The Silent Waters The Silent Waters Best Download || [Brittainy C. Cherry] - The Silent Waters, The Silent Waters Moments Our lives are a collection of moments Some utterly painful and full of yesterday s hurts Some beautifully hopeful and full of tomorrow s promises I ve had many moments in my lifetime moments

  • Title: The Silent Waters
  • Author: Brittainy C. Cherry
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The Silent Waters

The Silent Waters Best Download || [Brittainy C. Cherry], The Silent Waters, Brittainy C. Cherry, The Silent Waters Moments Our lives are a collection of moments Some utterly painful and full of yesterday s hurts Some beautifully hopeful and full of tomorrow s promises I ve had many moments in my lifetime moments that changed me challenged me Moments that scared me and engulfed me However the biggest ones the most heartbreaking and breathtaking ones all included him I was ten yeaMoments Our The Silent Waters Best Download || [Brittainy C. Cherry]. The Silent Waters Best Download || [Brittainy C. Cherry] - The Silent Waters, The Silent Waters Moments Our lives are a collection of moments Some utterly painful and full of yesterday s hurts Some beautifully hopeful and full of tomorrow s promises I ve had many moments in my lifetime moments

  • The Silent Waters Best Download || [Brittainy C. Cherry]
    432Brittainy C. Cherry
The Silent Waters
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  1. The world keeps spinning because your heartbeats exist No one can write a book quite like Brittainy C Cherry Her stories are moving Her story telling abilities are off the charts amazing and her books are always epic for me Whenever I start a new book by her, I just know it will be exceptionally good The Silent Waters is my 5th book by Brittainy, and I have to say I think it s my favorite one so far That is a HUGE deal because she has written some of my favorite books ever When you start this bo [...]

  2. The Silent Waters is another wonderfully written story by Brittainy C Cherry that I totally fell in love with This author never ceases to amaze me with her amount of talent she possesses, with her amazing storytelling or with her unforgettable love stories that always are so unforgettable This third book in the series was emotional, powerful, though provoking, intense and like the other stories I ve read by this author it made me feel so much The world keeps spinning because your heartbeats exis [...]

  3. Check out of my reviews at bookaddicthavenI ve now read several of Brittainy C Cherry s books and she never ceases to amaze me with how emotional and heartfelt her stories are I know that when I pick up one of her books I am going to be a mess before it is over She breaks my heart into tiny pieces and then slowly puts me back together from the wreckage It s a very love hate relationship that I have with her work The Silent Waters was no exception I fell in love with the characters and the beaut [...]

  4. Official Blurb for The Silent Waters Moments.Our lives are a collection of moments Some utterly painful and full of yesterday s hurts Some beautifully hopeful and full of tomorrow s promise.I ve had many moments in my lifetime, moments that changed me, challenged me Moments that scared me and engulfed me However, the biggest ones the most heartbreaking and breathtaking ones all included him.I was eight years old when I lost my voice A piece of me was stolen away, and the only person who could tr [...]

  5. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer

    FIVE STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author BR with Mel and Dee In that moment, I knew she had been right about everything all along She was right about me, and her, and us She d be the one girl I d love until forever No matter how life tried to change us Just reading that one of so many quotes I loved in this book, gave me the chills THE SILENT WATERS is nothing short of a MASTERPIECE If you ve ever read anything by Brittainy C Cherry, then you are already aware of the amazing gift this woman [...]

  6. 2.5 STARSI m not going to lie I feel terribleFirst of all, I would like to point out three things 1 Brittainy C Cherry is my favorite author I ve read all of her books and I loved them all Well, all except this one.2 I still believe Brittainy C Cherry is one of the most talented contemporary romance authors.3 Since I bought and read this book, I feel kind of entitled to express my personal feelings freely and openly.This book started off beautifully and I loved every second of it Right until the [...]

  7. NOW LIVE US UK Audible listened to for a re read 11 30 17 4.5 StarsThis book quickly became my favorite by Brittainy C Cherry and I just want to forget all about reading it so that I can read it again and experience it all as if it s the first time It s definitely the kind of book that will stick with me for years to come Brittainy wrote this story in such a way that it was as if she was speaking directly to me and telling me this beautifully heartbreaking story This book was extra special from [...]

  8. 5 Stars It s been a while since I have been moved by a book as much as this one, I spent a good portion of my Saturday night crying, and the emotions that I felt whilst reading The Silent Waters were very intense and real.Such a beautiful story of two childhood friends who love each other deeply, but where the timing is never quite right, and the circumstances of their lives keep them from achieving true happiness I need you to know that even if you decide to never speak again, you ll always hav [...]

  9. I am crying tears alright but not for the reasons you might think Tears cos I spent all day reading this book and it did nothing for me Nada The only good thing about the book for me was the cover.Saw all the five star reviews yesterday and decided to one click Not going to say anything Don t want to spoil it for anyone and if I went on a rant, I probably wouldCs I dunno I m wary of them and I will be in future, unless it is from an author that I am truly sure of.It felt clich d and banal to me [...]

  10. Do you promise me the same type of love I ve read about in my books He shook his head, yawning His arms wrapped around me, pulling me closer as I became engulfed by his warmth No, Maggie May I promise you so much swoooooon Brooks Tyler, I m deeply, madly, irrevocably in love with you I know you re not real but still a girl can dream huh 3What can I say Well, actually I m speechless right now This book literally took my breath away I LOVED it so much Please do yourself a favor and read it ASAP [...]

  11. 4.5 STARS I loved how he could see me when the rest of the world forgot I existed Brittainy C Cherry delivers yet another novel that will tug at your emotions the entire read With her unique and endearing sense of humor, truly unforgettable quotes, and heart racing plot, this book made for a good great read The heroine and hero are introduced as young children and their banter was fabulous Maggie May makes me sick The thought of her gives me nightmares You say that because you love her, Jamie mo [...]

  12. Title The Silent WatersSeries Elements 3Author Brittainy C CherryRelease date September 22, 2016Cliffhanger NoHEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler There are very few times throughout the year I can say that I have a book hangover, and that s what this book has me nursing right now I have a pile of ARCs to start reading, and I just can t move past this hauntingly beautiful story These characters are truly a feast for every starving reader out there They satisfy that craving for a book that will brin [...]

  13. LIVE amzn 2cFxajI5 BEAUTIFUL stars There s this magnetic pull of friendship between us, Maggie May.You re my magnet Brittainy has once again proved how talented and brilliant an author she is The Silent Waters was an original, intense, emotional, beautiful and heartbreaking story The characters were so well developed that I loved all of them.They felt realistic, they weren t perfect but who is Even we aren t perfect Maggie was so sweet and nice, I really loved her and Brooke immediately became o [...]

  14. One Million Beautiful Stars ARC kindly provided by author BR with my lovelies, Patty and Mel Brittainy C Cherry wrote a book that spoke to my heart every word consumed me, pained me, and enlighten me The beauty and power of this novel felt unprecedented to me An encouraging story that will forever stay engraved in my heart Maggie May was a girl that was always happy She fell in love with a boy who gave her light, when she was scared of the darkness When she was ten years old she witness somethin [...]

  15. AL FIN Lo prometido es deuda, una review m s COHERENTE y OBJETIVA ya est en el blog jajajavirivillarreal 2016 11Aunque si quieres arriesgarte a leer la cursiler a de aqu abajo eres bienvenid dicen que a veces mis rese as son chistosas jajaja pero esta es m s sentimental06 DE OCTUBRE DE 2016 VEINTITR S A OS DE EDAD.Una nota de la chica con el coraz n roto, pero con ilusiones nuevasPor Viri Villarreal.A ti que me lees o piensas hacerlo,Pas mucho tiempo pensando y debatiendo conmigo misma sobre si [...]

  16. Spoilers Unintentionally, I fell into The Gravity of Us a brilliant book, btw and with the warm fuzzies still swirling in my heart, I sought out other books by BC The Silent Waters came up with glowing reviews, so, I hopped onto the train Part one was too funny for words with both protagonists, Maggie and Brooks, meeting and engaging with each other as very young kids Too cute.The book takes a dark turn when Maggie witnesses and endures a terrible tragedy A tragedy which impacted, for 18 long ye [...]

  17. 5 Stars The world keeps spinning because your heartbeat exists What a beautiful and moving story I honestly can t remember the last story I read which moved me in such a powerful way The Silent Waters was inspiring, touching, heartbreaking and filled with a deep and profound love The Silent Waters is the third instalment to the Elements series, but can be read as a standalone I have loved all of Brittainy C Cherry s books that I have read They always have the ability to make me feel so many diff [...]

  18. O.M.G This book The Silent Waters has owned my heart since the moment I read the first word Cherry s writing is so poetic and uniquely beautiful, I find myself getting lost in her stories The Silent Waters is the story of Brooks and Maggie and believe me when I tell you their story is one of epic love, my favorite thing Maggie and Brooks meet when they are five Maggie s father marries Katie and Brooks is her son s best friend They actually meet on the day Maggie arrives there with her dad The bo [...]

  19. Genre Contemporary RomanceType Standalone Book 1 from Elements seriesPOV First Person DualRating Maggie May Riley was a precocious young girl Her happy and bubbly personality captured the hearts of people around her But a traumatic experience took away her voice and locked her up in her personal prison and forever changed the course of her life and her loved ones.Brooks Tyler Griffin was the boy that captured Maggie s innocent young heart He went from incredibly annoyed to utterly smitten by her [...]

  20. TITLE The Silent Waters SERIES Elements, 3 AUTHOR Brittainy C Cherry GENRE CONTEMPORARY ROMANCECHAPTERS Prologue 45 Epilogue RELEASE DATE 23rd, September 2016MY RATING 4 STARS BUDDY READ WITH Chatterbooks book blog THE SILENT WATERS Even though it states that this is part of a series it can be read as a complete standalone Spoken in Dual Perspectives Brooks Maggie May In the Prologue we meet young Maggie, in the year 2004 at six years old, her little family which consists of herself and her fath [...]

  21. First things first, I m OBSESSED with these quotes 3 Normally I save this for later, but these are some of my favorite words ever The world keeps spinning because your heartbeats exist What if I wasn t broken What if this was just me Not all broken things need to be fixed Sometimes they just need to be loved It would be a shame if only people who were whole were deserving of love Her heartbeats were made for me, and mine for hers.Sometimes I wondered if there was anything to truly figure out, or [...]

  22. I finished And survived This is going to be one of my favorite books ever So beautiful And that author s note Wow No wonder why Maggie May felt so relatable to me Kinds of makes me love Brittainy Cherry even now And really made me want to just contact my friends and hug them For some reason, I find this story comparable to Sweet Gum Tree, even though they don t really have much in common I guess the way the characters started up young together and had to go through their tragedies until they co [...]

  23. Not all broken things need to be fixed Sometimes they just need to be loved It would be a shame if only people who were whole were deserving of love This book was simply amazing Every time I read a Brittainy Cherry book, I fall and in love with her writing She doesn t just tell you a story, she takes you on an amazing journey These characters, they re so raw and real, and so amazingly developed, you can t help but fall in love with them Brittainy is a one click author for me, if she writes it, [...]

  24. Fair warning This review is probably going to suck because there s nothing I can say that will adequately convey the way The Silent Waters affected me I admit I was hesitant to read it I wasn t sure I was emotionally prepared for a book whose synopsis clearly states that it s heartbreaking and tragic However, I have absolutely no regrets about reading this book other than the fact that I m now left with a massive book hangover The world keeps spinning because your heartbeats exist Every single c [...]

  25. 3.5 StarsOverall Opinion This is a tough one to rate for me I did think it was one of those stories that you truly feel like these characters were soulmates which is what I really look for I liked both characters, and I felt for their struggles and traumas And I cried That also tells me I connected at least on some level to the story So that s all goodI just had some issues with the reality of it at times view spoiler I felt like the h s conditions were resolved with a snap of a finger She was e [...]

  26. Love didn t come with guidelines It flowed into a person with only hope as its current There wasn t a list of rules to follow, making sure you cared for it correctly It didn t give you instructions to keep it pure It simply showed up quietly, praying you wouldn t let it slip away This book was heartbreaking I was overwhelmed from the very beginning, but my excitement to read The Silent Waters was stronger, so I pushed myself although I don t like sad books This is the story of Maggie and Brooks, [...]

  27. RATING 5 thunderstorms and sunlight HEARTS 3The Silent Waters is an absolutely breath taking story, penned raw, heart aching emotions threatening to drown us in their verisimilitude, but the underlying love story woven from the fragile threads of friendship into a stunning tapestry of true love keeping us afloat as its phantom fingers point to hope and a happy ending.True love meant you could laugh at mistakes.True love meant you could whisper secrets.True love meant you never had to dance alone [...]

  28. I ll be your anchor I ll help you stay grounded when you feel like you re drifting away With the 3rd book in The Elements Series, Brittainy C Cherry immerses her readers in so much thought provoking angsty goodness, that tears are sure to flow, while hearts and minds are being opened.Hands down a favorite of the year, I read this in one sitting Ignoring all things that needed to be tended to, I dove head first into the characters and story that Cherry created, and didn t come up for air until af [...]

  29. Oh My WOW.My heart was bursting so full of emotions at one point, that I had to stop reading and just feel The Silent Waters is the story of Maggie and Brooks They ve known each other since they were just young children They grew up best friends, each other s confidants and seemingly on course for But one moment changed the course of Maggie s, and therefore Brooks , life Yet steadfast support over the years and these two have a relationship that never wavers even if it changes forms as time mov [...]

  30. I am going to keep this short Never in my life have I related to characters than I have related to not only Brooks and Maggie, but her parents and her sister as well It s incredible how I didn t even realize that I needed a book like this in my life until I ve closed its pages last night I rarely cry, I rarely connect with every single character in a book, I rarely feel my heart beating as loud as it gets just by reading words on a page, I rarely can t sleep at night because I m thinking about [...]