The Complete Stories, Vol 1 Unlimited The Complete Stories, Vol 1 - by Isaac Asimov - The Complete Stories, Vol 1, The Complete Stories Vol The first book of the definitive three volume collection of short stories by the prolific Isaac Asimov whose tales have delighted countless fans for over half a century a must for every science ficti

  • Title: The Complete Stories, Vol 1
  • Author: Isaac Asimov
  • ISBN: 9780385416276
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback

The Complete Stories, Vol 1

Unlimited The Complete Stories, Vol 1 - by Isaac Asimov, The Complete Stories, Vol 1, Isaac Asimov, The Complete Stories Vol The first book of the definitive three volume collection of short stories by the prolific Isaac Asimov whose tales have delighted countless fans for over half a century a must for every science fiction bookshelf Unlimited The Complete Stories, Vol 1 - by Isaac Asimov. Unlimited The Complete Stories, Vol 1 - by Isaac Asimov - The Complete Stories, Vol 1, The Complete Stories Vol The first book of the definitive three volume collection of short stories by the prolific Isaac Asimov whose tales have delighted countless fans for over half a century a must for every science ficti

  • Unlimited The Complete Stories, Vol 1 - by Isaac Asimov
    259Isaac Asimov
The Complete Stories, Vol 1
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  1. 4.5 stars If have not read all of the stories in this collection so this review rating is only for the stories listed below which means it may change over time as I read of them The Dead Past Great short story actually a novelette dealing with advanced technology being kept from the public and the conflict that creates with scientific freedon The parallels to atomic power and all the benefits and problems that arose as a result are clear This is a great read The Foundation of S.F Success a shor [...]

  2. This is the first book from the intented to be a three volumes complete Asimov stories but only the first two was published It contain 25 stories 1 The Dead Past 2 The Foundation of SF Success 3 Franchise 4 Gimmicks Three 5 Kid Stuff 6 The Wattery Place 7 Living Space 8 The Message 9 Satisfaction Guaranteed 10 Hell Fire 11 The Last Trump 12 The Fun they Had 13 Jokester 14 The Immortal Bard 15 Someday 16 The Author s Ordeal 17 Dreaming is a Private Thing 18 Profession 19 The Feeling of Power 20 T [...]

  3. This is a collection of short stories by Isaac Asimov from the heyday of post WWII science fiction Atomic age blue sky stuff with a sense of the frontier in it a still with a bit of optimism in future It is always fun to read fiction from a time when the future seemed like a good thing.

  4. Es curioso que haya comenzado por el tomo 2 de esta colecci n y ahora est concluyendo el tomo 1, pero, sea cual sea el orden que haya elegido, leer a Asimov siempre ser un tremendo placer para mi El volumen es extenso 816 p ginas pero ac est n presentes algunos de los cuentos e ideas m s brillantes desarrolladas en la ciencia ficci n No por nada Asimov, adem s de haber sido un hombre intelectualmente brillante, es considerado uno de los grandes maestros del g nero Y, personalmente, creo que sigu [...]

  5. Un retorno a los cl sicos Tengo por mi biblioteca unos cuantos libros de cuentos de Isaac Asimov IA , pero la tentaci n de tenerlos todos juntos es demasiado grande Cuando v que, adem s, cada tomo val a s lo 5 euros, me lanc sin dudarlo Qu podemos decir de los cuentos de Asimov Este se or ha sido uno de los autores m s prol ficos que han existido en nuestro tiempo Llegaba incluso a sacar un libro recopilatorio cada vez que escrib a 100 libros sus famosos Opus 100 y Opus 200 Los cuentos son basta [...]

  6. I sometimes joke that Isaac Asimov is my intellectual father although that s not that far from the truth His essays, pro reason and pro science, had a huge influence upon me growing up He s probably best known for his science fiction novels, but I think his best fiction by far is to be found in his short stories This first volume collecting his short stories has several of his best There are 46 short stories here, one from 1941, five from the 1960s, but the bulk are from the fifties Some details [...]

  7. Oh dear After reading the 25 short stories in this collection, I think I have three comments 1 This is a book of jokes, but many of them are lame 2 Isaac clearly is a chauvinist, and maybe even something worse 3 Some of these are quite good Overall, I could only give this two stars, and this despite the fact that some of the robot novels and the Foundation series rank, in my view, amongst the most excellent Sci Fi I read So what do I have to say for myself This is a book of jokesIsaac s short st [...]

  8. Habiendo abandonado la lectura de ciencia ficci n por m s de 10 a os desde la adolescencia fue m s que grato encontrarme con la primera parte de esta colecci n de cuentos de Isaac Asimov, primera lectura de su extensa obra para mi Pese a su voluminosa extensi n, se lee bien r pido no hay cuentos malos, como mucho pasables por el contrario, la mayor a se destaca de una u otra manera, marcando la pauta para diversas tem ticas de la ciencia ficci n del siglo XX Particularmente, no encontr fundament [...]

  9. This is my first tryst with science fiction and I m glad I started with Asimov I expected all the stories to be brilliant, science wise, but I did not expect Asimov to be this engaging a storyteller Nor did I expect any kind of short story to have character development Maybe it s because there is a recurring theme in all these stories, but it took surprisingly short amount of time to familiarize with every character in every story, enough for me to care Among his futuristic, sometimes dystopian, [...]

  10. Seriously, how has it taken me this long to discover Isaac Asimov I d read I, Robot last summer and totally dug it Then, thanks to StumbleUpon I discovered the story The Last Question and was thoroughly mesmerized After that it was settled, I HAD to read as much of this man s work as possible.How can I even begin to express my love for this collection of short stories I know it s a cliche, but they made me feel like a little kid again, curled up in a big comfy chair with a book that made the fan [...]

  11. Maravilloso Aunque no he le do muchos libros de este g nero, debo decir que este fue un gran introductor No se trata s lo de la imaginaci n, el futuro, lo que puede suceder si ocurre una cosa o sucede otra, la ciencia como herramienta y la nica salvaci n, de lo posible o lo imposible, y la ficci n como un escape de la realidad es la manera de contarlo, de escribirlo y de pensarlo Todo est construido de una forma que el lector simplemente queda asombrado ante esa puerta que se construye y se abre [...]

  12. Forget science fiction, if you are the kind who is affected by story telling and the imagination involved therein, this is a must read It s amazing that even after half a century has passed, and humanity has advanced quite a bit, Asimov s work, even in terms of human relationships, raises questions we haven t even begun exploring He has a great sense of humour, which raises its head at the most improbable moments, thereby making it all the fun.The collection has quite a few stories about Multiv [...]

  13. Uno de mis prop sitos de a o nuevo es hacer reviews de todos los libros para recordarlos mejor, entonces aqu vamosNo s ni por donde empezar, me demor bastante leyendo este libro pero no porque no fuera bueno o no me encarretara sino principalmente por mi bendita inconsistencia adem s de que hubo algunos otros libros en el medio y tampoco llegu a dedicarle mucho tiempo, pero lo logr y me encant Creo que lo que m s me gust fue la diversidad dentro del mismo g nero, eran todos cuentos de ciencia fi [...]

  14. Despu s de haber le do este libro estoy convencido de que Isaac Asimov es una mente suprema del universo Todos los cuentos de este primer volumen son fascinantes, ingeniosos, divertidos y abrumadores La esencia vertiginosa del futuro y del espacio exterior, intuida por el autor, queda grabada con absoluta maestr a en estas p ginas Resalta tambi n la profundidad de las historias, el cosmos que construye la prosa experimentada y erudita de un talentoso investigador En el fondo de cada fantas a hay [...]

  15. I finished It would be hard to rate this as five stars since it is a collection of various stories the Good Doctor wrote Some are better than others, and a very few are not particularly good Most are, a surprising number are superb It gives you an excellent idea why Asimov was so celebrated His writing was good, almost always, and frequently great I d say of the ones I had not read before, my favorite was one that Asimov stated he felt it had been underappreciated for the most part I agree I sus [...]

  16. Una colecci n que no tiene desperdicio, los cuentos de Asimov tratan diversidad temas, en todos, el autor parece conocerlos con profundidad, motivo por el cual se lo considera un erudito En cada ocasi n, el lector es ubicado en un momento determinado del tiempo, bajo diversas condiciones propias de dimensiones y realidades diferentes pero con un leve parecido a la nuestra, lo que logra as conectarnos con esa ficci n y finalmente sorprendernos y generalmente dejando una sonrisa al final de cada c [...]

  17. Isaac Asimov needs no introduction, I believe, not especially to those well versed in the Science Fiction genre, a much maligned area of speculative fiction that has only in recent well, recent at least in literary terms years been receiving the recognition it deserves Famous for genre mainstays such as I, Robot and the Foundation trilogy, his stories focus primarily around classic Sci Fi themes such as possible futuristic social scenarios and the dangers of technological proliferation He also h [...]

  18. If you ve ever read Isaac Asimov s stories you can understand why he was considered such an enormous talent This book is a collection of his short stories that were written and published in the 1940s, throughout the 1950s, and into the 1960s Certain social situations and much of the technology is now dated For example, his idea of the dating scene in the 1950s aligned closely, I believe, to the 1890s, and resembled the customs depicted in Pride and Prejudice, than, say, in the James Dean movie [...]

  19. Must read stories include The Last Question, Nightfall, and Profession I believe Asimov was a true optimist, and he helped me to believe that we should have faith in our abilities, our society, and technology to make our future better His short stories quickly establish interesting and compelling characters and unfold unpredictably.

  20. Sensacional primer volumen de cuentos Un placer dejarse llevar por la erudici n y maestr a en la palabra de este verdadero genio de la escritura.

  21. Este ha sido el segundo libro que he le do de Asimov y me ha gustado mucho, sobre todo para familiarizarse con su estilo, ver algunos elementos recurrentes de su bibliograf a y conocer un poco m s, o al menos eso me gusta pensar, despu s de leer relatos como El pasado muerto o So ar es asunto privado que adem s de sumamente entretenidos tienen esa brillante tendencia a la reflexi n, vamos, a hacerte pensar un poquito m s de la cuenta En general utiliza elementos personajes, situaciones, ideas co [...]

  22. Excelente colecci n de cuentos, de temas variados y much sima imaginaci n la de este hombre me han encantado, me voy por el segundo tomo mis favoritos Todos los males del mundo, la ltima pregunta, un d a tan hermoso y muchos mas

  23. 9.5 Muchos y muy buenos relatos del s per visionario Asimov Temas como apoderamiento de las computadoras, inteligencia artificial, posibilidades planetarias, interacci n entre extraterrestres y sus diferencias, tecnolog as visionarias.

  24. Wonderful just a simple word, Magician He took a future enviroment that perhaps may be real and envolve us in a net.

  25. Best science fiction EVER The ONLY sci fi author I read Looking for recommendations of another good sci fi guy Anyone lol

  26. Satisfacci n garantizada 5 5La profesi n 5 5Todos los males del mundo 5 5La ltima pregunta 5 5El ni o feo 5 5