The Last Summer (of You and Me) ↠ The Last Summer (of You and Me) ☆ Ann Brashares Edith Beleites - The Last Summer (of You and Me), The Last Summer of You and Me Riley and Alice two sisters now in their twenties and as fiercely different as they are loyal have spent every summer at their parents modest beach house on New York s Fire Island Each year they r

  • Title: The Last Summer (of You and Me)
  • Author: Ann Brashares Edith Beleites
  • ISBN: 9781594489174
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Hardcover

The Last Summer (of You and Me)

↠ The Last Summer (of You and Me) ☆ Ann Brashares Edith Beleites, The Last Summer (of You and Me), Ann Brashares Edith Beleites, The Last Summer of You and Me Riley and Alice two sisters now in their twenties and as fiercely different as they are loyal have spent every summer at their parents modest beach house on New York s Fire Island Each year they return to the house and community they have known since they were children and to Paul the boy next door But this summer marks a season of change budding love and sexua ↠ The Last Summer (of You and Me) ☆ Ann Brashares Edith Beleites. ↠ The Last Summer (of You and Me) ☆ Ann Brashares Edith Beleites - The Last Summer (of You and Me), The Last Summer of You and Me Riley and Alice two sisters now in their twenties and as fiercely different as they are loyal have spent every summer at their parents modest beach house on New York s Fire Island Each year they r

  • ↠ The Last Summer (of You and Me) ☆ Ann Brashares Edith Beleites
    435Ann Brashares Edith Beleites
The Last Summer (of You and Me)
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  1. The characters in this book all annoyed the crap out of me I love you I hate you I love you And hate you It s a thin line between love and hate, yes It s also a thin line between me reading this and barfing They all deserved each other, which was the saving grace of it all.

  2. I m only halfway through with this but I already have some thoughts 1 If this had come out while I was in high school, I would have LOVED it You would have seen me clutching it all moony eyed for days So when the reviews say that this is for the fans of the traveling pants series who are all grown up now no, I don t think so I think it s for the young ladies who are just getting into the traveling pants I like to think that I m still in touch enough with my 16 year old self that I still like the [...]

  3. Alice is an annoying girl who spends the entire book whining about her childhood friend Paul Does he love me No he doesn t love me Wait DOES HE LOVE ME No I don t think he loves me.Paul is an annoying guy who spends the entire book angsting about Alice I don t love Alice I CAN T love Alice Wait I think I DO love Alice But does she love me NO, THIS CAN NEVER BE THIS SHOULD NEVER BE.Then they get together and spend the entire middle of the book having sex in various locations His bed, her bed, the [...]

  4. This is the author s first adult book following her string of Traveling Pants novels for young adults It s about three people two sisters and their next door neighbor and summers spent living the island life Riley s the older sister, outdoors driven to the point where she eshews normal relationships and activities with which others her age are consumed Alice, her amazingly beautiful, selfless and smart younger sister and Paul, the rich, semi tortured as all stereotypical rich kids are boy next d [...]

  5. I cannot stop raving about this book To me, this book is a gem that holds a special place in my heart, because it is very perspective, raw with emotions, and just the right book I ve been looking for.I am officially in love with the very mature way Ann Brashares explains her story The plot, to me, is very simple, the way I like it nothing overly dramatic, everything falls in place naturally I love how the author knows each character perfectly we can t just imagine how they look, but also how the [...]

  6. This might be the hardest review for me to write I hope someone reads it When people ask me what my favorite book is I always say Pride and Prejudice, and that isn t really the truth any The truth is that The Last Summer of You and Me is my favorite It has been for years I love Elizabeth Bennet dearly but Alice is where it s at for me I want to be her She s so kind and gentle and lovely I love the dynamic between the three of them I want to run to Fire Island and find my own Paul I want to hunt [...]

  7. Eh Definitely a light and easy read I found her writing style somewhat annoying I feel like she was trying too hard to be philosophical or sound intelligent She s big on using contrasts Over and over She would write things like She didn t know if he needed or less of her Maybe neither Maybe both Maybe it s always both It got tiresome I also had trouble feeling for the characters Probably because I thought how they handled the situation was completely not believable and totally unrealistic.

  8. The Last Summer of You Me , by Ann Brashares the author of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series is an adult novel which tells the story of three friends siblings Paul, Riley, and Alice Each is in their early twenties, and like the generation they belong to, they re still on the cusp between childhood and adulthood, trying to figure out who they are and their relationships with each other and the rest of the world Riley is especially immature at twenty five she still makes a career out of [...]

  9. After reading this book, I m just wondering why didn t I read this before It has been really long since a book had obsessed me to the point I can t stop reading it, and I can t stop thinking about it It s the story of two sisters, Riley and Alice and Riley s best friend, Paul, they have known each other since years 3 years after their last meeting in their beach house, they re all grown up and some relationships have changed But then something terrible happens.I only put 4 stars, because I thoug [...]

  10. Is the plot really important in a book Maybe for some readers it is, I usually expect a great plot from a crime novel but most of the time what really matters to me is the atmosphere, the dialogue, the overall feeling that a book is able to convey in my day.I will soon turn 29 and I haven t read the sisterhood series by Ann Brashares yet, I recently read The Last summer of you and me and I loved it literally couldn t put it down.A brief regarding the plot the book takes place in Fire Island and [...]

  11. Quite a disappointment for me, as I ve really enjoyed Brasheare s Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series Or at least the two that I ve read I have a high tolerance for frequently trod tropes if a I really like the characters for whatever reason and 2 the writing is engaging and surprising Unfortunately, the main characters make me want to hit them over the head with very large bricks over and over again and I felt that I could see the plot turns coming several chapters ahead of time To be fair [...]

  12. In anticipation of Valentine s Day, I cast around for a good Retro Friday book to review I wanted one with a compelling romantic storyline, but not one that was necessarily primarily focused on the romance You know me Then I remembered this beautiful book I read, oh, almost four years ago, and it struck me as the perfect one to highlight today I never hear very many people talk about it as anything other than a beach read at best , and I wonder if it just flew under the radar a fair bit or if on [...]

  13. What an unbelievable disappointment For those who don t know, Ann Brashares wrote the YA series The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, which I loved How is it possible for the YA series to have been so delightful and the Adult novel to be so forced I found the writing stilted, the character development weak, and my plot expectations unfulfilled I read 113 pages before accepting the fact that it wasn t going to get any better I skimmed the last half of the book just to see if anything else actual [...]

  14. This was a nice book I liked the characters but didn t fall in love with them The story was easy to read but provoked no real thinking A quick summer holiday read.

  15. What pretentious baloney Listen to this His distress and pleasure mixed and married, giving birth to several anxious children Maybe he shouldn t have come back here But what else did he have The trick was to have what he had without destroying it, if that was possible Could you even do that Every desire fulfilled was thus defeated Could you interrupt the cycle Could you make the world hold still What does that even mean Who talks like that It wasn t just this one character either, the tone of th [...]

  16. I have mixed feelings about this story on one hand I really enjoyed it but on the other it annoyed the hell out of me to the point where this could have been quite easily discarded and casually noted as DNF.First off it s marked as adultbut it s not, really the only reason that it s been given that tag is because there is some love making and that is the only reason Secondly the characters are all very immature for their ages early to mid twenties I don t know whether thats an accurate reflectio [...]

  17. I have to admit to really loving the traveling pants series, and so I was WICKED excited when a local bookstore had a HUGE sale and I could nab this book at 1 2 price I sort of horded it for a couple of weeks and waited to read it The cover was so inviting, I couldn t resist today, the second sunny, warm day of spring here in Asheville SoI started and finished it in the same 24 hours, if that tells you anything at all about it I didn t love the beginning, the characters were way too messed up an [...]

  18. this book is dumb and shallow i know this book is intended for YA but this must be the dumbest plot i ever read i literally have to skip many pages and after 50%, i just wish i can skip this book and put it on forgotten shelf.

  19. Ah, sweet summer For sisters Riley and Alice, summer brings them back to Fire Island and the town of Waterby The book takes place when the sisters have matured into their 20 s, along with their summer friend, Paul, who returns after being gone for 3 years As the author of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants , Brashares specializes in evoking strong emotions This book while sad in parts will bring you back to the summers of your youth, even if they didn t involve a beach house, swimming and san [...]

  20. Avis sur mon blog read listen feelyrock Ayant lu toute la s rie de livres Quatre filles et un jeans, j tais tr s curieuse de voir si ce roman me plairait autant que la s rie qui a fait le succ s de cette auteure Si a allait autant me toucher, m me si j ai vieillit depuis le temps o j ai lu la s rie Une chose est certaine, le r sum me plaisait d j beaucoup.Alice et sa soeur Riley sont de retour leur maison de vacances sur la plage pour y passer un autre t , mais cette fois, elles ne seront pas se [...]

  21. This review is also posted at Ja itam, a ti I found this book at the library few days ago and I was so happy about it I ve read Ann s My name is memory book and I really loved it Unfortunately the same didn t happen with this book This book was such a cliche From the title you can guess where this story goes and then when you read you have the whole picture, except the end As always you have three best friends two sisters and a boy After growing up together their lives divide Few years later the [...]

  22. 11 12 08 I never read or saw the movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants but this book came highly recommended to me by my friend, Angie I just love a good summer beach friendship triangle read Summer Sisters by Judy Blume was one of my favs we ll see how this one goes 11 13Okay so I am really pissed off right now I was reading some reviews on this book and came across one that someone named Jami did not click the spoiler button but instead typed in SPOILER but you could still see the content at [...]

  23. There should be a rating on books or a least some kind of notification Maybe I should read reviews about stuff This book is about 2 sisters that have two very different relationships with the same boy One is his best friend the other becomes his girl friend It has a nice romantic build up of two people that have known each other since babyhood, that figure out they love each other They end up in a sexual relationship The sister s relationship suffers some setbacks when the romance inadvertently [...]

  24. Gros gros coup de Une ambiance de vacances, le sable chaud, les gens pieds nus, les portes ouvertes, le bruit des vagues, la mer, une criture juste et trois personnages principaux dont je suis tomb e sous le charme.Puis des sentiments naissants, parfois difficiles accepter, un drame, des v rit s qu on n a pas envie d avouer, la r alit , l amour, le chagrin, l t qui revientEt le temps qui passeCette histoire m a terriblement mue, parfois jusqu aux larmes, les sentiments sont forts, c est beau, to [...]

  25. I was sucked into this book from page 1 I read it during the Tigers play off game, in the grocery store parking lot, and in front of the school, where I arrived 30 minutes early so that I would have time to read To say that I could not put it down would be an understatement I finished last night, through eyes glazed over with tears, and picked it up this morning to re read some of my favorite parts You don t need to know anything than that you need to pick this book up and read it, TODAY

  26. One of, if not THE best summer reads I have ever read A moving, passionate story of love, longing, sisterhood and friendship I absolutely loved every moment of it A nice beach read, it is a page turner and I devoured this book Ann Brashares novel made me laugh, cry and hope for relationships as monumental as Alice, Riley and Paul s I will definitely read this timeless and relatable novel over and over again.

  27. This is one of my absolute favorite books I re read it every single summer Its a quick, easy read, but that doesn t make it any less of an amazing read Every time the story gets me and makes me a bit sad I really enjoyed Ann Brashares other books when I was younger and this is one that I continue to read as an adult.

  28. I loved this book I thought it captured nostalgia and childhood friendship growing into new adult lives very well and really did enjoy the writing and characters I m surprised many people give this book lower ratings because I thought it was well done.

  29. I love this book It is either the happiest sad book, or the saddest happy book I have ever read Either way, I am irrevocably in love with the characters.