Moonrise Free Download Moonrise - by Erin Hunter - Moonrise, Moonrise Moons have passed since six cats set out on a journey to save their Clans Now they are traveling home again but on their way through the mountains they meet a tribe of wild cats with a secret and th

  • Title: Moonrise
  • Author: Erin Hunter
  • ISBN: 9780060744540
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Paperback


Free Download Moonrise - by Erin Hunter, Moonrise, Erin Hunter, Moonrise Moons have passed since six cats set out on a journey to save their Clans Now they are traveling home again but on their way through the mountains they meet a tribe of wild cats with a secret and their own mysterious prophecy to fulfill Stormfur can t understand their strange fascination with him but he knows the danger they face is real Meanwhile back in the fMoons have passed since Free Download Moonrise - by Erin Hunter. Free Download Moonrise - by Erin Hunter - Moonrise, Moonrise Moons have passed since six cats set out on a journey to save their Clans Now they are traveling home again but on their way through the mountains they meet a tribe of wild cats with a secret and th

  • Free Download Moonrise - by Erin Hunter
    121Erin Hunter
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  1. The six cats chosen from the four wild Clans of the forest ThunderClan, ShadowClan,RiverClan and WindClan are finally on their way back home In the first book of the New Prophecy, Midnight, the new warrior Bramleclaw gets a disturbing dream from StarClan telling him to join up with three other cats and listen to what midnight tells you They travel to the Sun Drown Place the sea and find midnight Midnight the BADGER She gives them a warning that they must follow, or it will mean the quick death o [...]

  2. I love the drama that is in this series Don t get me wrong there was plenty of drama with Firestars adventures But Squirrelflight is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters Her personality if funny, but she is quick tempered with a retort when needed She s a lot like me I am rewriting this review because the old one was pathetic I like how the Erins are flip flopping between characters in the rest of their series It adds a different perspective to the warriors world This book has been add [...]

  3. 2017 rereadMe Maybe Feathertail won t die this time.Feathertail dies tragically Me looks into the camera

  4. yourhappinesslifeEste segundo libro me ha gustado m s, ya que podemos ver como la traves a de nuestros gatos no es todo camino de rosas, se van encontrando con peligros y adversidades que tendr n que aprender a superar juntos, la m s curiosa es cuando aparece un nueva profec a de una tribu de las monta as, donde uno de los gatos tendr que afrontar su destino.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed this book But it seems, even though I ve read them before, I cannot remember it at all It was still fun to read though, as it was like I was reading it for the first time again.This one was certainly different the introduction of a new group of cats The Tribe of Rushing Water They are desperate but they re not dangerous cats, they just want rid of Sharptooth And I could have sworn Brook or some other tribe cat went back with them because Stormfur was starting to fall in love [...]

  6. Leafpool gets very annoying constantly wittering about whether to tell her father about where the questing cats have gone Someone stole Greystripe, one of the best characters and it don t look like he s coming back This volume left me proper grumpy and out of sorts and the the Tribe of Rushing Water had their own concept of xenophobia Tsk

  7. Had some dull moments, but the switching perspectives are still refreshing and interesting The exciting bits were just epic

  8. It was good because when they discover Midnight is a badger and they go back to the forest and everything is demolished.

  9. I wasn t able to finish it because it had to be returned to the library Ugh Everyone hates it when that has to happen.

  10. This is crap I hate these characters so freaking much I just Yeah, I just hate them I miss firestars bravery I miss Greystripe s snarky sidekick role I miss dustplet sandstorm picking on Firestar then slowly growing to like him I miss yellowfang Here, in this 2nd series I have to deal with a painful collection of characters who make me want to rip my hair out put a bullet in my head Not really, but it s still pretty bad Warning This will be long, ranting, possibly full of spoilers Don t read if [...]

  11. Madre m a, que sufrimiento hasta el ltimo momento, ya har rese a, estoy pendiente adoptar a Erin Hunter, tanto si me la aceptan como si no la publicar en tener una respuesta De momento toca escribirla o algo.

  12. Warriors Moonrise Author Erin Hunter Genre Action and adventure Now that the four chosen cats Brambleclaw, Tawnypelt, Feathertail, Crowpaw along with Stormfur and Squirrelpaw have learned the prophecy of their clans they have to go back the way they came to warn them that great danger is coming All four clans are going to be destroyed by twolegs if they don t work together and find a new home All six cats have to make the long journey back home They want to get back as soon as possible and they [...]

  13. Warriors Moonrise by Erin HunterPersonal Response I feel that the book was written very well The author captures the reader in a series of events and switches groups often throughout chapters To me the book was a great read and I recommend that anyone read it.Plot Some events that take place in the book are as follows A group of warriors wander through their forest and then through a city to find a prophet of a sort They reach this prophet to learn that she s actually one of their most rivaled s [...]

  14. Basic Synopsis As the journeying cats return to the forest with the answer to the forest s demise, they are caught once again in another prophecy from a tribe of cats living in the mountains who foretell the destiny of one of the journeying cats.Sad book I can say that there have only been a handful of books I ve ever cried on Cages, Where the Red Fern Grows, The Last Dog on Earth, and Warriors 3 Forest of Secrets Well, it s not entirely sad, but there s a sad part in it when one of the characte [...]

  15. I liked Warriors Moonrise because it has a new style of problems that arise than the older books The traveling cats have to face a lot of obstacles that they need to solve with teamwork and cooperation rather than get physical and hurt someone The story is well told as the cats in the forest have to deal with problems that they could not prepare for while the traveling cats strive to help them as soon as they can.

  16. Warriors The New Prophecy MoonriseIn the story Moonrise we follow our group of warriors into their new land and find them discover it with some troubles in the future As our hero s face new problems and new trouble arises One of the main characters is a cat named Squirrelflight and another main character named brambleclaw if I listed all the minor characters it would be like the first few pages of the book where it shows all the warrior s names Now I don t really see any of that cats to that rea [...]

  17. I just love these books They re consistently reallly good At least for me The 6 cats chosen by Starclan have made it to the sundrown place, met Midnight, and are on the way back home to let the Clans know that they ll have to leave the forest forever Darn Twolegs Instead of going back through Twolegplace like they came, they decide to head back through the mountains, where the Tribe cats dwell Don t want to spoil too much there, but the Tribe cats are in terrible danger, and they have a prophecy [...]

  18. This book was great I loved all the action and the cliffhanger at the end I just wish that Feathertail completed the journey home.

  19. 4,5 Apr s avoir rencontr Minuit,la petite troupe compos e de Nuage d Ecureuil, Pelage d Orage, Jolie Plume, Nuage Noir, Griffe de Ronce et Pelage d Or poursuit sa qu te Ils doivent regagner leurs clans au plus vite afin de les sauver de la menace qui les entoure Seulement en chemin ils vont devoir faire face de nombreux obstacles et vont rencontrer une nouvelle Tribu, faut il les aider Et quel prix Pendant ce temps dans les diff rents clans la menace se fait de plus en plus grande et les temps s [...]

  20. I enjoyed Moonrise However, it didn t really live up to my expectations for this series I found I could relate to Stormfur often he was the strong but silent type I also loved the overlapping religions that these cats faced and the two prophecies But I must say, I think a whole book about their journey in the mountains only to lose a cat and waste time really wasn t necessary I m looking forward to the next book, when they finally reach the Clans again I recommend this book to fans of the Warri [...]

  21. view spoiler Feathertail So brave though And all to save Crowpaw hide spoiler I legit couldn t remember this book at all I m so pleased to be re reading this series And I still find it hard to believe that view spoiler Crowpaw and Feathertail became so close hide spoiler Kind of wish we d had one of their POVs to explain the development of the relationship And that ending, with view spoiler Leafpaw being caught by the Twolegs hide spoiler Something else I didn t know Sorreltail and view spoiler [...]

  22. Another day, another Warriors book review This one introduced a new lot of cats, although they form a tribe not a clan Another prophecy is combating the first, and the traveling cats must decide whether or not to help or hurry back to their own clans There is traveling, but the action is up on the first novel The characters are really starting to come into their own, and their interactions become fun and meaningful.I liked the alternating between the Clans and the traveling cats It keeps one f [...]

  23. This was a great book because it introduced totally new cats with a new perspective that seemed rather like an offshoot of the Clan and in a totally different setting But the ending was awful because of the sacrifice made I was so upset because I felt like this was an unncessary death, like it was caused just so someone on the quest died to make the whole journey dangerous I know after reading many of these books that many character I like such as Bluestar died and I should be used to it, but t [...]

  24. Moonrise, the second installment in the second arc of the Warrior Cats, follows two different paths, Leafpaw, ThunderClan s medicine cat apprentice, and also Firestar daughter, as the forest where the four clans ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan live is gradually being destroyed, and the journey of the six cats Bramblepaw, Squirrelpaw, Tawnypelt, Stormfur, Feathertail and Crowpaw as they journey home, with obstacles.With a sad ending, for both paths, the Warrior Cats never get old [...]

  25. This book is about six cats traveling back home after meeting Midnight, a badger On the way, they meet the Tribe of Rushing Water They have seemed to take a fascination to Stormfur,but he doesn t know why In the forest, the ThunderClan camp is being torn apart, as well as the other Clans, camps This book is amazing, and I would like to read the next book of this series If you like cats and survival books, then this is definitely for you

  26. This is a story about Stormfur,who has to survive the pain of his sister Feathertail dying To save them all from Sharptooth, a mountainlion This book has love in it It makes you cry to happy, to sad I love this book My favorite part was how they saw the Highstone Their long journey was complete.This book will make you read it over and over Calahan Barker 8 years old Start from number one

  27. 3.5Con m s acci n que el primero, con m s peligro, me gust m s aunque ese final no fue como que me dejar con ganas de leer el siguiente, pero ah lo tengo, as que lo leer view spoiler Me gusto que muriera Plumosa, despues de ese peligro que hab a que no muriera nadie hubiera aventado el libro, ah hide spoiler Rese a m s tarde.

  28. Yes I once again allowed five stars for a book in this sequence of novels A book about clans of cats, notwithstanding Sometimes I must question my mental stability Anyway, this book was nice and all, perhaps a bit flat, but it made sense for it to be so, so who cares.