The Dime ☆ The Dime ✓ Kathleen Kent - The Dime, The Dime Brooklyn s toughest female detective takes on Dallas and neither is ready for the fight Dallas Texas is not for the faint of heart Good thing for Betty Rhyzyk she s from a family of take no prisoners

  • Title: The Dime
  • Author: Kathleen Kent
  • ISBN: 9780316311038
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Hardcover

The Dime

☆ The Dime ✓ Kathleen Kent, The Dime, Kathleen Kent, The Dime Brooklyn s toughest female detective takes on Dallas and neither is ready for the fight Dallas Texas is not for the faint of heart Good thing for Betty Rhyzyk she s from a family of take no prisoners Brooklyn police detectives But her Big Apple wisdom will only get her so far when she relocates to The Big D where Mexican drug cartels and cult leaders deadbeat skells aBrooklyn s toughes ☆ The Dime ✓ Kathleen Kent. ☆ The Dime ✓ Kathleen Kent - The Dime, The Dime Brooklyn s toughest female detective takes on Dallas and neither is ready for the fight Dallas Texas is not for the faint of heart Good thing for Betty Rhyzyk she s from a family of take no prisoners

  • ☆ The Dime ✓ Kathleen Kent
    100Kathleen Kent
The Dime
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  1. Betty Rhyzyk hails from a long line of Brooklyn, New York, cops She s recently moved to Dallas with her lover and has discovered, as they say, that Texas is a whole nother world She s working as part of a team investigating illegal drug sales, but the investigation is blown off track by a couple of particularly brutal murders, and Betty finds herself in the middle of a huge mess She also finds herself the target of some particularly violent and creepy people who invade her life for reasons that [...]

  2. Interesting police mystery procedural, highlighted by an unusual protagonist a 5 foot, 10 inch, exuberant red headed lesbian, of Polish extraction, from Brooklyn, who moves to Dallas with her girlfriend and joins the Dallas PD Assigned to Narcotics, she is on the trail of a Mexican Meth dealer but that case goes South in a hurry Almost a dozen bodies pile up including, eventually, the Mexican or his head, anyway Obviously, competition has come to the Texas Meth market But the competition turns o [...]

  3. Welcome to present day Kathleen Kent, and thank you for bringing Detective Betty with you I hope that there are Betty Rhyzyk books coming from Kent she has written a damn good police procedural with THE DIME A Brooklyn cop moves to Dallas, that alone should make you want to read it, and gets involved in a case that nearly shatters her Kent throws a lot into this story, everything working to bring Rhyzyk to life It is not just all cops and drug dealers, you get a feel for home life too Betty s g [...]

  4. My first thought after finishing Kathleen Kent s The Dime was Wow I really did not see any of that coming I give many kudos to Kent and her fantastic storytelling.The Dime is a modern day hard boiled topsy turvy fascinating mystery The Dime is about a Brooklyn transplant legacy cop named Detective Betty Rhyzyk who now works narcotics at the Dallas Police Department Betty is red headed sharp, sarcastic, and gay which gives her some ire from the veterans on the department Her girlfriend, Jackie, i [...]

  5. Kathleen Kent has just released her new novel The Dime I ve read and really liked her historical novels and was looking forward to this newest book.Wow This latest was a complete departure from her previous work and I loved it The Dime introduces us to Betty Rhyzyk a Brooklyn cop from a long line of law enforcement She and her girlfriend have relocated to Dallas Now working as a Narcotics Detective, Riz has no lack of cases The Mexican drug cartels are making sure of that But when her latest cas [...]

  6. Betty Rhyzyk is the last member of a Brooklyn family of blue cops , and moves to Dallas for a fresh start along with Jackie, her doctor girlfriend Of course, her sexuality is a major source of harassment from her mostly male colleagues When drug deaths start escalating, there seems to be a turf battle, and Betty seems to be at the epicenter Off trying to find a hillbilly meth family, she is taken prisoner for an odd purpose Her escape is preposterous The best parts are Uncle Benny and James Earl [...]

  7. Super well written police procedural Brooklyn cop from a family of police moves to Texas, finds herself involved in a frighteningly complicated narcotics case.

  8. This novel started off incredibly strong Well written, great characters.Along the way, though, some stuff that was not so fun crept in Far too many old Polish sayings But still, the characters drove it.Then we met the antagonist, and then it veered very, very close to dumb and cliche, at times slipping across that border, then skipping back over, then back again I won t really mention it, because it s all spoiler material, but let s just say I was very disappointed with the villain of the piece. [...]

  9. Elizabeth Betty Rhyzyk is a narcotics detective on the Dallas Police Force She s a ten year veteran, transplanted from Brooklyn Betty comes from a family of Polish American cops and is proud of her heritage She has bright red hair, is nearly six feet tall and graduated at the top of her class in the police academy back in Brooklyn Betty is a lesbian and lives with her girlfriend, Jackie, a pediatric radiologist in a large Dallas hospital But the male cops who work with her have long since learne [...]

  10. To be totally honest, I had planned on skipping this one since I wasn t really in the mood for the whole Mexican gang rapist drug dealers thing what I assumed it would be about it s not BUT Mulholland Books has yet to disappoint at all AND Rioter Liberty Hardy recommended it I AM SO GLAD I READ THIS ONE After a huge weekend reading slump where nothing I picked up made me want to keep reading, this one enveloped me into its pages and wouldn t let me go I tell you all this because I don t think th [...]

  11. The Dime by Kathleen Kent is without a doubt one of my favorite reads of the year so far I have only read one of Kent s prior novels The Outcast and remember really enjoying that one as well But here I hope Kent looks to create a series from the Dime, because in Betty Rhysyk she may have created the best new lead detective character of the year.Detective Betty Rhyzyk is a tough as nails, take now prisoner police detective that comes from a long line of tough as nails detectives In her hometown o [...]

  12. I read a fair amount of crime fiction, and this first in a series about a narcotics detective in Texas sounded like it might have some promise It features Betty, an athletic flame haired 6 foot Brooklyn cop who relocated to Dallas with her partner a few years previously There s plenty of backstory about her Polish police family upbringing in NYC, which often veers toward the cliched when invoking her beloved Uncle Benny.In any event, the story here starts with a large scale meth dealer and quick [...]

  13. Dallas police detective Betty Rhyzyk leads an investigation of a Mexican drug dealer which erupts into a shooting after a civilian disrupts her undercover stakeout Betty is a hardnosed cop who joined the Dallas police department after moving from Brooklyn where her family had a long legacy of former cops Soon after the stakeout, someone delivers the drug dealer s head to Betty in a box and leaves a lock of hair on her bed The stalker concerns her but she never imagines the lengths he and his fam [...]

  14. THE DIME had a slow ish build with a few time jumps for context before the latter 50% of the story took off like a rocket This definitely went in a direction I didn t see coming and I loved it I loved the rich vividness of Texas, the struggle of a Brooklyn cop to adapt to her new home, the fact that this tall, tough as nails, detective was a lesbian and all the conflict that brings not only as a police officer but as a individual living in the south , and I definitely enjoyed all the secondary c [...]

  15. Betty Rhyzyk is a Brooklyn cop from a long line of Brooklyn cops But she moved to Dallas to make her partner happy Now Betty is a Narcotics cop for DPD and Jackie is an emergency room doctor Nobody in Jackie s family is happy about her relationship with Betty, except maybe her Uncle Joe, a Vietnam vet who drinks a lot Betty is big and loud and red headed and she busts balls with the best of the Narc squad When a bust goes bad, with civilian causalities and a dead beat cop, Betty is determined to [...]

  16. Betty Rhyzyk is a tough, red headed lesbian detective in Dallas, and she doesn t take any crap from anyone This is Kathleen Kent s first crime novel, and I hope she sticks with the genre, because this book is really good.

  17. Crime thriller Could not put this down Was not expecting the twist toward the end Simply crazy This reads a lot like a movie action thriller Very violent But, oh so good

  18. I sincerely hope that The Dime is the first in a series, and not a one off Betty Rhyzyk is a terrific character.

  19. Detective Betty Rhyzyk is a hard boiled cop with a heart of gold A New York lesbian struggling to adjust to her new life in old boy Dallas, Betty finds herself grappling with a narcotics case gone sideways As the body count builds, Betty realizes that a force even dangerous than the cartels is behind the death toll Nothing is off limits, no one is safe not even the woman Betty loves The Dime is a break neck race to the finish I lost a lot of sleep because I couldn t put the book down, and I m g [...]

  20. Well, it s now 3 00 a.m and I probably won t sleep, having spent the last several hours tripping through Detective Betty s mad, mad world I m a sucker for gritty crime novels and cynical women Thought I had it figured out at Chapter 18, but noooot even close Great story, and looking forward to the next book in the series

  21. This was a rough one for me I love that it starred a kickass, 5 11 , lesbian cop in a healthy relationship in Texas, of all places and that Kent ably resisted making supporting characters the stereotypical butts of jokes that others might have made them the drunk Vietnam vet, for example, or the sexist pig male cop That said, however, I have zero tolerance for sadism or what feels like unnecessarily explicit descriptions of physical harm or torture Oh hey there, only Jason Starr book I ve ever r [...]

  22. This one was fine, but didn t really stand out to me as part of the mystery genre The end part could have made of a good thriller if it were extended But otherwise, nothing really to complain about or crow about here.

  23. This book has a complex and interesting protagonist and an intriguing a little wild, but it hangs together plot I was surprised at a point where the story ramped up to a level of intensity I didn t see coming Solid crime fiction from a fresh new voice in the genre.

  24. I won this as a book as part of a good reads giveaway I enjoyed reading it It had a good story to it It had a good variety of characters in it It is my first book by this author I hope to read books by this author.

  25. Everything about this was just right, dialogue, descriptions, character development, amount of humor and the premise was very different I hope the author brings back this character again.