Blood & Rust [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Blood & Rust : by Skyla Madi - Blood & Rust, Blood Rust Jai Stone I met him in the shadows first He was tall and broad shouldered a man walking a dangerous path of rage and revenge barreling toward certain death The time we spent together the he showed

  • Title: Blood & Rust
  • Author: Skyla Madi
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  • Page: 452
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Blood & Rust

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Blood & Rust : by Skyla Madi, Blood & Rust, Skyla Madi, Blood Rust Jai Stone I met him in the shadows first He was tall and broad shouldered a man walking a dangerous path of rage and revenge barreling toward certain death The time we spent together the he showed me who he was Captivating Charming Ferocious in his own way I had no right following Jai into the abandoned industrial site but I did and that stupid mistJai Stone I met him in the shad [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Blood & Rust : by Skyla Madi. [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Blood & Rust : by Skyla Madi - Blood & Rust, Blood Rust Jai Stone I met him in the shadows first He was tall and broad shouldered a man walking a dangerous path of rage and revenge barreling toward certain death The time we spent together the he showed

  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Blood & Rust : by Skyla Madi
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Blood & Rust
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  1. 3.5 Stars Emily is a 25 years old girl who grew up in foster care She works as a nurse, but she can barely afford her apartment One night on her way home a man bumps into her broking her tablet She is broke so she really needs her tablet fixed or replaced Common sense tells her to forget about it, not to fallow the strange man, but she s too broke and she really needs it What is that That is your biggest mistake What comes next Emily walks into a strange, dangerous situation she can t escape eve [...]

  2. This is my first book by this author and it was indeed a fast entertaining story I did like the writing for the most part but felt like somethings were a bit too vague The heroine, Emily follows the mysterious inconsiderate man who bumped into her and broke her tablet on the subway, into an industrial site To her dismay, she has walked into a crazy situation The stranger, Jai pays her 10,000 entrance fee into a fight club underground apocalypse type situation She is told she has to fight for her [...]

  3. 4 not so BROKEN stars Jai and EmilyI own you I owned you the second I pinned you against the warehouse.I LOVED this novella SO different from your typical FIGHTER reads The story is just BEGINNING to progress and I can t wait to see what else enfolds Skyla Madi really got creative with this plot It is quite short and time flies by effortlessly which is why I recommend The chemistry between Jai and Emily is UNDENIABLE and I can t wait to see whats in store for them.BrokenSkyla Madi Sleepless, Rea [...]

  4. I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you I love the way his body covers mine, like a warm blanket of sex and alpha male It creates a surge of electricity inside me and I can t stop it I need him like I need air Hot damn Skyla Madi has done it again I mean, where does this woman get these ideas for her stories They re all so different from her previous ones Broken was by all means, one hell of an exhilirating ride filled with suspense, heart pounding thrill and [...]

  5. TITLE Broken SERIES Broken, 1 AUTHOR Skyla Madi GENRE Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE January 25th 2015MY RATING FIGHT OR DIEAnother book which was recommended to me by a friend on hereThank you Katie The first rule of FIGHT CLUB is you do not talk about FIGHT CLUB, the second rule of FIGHT CLUB is DON T KILL anyone outside of the cage and three you FIGHT when it s your turn, or you DIEIf you lose, and don t die, you leave Those are the rules Broke and Broken Worse off than what you were when y [...]

  6. F ck me, this was good This time I didn t post any status reports with my entusiastic screams, cause i ve been burned before lol when the book starts gooooood, flows smooothly into the uncharted teritory and that leaves you dry well, didn t want for that to happen with this one and, boy, oh, boy, this one s a jewel this is no.1 in Broken series, it has a cliffyd I m hungry for about the story this is a 5 Fight club worth the rating you have two untipical fighters one who can pass as a real figh [...]

  7. Oh my gosh, what is it with these gorgeous, hot underground fighters It s like fighting illegally underground, is the new kinky billionaire These guys get dirty, and can literally throw you around the room I haven t read a great deal of books with any kind of fighting in, it s a relatively new topic for me But as The Unfortunates was one of my favorite reads of 2014, I really wanted to give Broken a go This is actually my 2nd fighter book in a week and I think it may be a new fave topic Anyway, [...]

  8. 2.5 I ve read the reviews so I know I m in the minority here but this book didn t work for me at all.It s far fetched and crazy now at times I like a little crazy but here it completely threw me because I just wasn t expecting it.Emily is a student nurse travelling home on the train after a long day she s reading up on nursing etiquette on her tablet As she prepares to get off at her stop a stranger also gets off and she bounces off him and drops her tablet and the screen cracks.Now Emily is an [...]

  9. I received this ARC for an Honest review All I can say is wow Hold on to your seat ladies this is an amazing start to a new series for Miss Madi We meet a few new delicious character s in this one The sexy and mysterious Jai, Emily Kitten I love that nickname and skull Yes this is another fighters book but it is nothing like consumed It is definitely worth the read if you like alpha sexy bad boys, strong woman, and great storylines As I said it is not a standalone so you will have to read the re [...]

  10. I am so excited about this one Sucks it s just a novella, cuz I was really in to it, but I understand why it is one We have a secret underground fight club where the rules are, never tell anyone about the club, fight when you are suppose to fight, win you stay to fight another day, lose you leave broke and broken, or last you die Who wouldn t want to read this one Oh and let s not forget how yummy Jai is Can t wait to read this book just wets your appetite and leaves so much room for while not [...]

  11. 3.5 starsI thought the premise of this book was really interesting, and that the author did a good job with it It could ve been really easy to lose the reader with too much description of the underground area where Jai and Emily were but the author managed to give enough information to create a picture in my mind s eye with out overwhelming me Jai was a very likeable character There was definitely some serious intrigue surrounding his character, and I found myself on than one occasion yearning [...]

  12. I received this ARC in exchange for my honest review I don t even know where to start I was so not expecting this This story is different for sure I mean, Jai is perfect, just like I pictured him to be, and Emily is a strong character too, but the story itself is so dark The place where it all happens and Skull and the fights in the Underground are than I expected I love these sexy strong fighters They re my favorite male characters together with the possessive rich Ceo and even in this situati [...]

  13. Spoiler Ahead This was a pretty good dark read Nursing student Emily is struggling to make ends meet and when Jai comes along and literally crashes into her, knocking her tablet to the ground this is the last straw She follows him into the night in a shady area, trying to get his attention, to demand he repair what he broke He has a job to do, and doesn t need any distractions of her When Emily puts herself in a dangerous situation he has to safe her and get her out alive when he takes her into [...]

  14. I m not sure if anyone has had the chance to check out this book but it is absolutely riveting This book shows the underbelly of underground fight clubs Emily is struggling to pay her bills and finish nursing school Jai is an underground fighter trying to work his way in to an organization to sAve his brother One wrong step while exiting the train has Emily inadvertently following Jai into a fight for her life This book is not for the faint of heart It is violent and dark The intensity and passi [...]

  15. I received this ARC for an honest review Skyla has done it again I ve been a fan of hers for a while now and this book didn t disappoint I loved the whole fight club thing she had going on It was a quick read but it held my attention from the beginning Jai is HOT, and I love that he says exactly what he s thinking Emily kitten comes across as weak but I have a feeling she ll be a force to be reckoned with I can t wait to see what happens next READ IT

  16. I was one of the lucky ones to receive this book as an ARC and it didn t disappoint I love everything this author writes and this book is no exception The storyline is a different take on the underground fighting world and it will keep you guessing, nervous to find out everything unravels for the two characters I was drawn in immediately and loved every blessed word.

  17. I don t even know what to say This didn t work for me AT ALL I ve read this author before and if memory serves I think I gave a 5 star review This tho, this was bad So very bad It s a short read but multiple times I considered dnf I pressed on thinking hoping that maybe a switch would flip but nope, not for me.

  18. Wow Another amazing book from Skyla This was definitely different than I was anticipating but definitely a good different This is not your typical fighter bad boy meets good girl and changes his ways kind of deal This is a raw emotional book that will keep you on your toes until the end I definitely recommend this book I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  19. This is just the beginning of the story Jai and Emily are in a fight life If you follow the three rules you just might get out alive Jai knew what he was getting into, but Emily had no idea So far this story is interesting It does end on a cliffhanger.

  20. I receive a copy of this book for and honest review This was my first read by Skyla Madi and I enjoyed this quick paced action packet read I wasn t sure what was going to happen next or if they were going to win or lose their fights The chemistry between Jai and Emily was HOT The underground fighting scene that Skyla set up was phenomenal I could hear the water, see the cage swaying, and she did a great job of pulling me into the story Emily a nursing student on her way home on the train one nig [...]

  21. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.Skyla Madi does it again Hot Alpha Fighter Skyla brings a whole new idea, a whole new thought of underground fighting This was completely different than what I was expecting I went in thinking I was going to have another Seth Marc boy was I wrong Jai is much much different She has one hell of an imagination Broken is full of suspense, adrenaline, thrill, chemistry, loyalty, and a scary ass Skull dude.Let me start with Jai Mmm hot [...]

  22. 3 5 stars Will be reading the next installment to see where this goes A good intro into the underground world and the darkness that lies within.

  23. All I can say is Skyla started her new series off with a BANG WOW It was heart stopping had the adrenaline pumping in my veins pretty much all throughout the read Once started I couldn t stop it was devoured in such a short time, I m still reeling from it surprised I can even make sense right at this moment.Fight Club has nothing on this story, the crazy instense feel in this story is nothing compared to the intense chemistry between Emily Jai With the glimpses we get into their past that slowly [...]

  24. I received an ARC of Broken in exchange for an honest review Honestly, I normally hate novellas anything less than 300 pages and I feel I m wasting time and money BUTTT I have come to find that nothing of Skyla s is ever a waste She has yet to write a book that hasn t captured my attention from the first few pages Most stories start slow and build up to excitement forcing you to keep reading until you get to that point when you re like, FINALLY something happened Well not this book, from the beg [...]

  25. Brillant 4.5 stars Skyla Madi s Broken was brilliant For me it had the depravity of Mad Max s Thunder dome and a whole lot of Fightclub The plot is original, the main characters are strong and the chemistry Hotness out of this world AND she has the perfect villain, Skull So much suspense waiting on the first fight, I literally couldn t put the book down There weren t a lot of secondary characters but this made the story intense for me In my opinion this made for a good writing strategy to keep [...]

  26. This was the first book that I ve read by this author so I didn t really know what to expect, but I enjoy underground fighter novels so I thought this story would keep be busy for a while Wow And this story was amazing Once I started I couldn t put it down.At first I wasn t sure where the storyline was going, with Emily chasing after a hooded man The man Jai, when caught wasn t very receptive to her reasons for her following him And then all hell breaks loose when the fight club members appear a [...]

  27. ok, so I FLOVE Skyla Madi Just need to get that out there for all the world to see Emily is quite the character You want to feel bad for her, but then she ll say or do something that makes you know, she s got this Jai is mysterious, HOT, and dangerous.When they met and got to the underground, I was a little lost I like details, and was a little thrown when they laid down to go to sleep lol Who knew they d be there for days A little background into this world would have helped me.However, as the [...]

  28. Skyla Madi s imagination is amazing I can honestly say I never want to meet the villan, Skull He is really creepy, scary, and just plain evil I would not say no to Jai Stone, one of the main characters He is a gorgeous fighter on a mission to find his brother that disappeared from the underground fight scene a year ago Emily, is a poor girl that is unfortunately in the wrong place, at the wrong time She is now Jai s to protect The goal is to survive the fights, to survive being under Skull s thu [...]

  29. Wow you didn t see that coming Emily is on the train going home there s this big guy in a hoodie who bumps into her and breaks her tablet little does she know that s the least of her problems While trying to get the guys attention so he can pay for it she gets herself into something she least expected now her urgency of her tablet doesn t seem all that important now Emily and the hooded guy Jai have to fight to survive as she has accidentally been entered into an underground fight club Will Emil [...]