ttyl [PDF] Read ↠ ttyl : by Lauren Myracle - ttyl, ttyl Audacious author Lauren Myracle accomplishes something of a literary miracle in her second young adult novel ttyl Internet instant messaging shorthand for talk to you later as she crafts an epistol

  • Title: ttyl
  • Author: Lauren Myracle
  • ISBN: 9780810987883
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback


[PDF] Read ↠ ttyl : by Lauren Myracle, ttyl, Lauren Myracle, ttyl Audacious author Lauren Myracle accomplishes something of a literary miracle in her second young adult novel ttyl Internet instant messaging shorthand for talk to you later as she crafts an epistolary novel entirely out of IM transcripts between three high school girls Far from being precious the format proves perfect for accurately capturing the sweet histrionicsAudacious author Lauren M [PDF] Read ↠ ttyl : by Lauren Myracle. [PDF] Read ↠ ttyl : by Lauren Myracle - ttyl, ttyl Audacious author Lauren Myracle accomplishes something of a literary miracle in her second young adult novel ttyl Internet instant messaging shorthand for talk to you later as she crafts an epistol

  • [PDF] Read ↠ ttyl : by Lauren Myracle
    211Lauren Myracle
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  1. holy f ck i h8 this book shakes walker and geriatric meds at sky this book is like when you find someone s diary at work not a co worker s diary that would make you a jerk and you idly flip through it until you remember that most people are fucking boring and their innermost secrets are totally dull and most likely misspelledople like virginia woolf or anais nin can have their diaries published because they are either very intelligent and insightful or super sexy these girls are just superficial [...]

  2. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum 3.5 StarsWhen I first started TTYL I figured what the powers that be thought of as offensive material was the fact that the entire thing was written in text format Any adult content and trust me when I say I m using that term for lack of anything better because really the controversial subject matter was regarding a teacher who might have been a And realizing that wanting to be popular might not end up being all you thought it would be because sometimes yo [...]

  3. I picked up this book for a couple of different reasons The first being that the idea of it being written entirely in IM form was somewhat interesting you me, secondly, it is a challenged banned book and was a challenge selection for me With that being said, lets get on to the book.I thought this book was pointless, drawn out, and completely and utterly useless The main characters were nothing special one was boy crazy, one was religion obsessed, and the other was just well crabby Obviously thro [...]

  4. SnowAngel Heymadmaddie heyzoegirl I am here to you nomadmaddie Yea, we no sed in annoyed voicemadmaddie LOL i am just kidding grl SnowAngel Hey, this year was one wild ride huh zoegirl yea, with maddie partying so much and taking off her shirt and all.dmaddie yea, and zoey ALMOST going all the way with the way with Mr H yummmmmmmadmaddie luckly, i was there to save you Just think, and in a hot tub to.SnowAngel Enough Enough Gosh grls SnowAngel You guys act like the whole world revolves around yo [...]

  5. This book was disturbing on many levels Not only did it force me to re live the shallow insecurities of teenage girlhood, but I had to endure the shock jock attemtps by the author to reach immature minds where they are I don t think anyone younger than eighth grade should be exposed to the language and sexual content of this book and I think even parents of high school girls should read it and use it as a teaching tool with their young girls On the positive side, I think the writing of this stor [...]

  6. These books are amazingly addicting I ve probably read each one at least ten times, mostly because they re hilarious, but also because they re my go to books for when I m super stressed and need to read something stupidly good.

  7. Didn t think I d like this one as much as I did, but I did sue me I had wanted to read this book I use that term loosely on this effort for a while now, especially since I recently saw that AOL was shutting down its iconic instant messaging service later this year on December 15th Maybe ttyl brought me back to a simpler time and that s why I liked it I remember being fifteen and being on AIM constantly Situating your buddy list was actually exciting at one point in time, but now all our attentio [...]

  8. A story entirely in IMs sounds gimmicky, and maybe it is Okay, yes it is I can t deny some of my enjoyment of this was the entertaining drama But hidden behind the drama is an entertaining coming of age story.The strength of the characters elevates this book to a better space Over the course of the series, these characters develop and get far interesting Zoe is a good girl with hidden depths Maddie is a bad girl with hidden depths And Angela is a ditzy girl with hidden depths These three charac [...]

  9. I really wanted to like this book because it was adapting IMing to the novel format, great idea poorly implemented If the story is told purely by IMs then it has to be dialogue driven, instead this is an event driven plot There is no character development in the dialogue, so we never witness the girls change we only hear about it second hand I gave it plus one star for sticking to pure IMs, but this is really a one star book.

  10. This was an assigned reading for my Writing for Young Adult uni course this semester.This is not going to be a long review, because honestly, there s not much to talk about.The story of three friends, Maddie, Zoe, and Angela, is told completely in the form of sms messaging They all have their own personalities Maddie is the rebel, Zoe the goodie goodie who goes to church, and Angela is obsessed with boys Maybe this is meant to represent the typical teenager But what is showed is that they are ty [...]

  11. Teenagers, usually pictured as selfish, savage party animals, binge drinking and experiencing pregnancies by the time we are sixteen, seem to be a popular topic in the media The way Lauren Myracle portrays girls of the age of 15 16 is ludicrous and unrealistic Angela Silver, Zoe Barrett, and Maddie Kinnick are three under aged girls in the 10th grade Experiencing a high level of drama, the main characters are subjected to a variety of commotion that most modern teens would not reach until reachi [...]

  12. So, a couple of days ago, I picked up this book because the author s coming to my local bookstore in a couple weekends.And I wish I hadn t.I m fifteen, in tenth grade, so I think I m supposedly the target audience for this book, because that s how old the characters were Well, I absolutely hated it Honestly, true to life This is nothing like the current lives of a couple of teenagers Besides anything related to that creepy stalkerish teacher, there was no talk of grades homework or activities It [...]

  13. Wow This had some intense issues in it I feel like they were well handled and not so in your face since everything was through IM But still Why did the creepy teacher have to be a Christian Geez Stop preying on underage children, teachers And poor, poor Maddie Her story made me miss high school, NOT AT ALL Good Lord Stupid popularity crap Stupid Jana I hate Jana for them Actually, I hate the name Jana because my freshman RA was named Jana and she was a waste I tell you, a waste.

  14. Terrible book.I would never recommend this to my students Young adult literature is usually to have some redeeming quality It is partially to instruct teens on how to deal with issues they face However, this book teaches no lesson other than do what you want to do, despite others warnings The teens in these books make bad choices, and there are no consequences to their actions The IM style, while trendy, is not condusive to engaged reading The reader is not immersed in the life of any of the cha [...]

  15. Damn you WHY do you plant these things in my head Overall Thoughts This was a super fun, easy and cute series Nothing intense of course, there s not much to actually review But if you re looking for something light and funny, this series is great The girls are hilarious and I found myself getting actually invested in their story lines and wondering what was going to happen in their lives next Until Next Time,Emerald BookWorm

  16. I got bored reading the first couple of pages that decided to stop.but i hate getting a book but not reading it so i decided to continue and i was glad to take this decision, Because it turned out OKAY I hated most of the decisions the girls made in this book, it made me angry tbh.But i liked the dialogues, and i got excited at the end of the book.3.5

  17. Horrible After reading this I wanted to just throw the book across the room I picked this book up because I thought the idea of writing a book entirely in im was interesting I read this when I was 15 I could not find a plot then and I cannot find a plot now A few events happen that are discussed over im the creepy teacher, and their friend not talking to them for example but there was no real plot and these little events did not add anything to the story I guess the climax of the book would be w [...]

  18. I read ttyl because it was in email form and I like emailing and it seem interesting It was three girls mad maddie, snow angel, and zoegirl they all were best and got along and also had their fights and mad Maddie at first she didn t like this girl named Janna but then one day she was giving her rides home and hanging out with her and she said that she s not as bad as she thought she was but then they got into a fight and were no longer friends This book is about good times and the bad times tha [...]

  19. Elizabeth JoseMyracle, L Kennedy, S Terhune, B Carvalho, C Amulet Books Interrobang Design Studio 2004 Ttyl New York Amulet Books.Genre Controversial Banned BooksFormat PrintSelection Process ALA Booklist Online ReviewThis controversial book centers around three teenage girls, Maddie, Zoe, and Angela, who are best friends in their sopho year of high school The story is written in IM instant messaging format, and documents the girls conversations about varied topics including their latest crushes [...]

  20. Told entirely through chat logs between three friends, ttyl covers the very hectic first few months of the girls sopho year of high school How hectic Angela has her heart broken by her boyfriend, Maddie strikes up a friendship with a girl known for backstabbing, and Zoe starts to get a little too close to her English teacher So yes, there s a lot going on here, but thankfully not all at once Each situation develops, in parallel, on its own trajectory.The chat logs are actually a pretty interesti [...]

  21. Ug, I can t believe this book got published I picked it up because when I saw it was on the banned book list I was curious I ve seen so many of my 6th grade students read it, but I really wish I could discourage them This book was on the banned list due to content not appropriate for young adults I think the content may be fine for high school students, but it is definitely not something 6th graders need to be reading The book is dedicated to The Beers Bros That should say something right there. [...]

  22. This book was bad The way how the book was written in an instant message format was annoying and hard to read, I couldn t keep focused on it I don t like it when people use abbreviations for words in the first place, so all the abbreviations and numbers in the words made me kind of mad I would recommend this book to a younger age group because I think the way the book is written in geared towards them Three girls who are just going into high school tell eachother everything about what s going o [...]

  23. This book is funny and very easy to read The IM s are not confusing, you don t have to think hard to know who s talking The fonts and colours are very helpful But just the characters are easy to distinguish When you do this kind of thing you have to make sure that it doesn t take a rocket scientist to figure out who s who because then you lose the reader So each character s got to be an individual And that was well done with this book One s into her teacher and is into religion too The other see [...]

  24. 234 pages.This book is ALL in IM talk Chatting on the computer Three best friends, Angela, Zoey, and Maddie talk almost everyday online They are all 16 years old and couldn t get any closer Zoey is the smart and shy girl, Maddie is the wild and fun girl, and Angela is the mature, calm, and exciting They all have a big thing happening in their life right now Angela is being obbsesed about this boy that treats her like dirt and she thinks shes in love, Maddie goes to this big party and makes a big [...]

  25. I did not like this book that much I mean the whole book is in text which I guess if you liked that this book would be interesting but I found it not as much interesting as it could have been The reason I did not like the whole book in text is because when there should have been a interesting part they skipped past it and went back to a regular book because they are not going to be texting during something important, right I mean if you like contemporary you might like this book than I did, bu [...]

  26. Actual rating 3 5 stars This one was a weird book for me.I like how it s structured like an instant messenger.Reminds me of the good old days with MSN messenger haha.I liked how we learned about the 3 girl s lives just through this way There s no main protagonist which made it interesting Three best friends dealing with normal high school problems.I did find it intriguing and couldn t put it down Look forwards to seeing what happens in the next installment

  27. Saw some pages of this book on fb that someone posted This book isn t appropriate for any age Sad that this is geared towards children Content horrible language, use of many different words for sex and sexual talk between friends.