My Blood Approves Unlimited My Blood Approves - by Amanda Hocking - My Blood Approves, My Blood Approves Seventeen year old Alice Bonham s life feels out of control after she meets Jack With his fondness for pink Chuck Taylors and New Wave hits aside Jack s unlike anyone she s ever met Then she meets hi

  • Title: My Blood Approves
  • Author: Amanda Hocking
  • ISBN: 9781533089540
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback

My Blood Approves

Unlimited My Blood Approves - by Amanda Hocking, My Blood Approves, Amanda Hocking, My Blood Approves Seventeen year old Alice Bonham s life feels out of control after she meets Jack With his fondness for pink Chuck Taylors and New Wave hits aside Jack s unlike anyone she s ever met Then she meets his brother Peter His eyes pierce through her and she can barely breathe when he s around Even though he can t stand the sight of her she s drawn to him But falling for twSeventeen Unlimited My Blood Approves - by Amanda Hocking. Unlimited My Blood Approves - by Amanda Hocking - My Blood Approves, My Blood Approves Seventeen year old Alice Bonham s life feels out of control after she meets Jack With his fondness for pink Chuck Taylors and New Wave hits aside Jack s unlike anyone she s ever met Then she meets hi

  • Unlimited My Blood Approves - by Amanda Hocking
    175Amanda Hocking
My Blood Approves
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  1. I never had this much fun, I swear This thing is the most unintentionally funny book I ve ever read I can t even say half of what I want to say about this, so please, read it So ahem Mary Sues of the world Hear ye, hear ye I ve met quite a few of you in my day, but what I have for you now will be beyond your wildest imagination It will rock your plain non matching socks It will take average to such high levels, not even your great great grand kids will be able to see it You will weep You have a [...]

  2. I bought this because I literally had 1 available credit on my visa I ve read some articles about the author and her newly earned bazillions and I thought, Self, is there a better way to piss away your hard earned last dollar than on a self published e book No, self, there is not The first half was a quick, mostly enjoyable read It really felt like I was reading a novel turned in to be work shopped in creative writing 101 in fact my reading enjoyment would have been increased if my copy had bee [...]

  3. 20 one of the worst books ever Negative Stars.For starter, now I can confidentially say I ve finally encountered a book which can make Cassandra Clare s, Stephenie Meyer and Marie Lu s novels look like decent literature, and this book is My Blood Approves, by Amanda Hocking.So you ask what has gone wrong in this book Oh let s me think about it.just where should I begin Warning F words here and there, don t like don t read 1 The story is a Twilight s doppelgangerPlain Jane main girl meets mysteri [...]

  4. I m not even 60% done with this book, but I might as well be My god, Alice You re a fucking imbecile A whiney, boneless, emotional protagonist that I d like to meet just to shove over someplace high You re like Bella Swan, except and I can t believe I m saying this Bella has a far deductive mind than you You know that part in Twilight where she goes, Vampire Never did I think I d applaud her observational skills, but here I am Jack s entire family has no goddamn temperature He s incredibly fast [...]

  5. After years of meaning to read this series and never quite getting around to it, I m finally getting around to it As I understand, Miss Hocking s is one such author who blazed such a trail through self publishing some odd years back so nowadays it s been mistaken for a beaten path to success I was overall entertained by this story snappy remarks, snazzy mythos but sometimes the plot stalled out due to characters hedging around need to know info well past the point of secrecy The back and forth b [...]

  6. I read the first couple of pages Alice and her friend Jane are chased by four big burly men and are rescued by another guy, then they decide that it s OK to get into the car of a complete stranger because he saved them from being raped or killed.Apparently a rescue is the new sweets from a stranger.I m sorry, it just made me LOL Not for me.

  7. Teenager Alice Bonham s life feels crazy after she meets Jack With his fondness for pink Chuck Taylors and New Wave, he s unlike anyone she knows Then she meets his brother, Peter Even though he can t stand the sight of her, she s drawn to him Falling for two guys isn t even the worst of her problems Jack and Peter are vampires, and Alice finds herself caught between love and her own blood This book sucked sobad,it should be banned, and the author should be exiled to another galaxy I just can t [...]

  8. Wow I still can t believe I brought this ebook from for 76p I originally thought that the price would speak for itself but it completely surprised me and now I have no idea why are selling it so cheap I LOVED this story I loved the way it gripped me all the way through I loved the characters and I loved the way the author did not just stick to an original love triangle I felt the story was unique and it left me cheering for both TEAM JACK TEAM PETER I can t not wait to read about them This book [...]

  9. the funny thing about this book, is that it is almost an exact replica of twilight, yet soo much better and thats saying something because this book sucks p there s no goody goody edward bella in this one, and there is a better sense of humor,, and thats why it gets two stars,, aha

  10. So, this woman just got a 2 million advance from St Martin s for a series of her books I bought this one for.99 off Kindle , which is where she got started I admire her energy and self starter mentality she s basically made herself into a cottage industry worth millions now, after a handful of paranormal romance novels But I read this one after reading Alden Bell s brilliant, fascinating, edge of seat gripping The Reapers are the Angels, which has style and substance and tone and reads, to me, a [...]

  11. Let me sum this book up with a Douglas Adams quote For a moment, nothing happened Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen.

  12. 0.99 at 13 DEC 2015I realized I never wrote a review for this and I think I added it right when I first joined Seeing as none of my friends have a review up for this, I thought I d leave a quick one.I read this either right after or right before reading Twilight for the first time It s obviously reminiscent of that If you liked Twilight, you d probably like this I don t recall any creeper behavior going on, so if you had issues with Edward in Twilight, you don t really get that here that I recal [...]

  13. Most people won t believe me when I say this, and some might even think I m an idiot for saying it I liked this book way than Twilight I found Alice to be so much tolerable than the ever annoying Bella Swan She meets Jack and she doesn t turn into a complete blubbering fool for starters.Jack is an awesome character as well I just really liked all of the characters in this book I picked this book up to get a cheap.99 read on the Nook, but I kept reading all 4 of the books so far, because of the [...]

  14. Vjerujem da ve pretpostavljate da knjiga ima veze sa vampirima Kad sam ve kod toga, dopustite mi jednu malu digresiju Kako ete prepoznati lo u knjigu o vampirima koju je napisala neka jadna debeljuca u kasnim dvadesetim ili srednjovje na ku anica koja eli zadaviti svoje troje djece i mu a Samo pogledajte kako se zove knjiga Ako u naslovu imaju rije i blood, passion, lust, fate okanite se knjige i tra ite dalje Da sam sama poslu ala svoj savjet, sada ne bih ovako ogor eno pisala o ovoj preglupoj [...]

  15. As Amanda Hocking s official 1 fan I have a t shirt and everything , I figured it was finally time I actually read one of her several books Being an indie author that puts a new book out every week or so it seems , I was very interested at what she would dish up And what I found was pure awesomeness.Alice was a pretty good protagonist I don t really like the fact that she was willing to throw her whole life away just to be part of Jack and Peter s family, but she carried the story well and was p [...]

  16. Una mezcla entre Crep sculo y Cazadores de sombra Narraci n mala, relaciones forzadas, personajes estereotipados y tontos, giros predecibles, situaciones rid culas, comentarios despreciativos y machistas Toda una joyita del g nero paranormal sarcasmo

  17. The main character is a teenage girl, Alice, who is probably one of the worst characters ever She obviously doesn t like her best friend Jane and who would, she s even worse than Alice , but for some strange reason they re still best friends.At the beginning of the book she out with Jane, they get attacked and then how predictable a mysterious guy shows up and saves Alice Jane doesn t need saving, because she already run away or something The three of them go for a coffee Jane and the waitress a [...]

  18. Vampiro Cool Look at this Esto me record a Crep sculo, ew.Compr este libro porque la portada de llam mucho la atenci n y me hab an dicho que era muy bueno No, no lo es Es un libro clich de amor y vampiros Lo nico que me gusta de los libros de vampiros es la manera en que los presentan Eso fue lo nico que realmente me gust La trama es un 50% predecible, mon tona y de las 319 paginas que tiene, creo que s lo me llegaron a gustar unas 50 Y eso porque algunas partes me dieron risa Esa retorcida risa [...]

  19. review by Megsly Warning possible spoilers ahead I had never heard of the My Blood Approves series, and to be frank, when I first heard the name I wasn t too intrigued The name didn t strike me as being the name of an awesome book, and to be honest, I ve admitted before that I am the type to judge a book by it s cover, and it s name However, this book was recommended to me by a girl I actually used to babysit when I was in high school She s in high school now, has happily jumped on the Twilight [...]

  20. What do you get when you pair absolutely atrocious writing, self editing and stolen plot lines This book I wanted to like itI really did but when someone takes so much story line from other writers and then throws in redundancy, poor grammar and spelling I can t take it I m honestly shocked I finished this book Its like a bad fan fiction version of The Vampire Diaries and Twilight The similarities are astounding so I doubt its just a vampire thing or just a coincidence Similarities between this [...]

  21. This author came recommended to me by and since it was only a.99 ebook I decided to give it a try The first thing I noticed about this book was that it is a knockoff of Twlight Second, was that it badly needed to be edited There were times in the book I had no idea who was speaking, which can be very frustrating The story is about Alice and Jack At first they are drawn to each other but not in a sexual way, which they repeat several times throughout the book When Jack introduces Alice to his fa [...]

  22. Alice Bonham is an average seventeen year old high school student She has a younger brother, who acts like an older brother, and a best friend who maybe doesn t have her best interests at heart, but who s going to notice her without being Jane s sidekick So, that s how she finds herself in her current situation, running for her life, in clothes that don t fit, and blisters on her feet from borrowed high heels Why is she running for her life Because Jane wanted to go clubbing But, neither one ca [...]

  23. PUEDE CONTENER SPOILERS Eh Okay.En una noche cualquiera en que Alice y Jane salen, se encuentra con un peligro, un chico misterioso Jack aparece de la nada y las salva Alice no se imagina que se ha metido en un mundo nuevo.A ver voy a tratar de resolver todo lo que tengo.Los personajes Alice, nunca he conocido a un personaje que me saque tanto de quicio como Alice, Alice es totalmente est pida, adem s de que encuentra cada pura situaci n como su muerte, y que deja que Jack la salve de todo, es a [...]

  24. Hum I do like it but the vampires are not my type only ever night vampires The book was really good and i really like Amanda s writing she has a lot of talent But vampires are really not my type.

  25. I have to mention before anything else that I really hate the title of this book Even knowing the story it barely makes sense and it s off putting somehow I would have never picked it up I know don t judge a book by it s cover if a friend hadn t have suggested it and loaned it to me on Kindle.Let s start with the things I didn t like so we can end on a good note The book has a bad tendency to tell the reader brand names which is a pet peeve of mine I really don t care that your characters are we [...]

  26. In Amanda Hocking s first novel Alice Bonham is the less sexy sidekick to her outgoing party hard friend Jane, the one who can find alcohol as easily a normal person could find water Alice lives with a mom she barely sees and a little brother charged with the task of cook for her, because she is too accident prone to do it herself She was the normal run of the mill teen girl until everything changed, after a late night encounter of the vampire kind, when Jack saved her from an unwelcome encounte [...]

  27. I liked this book I enjoyed the storyline and the characters and although not completely unique in every way the author managed to bring the story to some new and unique places Before I got the book Amanda was awesome She told me that she wouldn t promise that it would be mistake free And it wasn t But most of it wasn t that obvious to me There were a few errors grammatically wise that I wouldn t have noticed much if I hadn t been aware that there would be some The main things that bothered me w [...]

  28. Before I read this book I read some reviews just to gt a better understanding of this book I found that many of the reviews that I read talked about the grammatical errors and how this book is a total rip off of twilight My Blood Approves is the first person narrative of 17 year old Alice, a typical teenager who loves watching movies and hanging out with her friends and spending time with her younger brother, Milo One night while out trying to sneak into bars using fake IDs with her best friend [...]