Ultimatum ✓ Ultimatum ↠ K.M. Walton - Ultimatum, Ultimatum One decision will change both of their lives It s not Oscar s fault that he s misunderstood Ever since his mother died he s been disrespected by his father and bullied by his self absorbed older brot

  • Title: Ultimatum
  • Author: K.M. Walton
  • ISBN: 9781492635079
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Hardcover


✓ Ultimatum ↠ K.M. Walton, Ultimatum, K.M. Walton, Ultimatum One decision will change both of their lives It s not Oscar s fault that he s misunderstood Ever since his mother died he s been disrespected by his father and bullied by his self absorbed older brother so he withdraws from his fractured family seeking refuge in his art Vance wishes his younger brother would just loosen up and be cool It was hard enough to deal with tOne decision will ✓ Ultimatum ↠ K.M. Walton. ✓ Ultimatum ↠ K.M. Walton - Ultimatum, Ultimatum One decision will change both of their lives It s not Oscar s fault that he s misunderstood Ever since his mother died he s been disrespected by his father and bullied by his self absorbed older brot

  • ✓ Ultimatum ↠ K.M. Walton
    430K.M. Walton
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  1. SO I ADMITI m kind of trash for brother stories They always get me in the feels And Vance and Oscar are pretty much horrible little buckets trying to lowkey glare each other to death the whole time, I STILL ENJOYED IT It lacked a bit, just in terms of what it could have been But like BROTHER BOOKS.Also I still have 0% a clue what s going on with the covers They don t play paper scissors rock and the cover mostly just looks like the designer fell asleep and put it together with their elbow BUT HE [...]

  2. We had an ultimatum, didn t we Go our separate ways, do our own thing 4 to 4,5 complicated starsAn ARC has been kindly provided by SOURCEBOOKS Fire, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.First of all this story is not all one thing It s complicated and brutal in its honesty.The author broaches many difficult topics alcoholism, death, family ties and she does not sugarcoat it Neither does she trade in pathos She just writes it like it is with fairness and finesse I dare you to remain un [...]

  3. This book was really heartbreaking You have two brothers who are basically on the different side of the spectrum Vance, popular lacrosse player and sort of selfish and then introverted Oscar He loves drawing and classical music Both boys have lost their mother and now they are both about to lose their father This story focuses a lot on grief, alcoholism, regret and closure This book was really good It was so emotional and deep It was told in the perspective of the brothers Oscar in the present d [...]

  4. This book was EVERYTHING 3 If you read Walton s CRACKED then you know she can write teen boys like few others can This story of two very different brothers was emotional and gut wrenching yet also hopeful, sweet, funny, and plain beautiful.

  5. Wow When I purchased ULTIMATUM on a Kindle Daily Deal, didn t expect it to grab my heart and squeeze.Oscar, artistic and introverted and Vance, popular star lacrosse players couldn t be different Since their mother s death three years ago, they barely speak Now their father lays unconscious in hospice, hours from death and the brothers must come to term with their father s alcoholism and each other.Oscar tells ULTIMATUM s story from the present, Vance from the years between their mother s accid [...]

  6. This book is K.M Walton at her finest well defined characters, big emotional stakes and a powerful story arc Fans of CRACKED will be thrilled to see her return to the dual narrator structure, this time focusing on two brothers who ve endured a painful childhood and have turned against one another ULTIMATUM beautifully portrays the ways siblings can internalize the same events in wholly different ways and how loss can force confrontations of the most difficult kind Highly recommend

  7. 3.5 stars I was provided with a copy of this novel by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review A raw, honest tale of two very different brothers dealing with the death of their father Ultimatum by K.M Walton is a novel about two brothers named Vance and Oscar Vance and Oscar are very different, and, as a result, they aren t close They have to face this divide, though, after they discover that their father has only a few days left to live It switches between the past in Vance s perspective and [...]

  8. Read full review quotes on poshtofu.wordpress 2017 0 If there s one book that you both should and shouldn t read at night, this would be it I started reading this at such an unholy hour and I was reminded of so many things that are going on in my life that I have overlooked and taken for granted A certain kind of pain I am not comfortable talking about and try so hard to conceal every single day keeps on resurfacing every time I return to read this book It s paralyzing I guess I was just not pre [...]

  9. Woah This book is just so emotional It portrays a broken family and the characters are so well described We have Oscar that s really sweet and passionate and reclusive, but we also have Vance the older brother who s at every moment trying to prove his manhood and block away his feelings and by doing so he ends up having a visible connection with their father The thing is, throughout the story I always thought that the villain was Vance, and I m not saying he s not rude because he was so harsh o [...]

  10. You can find the full review and all the fancy and or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight Holy emotional rollercoaster, friends I really wasn t sure what to expect going in just that it was about brothers, and was probably going to mess with my feels And it was, and it did, but it was also so much The story alternates not only between the brothers POVs, but between past and present Oscar narrates what is currently happening in the hospice with their dad, while Vance tells us [...]

  11. I m crying so much This was beautiful It took a while but I started seeing Vance change and Oscar change Vance and Oscar both realized how wrong they were about their parents and about each other Such a beautifully written story And how it all came together K.M Walton can write.

  12. 4.5 stars.Ultimatum by K.M Walton is a poignant young adult novel about two very different brothers who are undergoing a life altering event Will this tragedy help them bridge the gap between them Or will it pull them even farther apart Ten months apart in age, Vance and Oscar Irving are not at all close and in fact, they are complete opposites Older brother Vance may look like the boys now deceased mom, but he has much in common with his hard partying, boisterous father Vance is the gregarious [...]

  13. See like this review at The Regal Critiques It s what we re programmed to do We don t know how to find common ground, Vance He rests his forehead on the glass Maybe we should start trying sometime soon Ultimatum was both a lovely surprise and a terrible disappointment one of those books that I can t exactly find a fault in, but it failed to resonate with me on a serious level even though I was super duper excited for this grand, heartbreaking journey My most important and maybe only big problem [...]

  14. This book tore me up all into all kinds of sharp jagged pieces By the end I think I lost track of how much I cried and my boyfriend was contemplating my mental health Ultimatum is a dual POV but done incredibly well Oscar s POV is set in the present Vance s takes place from the earliest memory leading all the way up to the present The mix of timelines really draws the differences in these brothers and how their minds work Vance is so brash and angry while Oscar is a introvert and quiet soul I m [...]

  15. Rated this 5 stars purely because there was one 1 star rating on this book It doesn t even come out until next year people Don t be that person.

  16. Oscar has his fathers looks but that s about all they have in common He is artistic, loves classical music and plays the violin He takes after his mother in personality He has nothing in common with his brother, who torments him, and feels that both his father and brother don t know or like him.Vance has his mothers looks and is jealous of his brother for looking like his father, who he idolises Both he and his father love Reggae music, parties and having a good time Both are selfish when it com [...]

  17. For starters, Walton does a fabulous job of describing emotion in raw, fresh language When Oscar s brother yells at him for sketching their dying father, Oscar thinks If I respond, I may crack and leak and puddle If I don t respond, he may lose his mind My hands sweat The walls suddenly crowd me I want to run away Walton uses wonderful metaphors to convey feeling For example, as Oscar realizes he may never get to talk with his dad again, he thinks I ll never be able to ask him these questions Th [...]

  18. Ultimatum is a heart wrenching story of two brothers who have always seen themselves as opposites and impossible, learning that they are all they have left Oscar and Vance are about a year apart and while Oscar likes art, classical music and privacy quiet, Vance likes sports lacrosse , reggae, and partying Their mother died three years ago and their dad is currently in hospice, but he s been less than ideal for a long time, as a severe alcoholic Oscar took after their mother and Vance took after [...]

  19. Ultimatum In the endThis book had been an incredible journey During this journey, I witnessed Vance s anger, felt Oscar s loneliness, and wept with joy when these complications were resolved by two brothers instead of two enemies.I understand that this book may not be as interesting for everyone as it had been for me To finish it, I had collected pieces of my time and finally placed the entire story together Using short times such as when I was waiting in line, or a 15 minute break between event [...]

  20. Thank you so much to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy of this book This book was just okay for me I liked the story, and how it was formatted with flashbacks It s not uncommon for siblings to be total opposites, so it was very believable that way The tragedies that the boys endured were heartbreaking, and the portrayal of the alcoholic father was authentic My concern is that a lot of the teen readers at my library are probably not going to stick with this book until the end of the story It [...]

  21. After their father goes into hospice for liver failure, two brothers must face their tumultuous relationship with their father and each other This was such a compelling, but hard to read story All of the relationships in the story between the brothers and their father felt very realistic and would make it a relatable read for teen readers The relationship between Oscar and Vance, and each boy s inner demons had me completely engrossed throughout the entire book With some language and dark themes [...]

  22. Got my copy via Netgalley for an exchange of honest review Thank you Sourcebooks FIRE Oscar and Vance have been a different world even though they re brothers Once their father got in a coma, the struggles for Oscar and Vance is really hard when it comes to communicating and understanding each other They are strangers but they re father who lives for only in hours Will they can overcome the guilt in their hearts Oscar s story make me feel bad for him, since he s thinking that he s alone in this [...]

  23. I received a free ebook copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis was a raw, emotional and heart breaking novel about grief, mourning, alcoholism, and family relationships It tells the story of two brothers popular and sporty Vance, and quiet, different Oscar who lost their mother and are about to lose their father I love how the chapters switch between Oscar telling the present story, and Vance telling their story from 2 years ago I can t recommend it enough.

  24. This was a great story about how sometimes life changes so quickly, and even though you have choices, some are just unimaginable I liked the dynamic of the brothers, and how their relationship changed throughout the story Also having both of them be narrators, one in the present and one going from the past to the present, is helpful to get a clearer picture of what was happening in their life.3 stars

  25. 3 stars.Not super impressed The writing was okay, and the characters were meh I mean, Vance was a totally douchebag, and Oscar s father was also just human trash I didn t like either of them, and honestly the ending was anticlimactic too I just didn t feel anything for this book, and I wasn t really invested to the outcome.

  26. Oscar and Vance must move past their learned dysfunctional relationship if they will ever be able to chart a positive future for themselves as they deal with their dying father and the painful memories and stressful present Great story

  27. K M Walton creates relatable characters that ll suck you into heartbreaking situations Like Empty, this one made me cry.