Lion of Ireland [PDF] Lion of Ireland | by ↠ Morgan Llywelyn - Lion of Ireland, Lion of Ireland Morgan Llywelyn s New York Times bestselling historical classic of the greatest Irish kingKing Warrior Lover Brian Boru was stronger braver and wiser than all other men the greatest king Ireland has

  • Title: Lion of Ireland
  • Author: Morgan Llywelyn
  • ISBN: 9780765302571
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback

Lion of Ireland

[PDF] Lion of Ireland | by ↠ Morgan Llywelyn, Lion of Ireland, Morgan Llywelyn, Lion of Ireland Morgan Llywelyn s New York Times bestselling historical classic of the greatest Irish kingKing Warrior Lover Brian Boru was stronger braver and wiser than all other men the greatest king Ireland has ever known Out of the mists of the country s most violent age he merged to lead his people to the peak of their golden era Set against the barbaric splendor of the tenthMorgan Llywel [PDF] Lion of Ireland | by ↠ Morgan Llywelyn. [PDF] Lion of Ireland | by ↠ Morgan Llywelyn - Lion of Ireland, Lion of Ireland Morgan Llywelyn s New York Times bestselling historical classic of the greatest Irish kingKing Warrior Lover Brian Boru was stronger braver and wiser than all other men the greatest king Ireland has

  • [PDF] Lion of Ireland | by ↠ Morgan Llywelyn
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Lion of Ireland
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  1. MINI REVIEW This is a tale of history and legends as it focuses upon the origins of Brian Boru, the Charlemagne of Ireland who unified most of the Emerald Isle against the Norsemen and importantly the bickering of petty Irish lords It s on the slow side at first as we focus on Boru s early years but stick with it and it will pick up There s a great deal of focus on the political intrigues, the bigger than life presence of Brian Boru and Boru s inner thoughts The writing is lyrical and the image [...]

  2. You know shit just got bad when an arrogant self centred and despicable prat like Gaston is correct NowOh Bloody hell where to start I haven t been this disappointed in a novel since last year with the Red Tent and finished that one Heck Lion of Ireland has the dubious honour of being my first DNF of 2015 IMHO a book that fails so badly on several accounts characterisation, historical accuracy, writing style, treatment of female characters, etcetera.Lion of Ireland is the story of the one of Ire [...]

  3. Truly, the best book I have ever read I keep going back to it over and over again and Brian Boru has become a hero of mine In a time when Vikings were invading Ireland, tribes were warring and life was hard, it was highly improbable that a 12th born son would ever become King of Ireland And yet Brian did the impossible united the whole of Ireland for the only time in history His vision, his determination and his passion for his country and his people were incredible.And yet, Brian was alone in h [...]

  4. DNF, circa pg 150 Sorry, but I m bored with the episodic style Brian s one note Gary Stu routine It s a shame there are some well written passages, but there s no depth to most of the characters the time gaps are really annoying The first couple chapters were intriguing, but since then it s been an onslaught of Things Are Doing Things I feel like I ve been slogging through a mire of words without making any progress.Bye bye I got no interest in forcing myself through another 400 pgs.

  5. Most people don t realize that the legend of King Arthur has a real life counterpart in Brian Boru, the Emperor of all Ireland at the beginning of the 11th century This is a fictional account of his life based on what s known of him Well researched and a compelling read, full of action and romance.

  6. If you are interested in one of the most fascinating figures in Irish history, or just want another good book about the Viking Age, I highly recommend Lion of Ireland.The novel tells the story of Brian Boru, perhaps the greatest Irish king who ever lived He ruled at the end of the Tenth Century, during a time when Norse and Danish Vikings controlled large portions of Ireland, including the Viking towns of Limerick and Dublin Rich with natural resources and monasteries laden with silver, Ireland [...]

  7. This is straight up indulgent Irish Historical porn and I loved every minute of it I feel spend and exhausted my emotions were tossed back and forth, every which way as I followed Brian from early childhood to the end of the book I just want to sit and bask in the glory of it all how it made me feel I want to cry that it s over And when I recover, I know I m going to want .If you re like me, you ve at some point lost your voice after a night of drinking and yelling about the evils of the English [...]

  8. I enjoyed this book somewhat than I have some of Ms Llywelyn s other works She managed to hue slightly closer to the historical bone in this one than in some others and still deliver a good fantasy adventure.Brian Boru is a favorite character of mine Or historical figure To be honest yes, but I hesitate to go that route as he s one of the people in history who s myth is so closely entwined with his history that we need to be very careful It s much like the line from The Man Who Shot Liberty Val [...]

  9. Lion of Ireland tells the story of Brian Boru, the great High King of Ireland I m not at all familiar with Irish history and learned a lot while reading this I found Brian s history, and that of Ireland, to be so interesting I especially loved the beginning of the book where we saw Brian in his youth and watched him become one heck of a warrior a force to be reckoned with The battle scenes were intense and described so well and in such detail that I felt like I was there on the battlefield I was [...]

  10. I spent the last several days reading Morgan Llywelyn s Lion of Ireland I couldn t put it down and so I did little else than read This is the saga of Brian Boru and his struggle fight to unite all of Ireland under one king Would that I could give this book than 5 Stars If you love history told by a great storyteller, then this is a must read.

  11. 3.0 stars I liked this book but really thought I was going to love it While well written and having a great larger than life main character, I never really connected with the story like I thought I would This is one I may try to approach again sometime down the road and see if my opinion changes.

  12. You know you re in for a tiresome piece of biographical fiction when adults are taken aback by the power inherent in a child who defies them.

  13. My actual rating is like 2 1 2 stars I enjoyed reading it mostly.The writing was excellent, the author does have a way with words However, it was a bit long and around page 400 I started to skim I got tired of reading about battles, strategies, tired of trying to keep track of who was friend or foe to who and why Recommended to those interested in history and Irish history in particular, battles, strategy.

  14. This book is written really well if you re really into medieval history it reminded me of an Irish Game Of Thrones but much pulp It was too long, that was my biggest problem, and I like long books if they can hold my interest, but I got tired of it by the time Gormlaith became a major character It was just hard to care any However it was interesting and did a good job of telling a multigenerational story with a lot of viewpoints across a characters entire life I like how it had diversity in rel [...]

  15. For all those I initially sent out recommendations to, disregard Am on the last knockings and for Ireland would say that Rutherfurd s offerings are far, far superior This was a young adult thing St Patrick s Day 2012Dedication For CHARLESFor SEANFor MICHAELOpening The little boy sat on the crown of a rocky hill, his thin arms hugging his scabby knees He tilted his head and gazed up into the immense vault of the sky, feeling wonderfully alone.From wiki The Fomoire or Fomorians are a semi divine [...]

  16. A really beautiful tale about Brian Boru, Emperor of the Irish I had never heard of this larger than life King, but Llywelyn shows how a smart leader can become a legend There were some elements of the story that got old some of the relationships but I was impressed with how readable the strategic battle plans were I don t do well with gratuitous violence, so Llywelyn hit a perfect balance of capturing the bloodthirstiness of Irish vs Norse warfare, without going overboard on bloody details Desp [...]

  17. Outstanding Historical Fiction Morgan Llywelyn has done a fantastic job in this novel She does outstanding research and builds a framework that will have you walk away from this book having a very good understanding of the history of Ireland in terms of its small kingdoms constantly warring with each other to where outside invaders can waltz in and mop up The greatest king who accomplished what no other could was Brian Boru, Ard Ri High King and unfortunately his descendents proved incapable of [...]

  18. Brian Boru was a real historical character who lived in 10th century Ireland As the best historical novelists do, Llwellyn has taken the facts we know about him and breathed them to life And how From the boy dreaming on the hill, to the young man taking power, to the old man preparing for his final battle, this is a full blooded epic with three dimensional characters There is conflict on the battlefield and off it, a powerful momentum that kept me turning the pages breathlessly, all written in L [...]

  19. I really enjoyed this historical fiction novel that delves into 950 1050 AD Irish history and the uniting of the little fiefdom s into one country by Brian Boru The book starts off kind of slow as the author tries to paint a picture of the life of the high nobility of that time period When she begins to describe the Viking invasions, the book becomes hard to put down.The historical record is quite sketchy on this time period, but Llywelyn does a great job of bringing this era to life The charact [...]

  20. Hmmm,a great story which was paced well and covered a lot of ground, which appeared to be well researched However although Lywelyn s develops a solid structure to tell an epic story, she writes some ferociously clunky dialogue Clients engage constantly in long winded exposition laced conversation, that are as a subtle as an instruction manual The characters are broad 2 dimensional cliches acting as lifeless avatars for to move the plot rather than living breathing individuals The only thing that [...]

  21. Brilliant, the characters leap from the pages and instill themselves in your soul with all the passion and power of the Irish people This is history and myth, truth and fiction, brought together for entertainment and to tell a message The story of Brian Boru is one of anyone desiring with a fervency of the spirit to build a place of joy and prosperity, knowing at times that to do so begins with pain and battle This is a story of humanity and in it is found a great deal to love and hold.

  22. My intro to Morgan Llywelyn was with this book, and I ve learned a lot about Celtic history as I ve continued to read her books This is a lesser known historical look at Ireland, focused on the one time unifying king, Brian Boru Many of her other books also reference him, so it s helpful to have this one as background before moving onto some of her others Also note she has an interesting series about the N Ireland Ireland issues starting in the early 1900 s, that are really interesting.

  23. The Lion of Ireland is one of my favorite works for fiction This is my second time through this book Morgan Llewelyn is one of Ireland s treasures with regard to Irish historical fiction She brings to life the history of it s people and the land on which they lived and struggled to make their own.

  24. Fascinating account of Brian Borou, historically speaking the first king of Ireland who united the country, and divided it into North and South.It is quite dull at times because it is textbook historical but for the most part is well paced and well written to keeping your interest It makes me want to research on the characters we re introduced to because they re so believable.

  25. Taking on the life story of a mythic hero persona is no easy task It is made easier, however, when the historicity of the details is scant Such is the case with Brian Boru, an Irish legend of tall tales and supposedly taller accomplishments I say supposedly because as far as I can see, there s still great debate among Celtic historians as to whether Boru united all of the island of Erin or failed on the last few acres The debates of the character of Boru himself will never cease, as historian pr [...]

  26. I read this on a recommendation from a friend It is not the type of story I would normally seek out But once I got past the initial character name confusion, the story became really good It reminded me of Braveheart but obviously not Scotland but with so much scope This book was epic I chronicled the life of Brian Boru, from early childhood all the way through his life All his struggles to unify Ireland, and the battles that came with it Both personally and on the battlefield There were a few l [...]

  27. The book was verry enjoyable In some places, it was verry aorrowful, and it made me cry This in my opinion it s a good book I gave it four stars because sometimes there was way too much detail and I had to put the book down because I got tired of it All in all though, it was a very enjoyable book.

  28. I really enjoyed reading about Brian, who grew to be king of Ireland While it s a historical fiction, I felt as if I was transported to Ireland with the detailed scenery and the culture that defined the Irish One thing to consider I m an Irish American so I might enjoy it than a person without any Irish heritage.

  29. Inspired by tales of Charlemagne, Brian Boru rallies his countrymen, uniting them into a cohesive force to defeat the viking invaders.