Holy Smokes [PDF] Holy Smokes | by ✓ Katie MacAlister - Holy Smokes, Holy Smokes Drake Vireo the green dragon of Aisling s dreams is finally ready to make an honest woman of her if she can ever get him to the altar Being stood up cools Aisling s jets but not her passion which

  • Title: Holy Smokes
  • Author: Katie MacAlister
  • ISBN: 9780451222541
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Kindle

Holy Smokes

[PDF] Holy Smokes | by ✓ Katie MacAlister, Holy Smokes, Katie MacAlister, Holy Smokes Drake Vireo the green dragon of Aisling s dreams is finally ready to make an honest woman of her if she can ever get him to the altar Being stood up cools Aisling s jets but not her passion which is a good thing when Drake disappears and it s up to Aisling to find him At least her doggie demon Jim is always at her side Just call him a Guardian s best friend [PDF] Holy Smokes | by ✓ Katie MacAlister. [PDF] Holy Smokes | by ✓ Katie MacAlister - Holy Smokes, Holy Smokes Drake Vireo the green dragon of Aisling s dreams is finally ready to make an honest woman of her if she can ever get him to the altar Being stood up cools Aisling s jets but not her passion which

  • [PDF] Holy Smokes | by ✓ Katie MacAlister
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Holy Smokes
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  1. 3.25 A buddy read with my Family the Wednesday UF group at BBB Because we love Dragons, even when they are annoying This was the forth and last book in the Aisling Gray Guardian Seriesby Katie MacAlister, and I have to say regretfully, it was the weakest of the bunch I wanted it to be great, I wanted it to finish with a BANG, but it kind of fizzled off One of the reasons was the multitude of arcs which either never got resolved maybe they will be in the next Dragon Septs series , or were quite m [...]

  2. AND DONE At the end of this book I felt like I d finished one of the challenges on a reality tv show, one of the painful ones.Aisling just isn t for me Sometimes there are characters that you want to like and get into but then there is just something and so every little thing they do drives you nuts That is Aisling for me I just can t seem to turn my brain off quite enough to enjoy her stumble into everything accidentally way of making it through a story.So last book in the series and in the beg [...]

  3. Buddy read with my fellow UF addicts over at BBB Is this little drama going to take long Cause if it is, I want popcorn and a Diet Coke with extra ice Unfortunately I don t find silly humor funny and Aisling s antics was just too annoying and ridiculous for me to have fun while reading this book I can t believe how irresponsible she was in this book and how utterly annoying her lustful actions towards Drake was Instead of trying to get herself out of ALL the impossible situations she has managed [...]

  4. Buddy read with the UF Freaks of BBB It s over screams for the whole world to hear I am free of Aisling and her total lack of integrity and gray matter I was so happy that I was willing to give this an extra half star but my enthusiasm died after a couple of days it took me that long to get around to writing this.I was hoping that at least in the last book of the series there would be some improvement in the writing Alas it was not the case The writing is even worse than before and because a lot [...]

  5. An enjoyable conclusion to the events and multiple subplots of the series though I do hope she writes of this character After the baby, I m sure.Aisling and Drake are trying to get married but something always seems to go wrong Proscribed, Bael is hounding Aisling to give him his sacrifices, Drake goes missing in Tibet, Fiat uses Aisling to support his call for war against the Green Dragons, and it s all just one big mess that her family is in London to witness Fortunately, she finds Uncle Dami [...]

  6. 3 StarsI really needed something light and entertaining after Pretty Girls, so it seemed like a good time to finish up the Aisling Grey series.The series did not finish as strongly as I was hoping It was still fun and humorous, but it fell a little flat Some of the elements felt repetitive, particularly the constant mishaps arising from the lack of communication Aisling and Drake don t spend much time together in this book, so that was disappointing What bothered me the most though was that ther [...]

  7. Yeah, yeah Okay The last two books in the series lessened my irritation with the second book in this so far four book series This is still just fluff reading, but the fourth book was fun, and actually had me wishing there were books in the series after reading the ending It seems weird throughout this series to vaguely elude to how much powerful Aising is than she should be at this phase in her Guardian ness, but there s never an explanation, never a back story about her family and how she mig [...]

  8. Reviewed by JenHoly Smokes is the fourth and final book following the life and love of Aisling Grey although I understand she and Drake will be pretty prominent characters in Katie MacAlister s new Silver Dragons series This is a series of books you have to read in order for them to make any sort of sense So, here s the order You Slay Me, Fire Me Up, Light My Fire.In this installment, Aisling and Drake are finally getting married, but as the book opens, Drake isn t showing up for the ceremony Th [...]

  9. Gave it a 5 cause of the hilarity, action, suspense, but my fave book out of the series is still the 2nd one Fire Me Up More mysteries unravel in this book, what with Aisling confirming she is indeed breeding, Drake is protective than ever, and I really liked Uncle Damian s character, he reminded me of Robert De Niro in Meet the Parents Although this is the last book in the series, there are new characters and surprising events which lead to questions I give credit to Katie MacAlister for havi [...]

  10. Drake he worries about his woman but he does it in a macho, alpha sort of way, where are you Where have you been Why have you not answered my calls Drake growled Rene and your uncle said you just disappeared on the street Have you been harmed You would think Drake would learn by now that to get what he wants he needs to give his woman what she wants, I would be perfectly happy to let you make wild, passionate, steamy dragon love to me, but first you have to answer a couple of questions There are [...]

  11. Best book of the series I really liked this series, and I liked the ending I liked seeing all the characters grow, and I appreciated that not everyone one dimensional Loved seeing Uncle Damian in this one, too My only major qualm, in the end was that the books were too short and had too many editing errors to cost the price they cost for Kindle If you are going to charge 7 for a Kindle version of a book, it had better be longer than 400 page and be immaculate when it comes to editing, it had als [...]

  12. Disappointing ending to the series Seemed like the author didn t have any direction and just wrote for the sake of finishing Drake is still fire engine hot though

  13. In this final book Aisling bumbles along in her usual professional manner, not understanding because nobody ever explains and the action interrupting view spoiler her wedding hide spoiler again and again and again And she continues making up weird rules for Drake to follow Now he has to tell her I love you at least once a day and she keeps calling him Sweeeeetieee rolls eyes Her lusting after him has diminished in no way, her self centered behavior Oh there you are, let me tell you how terrible [...]

  14. Ugh, I should have written this review earlier, the font sucks now This book is the reason why I love the Aisling Grey series and why I look at Book 2 and 3 with rose coloured glasses My absolute favourite thing about a series is a good ending and this book certainly delivered The middle could be mediocre but a good ending will earn a devoted reader I love this book and how everything built up to a satisfying finish Despite the craziness and all the whacky stuff the author wrote in, it had a gre [...]

  15. Another day, another catastrophic event planning a wedding is difficult at the best of times, but with Princes of Hell demending innocent souls, lecturing mother in laws and a certain wyvern bridegroom that has gone missing the shit has truely hit the fan for Aisling Grey, Prince of Hell, Guardian and wyvern mate extradonaire Will she overcome all the new challenges before her, or will it be one disaster too many Oh Aisling, what a real cock up in ways then one haha the past 6 months has been f [...]

  16. 2nd Read May 29, 2014 Still 4 StarsMy second time through reading this series and then reading my review from the first time, and basically, I still feel the same Though, I think I was a bit too in to rereading these and just devoured all 4 books in a row I think my only wisdom to myself would be to next time , if there is one Don t do that Don t read them in all one lump Space them out and savor the quirky brilliance of Katie MacAlister The snarky, witty humor, wacky characters, crazy drama, ho [...]

  17. In the fourth book in the Aisling Gray Series Aisling and Drake try to get married with the emphasis on try only to be interrupted every time they stand before the altar what was getting old and annoying when it happened the third time There were as many problems for Aisling to solve as in the previous books, some new characters were added to Aisling s team like her demon steward Traci, Drake s brother and her uncle Damian I liked him and his gruffly way setting Aisling s head straight again whe [...]

  18. The good Characterization of certain endearing characters i.e Jim remains consistent with the rest of the series The bad Characterization of certain one dimensional hackneyed characters i.e Drake remains consistent with the rest of the series There is very little character growth through this series The same stale jokes are constantly recycled The world building, which was weak to start off with, doesn t improve with the addition of a second, third or fourth book The sex scenes, which increase i [...]

  19. 1.5 stars Surprisingly, my favorite character is Fiat He s calculated, vindictive, ruthless, and composed The type of personality one loves to hate The only reason I dislike Fiat is because he was the root of many problems for Aisling and Drake regarding mates and the like However, I don t really like Aisling, Drake, or Jim, so the Fiat problem was only an irritation nothing to really get mad about Although Aisling and Drake have somewhat improved, I still can t believe that she is in her thirti [...]

  20. I d like a little closure with some of these books I enjoy the characters even though Jim is annoying and Aisling is helpless and airheaded at times, but I wish would be resolved Hardly anything happened in this book to further the plot There was danger, people were running around after people, nothing was getting explained to Aisling and therefore us , and then issues were presented, with no resolution I ve had about enough of books that keep building and building with no end in sight I ve re [...]

  21. It is up to her usual standards, in this novel several plots that have been floating around get resolved It almost felt like the finale of the series, but I won t know that until or if another book gets back As usual, she puts Aisling the main character and her love Drake through hoops She has all kinds of things happen to her most of her hijinks relate to the two of them trying to get married and having crises coming up which prevent said nuptials to take place Reminds me a bit of Betsy from Ma [...]

  22. Book 4 of the Aisling Grey Guardian series This book, like book 3, is extremely action packed The ending is MUCH satisfying that the previous 3 novels in this series this might even be the end of the Aisley Grey series, though it looks like dragon books are on the way from the author s website In this book Aisling s wedding to Drake is ruined 4 times The red dragon war gets worse before it gets better Drake is reunited with his formerly imprisoned brother Fiat blue dragon goes out of his way t [...]

  23. Action, nonsense, magic, and sexy menwhat can you ask for Aisling runs a mile a minute trying to have a wedding, get out of being Damned , avoid getting herself killed by red dragon sept members, and return to being officially Drake s mate In addition to the normal comic relief, Jim, the demon in a Newfie s body Who am I Where am I Do I still have all my toes , Aisling s Uncle Damian also gives way to some great lines, such as when he sees Fiat beginning of chapter 8 The dark voice in her head [...]

  24. Aisling is technically no longer Drake s mate, making their connection slightly diminished While slightly silently mourning that connection she is trying to plan her wedding and deal with Fiat as diplomatically as possible, at least as much as she can be diplomatic She discovers she in fact pregnant but of course still gets herself into a lot of dangerous situations Love her relationship with Drake in this one, finally coming together Love her uncle and of course adore the demon dog Wish there w [...]

  25. Fun Fun Fun Love the Aisling Grey, Guardian series This is the 4th book in the series and Aisling and Drake are TRYING to get married One thing after another gets in the way I feel like a few loose ends were wrapped up in this book enough that I wonder if there will be another I hope so I feel like Aisling had too many pots on the fire and it was hard as a reader to keep up with all the trouble she was in from so many directions Definetly a great series to read and I really love her talking dog [...]

  26. This was a nice wrap up to this series sort of leaves a few to many things unsaid with the dragons, but ties up all the guardian stuff Maybe it ties into one of her other series Aisling using the sweetie thing every other time she talks to Drake bugged the heck out of me, but the humor is consistant The plot thickens in this book between the dragons and becomes of the story I really like this author and will definately check out some of her other books.

  27. The minute Uncle Damian called Fiat a porn star, my series of chuckles throughout this book turned into full blown laughter This, and the first book, are my favorite one of all I think I can foresee myself coming back to read about Aisling and Jim s shenanigans from time to time Now I am off to the Silver Dragon series.

  28. Humor, chaos and a lot of boinking That s three words that can describe any book about Aisling Grey If you need light and funny paranormal romance, this is always a good choice.I would be sorry that the series ended, but I have the next series about Silver dragons and Gabriel to keep me entertained.

  29. In the fourth and what seems to be the final installation in the series, Drake and Aisling are finally getting married As soon as she figures out how to get him to the altar.As if the continued delay of their nuptials weren t enough, Aisling must also deal with helping Drake fuel the warfare between the green and red dragons abd beating Fiat wyvern of the blue sept off with a stick It seems as though Aisling is finally learning how to get things under control as she is still in the process of ge [...]