il coraggio, l amicizia Un a che sboccia Le rocambolesche avventure e il lieto fine.Ah, se l avessi letto da bambina lo avrei adorato Invece l ho letto adesso e l ho adorato.youtu PBL_zxd64xkGrazie, grazie e ancora grazie, Tusitala

  8. This book was such an unexpected dissapointment It was one of my 20 or so favorites when I was a kid My son is now of that age and I wanted to recommend it to him so, just in case, I wanted to re read it first since I didn t remember anything except that it was set in England during the War of the Roses period It is an interesting coming of age adventure story with action, revenge, and forbidden love Unfortunately, it is so poorely written Considering how much I liked it then, I will give it a b [...]

  9. I have no idea why The Black Arrow is not canon in the way that Treasure Island or Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hide are It is a fantastic read, especially if you are like me and are in any way attracted to all things medieval But there is much to love for anyone who is fond of thrilling adventure and surprisingly complex characters sword fights, maidens in distress who are yet not helpless, class warfare ala Robin Hood, spies, historical figures, revenge, love, thieves, daring night raids from the sea the [...]

  10. Originally published on my blog here in January 2002.This medieval romance is one of Stevenson s minor adventure stories Its main character is naive young noble Richard Shenton, who discovers that his guardian is in fact an evil man who murdered Richard s father and who looks to become wealthy by continually swapping sides in the Wars of the Roses The point of the guardianship is this When a noble heir was orphaned, his revenues until he came of age were in the hands of his liege lord, or such g [...]

  11. De Robert L Stevenson hab a le do con anterioridad las que han de ser sus dos obras m s famosas La isla del tesoro y El extra o caso del Dr Jekill y Mr Hyde y qued maravillado con su forma de narrar las historias y, si bien, hace ya bastante rato que he le do ambos libros, recuerdo perfectamente las sensaciones vividas con la lectura, particularmente, con La isla del tesoro con el cual me sent pirata.Ahora toca el turno a La flecha negra un libro bastante diferente a los anteriores que le de est [...]

  12. Since I enjoyed Robert Louis Stevenson s Treasure Island and Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and enjoy medieval history, Stevenson s The Black Arrow would seem to be a perfect combination The tale is solid, but unfortunately there are a few issues prevent it from delivering on its promise.The Black Arrow, first published as a serial in 1883 and as a novel in 1888, follows the adventures of Dick Shelton as he discovers that his guardian may be responsible for the death of his father and see [...]

  13. 2.5 stars I expected to like this a lot Stevenson though The Black Arrow would earn even acclaim than Treasure Island, but it doesn t come close.The story itself is a slightly out of kilter historical fiction set during the War of the Roses, but it strikes the reader like a rip off of Sir Walter Scott s Ivanhoe, published two generations earlier Even Stevenson admitted that he fudged some historic facts for the sake of his plot And the thinly disguised Robin Hood theme is thin soup The whole [...]

  14. Another classic, child hood favorite I haven t read it in over 20 years, so it s time for a re read I m glad I re read it I appreciated it on a number of different levels this time around, beyond simply enjoying the action, adventure and romance aspects There were all sorts of historical characters and events that 9 year old Ian failed to recognize apparently, I didn t know much about Richard III or the War of the Roses back then Stevenson creates arguably the most successful fictional adaptatio [...]

  15. The definition of tushery the use of affectedly archaic language in novels This word was coined by the great Robert Louis Stevenson for his own BLACK ARROW, a swashbuckling tale of the Wars of the Roses RLS was not the biggest fan of his own Lancaster versus York story, so he invented a word to describe the use of the many antiquated words in this historical novel Ay, friend, a whole tale of tushery And every tusher tushes me so free, that may I be tushed if the whole thing is worth a tush Tush, [...]

  16. This book probably deserves a higher rating than 3 stars, but I just never got used to the language It s been some time since I ve read Stevenson I like the story and of course the legendary happenings In the midst of the War of the Roses vengeance being taken by black arrows with names of the one to be slain engraved on them it It s an exciting story based in a historic time Just get used to the language LOL Sometimes, me thinks, it me like s not

  17. Non il migliore libro di Stevenson Somiglia ad un Dumas d annata ma non ne possiede la forza Insomma mi aspettavo di meglio 3 5

  18. The Black Arrow s setting is amidst the Battle of Roses between the Yorks and Lancasters Dick Shelton, a gutsy orphan, finds that his guardian is foe rather than friend and to complicate matters falls in love with a rich young lady, Joanna, who is also his guardian s ward The story reminds me of a cross between a Sir Walter Scott romance and a Robin Hood story I enjoyed this blast from the past, but it won t be a book for everyone because thee will findeth it useth olde English.3.5 stars

  19. Un libro de aventuras como los de antes , con buenos muy buenos, malos mal simos, combates a espada, honor, amor verdadero No esper is personajes profundos, tramas rebuscadas o evoluci n de los personjes Con el fondo de la Guerra de las dos rosas que sacudi Inglaterra al final de la Edad Media, asistimos a las aventuras de un joven noble que se ve obligado a abandonar la seguridad del castillo en una lucha para conseguir que triunfe la justicia y el amor.Un libro que s lo busca entretener Y lo c [...]

  20. Nay, by the rood If that I could give the book a fourth star But alas, I find that I cannot Suffice it to be contented with three, yet, by my sooth, three and a half stars is what I feel its worth to be.

  21. I liked this book It was an interesting story and it did keep me reading However, there were some quirks Some parts were hard to follow, others didn t seem quite historical Overall, this is a good story but not one I would read many times over.

  22. Lugesin neli p eva enne aasta l ppu l bi j rjekordse v ljakutse punkti alla sobiva raamatu, mille haarasin vanaema juurest j ulus gilt kaasa Robert Louis Stevensoni romaan Must nool aitab mind 13 punktiga raamat, mis oli noorusp lves sinu ema v i isa lemmik 1460 1461, Rooside s da, Tunstalli laas ja selle mbrus Inglismaal Richard Shelton on sir Daniel Brackley eeskostel Aeg on rahutu, sest k ib s da Yorki ja Lancasteri vahel M ned aadlikud, nagu ka sir Daniel, on s ja k igus korduvalt poolt vahe [...]

  23. Felt a bit long Good to be immersed in older language, including slang Narrator had an odd accent, maybe not great for extended passages, but good for dialogue.

  24. I really enjoyed The Black Arrow by Robert Luis Stevenson I read the original version published by Dover publications, with footnotes defining obscure terms a quarrel, for instance, is not a discussion with your wife or husband of fifteen years, but rather a bolt or arrow used in a crossbow a bill is not what ATT keeps sending you for your voracious online video viewing, but a weapon with a metal spike and a hook, mounted on a pole Dozens words, not footnoted, will send you to your dictionary, [...]

  25. The Black Arrow bercerita tentang petualangan Richard Shelton Richard atau yang lebih sering disapa Dick sebenarnya saya tuh bingung ini Dick dari mana ya kehilangan orang tuanya sehingga diasuh oleh Sir Daniel Brackley.An arrow sang in the air, like a huge hornet it struck old Appleyard between the shoulder blades, and pierced him clean through, and he fell forward on his face among the cabbages.Kisah ini dimulai ketika mereka mendapati panah hitam telah membuhuh Appleyard, salah seorang rekan [...]

  26. The surprising thing to me was that there aren t any likable characters in this book Richard Shelton, the hero, is a bit of a dolt On top of his lack of cleverness, he does several vile things, including murder and piracy He s loyal and courageous, and by the end he acknowledges and tries to make up for some of his faults But he is not the dashing, swashbuckling hero, played inevitably by Errol Flynn or Gene Kelly in the musical version.Richard, however, is likeable compared to either the compan [...]

  27. I first read this when I was twelve, and greatly enjoyed it.Coming back to it years later, I couldn t help but notice that I liked the three villains much than I liked the main character I don t just mean that the villains are interesting as characters, because that s quite common I mean that at least the three bad guys had the good grace to feel bad for their misdeeds, and showed care and affection for their fellow men Our hero Richard Shelton, on the contrary, will kiss the ass of a social s [...]