Fury Rising [PDF] Fury Rising | by ☆ Jeyn Roberts - Fury Rising, Fury Rising The third and final novel in the Dark Inside series It s been nine months since the earthquakes destroyed most of the world and the Baggers awakened Now Aries Mason Clementine and Michael must fight

  • Title: Fury Rising
  • Author: Jeyn Roberts
  • ISBN: 9781530633319
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback

Fury Rising

[PDF] Fury Rising | by ☆ Jeyn Roberts, Fury Rising, Jeyn Roberts, Fury Rising The third and final novel in the Dark Inside series It s been nine months since the earthquakes destroyed most of the world and the Baggers awakened Now Aries Mason Clementine and Michael must fight the final battle for their lives Only this time the sides aren t quite so clear And it looks like the only people who can help are the very killers themselves There s aThe third and fin [PDF] Fury Rising | by ☆ Jeyn Roberts. [PDF] Fury Rising | by ☆ Jeyn Roberts - Fury Rising, Fury Rising The third and final novel in the Dark Inside series It s been nine months since the earthquakes destroyed most of the world and the Baggers awakened Now Aries Mason Clementine and Michael must fight

  • [PDF] Fury Rising | by ☆ Jeyn Roberts
    399Jeyn Roberts
Fury Rising
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  1. it took a complete stranger emailing me to inquire why i hadn t reviewed this yet for me to even learn it existed thank you, stranger danger

  2. Ohh Wow what an ending, I kind off hope one day the author will change her mind and continue the series or a spin off series I loved the books, the world building, the characters, the way they had their unique voice and story to tell I was pulled me in, the books were action packed, fast paced and just a great series.

  3. The release of the book was a surprise, and it was a pleasant one A nice closure to the story, it left several open ends but otherwise it would have felt forced.

  4. Amazing end to one of my favorite series This book took longer to release because the author self published but it was well worth the wait.

  5. Hmmm I have no idea what to write I have very mixed feelings on this conclusion, and it s hard to say why.I adored book 1, enjoyed book 2 a lot, but this one fell a little flat for me It wasn t terrible 3 stars isn t a bad rating, it shows I did enjoy it But just, sadly, not as much as the previous books I think the main problem was the time I picked this book up but just as I was half way through, ACOWAR came out, and I HAD to start ACOWAR straight away Then, after ACOWAR, I just wasn t in the [...]

  6. I am speaking to you from the end of times Oh man, where do I even begin I ve been a fan of this series ever since page one of Dark Inside It was raw, gory, and downright hypnotizing in a way that I d never experienced with a YA novel It ushered me out of that obligatory paranormal romance phase that every middle schooler seems to go through and pulled me into the world of dystopian sci fi Jeyn Roberts is one hell of a storyteller, and her characters stuck with me through the years, their streng [...]

  7. I had to reread the first two books in this series since it was 5 yrs ago that I had read this amazing story I think it may have been even better the second time around I had always wished for a third book in this series and I was thrilled to find out that one finally existed.And it left me very happy, to revisit Aries, Clementine, Michael, Mason, Daniel, Jack, Joy and the others that followed in this group of survivors.The only one I wasn t happy to read about was Colin An ass from book one, so [...]

  8. Finally finished all 3 books Perhaps because I had to re read the 2 other books again and then immediately okay 1 book in between began reading this I am not loving it as everybody else does.There were weird jokes being made constantly while they were in danger I think what is the biggest flaw of the books especially this one, is people do not act this way.Someone who was on the verge of death and was not able to walk cannot beat an entire crew of meanies 15 minutes later People do not make such [...]

  9. It s been so long since the last book came out that I ve had time to go to university and get a literature degree But man, am I ready for this.

  10. This review may contain spoilers.I ve read and now re read the previous two books in this trilogy Even after reading this one, though, I would still consider book one to be my favourite.While I did still find this book to be really engaging and I cared about characters than just the main ones, while I was reading this, I felt like all I was doing was waiting for the real end to come.I ll be honest I liked Aries, Mason and Daniel as separate characters, but I was really off the love triangle by [...]

  11. I don t like series trilogies that have endings that feel incomplete, rushed, or leave me with questions than answers.There were inconsistency and tons of grammatical errors.1 Jordan was such an interesting character, and he followed his brother across half the country But by the end of the book, we don t hear anything else about him or his thoughts on his brother After following his brother for so long and hoping there was a cure for him he just forgets about him 2 We ve seen Clementine hoping [...]

  12. A pretty good conclusion to an action packed series There were definitely some suspenseful moments and lots of emotions, and no one was safe The story flowed nicely and the characters were back doing what they did best I really liked the introduction of the Ferals and almost wish they d been involved in the story somehow I would have loved to know a little about them I m totally going to miss Daniel and Mason s interactions, Aries s strength, and Clementine and Michael s romance There was a to [...]

  13. Yes I wanted another book in this series ad it happened I was so pumped when I saw Fury Rising was published and I couldn t wait till I had time sit down and read it I wasn t disappointed I was confused this whole trilogy who NOTHING was but that was solved with the last insert of the book, which just gave me a smile It s sad that there were so many deaths in this installment but those I loved the most did survive, and some even went beyond that I am extremely satisfied

  14. Book number 3 in the Dark Inside seriesThe group has grown since the last book still trying to survive and those Baggers which are still around.I enjoyed this book its tied up loose ends, and the ongoing story in the series finally comes to a climax The story is told from different perspectives so you can get a rounder and in depth story The chapters are varied but quite fast paced Definitely will keep an eye out for other works by this author

  15. Perfect Ending to a Great TrilogyI ve been waiting for this book for a while I couldn t find it in the library, but I had to get it so I could find out what happened to all the characters I fell in love with in the first two books And boy, I was not disappointed This book was action packed and full of emotion I might have cried a little, too But I m glad it was a fairly happy ending.

  16. I am so sad that the series is over I loved the world that Jeyn created, and I loved the characters For most of the time I did have a few issues with this book, a lot of them being the fact that I felt it was like a second draft with many typos, but I m still giving it 5 Stars because of how well the series captured my attention and tugged my heart strings.

  17. Meh seemed a bit rush and choppy Wasn t as smooth as her last 2 books were The chracters are the same but I really didn t care about them this time Maybe Because it took 4 years to finally get the last novel Also I think the version I got was not the completed consumer copy It had wrong words and sentence required restructuring.The ending is meh nothing special I don t know if the publishers rushed Roberts to close the series It didn t have the same excitement as the other 2.

  18. Good endingIt was a good ending to the trilogy The ending was a little expected and obviously foreshadowed although their were definitely a couple surprising deaths.

  19. Okay, so I finally picked up the last book with a high expectation that the ending would be great The end was beyond expectation The content was not as scary as the previous books, but the tension was constant The characters continued their struggle for survival and found both new friendships and love along the way But the big question was Who can you trust when nothing is right Can love overcome all the loss of friends and family who have been transformed into Baggers or killed This box series [...]

  20. As usual with Jeyn Roberts, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I found it worth the long wait I do wish a little was said done with Aries gift , but otherwise, I felt it was a solid finish to an addictive series, and I was than happy with the sense of closure I felt when I finished the last page One thing though Maybe it s just me, but it felt as though this novel entirely skipped the editing process Oh well Still great.

  21. Stunning conclusion to a masterful series It has been a privilege to spend 5 years with this series.The book offers character building and world building that is rarely seen in YA The book shines brightest in it s slowest moments, when readers are left with descriptions of scenery or descriptions of emotions Or simple interactions between characters The action sequences are perfectly balanced and not too rushed, as often happens with series finales.The ending was heartfelt, raw, and pure and doe [...]

  22. Oh, how to express my love for this series in a review I read the first book in the Dark Inside trilogy a couple years back Then after awhile I reread the two books that were out Then I waited And waited And emailed Roberts because I couldn t let her give up on this series I don t know if she even read my email, but after what felt like ten years of checking for an update, I saw it while I was scrolling through I believe I bought it immediately to say the least.Some of you who Dark Inside three, [...]

  23. I have loved every second of this series the concept was refreshing, the characters were likeable and their development throughout the series was great I loved how brutal this series was and how no one was safeEVER, I have some issues with this book and that s why I can only give it 4 stars 1 What the fudge is up with the formatting of this book It looks like it never went through the final editing stage, I didn t run across many errors so that was nice but the way this book was set up seems rea [...]

  24. Well, all s well that ends well I find the release of the finale of the Dark Inside trilogy a tad confusing It s only to my knowledge available as an e book on I also got the feeling from some answers Roberts gave DI fans that Roberts was interested in her other books rather than wrapping this one up There are also some typos Who knows the inner workings of the publishing world, though Not judging, just happy to have some closure Roberts wraps the trilogy up well There s lots of gore and guts t [...]

  25. Are you saying people aren t evil Look at your history books Time and time again Humans always destroy everything they create I have some issues with the editing of this book but the author does not disappoint She gave a not so perfect but satisfying ending The last few pages felt like a bit rushed though and something about Aries so called ability was not explained clearly or it is just me lol but still, I liked how it ended I think it was an open ending To be honest, since I read the previous [...]

  26. Omg this book series was my fave ever I m pretty mad that Michael died, but u know Plot twists I really hope you continued the series and write a fourth bc u kinda left a lot of things iffy Like eve still hasn t had her baby What will happen with that Will they survive And Aries didn t chose between mason or Daniel Sorta hard when Daniel lady but sill You could always find a way Also we don t know a lot about this darkness and will happen with that Can it be destroyed or removed like Daniel will [...]

  27. After waiting so long to finally finish the trilogy I was worried it was going to be bad, but I was instead very happy with it overall Unfortunately, a lot of plots went unexplained and the closure the characters got is incomplete Honestly, the author should have made room to make a fourth because the plot lines included could have carried on to a great real finale.