The Secret of Heaven [PDF] The Secret of Heaven | by ↠ Felix Alexander - The Secret of Heaven, The Secret of Heaven Biblical clues reveal an ancient truth When Lazzaro de Medici is found dead Professor of Biblical Studies Aiden Leonardo is the prime suspect He must utilize his knowledge of Scripture to decipher an

  • Title: The Secret of Heaven
  • Author: Felix Alexander
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  • Page: 122
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The Secret of Heaven

[PDF] The Secret of Heaven | by ↠ Felix Alexander, The Secret of Heaven, Felix Alexander, The Secret of Heaven Biblical clues reveal an ancient truth When Lazzaro de Medici is found dead Professor of Biblical Studies Aiden Leonardo is the prime suspect He must utilize his knowledge of Scripture to decipher an encrypted letter and find a Lost Bible dating back to the time of Christ Pursued by the FBI Chicago PD and a secret organization known only as The Group Aiden races againBiblic [PDF] The Secret of Heaven | by ↠ Felix Alexander. [PDF] The Secret of Heaven | by ↠ Felix Alexander - The Secret of Heaven, The Secret of Heaven Biblical clues reveal an ancient truth When Lazzaro de Medici is found dead Professor of Biblical Studies Aiden Leonardo is the prime suspect He must utilize his knowledge of Scripture to decipher an

  • [PDF] The Secret of Heaven | by ↠ Felix Alexander
    122Felix Alexander
The Secret of Heaven
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  1. Rese a en espa ol al final Ebook copy for free by booktasters in exchange for an honest review This book came to me as a surprise I have not read a book of this genre before, so I did not know exactly what to expect The plot caught me from the beginning because religion has always been a very controversial topic and, believer or not, the fact is that it has a lot of material to work with.With that said, I will start the review The Secret of Heaven tells the story of Aiden Leonardo who, after the [...]

  2. Think of the greatest ideas that have changed the worldEach survived the deaths of the men behind the movements, proving that with profound knowledge comes great sacrifice Barcel If you like conspiracy theories, secret societies, fast pace and non stop action plot, or simply a fan of novels that unfolds like a movie, you re likely to enjoy The Secret to Heaven The story kept me reading to find out the secret of the lost Bible Once I got past the multitude of characters and changing perspectives [...]

  3. Professor of Biblical Studies at University of Illinois at Chicago Aiden Leonardo has arrived at the home of the man who has always treated him as a son to find disgraced, investment banker Lazzaro de Medici, dying Before he dies, he gives Aiden an encrypted letter concerning a lost Bible.He needs to follow the clues and find this last message that Christ left his disciples The secret of Heaven But he isn t the only one looking The Group, a shady group at best, is looking to destroy that very se [...]

  4. I was given this book free in exchange for an honest review.This book was written by Felix Alexander and is the first in the Aiden Leonardo series This is a very fast paced book with a lot of action I appreciate that as a reader because it doesn t give you opportunity to become bored He also wraps his fiction around certain non fiction entities and materials, so I found myself stopping often to look up things as the story was unfolding to learn about their real life counterparts There were many [...]

  5. Finished reading August 22nd 2017 The truth must be understood Not solely for the purpose of being accepted, but for humanity as a whole to achieve enlightenment A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review Thank you view spoiler Every once in a while I like to change up genres and read something different And while The Secret Of Heaven is partly a thriller, it was the promise of adventure and ancient mysteries that closed the deal for me I love [...]

  6. I was lucky enough to receive an e book copy of The Secret of Heaven direct from the author Felix Alexander in exchange for an honest review.The story follows Professor Aiden Leonardo and him trying to deal with the aftermath of his best friend s death and trying to work out why he died I don t want to say to much about the actual story because there are lots of twists and turns and reveals and I really don t want to spoil anything for anyone I do want to say how well written the book is and how [...]

  7. This book had me from the very first page It is full of mystery, history, suspense, and conspiracies I had a little trouble at first keeping the characters separated, but as the story goes on it is a lot easier to keep them sorted I love that it had me constantly guessing who could and could not be trusted Being a person with a great interest in history and an archaeologist in training I really appreciated the research The main character Aiden is totally likable My most favorite part about this [...]

  8. I got this book through booktasters twitter12st manage s First of all thank you for letting me read the book I really love that the book has from beginning till the end quite realistic dialogues I do love dialogue based books In my honest opinion these days books have too much monologues I think the author Felix Alexander will write amazing books in the future I could see the author development in the book He developed in his writing skills as well as in a structuring the story line For me hone [...]

  9. A world of the ultra rich, ultra intellectual, law enforcement of the highest caliber, secret societies and Angels A murder, a chaotic scene, the pieces start to fall into place and you are hooked This is a well crafted adventure full of factual information on ancient texts, law enforcement techniques, the city of Chicago and Angels It gets somewhat weighty in all the scriptural references and puts forth an argument that may not sit well with a traditional Christian who does not wish to hear con [...]

  10. I received this book for free in exchange for a detailed review This story is a tale of betrayal, intrigue, and action It has great character development and surroundings descriptions I ve never been to Chicago or traveled abroad The way Chicago is described buildings, traffic, weather,etc fits well and piqued my interest in Illinois I love strong female characters especially ones that are written well and was happy to find a few Miriam and Susan can hold their own Miriam is proficient in Wing C [...]

  11. I could not put it down Seriously Suspense is one of the books greatest traits Intelligent entertainment is another ability the author has down to a fine art I checked several times and found out that he knows his business So two out of three is not bad This leaves you with the one disappointment I couldn t come to terms with I just didn t feel the protagonists They stayed pretty much in the shadows like Sariel and Helel, two guys I would have loved to learn about Although the author described [...]

  12. Free copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review This is an interesting story full of conspiracy theories What I liked most about this story was that it kept you guessing till the end as to what would happen It is full of people double crossing each other for their own benefits and you just cannot trust one person They ll try to help you one moment and then try to kill you the next So, yeah, a lot of betrayals I love them The flow of the writing in this one is free and methodical No [...]

  13. To read the entire review, please check out my blog, Better Call Your Bookie, here.I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.Aiden Leonardo s life is wild When his closest friend is murdered, he is tasked with finding the reason he is killed This leads him although he s clueless about almost all of it for 90% of the book into a world of dangerous secrets Not to mention secret societies Alexander has attempted to pin some of the greatest acts of violence onto one specific group o [...]

  14. Note I received this book from the author for a non biased review through booktasters.This book reminded me of The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown but was much complex if that is even possible It had a lot of detail from religious history throughout the novel As a religious studies minor, I found it interesting to see how the author connected content during the time of Jesus and during early church history At times, I found the novel a bit difficult to follow with all the detailed information The aut [...]

  15. What will possessing the secret cost I just finished the first book in the Aiden Leonardo series This excellent book offers great characters and locations beautifully described throughout The Secret of Heaven, a fascinating story of secrets and discoveries, involves smuggling of Biblical artifacts, murder, money, and of course power All weaved together brilliantly by the talented writing skills of the author I appreciate the extensive amount of Theological research and accuracy of scripture used [...]

  16. Excellent diversionary reading edge of seat suspense.I really enjoyed reading this book Its hard to find books that capture your imagination and hold it these days but this one did I kept thinking of the Characters and the story long after I had finished reading I even went agoogle looking up the various secrets of heaven It had all the right elements of intrigue and it was also very much well researched and written which left me wondering if it was in fact fiction or really a subliminal exposit [...]

  17. If you loved The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown, then The Secret of Heaven by Felix Alexander is a must read Along similar lines, Aiden Leonardo, a scholar of biblical studies, is implicated in a murder and thrust into an underworld of deep rooted religious cults I was a big fan of The DaVinci Code, and the similarities in plot line are what initially attracted me to The Secret of Heaven While the story is entirely separate and different, I also appreciated that Alexander referred to Professor Langdo [...]

  18. One of the best books on mythology that I ve read so far While most other such books start out with boring descriptions and long histories, the author Felix Alexander has certainly skilfully weaved it together with an interesting storyline and great action.Some characters were there who struck me as a little artificial, but Aiden captured my heart from the very beginning He s portrayed in such a way that you can t help but sympathise with his worries and clap during his triumphs As this book s n [...]

  19. Since I enjoy Dan Brown s novels, I decided to try this one Throughout most of the book, it s unclear what characters are on the evil or good side, and this only becomes clear near the end of the book Lorenzo de Medici can seem very calculating and abrupt at times There were a lot of times when you re unsure of who is trustworthy and who s not I also enjoyed reading about some of the advanced technology in this novel Some of the information in this novel was a little confusing to follow I got a [...]

  20. The Secret of Heaven is a very enjoyable thriller, plenty of ingredients that make of it a very interesting reading.With very well defined characters, the book involves mystery and suspense and betrayal, while takes the reader through the realms of religion and mythology, science and history, politics and crime, during the chase for a religious mythical article with the involvement of mysterious characters, the Chicago Police Dept the FBI and even some obscure organization Read the complete revi [...]

  21. The Secret of Heaven follows Aiden, his fianc Miriam as the search for the Lost Bible against the clock Fast paced and easy to read, this page turner will leave you wanting .And since this book one of a series, I can t wait to see how this story unfolds There are plenty of interesting characters and layers to the story that are sure to make the next few books just as entertaining and exciting.

  22. Fantastic I was given this book for free for an honest review and I could not have been thrilled The characters and storyline are engaging and kept me reading for hours at a time The few minor grammatical errors are irrelevant when the story is so compelling This is a must read for anyone who likes conspiracy theory and secret society novels I will definitely be looking for by Felix Alexander.

  23. High adventure, extremely well written, this story was a real pleasure to read and I will most certainly be looking for from this author If you are looking for a thriller to while away your weekend choose this one I am pleased to have been offered a chance to read this book.

  24. Awesome read This book got me caught up from the very beginning A man is murdered and leaves behind a mysterious letter about a hidden biblical book that could change the world s view on God Aiden jumps into the search not knowing what he s getting himself and friends into.

  25. Review of The Secret of Heaven This is book is about the search for the Lost Bible which contains the gospel of Barnabus This is said to be the only the gospel written by a disciple of Jesus to be omitted form the Bible This book starts off with a bang as Aiden Leonard witnesses the murder of Lazzoro It s a very interesting book that centers around several characters and a mysterious group searching for the Lost Bible and the effects tells no the world the truth contained in it will have It foll [...]

  26. Note to the reader of this review I was asked to write a review of this book by a third party and am not being paid to do so I hope this is useful.When I first sat down to read this book, I was quite excited I had seen positive reviews and plot sounded interesting However, having now completed the book, I can see my excitement was misplaced The story follows Aiden Leonardo as he tries to recover his memories after his mentor is killed and he is blamed for the crime, forcing him to go on the run [...]

  27. Complex but excitingFrom chapter 1 until the very end, intrigue and mystery, surrounded by religious belief So many wheels turning with an added angelic twist Reminded me of a Dr Langdon adventure Would recommend for anyone interested in religious or biblical history.

  28. I was asked to review this book by Booktasters in exchange for an honest review I was excited to read The Secret of Heaven, which is the first book in the Aiden Leonardo series, as it sounded rather Dan Brown esque I was left satisfied with a few little hints of disappointment which I just can not seem to shift.My first disappointment with this book was the overuse of the word incredulously which features a total of 32 times throughout the whole book I m not normally one to complain about the us [...]

  29. In his action packed thriller The Secret of Heaven Felix Alexander explores the repercussions of a lost Bible and the impact of the choices of one murdered man It is a novel overflowing with secret organisations, corrupt government officials, and religious conspiracies Professor of Biblical Studies Aiden Leonardo is the prime suspect for Lazzaro de Medici s murder, who is Aiden s mentor With his dying breath, Lazzaro de Medici whispered, Expose the secret of heaven to his trusted friend, Aiden W [...]

  30. Above all, I give this book four stars I did enjoy reading this book, but I honestly lost interest for a couple of weeks I did stop reading for the month of July after having started this book But it s not because this book was a bad read, I just happened to be busier than usual I have a couple of things going on in my life right now, so it was taking up all of my free time But I digress This book had a Da Vinici Code and Angels and Demons feel to it So if you really liked those books by Dan Bro [...]