Parrish á Parrish ↠ Shannen Crane Camp - Parrish, Parrish Sadie Smith was absolutely certain of three things ghosts were indisputably real she and her three friends were some of the best though not the most successful ghost hunters in Oregon her teamma

  • Title: Parrish
  • Author: Shannen Crane Camp
  • ISBN: 9781944452278
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback


á Parrish ↠ Shannen Crane Camp, Parrish, Shannen Crane Camp, Parrish Sadie Smith was absolutely certain of three things ghosts were indisputably real she and her three friends were some of the best though not the most successful ghost hunters in Oregon her teammate Jefferson Parrish was always the scariest thing in the room In a face off between supernatural beings and Jefferson s Tim Burton esque vibe there really was noSadie Smith was absolutely cer á Parrish ↠ Shannen Crane Camp. á Parrish ↠ Shannen Crane Camp - Parrish, Parrish Sadie Smith was absolutely certain of three things ghosts were indisputably real she and her three friends were some of the best though not the most successful ghost hunters in Oregon her teamma

  • á Parrish ↠ Shannen Crane Camp
    458Shannen Crane Camp
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  1. This was really different To start off, I was actually really drawn to the synopsis and the characters Sadie and her friends has the coolest job ever, searching for ghosts I ve always wanted to be part of those Ghost Adventures shows, but then I realize I would freak the crap out by a little noise in the wood floors eek the thought makes me shiver Back to the story Parrish has this fun and mysterious journey of a group of people trying to uncover the story behind these four places.For the rest o [...]

  2. Parrish is the perfect blend of mystery, romance, and wit Camp pulls you in with adorkable characters, spooky settings, and laugh out loud dialogue This book should come with a warning Beware, you won t be able to put it down

  3. Sadie is a 21 year old waitress by day, and a paranormal investigator by night While struggling to make ends meet enough to pay rent, she and her three friends Jefferson, Brighton, and Deacon each receive an anonymous letter promising that their financial burdens will become a thing of the past if they can solve a century old mystery by piecing together the clues they find in four separate locations throughout the United States Throughout their cross country journey, they end up encountering a v [...]

  4. Thanks to Future House Publishing who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.3.5 starsThis was a fun read, and I feel it would get a better review if I hadn t gone in expecting something else.Sadie is paranormal investigator, along with her friends Brighton, a beautiful girl with crippling social anxiety best character ever Deacon, a bit of a nerd who is unable to talk to girls and is madly in love with Brighton and Jefferson, who is somewhat of a lovable sociopath [...]

  5. This was truly a fun read The story revolves around 21 year old Sadie and her friends who are paranormal investigators One day, they all get envelopes that sends them on an investigation to four different locations and they have to figure out the connection between them I really loved all the characters They were extremely quirky I adored Jefferson He s weird, broody and intense but very swoonworthy in a Tim Burton esque way I adored the budding romance between him and Sadie It wasn t forced at [...]

  6. I wondered how I would feel about this book I was pleasantly surprised The characters were kind of interesting in of themselves, but also how they all interacted together The basis of the story was a group of young adults who where attracted into ghost hunting They did it on their own time dime and somehow got pulled into a mystery of a who dun it from the past All clues were unusual and there definitely were some twists to the story Along the way, romance also happens.Part of the reason I reall [...]

  7. A Clever Genre Mixing, Ghost Hunting, Mystery with Thrills Chills This ghost hunting foursome Parrish, Sadie, Brighton, and Deacon are awesome in their quirky uniqueness I loved all four of them In their early 20 s, they re still trying to work out their place in life, relationships, personal identities All while hunting ghosts Sadie has a lot of the insecurities of a teenager but she is getting her wings I found her character to be completely believable Sadie s best friend, Brighton, is a techn [...]

  8. Quiz time Do you like YA ghost stories a Yesb NoAre you ok with a perpetually cranky heroine OK, so she s Cuban, not Puerto Rican, but the gif is pretty dang accurate a I guessb NopeIs Benedict Cumberbatch s Sherlock attractive a Yes Brainy is the new sexyb Uhdude looks like the offspring of a horse and an alien.If you answered a to all of the above, have I got a book for you Otherwise, mosey along.OK, so I loved this book Sadie s annoying, as she s uptight and grumpy about a lot of things, but [...]

  9. I never thought I would be hooked into a book simply by a character s physical description I was a few pages in when one of the main characters, Jeffrey Parrish, is described as a Tim Burton character come to life I love Tim Burton and to be honest this book had a cool, creepy kind of vibe all the way through I laughed out loud quite a bit and of course there is also just the right amount of romance involved.Sadie and her 3 friends are ghost hunters and while they may not be the best, they are t [...]

  10. I love the way that Shannen Camp writes, so I was way excited to get to read and review her re release of Parrish This is one that I hadn t read before and I loved every bit of it I loved Sadie, she s part of a ghost hunter group She s the unlucky girl who always has to dress up and try to get the ghosts to answer to her nonsensical questions fed to her by Jefferson Parrish She truly is a character, she s just a bit afraid of the dark and doesn t want anything to do with her family She s also a [...]

  11. This is a paranormal, ghost story book that got me hooked from the first page I have to confess that this is not the sort of book genre that I normally read, so I wasn t sure what to expect or if I would like it, but I was curious when I read the summary so I picked it So I was really surprised that I got hooked so fast to the point that it took me less than 2 days to finish it Every little bit of spare time I had I would go straight to the computer to read some It is extremely well written and [...]

  12. I read a lot of paranormal and romance books, so I had high hopes for Parrish and it did not disappoint The author has done her homework fans of ghost hunting type shows will recognize the gear and at least one location The supernatural parts of the book are well done, with lots of suspense and eerie details I definitely got the chills a few times, yet it is the romance part of the book that pleasantly surprised me So many romance novels are about getting the characters in bed Parrish is about [...]

  13. I love novels about the paranormal I love mystery s, and I love quirky love stories The book has it all Sadie, Brighton, Jefferson and Deacon are a group of ghost hunters The characters are very believable, each has their strengths weaknesses, but as a team they balance each other The relationship they have with each other makes you want to know them.A mysterious benefactor slips them all envelopes and gives them a job hunting chasing ghost and trying the solve a mystery that takes them across t [...]

  14. Parrish is a fun, paranormal romance It is told from the point of view of Sadie, a girl in her early twenties who works alongside her best friends, Brighton, Jefferson, Deacon, as paranormal investigators Jefferson Deacon are cousins and make up the British half of the group, while Brighton, who is great with all things technology, struggles with anxiety The group gets a proposition to work investigating some fun paranormal haunts that take them across the country on a roadtrip.I really enjoyed [...]

  15. I purchased this book for 99 cents based on the reviews I agree with the majority of them, that Jefferson Parrish is a marvelous character in a serial killer boyfriend kinda way He has some of the best deadpan dialog I ve read in a long time Unfortunately, as much as i enjoyed the well written personalities of the 4 paranormal investigators, I didn t care for the story itself and found myself skipping paragraphs because I didn t find then interesting like the names of the machines The writer als [...]

  16. Review of Parrish no spoilers I just finished reading this book and I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot I really love the characters of the story and how they are not the normal usual people that are in most of the novels but are paranormal investigators which sounds pretty cool It gave me a lot of chills in certain parts of the story, but it didn t stop me from reading on and on, because of how engaging the plot is not making you feel bored To be honest I didn t expect the book to end like th [...]

  17. This is an example of to not judge the book by its cover Even though I like the cover and liked the book I think it doesn t reflect what the book is all about.A YA paranormal romance where four friends battle their inner feelings between each other It is a mix of love hate relationship, where the two main characters struggle to accept the feelings each other have for one another They are set in a mystery quest to find the answers to an unknown client, finding clues leading by ghosts or another e [...]

  18. I very much enjoyed this book It is well written and a lot of fun a scary way I believe in ghosts, so maybe that is why I enjoy it so much I found the writing in this book was detailed enough for me to get an image in my head What I thought they all looked like and the scenes that are being portrayed I feel like I could be sadie or one of her friends, it is something we would do and something I now want to do Ghost hunting and detective work really do go hand and hand sometimes When I started re [...]

  19. Parrish tells you the adventure of 4 paranormal investigators which have a lead on someone or something very special.This is the type of the book and subject that I do like to read, but the way Shannen wrote, makes you be in there.You can almost see the places and feel what the characters are doing.I have to praise Shannen in the book and writing Is excellent If you do like paranormal investigation and follow a couple of shows like it, you will definitely see most of the places described in the [...]

  20. Fantastic story I thoroughly enjoyed this book Definitely recommended if you are a fan of paranormal It was so much better than I thought it would be.

  21. too junior highish for my liking I prefer my ghost hunters to be a bit mature while hunting ghosts and solving mysteries.

  22. Ghost stories in this day and age are absolutely nothing new We are all interested in the unknown and what lies beyond the grave and we all love to be spooked and scared to some degree even if we ourselves are afraid to admit it However, we ve seen them done in so many different forms and varieties that it seems like the spooktacular horror genre as a whole is starting to become stagnant to us in most forms of media It s gotten to the point where we as consumers of said media in all its forms cr [...]

  23. I couldn t even get 20% of the way through this novel on my Kindle Not only was the main character irritating, but all she did was complain about her best friends They re not really your friends when the only good thing you have to say about them is that, they re creepy and happen to be British Then you get mysterious letters that tell you to go somewhere for an absurd amount of money and you just decide to go If I got a mysterious letter in my purse and at my place of work with my name on it I [...]

  24. I liked the end of it waaay better than the beginning At first I thought that Sadie was judgmental and meand she was But she kind of grew on me as I kept reading, and I m glad I did The story was interesting, so I think I ll continue on with the next book.

  25. Ever read a book and get goosebumps while reading it I did while reading Parrish Like major goosebumps.This book is that good It is a combination of romance, supernatural and mystery with a healthy dose of humor sprinkled in I absolutely loved Sadie, Jefferson, Deacon and Brighton s character They were all written in such a way that you couldn t help but like them and hate their character flaws If you want to know exactly what those flaws are ad the book.The romance between Sadie and Jefferson w [...]

  26. When I started reading Parrish , I was confused I wasn t too sure what the first chapter was about other than a small expedition I kept reading, waiting for the story to form It did and boy did it deliver I was immersed with the creative form of writing Mrs Shannen Crane Camp has created a new adventure for me I might not be able to have my own kind of cross country adventure, but reading enabled me to do so I was able to experience the paranormal, as well as give my heart a jump start There wer [...]