Dead Until Dark Dead Until Dark Best Download || [Charlaine Harris] - Dead Until Dark, Dead Until Dark Sookie Stackhouse is just a small time cocktail waitress in small town Louisiana Until the vampire of her dreams walks into her life and one of her coworkers checks out Maybe having a vampire for a bo

  • Title: Dead Until Dark
  • Author: Charlaine Harris
  • ISBN: 9780441008537
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Kindle

Dead Until Dark

Dead Until Dark Best Download || [Charlaine Harris], Dead Until Dark, Charlaine Harris, Dead Until Dark Sookie Stackhouse is just a small time cocktail waitress in small town Louisiana Until the vampire of her dreams walks into her life and one of her coworkers checks out Maybe having a vampire for a boyfriend isn t such a bright idea Dead Until Dark Best Download || [Charlaine Harris]. Dead Until Dark Best Download || [Charlaine Harris] - Dead Until Dark, Dead Until Dark Sookie Stackhouse is just a small time cocktail waitress in small town Louisiana Until the vampire of her dreams walks into her life and one of her coworkers checks out Maybe having a vampire for a bo

  • Dead Until Dark Best Download || [Charlaine Harris]
    300Charlaine Harris
Dead Until Dark
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  1. After reading a succession of serious books, I felt the need to read something light and trashy As I discovered from reading this book, you should be careful what you wish for Light Yes Trashy Oh yes Oh yes, yes, yes But not in a good way just trash, trash, trash.It is hard to say what I disliked about this book the sophomoric writing, or the annoying, vapid, 2 d, Harlequin romance heroine helpless twit persona of Sookie Stackhouse Sookie is a psychic, and this fact is used to explain everythi [...]

  2. The first book in the Sookie Stackhouse series I confess I picked this up at the bookstore for a few reasons 1 The cover was sparkly and I liked the art 2 Vampires Having spent a huge chunk of my youth hoping the vampires in Anne Rice s novels would knock on my window late at night shut up, like you didn t I have been looking for the next Brad Pitt with fangs shut up, like you aren t And yeah That was all it took Sparkles and vampires SOLD.I opened up the book and kinda regreted it and thought W [...]

  3. I started reading this series because I was currently watching True Blood and had developed a slight obsession with Eric Since then, the books have become an absolute guilty pleasure of mine They are not the best written and occasionally we get a little too much of what we don t care for i.e fairies and shifters but amid the hot vamp sex and murder mysteries who really notices those anyway Most characters have both annoying and redeeming qualities, but this is good I never did like the I can do [...]

  4. Stephenie Meyer has nuthin on this woman understatement Harris has in one pinky all the talent of the aforementioned hack, and her huge fan base must take note Dead Until Dark is a loud middle finger to all those in deep love therefore those with questionable tastes with the Twilight series.This book reminds me that not all fiction has to be poetry This one has a clear plot, it ties together all loose ends It is enthralling, addictive, everything one wants in the PERFECT paperback novel If only [...]

  5. Sigh I tried to give this a fair chance, I really did I went into it hopeful, despite some other negative reviews that I ve read, because I quite liked the pilot for True Blood, the new HBO series based on these books Dark, however, loses points from me right away because the two most interesting characters on the show Sookie s cranky best friend Tara, and Lafayette, the fabulous in every sense of the word chef at the bar where Sookie works either completely don t exist or have only the tiniest [...]

  6. December 2014 buddy read with Shelly, Carole, Evgeny, Karly, Jess, Allison, Catherine Monty Cupcake.DNF at 50% Sookie, Sookie, Sookie Because of you most of my friends either hate me or think I m a total freak They think you re quirky, I think you re silly They think your story is better than candy, I think your story is the most uninteresting ever Sorry guys, I don t think this review is going to go well.I was recently told I was snarky and a cold hearted, impatient cynic you know who you are p [...]

  7. I d never heard of these books until a few months ago, and as usual, once one person recommends them, everyone seems to be talking about them, you see them everywhere, and you get curious They re in the fantasy section, though for some bizarre reason I was under the impression, at first, that they were YA and silly They are fun, but they are definitely for adults The vampire mystery style reminds me of the one Anita Blake book I read, the first one, which was horrible can t say that enough times [...]

  8. Some people have asked me why I never read Adult Paranormal Romance books.Well, TrueBlood is the reason why Read on, if you feel like snorting with pity laughter.Damn I wish I could explain why I had to give this book a one star rating without sounding lame as hell Because really, it was a stupid reason, one that only I would run into, and I m 98% certain many of you will roll your eyes at me.But I m going to be honest Because I m nothing if not a truthful person Ahaha, that s a total lie.The ma [...]

  9. The television show True Blood was better than this in every sense it completely transcended it Well, at least, before the fourth season hit and the writing went down the toilet But that s a separate issue altogether The show took Charlaine Harris s book and made the story better it made it sexy and scary But, let s not forget that without this there would have been no show whatsoever So fans of the television show do owe a lot to Charlaine Harris Her writing for me though can be summed up in on [...]

  10. I might have enjoyed this one if Sookie was a bit relatable In a paranormal romance, the reader is supposed to be able to project themselves into the main character, right I mean, we pretend like that s not the point but that s kinda sorta really the point But Sookie is so emotionally distant and half the time I can t even tell if she s happy or sad or angry or what Her motivations are hard to decipher from the text Perhaps I misjudged the intent of the book maybe it was written as a murder m [...]

  11. 3.44 A buddy read with the folks FBR I finally got to read a book that has been on my TBR for many, many years I own the complete series and have been thinking about starting, only every time I get distracted by something newer and shinier, thus I have to thank FBR for having a buddy read scheduled, because I have a feeling if I didn t get to it now, I never would have This was pretty exotic stuff for a telepathic barmaid from northern Louisiana This was a short and quick read, which dates itsel [...]

  12. 2 7 18 ON SALE for 2.99 amzn 2x4G9ZNReviewed by Rabid Reads3.5 starsI basically had two separate lives growing up My main life involved my nurse mother, my pharmacist legal father, and two of my three sisters, all living a suburban life just outside of Charlotte, NC My secondary life involved my biological father and his entire family which was they ve since departed headquartered in Bon Aqua pronounced ACK qua , TN Bon Aqua, thusly named for the water that locals lineup in their pickup trucks t [...]

  13. 3.5 stars This is the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse Series and I did enjoy it but I don t think I will be continuing with this series It just did not really excite me so much I guess the main reason why is because I really do not care for vampire stories too much I thought this would be an exception since there was a mystery in the book, and that was the part that I enjoyed Welcome to the small town of Bon Temps in Louisiana, where a mid twenty, blonde, blue eyed waitress named Sookie Stac [...]

  14. First off, paranormal fiction of any stripe really isn t my bag I m of a hard science horror, horror thriller kind of a guy I m a big fan of the TRUE BLOOD television series My wife tricked me into watching it, because I was convinced I couldn t possibly like yet another kissy vampire show Well, I was wrong I got hooked on the campy fun of TRUE BLOOD right off the bat Since I m an author and have high hopes of seeing one of my own books turned into a series someday, I picked up the first DEXTER [...]

  15. When I first read the premise for the book, I thought it was slightly intriguing Nothing I would rush out to get and read right away, but still enough for me to put on my list of to read Now that I ve read it, I want my brain back I like the idea that vampires are a known part of the human world I really do I liked Sam, about the only character in the entire book I did like, and how Harris explained him I just think it took to long for her to reveal it all and to get her point across.I love vamp [...]

  16. Original Rating 5 starsNew Rating 2 StarsThis was a Buddy read re read for me with Sarah, Karly, Carole, Kristin when we get to book 3 , Kelly when we get to book 4 , Jess, and Catherine.Ok, I don t know what I was thinking when I gave this book 5 stars This is not a 5 star book This was my 4th time reading this and I think my last The main reason is it s BORING There was WAY too much Bill I didn t realize how boring Bill was I mean, he was always super boring compared to Eric, but he was a tota [...]

  17. A group read with my GR buddies Sookie Stackhouse has a disability at least she thinks she has one She can read minds and she always has to block this ability of hers to keep herself from going crazy from constant buzz of thoughts from everywhere She also wants to meet a vampire, so when one finally walks into the bar she works as a waitress in, she literally jumps at him the way poor creature does not stand a chance For people who read Twilight I do not need to tell anything as this most defin [...]

  18. Opening Line I d been waiting for the Vampire for years when he walked into the bar I must be one of the last people on the planet to read Dead After Dark I also haven t had a chance yet to watch True Blood, although because it s been all over the media I had a pretty good visual reference for the characters here without actually having to compare the two I was able to just go along for the ride And what a ride, I can definitely see now what all the fuss has been about Honestly I had a hard time [...]

  19. Let s get one thing straightSookie Stackhouse is no Bella Swan You may have read the myriad reviews that list the similarities between Charlaine Harris s novels and the Twilight Saga and I can assure you that most of them are true Harris refers to her vampires glowing , Bill drinks synthetic blood, Sookie can read mindse list goes on and on.But after finishing this book, what I can assure you is that in so many ways these books are so completely different that they bear no comparison The Sookie [...]

  20. I m in that small minority of readers of urban fantasy who hasn t read this series or watched True Blood, the television show based on these books After reading this story, I m not quite sure what all the fuss is about but I m intrigued enough to continue on Sookie Stackhouse is a waitress at Merlotte s in the small Louisiana town of Bon Temps She has what she refers to as a disability, simply a telepathic ability Yes, she can hear people s thoughts with a few exceptions When Bill Compton shows [...]

  21. So, what can I say I enjoyed the book, but in a guilty pleasures, sort of embarrassed to admit kind of way Let s admit it this is hardly well written, but it s quick and light and fun, and there s something to be said for that.That said, I didn t really like Sookie s voice I found it rather irritating right from the start And the dialogue ugh, who talks like that And if people really do talk like that, then I m glad I don t know them.And there s not much character development to speak of Sookie [...]

  22. Karly *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)*

    Buddy read with these lovely ladies Sh3lly, Sarah Carole With a hopeful guest appearance ofJess because Jess I read all the vampy ness together, apparently P Let s see if Harris written word can live up to or surpass this sexy ass vamp And beast The Review 2 StarsWhere do I begin Oh, I know BILL I have never been a fan of Bill In True Blood he always reminded me a bit of a boring ass tax accountant than a vampire, he just not vampiric to me So, yes, I knew going into the beginning of this serie [...]

  23. Notes from the reviewer s internal dialogue before reviewing this bookYou want to say this is, if not the worst book you ve ever read, one of the worst Is your assertion accurate or are you engaging in hyperbole I believe this is one of the worst books I have ever read I didn t finish, giving up at the 60% mark, but I stand by the statement under the assumption that the author didn t turn into Shakespeare in the book s final third The last book I read that even approached this nadir was some Nic [...]

  24. Buddy read starting December 29 with Sarah, Shelly, Evgeny, Karly, Jess, Allison, Catherine Monty Cupcake.Discussion Thread2014 Review This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life.5 Stars When I saw that some of my friends on were getting a buddy read of this book organized, I jumped at the chance to join I don t really know why I love this book so much It actually has a few problems and I see them but I just don t care I love this book anyway despite all of its flaws This was actually [...]

  25. So finally, I meet Sookie Stackhouse I am late to the party by about 15 years, but I really enjoyed making her acquaintance I polished off the book in one evening and could quite happily have turned around and read it again right away In fact I did go back and read my favourite sections again.I found Sookie to be a smart and feisty main character Instead of her telepathy being an advantage, she has found it the ultimate in distracting, almost like a learning disability So when she runs into vamp [...]

  26. So I ve finally read a book by Charlaine Harris And it was good fun Good plot, murders to be solved, a nice, well behaved vampire called Bill and some less nice, unscrupulous vampires, a clever girl next door called Sookie with an unusual gift and a light, humorous style of writing Might even read another book in the series one day.

  27. I ll admit it After the watching the first season of True Blood a year ago, I picked up this book with some expectations that it has 1 a lot of sex, 2 a lot of gore, 3 a lot of wild personalities and 4 never ending hilarities la Jason s experience with V in the first season All illustrations of 4 removed for overt sexuality and dangerously addicting laughing spells for those inclined toward stupid humor, like I am What did I get A naive southern waitress with very stilted sense of the world arou [...]

  28. Oh, where to begin with this bookI have read some truly atrocious writing, but this is by far the worst I have ever read.Not for content or context though ridiculous as it was , but for the actual writing itself.Horrible Right from the start, the author bombards you with trivial descriptions Hurriedly she lets you know what everyone in town looks like by comparing in pairs for each person introduced, they are only described by being compare contrasted to the next person she introduces.Also, she [...]