Never Let You Go Never Let You Go Best Read || [Chevy Stevens] - Never Let You Go, Never Let You Go Eleven years ago Lindsey Nash escaped into the night with her young daughter and left an abusive relationship Her ex husband Andrew was sent to jail and Lindsey started over with a new life Now Li

  • Title: Never Let You Go
  • Author: Chevy Stevens
  • ISBN: 9781250034564
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Hardcover

Never Let You Go

Never Let You Go Best Read || [Chevy Stevens], Never Let You Go, Chevy Stevens, Never Let You Go Eleven years ago Lindsey Nash escaped into the night with her young daughter and left an abusive relationship Her ex husband Andrew was sent to jail and Lindsey started over with a new life Now Lindsey is older and wiser with her own business and a teenage daughter who needs her than ever When Andrew is finally released from prison Lindsey believes she has cutEleven years ag Never Let You Go Best Read || [Chevy Stevens]. Never Let You Go Best Read || [Chevy Stevens] - Never Let You Go, Never Let You Go Eleven years ago Lindsey Nash escaped into the night with her young daughter and left an abusive relationship Her ex husband Andrew was sent to jail and Lindsey started over with a new life Now Li

  • Never Let You Go Best Read || [Chevy Stevens]
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Never Let You Go
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  1. My reviews can also be seen at deesradreadsandreviews.wordprI am a huge fan of Chevy Stevens Never Let You Go is her newest novel that will be released in March of 2017 After reading the book description I was pretty sure that I was going to love this book.I was right The book starts off from Lindsay Nash s point of view It s November 2005 Lindsay, her husband Andrew, and daughter Sophie are on holiday in Mexico But this is definitely not a vacation for Lindsay She can t just enjoy the sun and r [...]

  2. 4.5 starsThis was my first Chevy Stevens and wow what a book to start with I m impressed A fear inducing story of manipulation and love gone wrong, NEVER LET YOU GO serves up mind games in the form of devious twists Seriously, is there anything better than a great twist to knock you on your ass and change your entire perspective Ms Stevens starts by dragging the reader through a gamut of emotions the excitement of Andrew and Lindsey falling in love and starting a family, the heartbreak when thi [...]

  3. 3.5 stars rounded up My husband and I once had an argument because I wanted to recreate the entire cast of Spongebob using family members and he didn t want to play It wasn t a serious fight, of course, and it ended with both of us laughing at our ok, my idiocy, but the point is marriage be crazy sometimes It s the ultimate stomping ground for ungodly amounts of insignificant disputes And when fiction gets a hold of this sacred bond and warps its complexities into darkly disturbing thrillers, it [...]

  4. I am pleased to announce that I am back on the Chevy train I ve been an avid follower of Mrs Stevens and her books since I first picked up Still Missing back in 2010 I ve read all of her books and, while I have my favorites cough cough Still Missing and Always Watching cough cough , I ve thoroughly enjoyed all of them except her last book, Those Girls While it was entertaining and not terrible, it didn t feel like the rest of her books and I wondered if maybe she d lost her touch Not so peeps I [...]

  5. This is the first book that I ve ever read by this author, but it certainly won t be the last Never Let You Go was a suspenseful and highly engaging read listen I listened to the Audible version and I did not want to pull myself away from this story until I had finished it I kept telling myself, just another few minutes and I ll turn it off Once I got started on this book, I had to keep going It was great The story unfolds little by little, alternating between present time and flashbacks to the [...]

  6. Please visit readrantrockandroll to see this review and others.I picked up Never Let You Go by Chevy Stevens and barely put this book down after the story began This is the first book I ve read by her and I m pretty sure I just found a favorite new author This review may contain spoilers for those who haven t read the book At first, I thought for sure this was going to be another domestic abuse story like the movie Enough with Jennifer Lopez It reminded me so much of the movie, but there s much [...]

  7. A fantastic domestic thriller 4.5 Lindsey is a blushing new bride Married to Andrew, a very handsome, successful owner of a construction firm Life seems picture perfect Of course, there are always the petty disagreements and Andrew does seem to lose his temper rather quickly But, they are newlyweds after all Just getting to know each other really Then things begin to rapidly escalate Lindsey suddenly finds herself cut off from her friends, forbidden to even look at or engage any male other than [...]

  8. Each day is a new earthquake Chevy Stevens fans should be satisfied with this new psychological thriller Never Let You Go 5 stars from meWhy I never lost interest Lindsey married Andrew They had a daughter named Sophie Lindsey leaves Andrew after years of an extremely toxic marriageIT HAPPENSLindsay has a girlfriend named Jenny, a boyfriend named Greg, and an exercise trainer named MarcusSophie has a close friend named Delancy and a boyfriend named Jared SHIT HAPPENSNO SPOILERS FROM ME READ IT E [...]

  9. I had heard many good things about this novel, and it did not disappoint This is a gripping psychological thriller treading the domestic territory of fear and abuse Lindsey Nash marries the good looking and charming Andrew, only to find herself trapped in a nightmare of a marriage Andrew runs a construction company and his true self begins to be revealed He is possessive, jealous, controlling, manipulative, abusive and he drinks Lindsey puts up with him for the sake of her daughter, Sophie, whom [...]

  10. Sister Reads Review by BRENDA and NORMA 4.5 stars rounded up Norma didn t need to use her twisted mind as much with this one but she still managed to shock Brenda with figuring out the reveal and the details before she did It adds a shocking twist to a thriller for Brenda that she normally wouldn t of experienced if reading it on her ownVER LET YOU GO by CHEVY STEVENS is an angst driven, chilling, gripping, and suspenseful domestic psychological thriller novel that explores the darkness of love, [...]

  11. I am late to the party with this book It has been reviewed to death but what I will say about Never Let You Go is that I didn t guess the ending That was worth 1 2 a star bumping this from a 3.5 to a 4 Star novel I listened to the audio It was not the greatest I give it 3 Stars One narrator was much better than the other I was able to stay with the book only because it was well written, interesting and I wanted to see what happened I recommend going with a hardcopy This is the second Chevy Steve [...]

  12. The Butterfly Effect.Just enough movement of those delicate wings to set powerful actions into profound motionLindsay Nash feels the gentle signs of love with being cast as the center of Andrew s universe All is bright and all is beautiful as they move into their first home Andrew, a successful building contractor, has provided a job for her carpenter father and with that the care of her mother who has MS How fortunate Lindsay is until that marital cup starts to slowly drain through the cracks.O [...]

  13. Whoa boy, that got unexpectedly intense And surprising.As the story opens our protagonist Lindsay Nash is on vacation with her husband Andrew and their 7 year old daughter Sophie To all outward appearances they are a happy little family enjoying their time in the sun at a beautiful resort in Mexico, but appearances can be deceiving Lindsay is not at all relaxed She has a knot in her stomach and her tension grows with each drink her husband finishes She is making every effort to not break any of [...]

  14. Never Let You Go is a very good title for this book It s positive, but also menacing, depending on the context This is a story with many layers The author really put some work into her narrative If the stalker were to be removed from the book, it would still be a potential page turner.Initially, I had to drag myself to read this one Unlike regular friends, I m not weathered by the violence and budding threats that are so often in thriller books These aren t spy books They are thrillers, and I ha [...]

  15. It s official I am a Chevy Stevens fan I really enjoyed this book I kept changing my mind on who was to blame I liked how the author made me dislike and then turn around to really like some of the characters My opinion kept changing Lol.

  16. Never Let You Gohad my heart pounding Filled with tension and twists and turns, I couldn t put it down It s dark, disturbing, creepy and action packed It made me so paranoid that one night when I was up late reading, I actually got up to see if someone was in my house I learned my lesson this is not a book to be read late at night Lindsey Nash fled her abusive husband, Andrew, in order to protect her young daughter, Sophie Fast forward eleven years Andrew is released from prison and Lindsey is c [...]

  17. NEVER LET YOU GO by talented author Chevy Stevens, author of Still Missing , is a fast paced psychological thriller with alternating POVs and twists and turns that will satisfy fans of psychological thrillers and keep them guessing until the end This novel is due for release in March 2017 I loved it This novel focuses on domestic abuse and the impact it has on family and relationships Lindsey flees with her daughter Sophie, from her abusive, alcoholic controlling husband, Andrew after suffering [...]

  18. 3.5 stars I just thought this book was just O.K to me It did keep me turning the pages and I was intrigued to find out what was going to happen next but the domestic abuse just made me cringe and I felt very uncomfortable I can put up with a lot in psychological and dark thrillers but I have found out that I cannot put up with domestic abuse and will be staying away from these kind of thrillers in the future I did think this was very well written and I will be looking forward to reading other bo [...]

  19. This was my first Chevy Stevens novel, and I admit that I waited for a couple of trusted friends to finish with their reviews, before deciding whether or not to read it I enjoyed the format, with alternating chapters of Lindsey and her daughter, Sophie, and switching from past to present throughout the storyline.The book begins in the past, with a brief look at the effects of the extreme abuse Lindsey has suffered from her husband, Andrew Then quickly forwards eleven years to the present where a [...]

  20. Well I ve had several days to let this read percolate in my brain, and I m happy to say this still stands as a solid 4.5 star rating from me The plot isn t anything new Lindsay s true love husband Andrew turns out to be an insecure bully who s mental and physical abuse continues to progress throughout the years When he starts using their daughter Sophie as a pawn, Lindsay realizes she needs to leave, in anyway possible It s this action that triggers events that will forever change all of their l [...]

  21. I am so grateful to St Martin s Press and the author for allowing me to read an electronic ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review Never Let You Go is the newest novel by Chevy Stevens due out in March 2017 This novel focuses on a woman named Lindsay, who escapes with her young daughter the night her alcoholic, abusive husband is arrested and put in jail When he is released years later, Lindsay and Sophie are happily living their new life Suddenly, Lindsay s boyfriend is receiving thr [...]

  22. 4.5 Stars Another winner for Chevy Stevens Andrew is a creepy scary dude who believes his wife Lindsey is a possession to be controlled He is obsessively jealous to the point of ridiculous and when he begins to drink, oh boy, he becomes cruel and violentexcept to daughter Sophie Your dad loved to scare me Chevy Stevens story of a marriage gone bad is NOT like so many others I ve read with a similar theme, but has than one mysterious and thrilling spin that takes the reader in various directions [...]

  23. Her marriage to Andrew had been wonderful at first but during her pregnancy, and after Sophie was born, Lindsey noticed subtle changes Andrew became possessive she no longer had any friends and he started to drink But her parents and brother thought Andrew was wonderful he was that good an actor Finally when Sophie was five after giving Andrew chances than Lindsey could remember she fled with Sophie in the dead of night After a long period in hiding, and to her immense relief, Andrew was sent t [...]

  24. Sister Read with Norma4.5 StarsI was too impatient to wait to get the print copy from Norma so I decided to listen to the audio version of Never Let You Go I enjoyed it for the most part but do have to admit the voice of Sophie did annoy me a bit I probably would ve preferred to have read it instead of listening to it.Full sister review on Norma s reviews.If you are interested it can also be found on our blog as well twogirlslostinacouleereadi

  25. I had a couple of experiences with Chevy Stevens psychological thrillers before Never Let You Go I really struggled with Still Missing I was impressed but felt like I d been through the wringer with Those Girls And Never Let You Go felt like another experience altogether Set in two different time frames, Never Let You Go focuses on Lindsey and her daughter Sophie The first time frame has Lindsey in an abusive marriage that we know she manages to escape The later time frame shows Lindsey at a tim [...]

  26. I would rate this one 3.5 stars I listened to audio and read many of the chapters at home This book gave me vibes of the movie starring Julia Roberts, Sleeping With The Enemy A domestic thriller about an emotionally abusive and controlling husband, Andrew and his wife, Lindsey They have a daughter, Sophie, who Andrew uses to further control and induce fear unto Lindsey Lindsey comes up with a plan and eventually escapes with her daughter while Andrew is passed out on the couch Fast forward eleve [...]

  27. This is the third book that I have read by this author, and it s another good thriller Ms Stevens doesn t disappoint Lindsay, marries young, to a man who ends up being very controlling, jealous, and later abusive She has a young daughter, Sophie.d feels she must escape This is their story told in alternating chapters by mother and daughter.

  28. I am pleased to commend Ms Stevens for a fantastic and well written novel My first novel that I read by her Still Missing was an excellent read and this is by far another entertaining and fast paced thriller 4.5 stars Never Let You Go is an enticing story about different aspects of love that can dangerously go wrong The plot explodes with manipulation and mind games that drive you insane wanting to find out who and what and why I mean really, what can be better then a SERIOUS twist that knocks y [...]