Night World, No. 2 Free Read Night World, No. 2 - by L.J. Smith - Night World, No. 2, Night World No Includes Book Dark AngelBook The ChosenBook SoulmateVampires werewolves witches shapeshifters they live among us without our knowledge Night World is their secret society a secret society wi

  • Title: Night World, No. 2
  • Author: L.J. Smith
  • ISBN: 9781416974512
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Paperback

Night World, No. 2

Free Read Night World, No. 2 - by L.J. Smith, Night World, No. 2, L.J. Smith, Night World No Includes Book Dark AngelBook The ChosenBook SoulmateVampires werewolves witches shapeshifters they live among us without our knowledge Night World is their secret society a secret society with very strict rules And falling in love breaks all the laws of the Night World In Dark Angel Gillian is saved from drowning by her guardian angel Only visible toIncludes Book Da Free Read Night World, No. 2 - by L.J. Smith. Free Read Night World, No. 2 - by L.J. Smith - Night World, No. 2, Night World No Includes Book Dark AngelBook The ChosenBook SoulmateVampires werewolves witches shapeshifters they live among us without our knowledge Night World is their secret society a secret society wi

  • Free Read Night World, No. 2 - by L.J. Smith
    258L.J. Smith
Night World, No. 2
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  1. Many readers find L.J Smith s books not edgy enough or too juvenile by today s YA standards, but I happen to thoroughly enjoy the writing style of her novels I think LJS, not Stephanie Meyer, was the first writer who gave a start to so popular nowadays genre of YA paranormal romance Too many authors now rely heavily on sexual chemistry and make out sessions to attract readers to their books at the expense of good plot Smith s romances are very well balanced in that respect IMO Although short, th [...]

  2. Five stars for Rashel God I love that girl 5th book of the Night World series, she is an orphan badass freaking ninja that kills all the bad vampires searching for the one that killed her mom and best friend On her birthday Ouch view spoiler But then she meets Quinn, fearsome vampire of the Night World and she discovers they re each others soulmate GAH As if puberty and vampire killing wasn t enough hide spoiler Dark Angelis pretty good Angel is a very good character, but since the beginning I c [...]

  3. In Dark Angel, Gillian is the quiet girl no one ever really notices She s lonely, and is suffering from her parents crumbling relationship It s while walking home from school one winter day that she falls into an icy river, and dies On her way to heaven, she meets Angel, her handsome guardian angel, who insists that it s not her time yet, and makes her return to earth But instead of going to back to her meek and quiet life, Gillian is transformed into the most popular girl in school with Angel s [...]

  4. The Nigh World isn t a place It is a secret society of vampires, witches,werewolves and other creatures of darkness that libve amongst us They are deadly and irressistable to humans your English teacher could be one and so could your boyfriend.The Night World law says it is ok to hunt humans, it is okay to toy with their hearts, it is even okay to kill them There are only two things you can t do with them.1 Never let them find out the Night World exists.2 Never let fall in love with one of themT [...]

  5. Do I have to say or is it obvious that this book is hundred.ousand times better than Night World No1 Contains some spoilers Dark Angel I loved GillianStrong and sweet Character.Gary Angel was mysterious and very interesting and David was hmmok usual as I always sayI love Dark Bad Characters Gary is my type D Characters were goodw comes the story lineStory was absolutely amazing The ending was great too e first line itself gave me thrills hell I wanted to keep reading and yeah I did that too P D [...]

  6. A collection of three books set in the Night World the home of vampires, werewolves, and witches Their rules are strict fall in love with a human and break all of them.Dark Angel Gillian is saved from drowning by her guardian angel, someone only she can see and hear He wants to help her become the person she s always wanted to be popular, noticeable, likable Most importantly she wants to attract the attention of the boy she s had a crush on ever since she started noticing boys But then Angel sta [...]

  7. Same as the first one, I m giving this three stars, though if allowed half star ratings, this would have been 3 and a half stars, just because I liked this compilation better than the first volume The first book Dark Angel gets 2 stars because of the maudlin dialogue but the latter stories The Chosen, Soulmate get 3 stars each Soulmate because of sentimental value I suppose this was the first Night World book I read and the characters were good looking AND kickass than many of the previous char [...]

  8. I can tell this is all leading somewhere and I really like the assembled cast of characters and seeing them start to cross paths with ones I liked before I need and I m frustrated but the stories are fun.

  9. Night World Volume 2 by L.J SmithFourth, fifth, and sixth in the Night World series3.75 starsI haven t written a review in forever OK, maybe not forever, but it was since Friday or Thursday I lost track of my dates Night World Volume 2 is a collection of the fourth, fifth, and sixth novels in the Night World series The first or fourth novel is Dark Angel Dark Angel follows Gillian who dies and is saved by an angel When the angel starts to make requests that turn violent she begins to question if [...]

  10. Ok, so the second book wasen t nearly as good as the first But I really like it The first story, Dark Angel, was good But it felt different from the other Night World stories It was a different atmosphere, there weren t really any vampires, werevolves, or witches in it Which makes the story a bit dull Oh but Ash popped in it Ooohh la la, haha Gotta love Ash, so that was a nice bonus The main character, Gillian, was cute, shy, I liked her So she dies, but then ocmes back because of Angel Who I ab [...]

  11. Night World, No 2Dark AngelRating Plot Synopsis Gillian is saved from drowning by her guardian angel Only visible to Gillian, Angel will fulfill her heart s every desire But when Angel starts making strange and sinister requests, Gillian must question who he is and where he came from Review To be perfectly honest, Dark Angel is my least favourite instalment in the series so far I had issues with some of the writing, mostly just the cliched similes and at times, I couldn t get into the story I fi [...]

  12. Dark Angel This is one of my favorite books in the series The plot twisted and left the reader in shock at the end I think so many can relate to Gillian She was basically invisible to the world until an angel came to bring out her beauty and give her an admirable personality Through this she finds that her soul mate is her crush She also finds herself I was so happy at the end when Thomas was forgiven so he could forgive himself.The Chosen You can t help but admire Rashel for being so independen [...]

  13. I liked these stories What I don t feel the need to justify it They re fun YA paranormals, ludicrous, better written than most Sometimes you need that Wine, pizza, L.J Smith if they don t make life better they at least make it tolerable.

  14. Dark Angel This one is probably the least favourite one in the series so far I didn t like it that much, but thought it was okay ish The main character, Gillain, annoyed me a lot She got on my nerves constantly Angel annoyed me to he was always in her head and I was screaming Leave the girl alone Let her be herself sigh And the boy, David, didn t have much of a personality he wasn t really a stand out for me I think their relationship was a lie for some reason because it wassn t really Gillian m [...]

  15. After reading the first Night World book, I got curious about where the series was going, so I picked up the next book As the stories progress, they seem to get better and better I found this volume of stories much better than the last volume It revolves around the soulmate principal which means that every character ends up finding his or her soulmate Dark Angel Gillian was an easy character to relate to and the true identity of her angel was a fascinating discovery Another one of L.J Smith s ra [...]

  16. This is obviously written for teenagers, but it s not bad for all that In fact, I rather enjoyed it, overall At least the author provides a reason for all made lamia, hereditary vampires, are another matter vampires being teenagers apparently, the process of transformation will kill anyone older than nineteen.The only real problem I have with the book, that s inserted into all three stories, is the rather saccharine soulmate principle the idea that everyone in the world has one perfect match tha [...]

  17. As I said before, I really don t like these covers but after reading the first book in the series I just had to read this one I mean HAD to I was am in love with these books They portrayed exactly what I wanted in a book at the time Paranormal romance, a little action, and most importantly, a storyline that actually moves cough unlike Twilight cough At the time they were perfect for me And at the time I really didn t have an eye for detail I thought These stories are just flawless Why can t all [...]

  18. So far, Night World is my favorite L.J Smith series, because it is the most cracktastic It is full of the kinds of stuff your sixteen year old id comes up with and incorporates into your private vast crossover ridden original fiction playground Everybody mashes up all their favorite characters and tropes into a personal fantasy playground when they re sixteen, right Right Guys It has a secret history of the world, in which there is a Night World of witches, vampires, and shapeshifters, who are n [...]

  19. This book has three short stories that are all set in this interesting supernatural world It was not what I was not expecting it to be so modern because it was written before I was born My favorite story in this book has to be the second one, of course the vampire story Although there are all types of Supernatural creatures in each each story, each story tended to surround one type of supernatural being The characters were all different, with different strengths and different weaknesses Overall [...]

  20. I really like the format of the smaller stories You get to know each of the characters intimately, knowing their background and paranormal history Some creatures are born as such and some are created, making each an individual with original thought processes And just when you believe the book is about to end with yet another three stories completed, the author starts corralling them all together in the same place and time to form a team of Night Worlders who will attempt to save us all adding ye [...]

  21. I love this series It s really interseting, i d reccomend it.I Loved the second story in this book, i think it s my fave outta the whole series so far lol

  22. A great anthology of stories set in the same world A must for any supernatural romance lover The stories cross paths from time to time, as well.

  23. Please check out Electrifying Reviews for reviews like this, plus giveaways, interviews, and Dark AngelFrom what I remembered from reading Dark Angel previously, it definitely wasn t my favorite of the Night World series However, after reading it again I found it to be fantastic, though it is still not up to par with other books in the series It s short, entertaining, and has left me thinking even after I read it.I found the whole dynamic behind Angel to be fascinating If I hadn t read this bo [...]

  24. Dark Angel This 1st story was very intriguing I liked Angel and everything about him his aura, his personality I even liked how he managed to trick Gillian even though maybe I m not supposed to lol David I didn t really like but that was just because he didn t notice Gillian until she looked like a slut 8 typical guy Overall, story was good though.The Chosen Amazing story I liked both of their main characters Rashel and Quinn Great personalities and I liked their reluctance Rashel s point of vie [...]

  25. The second omnibus volume to L.J Smith s popular Night World Series does not disappoint Rather, it surpassed all of my expectations and reminded me why I will, forever, read everything and anything published by Ms Smith This set of stories contains the usual elements of a L.J Smith story that we have all come to know and love the stories are intriguing, fast paced, and all around captivating the characters are sexy, dangerous, witty, and well rounded and the universe is developed and intriguing [...]

  26. Oh, dear god I picked this book up at my local library because it was free Now, I know why I have read some spectacular YA fiction The Apothecary comes to mind but this is so NOT in that category I honestly do not know why I kept reading this thing, let alone finished it Maybe it was morbid hope that the monsters would actually remember what they were and start putting an end to all this useless angst instead of falling into the unexplicable and sudden Wuv, Twoo Wuv of the One True Soulmate.Ther [...]

  27. Dark Angel I really like this plot idea I ve never read a book about an angel before I liked Gary as a character, but he would have been cooler if her were sinister and hadnt given up so easily The characters are really cool too The Chosen I love Quinn Holy crap he is awesome I was angry at him when he bit her, because that is her nightmare I think it was out of character for Rashel to not care so much, but I guess the Soulmate principle changed things I also liked how Tommy came back Sucks wha [...]

  28. This book at first seems intimidating just by the fact that it was so long and i thought it would get boring But no i was so very wrong this book kept me interested in what would happened next I love the way these short stories are told and then at one point the author puts them all together.Another thing that i liked was the background info on the characters and how the author goes into deep detail on explaining their history and what they went through I had many characters that i liked all of [...]

  29. Just like the first book it s original Smith uses very mild relations of romance compared to others today It s simple, nice, pleasant and overall has a very inresting storyline compared to other paranormal romance series Three, I guess short stories in one book There s something for everyone It s an admirable, sastisfying book.Vampires, werewolves, witches, shapeshifters they live among us without our knowledge Night World is their secret society, a secret society with very strict rules And fall [...]

  30. Dark Angel Of the series this is my least favourite but i still enjoyed it This one feels a bit rushed and i wish it had been longer and the soulmates not as a cliche pair but still enjoyed it.The Chosen I enjoy how fast paced and action packed this one is Rashel and Quinn are such a good match I love how this story ends and that for the most part it is happy I appreciate this female heroine.Soulmate I enjoyed the origin story provided in this one I also enjoyed learning about the old souls in t [...]