Fate Free Read Fate - by Amanda Hocking - Fate, Fate Alice Bonham thinks she s finally found a balance in her life between the supernatural and real life with her brother Milo Jack her sorta vampire boyfriend keeps her at arm s length to keep her safe A

  • Title: Fate
  • Author: Amanda Hocking
  • ISBN: 9781533090706
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback


Free Read Fate - by Amanda Hocking, Fate, Amanda Hocking, Fate Alice Bonham thinks she s finally found a balance in her life between the supernatural and real life with her brother Milo Jack her sorta vampire boyfriend keeps her at arm s length to keep her safe As for his brother Peter she s not sure where he s at or what he wants with her Worse still she s not even sure what she wants with Peter When tragedy happens AlicAlice Bonham thinks she s fina Free Read Fate - by Amanda Hocking. Free Read Fate - by Amanda Hocking - Fate, Fate Alice Bonham thinks she s finally found a balance in her life between the supernatural and real life with her brother Milo Jack her sorta vampire boyfriend keeps her at arm s length to keep her safe A

  • Free Read Fate - by Amanda Hocking
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  1. I m still struggling with how many stars I should give this, but I think I ll settle for 2,5.In one of the first chapters, Milo slips, breaks his neck and then Alice has To decide to either let her brother die or to let them turn him into a vampire She tells Jack to turn him and then spends some time blaming him for doing that to Milo O_O this is what my face looked like while I read that part If you think that s selfish then brace yourself.Milo is a new vampire and he needs to adjust to his new [...]

  2. Man, this series definitely belongs on my dramarama shelf because that is seriously the driving force of these books.Still a funny read, I think the vampire mythos here is interesting Would like substance to the plot like a story arc or compelling antagonists rather than we make all our own problems relationship drama That said, I keep turning pages and enjoy myself so a lot is going right than wrong And I ll be continuing on to the next.

  3. I would have rated this book a 3 until the end So much time was spent on Alice being isolated and miserable I hope in the future books Alice is a likable character So far she has been whiny, self centered EVERYTHING is about her , and sluggish She has no drive to do ANYTHING She has no interests, no motivation, no pizazz, nothing All she does is sit around feel sorry for herself She can t even make an attempt to try to do well in school She sleeps through her classes and lets everyone cater to [...]

  4. Este libro contin a la historia de Instinto, el primer libro de la saga Lazos de Sangre El primer libro no me gust mucho, pero le di una oportunidad al segundo porque de verdad que hab a disfrutado leyendo su predecesor.En Hado otras tramas son abiertas, por lo que ya la historia no se basa solamente en Alice con su raro tri ngulo amoroso en plan incesto Milo se convirti en un vamprio, Peter sigue desaparecido y hay unos nuevos vampiros por all que tendr n algo en contra de nuestros protagonista [...]

  5. The I read this series, the I like it I find that the characters have become real people to me, and I care about whats going to happen to them There are some interesting things that happen in this book Milo has time in the book, and you get to know Jane a bit better.Top that off with learning about the vampire scene and stalking vampires that are not as friendly as Jacks family, and I think this book will hold your interest.I gave it 4 instead of a 5 because the grammar issues s were worse t [...]

  6. I m so glad I started reading this series Just when you think you have the plot figured out, something comes along and changes everything for the better I really liked where the author took Fate The story started off fast with a shocking story line I never expected I did think the middle part dragged slightly but the ending truly makes up for that leaving you wanting I can not wait to read of the Peter Alice Jack love triangle but I think I am secretly hoping Peter wins even though I love Jack [...]

  7. Bei diesen B chern ist es ein ewiges Hin und Her Amanda Hocking schreibt derma en gut, dass die Spannung immer da ist und man auch auf jeden Fall weiterlesen m chte Bei der Geschichte hapert es jedoch an manchen Ecken erheblich So schwankt man als leser immer von Beigeisterung zu Kopfsch tteln und wieder zur ck Aber eines ist klar Auch hier lese ich direkt weiter.

  8. Jack starts to realize that he is in love with Alice after he found out that Peter has a claim on her Always count on a boy to realize their feelings for a girl when their territory gets threatened Anywayse big sucky part is that Jack and Alice can t be together because her blood bond dictates that she belongs with Peter and Peter has the right to kill her and Jack if Jack gets too friendly with Alice This is really rough for Alice because her body tells her she belongs with Peter but her heart [...]

  9. I wrote most of this review before I finished this book, so my first inclination was to give it a 2 2.5, but I upped it after the last of the book drastically improved.Here s my initial review Gosh, I m not sure I can take any of this series The story improved as the book progressed, but Alice still bothers me so much She s so passive and never takes charge of her life If she showed any inclination to do anything other than lay around and wait for Jack to call, I might enjoy this series She al [...]

  10. DNF 30%Lo intent , realmente lo intent , pero es un libro terrible La narraci n es p sima, muy simple, sin descripciones del entorno o de los personajes, s lo largas listas de adjetivos sobre el atractivo del chico y sus much simas cualidades Los di logos forzados, las reacciones inveros miles, los giros inesperados totalmente esperados Los personajes estereotipados de los pies a la cabeza, planos e irritantes, ni uno se salva de caer en los clich s del g nero la protagonista sosa que es hermosa [...]

  11. FATE by Amanda Hocking 2 stars She s an amateur, and it shows You re a millionaire, Hocking, buy a damn editor Jesus Learn where to put commas, how to structure a sentence, and what is proper and improper grammar It s really not THAT hard There are thousands of websites that will teach you FOR FREE Imagine that I ve quickly grown bored with the woe is me attitude the MC has There is little to no plot in the whole book, and an editor story and copy is desperately and I mean desperately needed I w [...]

  12. La verdad no me iba a leer este libro porque me hab a le do el primero y me hab a parecido tan malo que decid no continuar la saga, pero me prestaron este segundo libro as que decid darle una oportunidadEn primer lugar la protagonista, Alice, sigue sin gustarme, es un personaje sin car cter ni personalidad que se deja llevar por todo y no sabe lo que quiere y en cuanto a su situaci n amorosa juega con Jack pensando que lo quiere, pero a la vez no lo quiere debido a su situaci n con Peter y sus s [...]

  13. I m pleasantly surprised as Book 2 is much improved over Book 1 As I see occur a good bit, the author finally gets their stride and their writing grows up with the story Fate sees Alice struggle with the events that occur and put a wrench in her plans She also has to deal with her feelings for both Jack and Peter Some things happen which I can t say, because spoilers These things lead to a dangerous mission to bring Peter home and leaves many people stressed, jealous, and trying to deal with all [...]

  14. From the first chapter in this series, I wasn t truly affected by a single word written Don t get me wrong, I liked a lot of events throughout both books but not a single thing was true or convincing Sadly The idea of My blood approves is good And since, I m a fan of vamps, I liked my blood approves But, really, let s be honest All Alice did was whine about everything and about Jack not being close enough to her It was just wrong Anyways my blood approves wasn t that bad It was alright But, I th [...]

  15. I hate to write a negative review about this book because I really love this author, but this is honestly one of the most boring books I have read in a really long time The main character, Alice, was very one dimensional, and came across as very whiny I didn t like her character for the same reason I didn t like Bella in Twilight too whiny and way too obsessive over her boyfriend Just because your boyfriend doesn t see you for two days is no reason to completely lose who you are I do not like th [...]

  16. This has been an unusual reading experience for me.I m sticking with the series, I think because I want to see where the story goes and if the writing improves and I m a little masochistic.As it stands after My Blood Approves and Fate , the writing screams amateur, which isn t great for a published work that you pay for.The number of grammatical errors is shameful, Hocking uses a paragraph to describe what easily one sentence could and her characters all speak the same way like teenagers That s [...]

  17. Once again, the grammatical errors can be distracting, as they were in the last book, but still some might enjoy this vampire tale.Alice is still flighty and insincere, and in this second book in the series, she becomes extremely annoying at times Her lack of focus and initiative to get a handle on her life, her desires, and her future goals is slightly annoying Once again, I found Milo much enjoyable than Alice as a solid character Milo knows exactly what he wants in life, and even his life al [...]

  18. I LOVE THIS BOOK Ahh it s so addicting I m adopting Alice s sleeping patterns thanks to this series In the beginning when Alice was angry and upset, I was actually in a bad mood for her lol I found myself snapping at my family for no reason other than I was upset for Alice Crazy I was seriously sucked into this book It s almost 3am and I have to force myself to put my nook away now and not read Flutter yet It s just so good Okay I need to breathe and get some sleep Lol I feel like an addict.

  19. Loved this book just as much now as I did the first time I read it 3 years ago Peter has always had a way of making me adore him 3Wish Amanda Hocking would release the 5th and last book, because I am dying to see how she closes the series out

  20. Oh man, this one was a hard book to finish Everyone on this fucking book is a bloody moron, the romance, if you can even call it that, is fucking deplorable , and the plot has holes than a fucking French cheese I m just glad I went through this painful read for one reason only I will never read books by Amanda Hocking I loved the Trylle trilogy, Kanin or whatever was a huge disappointment, I tried her mermaid series, couldn t go past the first couple chapters.My Blood Approves, the first book [...]

  21. why am I still spending my money on these I totally root for Peter I m sorry For one, Jack KNEW Alice wasn t for him He basically betrayed his brother Secondly, HE KNEW HE SHOULDNT HAVE DONE THAT TO ALICE FOR REAL Thirdly, the end Really It s basically rape Fuck That Fourthly, I genuinely don t think Peter is a bad dude alright view spoiler I read spoiler reviews for the next two books I m not wasting my money She doesn t end up with Peter It s like the disappointment of Nightshade all over agai [...]

  22. Thank goodness the heroine finally turns I don t think I m spoiling anything given this news is all over the cover of the 3rd book in the series Hocking wove an intriguing enough yarn about all these vamps, enough to make me vote yes for reading book 3 in the near future but not so urgently that I can t insert December s book club read before then Decent writer A little prudish than I usually appreciate for my protagonist, but hey I get that is part of her schtick for Alice.

  23. It is summer, Milo and Alice are hanging out with Jack at his house There is a lake with a dock in their backyard Jack, Alice and Milo are out at night swimming in the lake Alice decides to go inside and help Mae who is preparing some snacks for Milo and Alice since they are the only ones who eat and doesn t drink blood Mae tells Alice to go change out of her bathing suit because it is cold in the house they keep it cold because they are vampires While she is changing she hears someone screaming [...]

  24. 2,5Esta segunda parte es un poco mejor que la primera pero solo medio punto m s El libro no me ha gustado porque no hay una trama s lida La trama es sobre Alice que quiere estar con Jack pero no puede porque pertenece a Peter Me hace gracia porque no se pueden juntar ni nada por Peter cuando l ni siquiera est ah , se ha ido y no saben adonde.No tiene un argumento s lido que no puedan estar juntos porque Peter lo dice y los matar a Para eso que maten a Peter as podr an estar juntos Adem s, Alice [...]

  25. I was really looking forward to book 2 in the My Blood Approves series as I loved the first one but for me book 2 was a bit of a disappointment.I m in two minds about these covers as I think they could be stunning photographs but I think it s a bit misleading as it gives a creepy feeling to me but this book is by no means a creepy book.It took a very long while to get into this book and actually it wasn t until the last few chapters when I really started to get into it Even though there was a fe [...]

  26. I can t believe I wasted my time reading this book Honestly, this book is nothing but ideas stolen from Twilight and, I felt for some parts, The Host There is no plot, nothing that progresses the story Everything s a cliche I hoped expected, even that the the story would improve, and that the stupid errors would disappear and the author s writing would be better and not contradictive, but unfortunately, no such luck If you ask me, I think Hocking wasted her time writing this book Alice did nothi [...]

  27. Ok, so I m just going to start by saying that I have this problem My problem is that when I start a series or trilogy or just a book with a sequel, I won t write my review until I m like finished, because I just cannot stop reading for the like of me I read all four of the my blood approves books in three days because I just didn t want to stop, so I ve kind of been procrastinating with writing this review.So to start, I think that these books were REALLY good I mean there were like those stupid [...]

  28. We ll this is the second book in the My Blood Approves Series Alice is getting use to her new life, sort of After Peter almost killing her and Jack almost telling her that he loves her she is dealing Jack starts to realize that he is in love with Alice after he found out that Peter has a claim on her Always count on a boy to realize their feelings for a girl when their territory gets threatened Anyways the big sucky part is that Jack and Alice can t be together because her blood bond dictates th [...]

  29. I recently re read this book when I was unable to sleep and needed something to help me get there I had originally given this book 4 stars, but I have absolutely NO IDEA why Alice spends a good majority of this book moping around and being selfish The little bit of likable she was from the first book evaporates in this book At the beginning, she makes the decision to turn her brother Milo after he slips and breaks his neck, but then spends the rest of the book being mad about it or whining and c [...]

  30. I m torn writing my review of this book Throughout most of the story, I found myself very frustrated I m supposed to believe that Alice is meant for Peter but because he was never really developed as a character, I really didn t care Jack is adorable and loves her so I found myself wondering who I m supposed to be rooting for Why is this an issue I hated that Ezra and Mae were so deadset against Jack and Alice having a relationship It seemed silly to expect them to remain buddies My frustration [...]

  31. I have consistently liked this series from book one to book two and am currently reading book three I really love how Amanda Hocking plays with the love triangle in a way that has not really been done before I particularly liked the end, when that triangle came to a head and how the characters reacted I love Jack, he is so endearing I am so looking forward to seeing what happens in the lives of these characters.The only thing I will say that was annoying to me were the incredible amount of editi [...]

  32. Huh I don t know how I feel about this book and I know that Jane has something up her sleeve I think she wants to become a vampire herself The love triangle in this book is pretty intense and I am team Peter, yeah he was an ass in the first book and he only shows up at the end of this book but he was so sweet and common, honestly, he lost what he thought was the love his life however many years ago and all of a sudden this girl shows up and her blood calls to him and it is an instant attraction [...]

  33. I was sifting through the various recommendations that provides, when I saw the first book in this series advertised and it was being offered for 99 cents Despite the errors in spelling and grammar, from lack of proper editing, the storyline is superb There are characters added to this second book, yet I wish the author had spent some time developing them and giving us a background of where they are coming from We are kept on the edge of our seats as the unexpected unfolds Milo, the brother bec [...]

  34. I enjoyed this book just as much as the first one I really liked that it had of Milo, I grew to love the boy a lot Alice kinda annoyed me sometimes but most of the time I could see why she acted the way she did I also started to get feelings for poor Peter, he s not as bad as he seems and I felt so sorry for him in the end Can t wait to see what s in store for him in book 3 Again I gave this book 3 stars because it s also not one of the best books I ve read, but I still really liked it

  35. We ve all heard the line, Its so bad, its good Is that the case for Fate My Blood Approves 2 Well, nope I could be cruel say its bad, but there was a moment or two in it that just made laugh out loud One line that makes me cringe as I type it My phone glowed on the tabletop like a beacon of unrequited love le sigh or le barf If only the entire book were as fast paced as its last quarter Sadly, there was a lot of description going on, a lot of sighing from afar and very little action between the [...]

  36. Por que Alice es TAN pesada la mitad del libro se la pasa durmiendo o llorando De todos los libros que le , siento que ella es a el personaje femenino que menos soporto Todo su ser me molesta, llega un punto en que leerla se me hacia insoportable Tengo como un sentimiento de amor y odio con esta saga Alice y Milo me caen muy mal, pero amo con mi ser a los otros personajes, y eso me hace querer seguir leyendo No me gusta para nada como escribe Amanda pero en si la historia es asombrosa, pero el d [...]

  37. Primeras impresiones Porque no sale todo como yo quiero que salga Es s per frustrante PR XIMAMENTE rese a

  38. Now were on to the second book in the My Blood Approves series and it s amazing just like the first book With this one there s a major plot twist that I didn t see coming It completely took me by surprise.Do you want to know Then keep reading Alice has a blood bond with Peter which doesn t really make sense and everyone I trying to figure it out because Alice is Human and Peter is a 300 year old vamp Jack then also realizes that he has feelings for Alice but the timing couldn t be any worse beca [...]

  39. Alice, the main character, is like in love with this vampire named Jack and her brother actually likes him too because he is gay So Alice and her brother have been spending a lot of time this summer over at Jack s and his family s One night Jack and Milo Alice s brother are over at Jack s house swimming and Milo was running and slips and falls Milo is on his deathbed and the only way to save him is to turn him into a vampire So Jack then turns Milo that night and all is good Alice thinks So then [...]

  40. No s Si hablamos sobre el libro en general dir a que es vago No tiene gran cosa y parece el t pico fanfic que puedes leer en internet Sin embargo, hay que reconocer que los di logos son entretenidos hasta cierto punto y que Peter y Jack son los t picos chicos ideales que cualquier chica se enamorar a y por supuesto los cuales est n locamente enamorados de una humana com n Si me pongo analizarlo es una historia de una adolescente cachonda que casualmente se encuentra con los chicos m s hot del mu [...]

  41. I don t know why I gave this two stars It deserves one Or less I m treating this series as a lesson in what not to do when writing a novel Seriously Alice is the most pathetic, whiny, miserable excuse of a protagonist I have ever encountered The girl from Temptation was better Even the girl from the Beautiful Dead series the last series I suffered through for seemingly no reason was a better main character Alice has nothing going for her and when Jack SPOILER ALERT tells her she s worth dying fo [...]

  42. Con esta saga me pasa algo similar a La selecci n, se que son lecturas muy simples demasiado y que las autoras no profundizan de ninguna manera pero tienen algo que aun no descubro que es que hacen que no pueda soltarlos, aunque por momentos me recordaba demasiado a Crep sculo En este caso ya tenia tiempo que hab a le do el primer libro pero decid darle la oportunidad a la saga y si bien al comienzo me pareci demasiado simple rayando en el fan fic la manera en como esta narrado ya despu s le tom [...]

  43. I love Amanda Hocking for writing this book series I loved Fate, I was so enthralled with this book that I could not wait until I was able to pick up this book and begin reading again.There is just something about this story that has affected me so much I am totally captivated by not only the story but as by the characters as well Alice is wonderfully human When it comes to somethings, Alice doesn t quite know what she wants and the things she actually does know she wants she doesn t know how to [...]

  44. I really do like this series and I already have book 3 and 4 to read, but I want to take a moment to think I still can t believe Milo turn instead of her I didn t even thought of him been a vampire it just never came up in mind Neither that Jane was going to find out.At the end, things change so much, I thought they where going to wait 1 to 2 years for her to turn, but guess plan change 33I have to admit, my best parts of this book are the one where Peter appear, it just looks like a really hard [...]