Chains ↠ Chains ✓ Laurie Halse Anderson - Chains, Chains As the Revolutionary War begins thirteen year old Isabel wages her own fightr freedom Promised freedom upon the death of their owner she and her sister Ruth in a cruel twist of fate become the pro

  • Title: Chains
  • Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
  • ISBN: 9781416905851
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Hardcover


↠ Chains ✓ Laurie Halse Anderson, Chains, Laurie Halse Anderson, Chains As the Revolutionary War begins thirteen year old Isabel wages her own fightr freedom Promised freedom upon the death of their owner she and her sister Ruth in a cruel twist of fate become the property of a malicious New York City couple the Locktons who have no sympathy for the American Revolution and even less for Ruth and Isabel When Isabel meets Curzon aAs the Revolutionary War b ↠ Chains ✓ Laurie Halse Anderson. ↠ Chains ✓ Laurie Halse Anderson - Chains, Chains As the Revolutionary War begins thirteen year old Isabel wages her own fightr freedom Promised freedom upon the death of their owner she and her sister Ruth in a cruel twist of fate become the pro

  • ↠ Chains ✓ Laurie Halse Anderson
    252Laurie Halse Anderson
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  1. oh, i like l.h.a much better when she is writing historical fiction than when she is writing her girls with problems books not that this girl doesn t have problems she is a slave which trumps anorexia as far as problems go , but overall isabel is a winsome character than les autres, one that you actually would like to see successful at the end of it allever, since this is the FIRST book of some larger undertaking which they do NOT tell you on the cover, thanks no one knows when the end of it al [...]

  2. My discovery of Laurie Halse Anderson s Chains came at the best possible time I had recently read and reviewed Steve Sheinkin s,King George, What Was His Problem , a book that looks at the stories behind the American Revolution that they don t teach you in school I enjoyed the title thoroughly, but one point had me baffled Why on earth did American slaves fight or aid the Revolution when Britain was anti slavery It just didn t make any sense It reminded me of that black character on the kids sho [...]

  3. Halfway through Wow, this is a painful book in all the best ways I m wondering whether the story is going to manage to pull off some hope by the end, and if so, how it s going to do so without cheating So far, a powerful book, and one that s hard to put down.After finishing A disconcerting look at New York City during the Revolutionary War from the point of view of Isabel, a black girl living there, hearing talk of freedom, and being reminded over and over again by both sides that the talk isn t [...]

  4. It s taken me forever to getting around to writing a review of this book I read it about six weeks ago I suppose this is because it s getting near universal acclaim, while I found it rather ho hum Perhaps reading all the positive reviews of this book got my expectations up too high.My main complaint is that the protagonist, Isabel, doesn t come off as a believable 18th century character to me It s the same problem I had with Catherine Called Birdy a girl in that time and place may have had those [...]

  5. If an entire nation could seek its freedom, why not a girl And if a girl was to seek her freedom, how could she do such a foolheaded thing Isabel and her little sister Ruth are promised their freedom upon the death of their owner, Mrs Finch Its even drawn up on paper by a lawyer but when the heir of Mrs Finch decides to sell the girls instead without so much as trying to consider their claim, their lives take a dramatic turn Sold to the Locktons, a crown loyal couple, the girls are moved to New [...]

  6. What a TREASURE What a JEWEL of a novel Amazingly engrossing and movingly written I can t say enough good things about this book If you are a parent, an educator, a middle grade student or enjoy historical fiction reads, this is one you don t want to miss out on It s the first of a trilogy, and the intended audience is age 10 and up I have not read the next two novels in the series yet 1776, the year of our Independence, Isabel and her young sister Ruth are sold as slaves to a couple from NY aft [...]

  7. When their former owner dies, two girls should be free The heir, however, decides to sell them to a cruel Loyalist couple in New York There, Isobel the older and responsible sister struggles to protect her younger epileptic sister This book does a good job of explaining the confusion surrounding slavery during the American Revolution, and ties historical events to a character that we grow to care about.

  8. Just a thoroughly enjoyable read Young adults are the target audience, but the only way you can tell is that there is perhaps a narrower focus than you might find in an adult book Thirteen year old Isabel tells her story from her limited situation, but brings in important events taking place in the larger arena at the start of our Revolutionary War This is a very well told, well researched story that just flows so nicely There s a lot of skillful descriptive writing that made me put down the boo [...]

  9. Laurie Halse Anderson always writes well My heart was in my mouth all the way Sal is wonderful and feisty, trying to find a way out of a situation that appears to have no way out My only objection is that there s a sequel and I don t have it

  10. Caveat I don t like historical fiction, generally Have I said that before Anyway this book is a perfect example of why I felt like the story was structured around the research, rather than rising organically from something I felt like there were cool historical facts she wanted to impart, and she structured the story around the facts The chapter headings, which are primary source quotes from history, only exaggerated this fact And even with short chapters, which I usually love, it took me ages t [...]

  11. During the Revolutionary War, while Patriots fought for freedom from British tyranny, the enslavement of African captives continued on both sides Laurie Halse Anderson provides another perspective on the war, told through the experiences of Isabel, a black slave in a Tory household, who is used as a pawn to spy for the rebels, who promise to help her gain her freedom.I thought this book provided a new lens for looking at the Revolutionary War and slavery and I look forward to passing this book t [...]

  12. It is 1776 and the Colonies are fighting for freedom from England In New York a 13 year old girl, Isabel, is looking forward to her own freedom from slavery She has witnessed her loved elderly owner sign a release from slavery for herself and her younger sister Ruth upon the lady s death Buy when her owner dies, a distant nephew and the lady s only heir states the promised release from slavery does not exist, and claims the girls as his property.Isabel and her sister are sold at auction when she [...]

  13. Laurie Halse Anderson is such a diversely talented writer She not only can craft beautiful narratives filled with great characters, but she can deftly weave in historical facts as well So often in historical fiction the author tries to shoehorn in historical facts in what feels like a desperate attempt to prove that they have done exhaustive research and don t want any of it to go to waste Anderson s novel is brimming with historical facts, but rarely do they feel out of place.Anderson s story i [...]

  14. Chains was a wonderful book by Laurie Halse Anderson sad and filled with sorrow, but hopeful at the same time It s historical fiction, which usually consists of deterring facts, but Anderson writes extremely well and keeps the characters compelling.The story centers around Isabel, who was promised freedom alongside her sister but by a cruel twist of fate ended up being sold again She works for an inhumane Tory family, of whom the headmistress is especially evil Isabel is inspirited though, and w [...]

  15. Laurie Halse Anderson really delivered in Chains I love me some historical fiction and this one was one of my favorites I appreciate the way Anderson approached slavery in colonial turned independent America for several reasons 1 The story is based mostly in New York City, not the south It s easy to forget that slavery was pervasive once and no region without guilt 2 The treatment of Isabel the main character was accurate, yet age appropriate for the reader 3 The setting is at the beginning of T [...]

  16. If you like historical fiction then Chains is likely right up your alley I thought this was a young adult novel but it was aimed at a younger audience It would be an appropriate middle grade read for grades 5 8, but was so well written it could easily appeal to teens and adults as well.Chains is set at the start of the Revolutionary War I m no history expert but this felt like it was an accurate account of what life was like at that time period My daughter has to read several historical fiction [...]

  17. I really loved this It is so well written and really shows how unjust slavery was The characters were very interesting, too This is a really great story it is also set in the same time period as Hamilton I love all of the characters and seeing what they do next I m glad that I read this for book group again just because I got to read it in a new way I definitely recommend it, especially if you like historical fiction.

  18. 4.5 stars.Maybe it s the childhood trauma caused by being forced to read Johnny Tremain and My Brother Sam Is Dead but my overzealous parents, but I ve never been interested at all, not even a little in books set during the American Revolution I don t have anything against the actual time period, but novels Not so much But leave it to Laurie Halse Anderson, author of two of my favorite Young Adult novels, to change all that.I m on record as stating that Anderson s Speak and Wintergirls are examp [...]

  19. Laurie Halse Anderson is the bees knees I love her Every single novel of hers that I ve read is powerful and well well written Her historical fiction books are no different This book is about 13 yr old Isabel, who is a slave during the time of the American Revolution Following her mistress s death, she and her 5 year old sister, Ruth, are wrongfully sold to the Locktons The Locktons are an influential Tory family living in New York city, which is divided amongst the Patriots and those still loya [...]

  20. This book was so many things riveting, thought provoking, horrifying, hopeful, joyous I want to thank Laurie Halse Anderson for writing about a time period that I thought I knew about Her book clearly shows me that I have much to learn The story is based around Isabel, a young slave girl, who is sold to a very cruel Tory family Everything takes place in New York You will find yourself crying one minute and then totally outraged the next If you enjoy historical fiction then I believe you will lik [...]

  21. I was not expecting to like this book as much as I did It was so unique, and interesting take on the revolutionary war I found myself so cought up in Isabels life that it was hard to put down While not told from a Christian perspective, this book was fairly respectful of faith The characters were so masterfully crafted that I knew each one the moment they came on page I look forward to reading the next book.

  22. I would recommend this book to anybody who loves to read historical fiction I loved Isabel s character, I loved her personality I didn t think I would like this book very much but it s definitely a must read for everybody.

  23. 1776 finds the thirteen colonies in the throes of revolution, but in this rural part of Rhode Island, the war has had little effect Old Mary Finch just died, and in her will she freed her two slaves Teenaged Isabel looks forward to being emancipated, but wonders what will become of her and her little sister, Ruth, who is both simple and epileptic But Miss Finch s cruel nephew has no intention of abiding by his aunt s wishes and sells the girls to a wealthy couple from New York The Locktons are L [...]

  24. 1.5 starsDNF at 33%Look I really wanted to like this I ve heard such great things about it Aaaand I didn t really like it I don t know, but sometimes, you try so so hard to like a book, but its just not your type and you have to break up And the thing is, I m going to be meeting the author in a month or two, so that s gonna be awkward The story follows the two sisters Isabel and Ruth as they are taken to work as maidens for the treacherous, Loyalist family known as the Locktons They were sold, r [...]

  25. She cannot chain my soul Award winning young reader account of the plight of slaves in colonial North America Being in Rhode Island or New York was no protection in 1776 Isabel was probably articulate in her feelings, but those emotions ring true Honest look at the errors and hypocrisy of both sides It mattered not My bones were hollow and my brainpan empty Anderson skillfully wove historic facts battles, destruction of the king s statue, the fire, Hessians into plausible descriptions of the li [...]

  26. I want to give it 3.5 stars but I can t.It was a good look into the life of a younger slave I laughed when the mistresses fake eyebrow fell into the trice pudding I laughed way too hard For a middle grade book, it was what you would expect But it s not something I would go gushing about everywhere and yell in people s faces for them to read it.

  27. I really liked this book, it was very fast moving, which was one of the things I could have liked about the book I hope I can read the second and third books in the series Isabel was a strong character, and she made the book fun to read.