Sorceress Free Download Sorceress - by Celia Rees - Sorceress, Sorceress It came to Agnes unbidden a vision of Mary Newbury a young woman driven from her Puritan settlement accused of being a witch It is an image of a life about to change radically as Mary defies all ac

  • Title: Sorceress
  • Author: Celia Rees
  • ISBN: 9780763621834
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback


Free Download Sorceress - by Celia Rees, Sorceress, Celia Rees, Sorceress It came to Agnes unbidden a vision of Mary Newbury a young woman driven from her Puritan settlement accused of being a witch It is an image of a life about to change radically as Mary defies all accepted norms embracing independence love and loyalty to a Native American community that accepts her as one of their own The two women s lives are separated by almost fIt came to Agnes unb Free Download Sorceress - by Celia Rees. Free Download Sorceress - by Celia Rees - Sorceress, Sorceress It came to Agnes unbidden a vision of Mary Newbury a young woman driven from her Puritan settlement accused of being a witch It is an image of a life about to change radically as Mary defies all ac

  • Free Download Sorceress - by Celia Rees
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  1. Sorceress didn t live up to Witch Child for me It picks up where Witch Child leaves off except the book starts with a modern day girl who has visions from Mary Witch Child diarist I didn t think it was very effective because I didn t care about the modern story and the modern characters were nowhere near as interesting for me as the characters during Mary s time I also wish the story wasn t presented as real I like historical fiction and have no need for it to be called true , that just feels li [...]

  2. My Mary and Jaybird Sorceress is the sequel to Witch Child and the continuation of Mary Newbury s story.In Sorceress we follow Mary, who s recently been forced to flee from the Puritan settlement Beulah, and who s saved from certain death by Jaybird, a young Native American man, who we briefly got to know in Witch Child My absolute favourite aspect of this story was the blossoming relationship between Mary and Jaybird It was great to see how easily Mary was accepted into the Native American com [...]

  3. I wasn t thrilled with the first 100 pages, but what a turn right on Page 101 It s like reading two different books From Page 100 onward, I was immersed in a great adventure, and while the book as a whole wasn t as strong from beginning to end as With Child prequel , the adventure that takes place from Page 101 to about Page 330 is incredible and far surpasses anything in Witch Child Further, while the notes at the end likely required a lot of research, the ending would have been SO strong witho [...]

  4. I really loved Witch Child, but the climax of that story was supposed to be wrapped up here, in its sequel It wasn t At least not in the normal way of a sequel First, it took nearly 100 pages to even get back to Mary s story, which was an incredibly frustrating wait The story of the historian who discovers Mary s journal and the descendent that pieces the rest of the story together is interesting in theory but not so much in execution these parts ramble on way too long while the reader is chompi [...]

  5. This is the continuation of Whitch Child as seen though one of Mary s descendants I didn t find this book as gripping as the first, but I m not sure why It s quite a different story, as she makes her home with a Native American clan It shows the huge diffence between how the Natives treated her gifts as opposed to the English The story takes us into some of the wars between the Indians and settlers, and shows us the perspective of these people who were struggling to hold on to thier homelands an [...]

  6. I really did not understand this book until the middle and the end, but it is this girl named Mary that from the seventeenth century who was self professed witch,and the book was telling her story, mean while it is a girl named Agnes that was born centurys later, and Agnes read a book about Mary that asked if anyone knew her please contact the authord Mary was dying in the forests where it was snowing, but she rescued by a man named Ephraim.on the other hand Agnes decided to investigate how Mary [...]

  7. This book takes up where Witch Child has left off Mary Newbury has fled from the Puritan community of Beulah, after being accused of witchcraft and scapegoated as the cause of the madness affecting many of its young girls As the book begins, Mary is lost and alone in the frozen wilderness On the verge of death, she is discovered and rescued by Jaybird and White Eagle, two Native Americans whose stories and fates will be woven together with hers In Witch Child, author Celia Rees uses the device o [...]

  8. Reviewed by Allison Fraclose for TeensReadTooAs the latest in a long line of Mohawk women gifted with Medicine Power, college student Agnes Herne knows better than to dismiss the vision She d been poised at her computer, debating whether or not to respond to the plea in the afterword of the book she d just read the account of Mary Newbury when the vision hit Suddenly, she was Mary, running for her life after being accused of witchcraft in seventeenth century America.Although Agnes knows that her [...]

  9. More 2.5 , but I didn t enjoy it as much as Witch Child which I gave 3 , so it s got to be two Which is kinda a shame, because it s not like it was a bad book or anything It was an interesting look into the Native American way of life and all the associated ceremony and code of life But for me, there was too much about not Mary Indeed, it wasn t until reading this book where it isn t all about her that I realised how much I liked her voice The bits about her were my favourite, but all the rest j [...]

  10. This is the sequel to Witch Child the story of Mary, a young girl who is forced to leave England because her grandmother was hung for being a witch and fears that she will also be accused Ironically, she boards a ship to America with a group of Puritans and eventually finds herself in the same predicament and must flee into the forest to keep from being killed This is where the first story ends and second one picks up In this book, Mary s story of survival is told to us through the eyes of Agnes [...]

  11. This book is much better than Witch Child which seems like a preamble to this one that a separate story I don t understand why these two books weren t combined into one great story instead of two This one, the story of Mary is completed and her tale is very compelling, I wanted to know what happened to her when she left the settlement What I didn t really care for is that it is told through the visions of a descendant of Mary s in our time I don t really understand why the story was told this w [...]

  12. In this sequel to Witch Child, the writing and story is just as good Unlike the first novel, we learn about what happened through Mary Newbury through Agnes a new college student who has a spiritual connection with Mary We get to see Agnes as she deals with this new information of seeing what happened to Mary throughout her lifetime In the first book, the author portrayed it as if Allison the woman who finds the diary pages in the quilt had written the book and was asking for further information [...]

  13. This book follows Witch Child For some reason, I found the second book lacking to the first.Agnes is a descendant of Mary She answers an add after reading the book to anyone who may have info on the life of Mary.Agnes returns to the reservation and has a spiritual journey where she recalls the life events of Mary.I loved that this book depicted what life may have been like in the time of the settlers vs Native Americans It was heart wrenching, the suffering that happened for all involved, becaus [...]

  14. The sequel to the brilliant Witch Child by the same author This second book picks up the story nicely, but I found it less fulfilling I wanted it to simply follow the main character of the first book, but instead it wove in new characters necessitated by the change in time period, etc I mean, you HAVE to read it if you ve read the first bookbut I certainly wouldn t recommend reading it out of order.

  15. Agnes a native american is on the trail of her ancestor from the previous book, Mary In learning about her ancestory she also learn about herself.

  16. A satisfying conclusion to WITCH CHILD.Sorceress continues the story of Mary Nuttall Newbury, a young Englishwoman who immigrated to the New World in 1659 Forced from her village after her grandmother is executed for practicing witchcraft, Mary s mother sends her to America in the hopes that she ll be safe from persecution Stuck in the isolated settlement of Beulah, surrounded by Puritans so intractable in their beliefs that they proved unwelcome even in Salem, Mary s existence grows increasingl [...]

  17. Eh, this was a frustrating disappointing read The first book was fantastic and I loved that the story was told in a series of diary entries You, as the reader, were really able to grasp her struggles and really understand her fears of being accused of being a witch You can really connect with the main character It was fascinating to see into her mind and understand how the littlest offense can lead you to the gallows This second installment was disappointing and I felt it dragged from one traged [...]

  18. Ci sono personaggi e atmosfere che ti restano nel cuore e ti impediscono di staccarti dalle pagine.C la stranezza di Agnes, che suscita subito simpatia C sua zia M, sciamana, e il profumo delle spezie e delle capanne in riva al lago.Ci sono il potere, la spiritualit e la poesia dei nativi d America, e qui c anche Mary.Mary, lontana quattro secoli, la bambina accusata di stregoneria che abbiamo seguito nella sua fuga nel romanzo precedente Mi ha incantata con i suoi occhi grigi e con la sua dote [...]

  19. WAY better than the first book, I just wish I knew why the author decided to abandon the journal entry style when writing this book It was super weird to go from the first to this one and have the formatting change The beginning was incredibly weak and slow I liked Agnes, but none of the other characters However, I loved seeing what happened to Mary and how her story ended I skipped the end notes because I felt they were unnecessary and ruined the formatting of the rest of the book it was odd to [...]

  20. I loved the witch child but this one I had to force my self to read first 100 pages Witch child was mesmerising where as this one is not at all captivating I enjoyed the book somewhat because I got to know where the characters ended up It could have been better.

  21. 4.5 stars I loved the continuation of Mary s story through the eyes of Agnes I ve read some reviews saying that the first book was better but I truly think this second book in the duology was equally fantastic

  22. Handled flashbacks, native American lore, and even present day identity REALLY well I loved this book as a teen.

  23. I liked this book, but not nearly as much as the first book It was a good wrap up to Mary s story, but It was just that a wrap up I didn t think it told much of the new characters.

  24. Great final installmentHard to put down A great encompassing adventure with wonderfully told storytelling A regular classic on my lifetime reading list.

  25. This is actually the first time in my reading life that I found a sequel and actually got to find out the ending to a story I d read 10 years prior The two books were released also with a 10 years gap, I think I m sorry to say that during those 10 years the author s writing has not matured a lot There were a few sentences that got me reading like 3 times before going okay, phew, I got it, that could ve used a comma And the author still fell into some beginner s mistakes, such as switching the PO [...]

  26. Carino perch volevo sapere come andava avanti, ma avrei preferito che andasse pi a fondo nelle vicende di tutti i personaggi, non solo di Mary Tutti gli altri protagonisti vengono raggruppati nelle note in fondo, peccato.Agnes, che dovrebbe essere la protagonista di questo secondo romanzo, ha invece solo un ruolo marginale, che nella seconda met diventa praticamente inutile.

  27. Whilst planning for my witch themed book, I knew instantly that Sorceress should be on my list of books to read, as the first book in the series Witch Child had been one of the first fictional witch books I had ever read In fact, it has now astounded me how many are now available, considering how few paranormal books could be purchased ten to fifteen years ago in the UK.I have to say from reading both the books in this series, I loved Sorceress the most I couldn t put it down and I was so glad t [...]