Rebellion [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Rebellion : by Kass Morgan - Rebellion, Rebellion Centuries after nuclear war destroyed our planet humanity struggles to rebuild It s been a month since the dropships landed and the Colonists joined the Hundred on the ground The teens once branded

  • Title: Rebellion
  • Author: Kass Morgan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback


[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Rebellion : by Kass Morgan, Rebellion, Kass Morgan, Rebellion Centuries after nuclear war destroyed our planet humanity struggles to rebuild It s been a month since the dropships landed and the Colonists joined the Hundred on the ground The teens once branded juvenile delinquents are now leaders among their people The Colonists and the Earthborns are celebrating their first holiday together when to everyone s horror they re atCenturies after n [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Rebellion : by Kass Morgan. [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Rebellion : by Kass Morgan - Rebellion, Rebellion Centuries after nuclear war destroyed our planet humanity struggles to rebuild It s been a month since the dropships landed and the Colonists joined the Hundred on the ground The teens once branded

  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Rebellion : by Kass Morgan
    249Kass Morgan
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  1. UNBELIEVABLE I m so irritatedy ALLFIRST OF ALL don t tell me this is a trilogy and then make it a quad ilogy SECOND OF ALL why the fuck are you using tv covers for the boosk full time nowit is bc the author herself has accepted the books don t even compare to their tv adaptation and that somehow tv is absolutely slaying this series while the books are notANYWAY now I gotta hurl this series out of the completed list unbelievable I mean, I m going to read this bc I m a mindless consumer and I suck [...]

  2. Behold, another book of The 100 I think I was just as surprised as anyone else in this fandom when I learned that Kass Morgan was giving us a fourth book because it came almost a full two years after Homecoming, and I think we were all under the impression Morgan was ending things with the trilogy even if it was pretty open ended Turns out she wasn t out of ideas and this latest idea of hers, while a little divergent from the CW series they ll never adapt this book at this point because its cul [...]

  3. This review contains spoilers that I haven t hidden with a cut, because I don t give a damn Consider this yr warning Anyway, hi I m back, still stubbornly reading this series The fourth book was a surprise, because I expected it to end as a trilogy but I do think this must be the last of the series, considering how Morgan ties it all off with a pretty, idyllic bow at the end Overall 2.5 stars, and surprisingly maybe the best of the series But it s still incredibly shallow and superficial, and st [...]

  4. This book is pretty much exactly what I expected a completely unnecessary addition to a completed trilogy I didn t hate it enough to give it one star, but this book adds nothing to this series.After everything has wrapped up, the story follows the characters after a new group of people kidnap a few of the group The story is almost 300 pages of this random kidnapping plot that feels so irrelevant compared to the plot of the original series.There s no denying that the reason a fourth book was orde [...]

  5. Ik heb weer zo genoten van dit boek spanning, avontuur, mysterie en romantiek alles waar ik van hou zat in het verhaal

  6. Not as disappointing as the last one, but I still think these books had so much potential to them I really like the idea behind the plot and the characters are amazing, but I just feel that the story is too basic and predictable If this series continues, I ll keep reading it because 1 I don t like leaving series unfinished, and 2 despite all the plot flaws, I like the characters and I would like to see what happens to them However, if I had to choose between the book series and the TV series, I [...]

  7. OMG I M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS Also cannot wait for the cover I hope it s something from the show which makes sense with the book

  8. Das kam berraschend Eigentlich war die Romanreihe Die 100 von Kass Morgan, welche in Deutschland im Verlag Heyne fliegt ver ffentlicht wird, nach dem dritten Band Heimkehr beendet Die 100 sind mehr oder weniger heile und vollz hlig auf der Erde angekommen und haben sich den zahlreichen Gefahren wiedersetzt und zusammen mit den restlichen berlebenden der Kolonie im All wurde nach vielen Auseinandersetzungen eine neue Gesellschaft auf der Erde etabliert und das mit einigen der Erdgeborenen Friede [...]

  9. actual rating 3.5a new enemy is rising I was just as surprised as anyone who has read this series when Kass Morgan announced she would be releasing a fourth book in the series I personally didn t think that there needed to be a fourth book in the series and for me personally i loved how the third book ended However i feel that this fourth book could have acted as the third book in the series and then the third one could have acted like the fourth book Characters Clarke My favourite character of [...]

  10. I am not a Bellarke in the tvshow but I will sail with this ship in the book version.I devoured it Reading a the 100 book is like watching an episode of the show.It is so addict and people are dying in the book too But the ending was just a big NO I twisted my nose at those last pages I mean that ending is too cheesy for a dystopic world I get that they re teen BUT HELL NO.Also Bellamy in the book he doesn t even look like him.i.e When everybody was n dangerous his first thought was Clarke inste [...]

  11. Leuk boek voor fans van de serie Het verhaal las vlot maar ik miste de spanning van de vorige delen Het werd af en toe een beetje saai.

  12. While I feel like my opinion is 500% biased and everyone should know that going in, I also feel like this book, like the others in the series was awesome True I adore this world and the characters and they are very clearly my happy place but still I think anyone could find enjoyment in this world with these people We get to see a threat facing our favorite survivors and it s one they haven t dealt with before It opens their world up even and gives them new challenges, a new foe and one it s so [...]

  13. I read the first three books of this series early last year when I fell in love the show in the early seasons and then this book came out so I was actually pretty confused when I started reading this book and I basically couldn t remember a thing that had happened in the last book It was also really surprising that this book even came out because everyone assumed that was the end because there were three books and the third book ended fairly rounded but I guess the popularity of the show fueled [...]

  14. This one was definitely my favorite of the bunch While instill have my issues with the series as a whole mind you im attached to it because the show is an all time favorite but i felt the plot was so much better The characters development and interaction was much better I loved the pacing and while there were some character issues i hate the ending legit made up for it What can i say i love me some The 100

  15. Rating 4,5 out of 5 Contains Spoiler The 100 Rebellion is the 4th instalment in The 100 series by Kass Morgan, first published December 6th 2016.The book is again told out of 4 different point of views Clarke, Wells, Bellamy and Glass The story takes places about a month after the happenings in book 3 The village built by the Colonists gets attacked at the Harvest Fest by the so called Protectors They are a cult dedicating themselves to Earth witch takes the part of the god in their scenario The [...]

  16. 3.5 starsBefore I begin my review, let me make one thing clear YES, I m biased concerning this book I m a HUUUGE fan of the tv show, honestly I love it so much So of course when I found out there was a 4th book to the series, I had to read it, even though I like the show better than the books.First, it felt super strange to get back to reading a The 100 book because the characters are quite different Clarke, Bellamy and Octavia are the only ones that are the same in the books as in the tv show A [...]

  17. 4.5 stars Full review on my blog here telltalepage.wordpress 20I bumped this down half a star for only one fact yet again, just as things seem to be going perfectly well, some new obstacle comes along I mean, I know that s how plot works, but the show takes this to an extreme that has me so tired, especially when my favorite characters are involved Anyway, like book 3, this was a bit fast paced, and there was once again a face to put toward a protagonist When the white clothed men showed up I t [...]

  18. Que me devuelvan el dinero ltimo volumen de la serie donde los 100 una vez establecida la tregua entre los cien y los nuevos colonos y la uni n de estos con los terr colas buenos aprenden a vivir en uni n y teniendo presente a esos terr colas no tan amistosos y a la p rdida de Sasha por parte de Wells.Se me han hecho largos estos dos ltimos vol menes, si tengo que definirlos y m s ste ltimo dir a que me pareci simpl n y con una narraci n infantil La autora creo que perdi el norte y no supo sacar [...]

  19. Look, I wanted just to skip this book Just to ignore it s existence, and simply not read it FORTUNATELY, I don t leave unfinished series unless I m really stopped from doing that and I ve read it ALL In the beginning I really couldn t stand it But, it grew on me and I fucking finished it, AND MAY I JUST SAY THAT I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THE ENDING This series isn t actually bad as I was thinking before and if the first book sounds interesting to you, go read it The third one was the weakest one, [...]

  20. Die L nge des Buches verhindert, dass die Handlung in die Tiefe gehen kann Aus der Idee h tte sehr viel mehr gemacht werden k nnen, doch Kass Morgan nutzt das, was sie f r eine solche Seitenzahl verwenden kann Es ist spannend, die Charaktere bleiben sich treu und es l sst sich sehr leicht lesen Meine ausf hrliche Rezension gibt es auf dem Blog liveyourlifewithbooks.wordpre

  21. I really enjoyed reading this book It wasn t very special and it doesn t really add much to the original trilogy but I enjoyed going back to the dystopian world of The 100 D.

  22. I didn t really like this book I think I just lost interest in the characters, they all annoyed me a lot And the plot was not very good neither so, I m glad I ve finished reading this book.

  23. 3.5 StarsA group calling themselves the Protectors invades Clarke, Bellamy, Wells and Glass s peaceful home Clarke and Bellamy will both do anything to get their friends back, but their thoughts have opposite patterns Glass has a tough decision to make while Wells must pull off a devious fa ade.As I ve been watching The 100 TV show a lot recently I immediately noticed all the differences The first three books in the series I read about May 2016 so it s been quite a while The main characters go t [...]

  24. The 100 kitaplar ile ilgili problem u ki, hepsi ok s ve ayr nt dan yoksun Ama kolay okunuyorlar Bu beklenmedik 4 kitap ise serinin en iyisi bence Yazar biraz daha cesaretli yazm sanki Hikayenin ak nda b y k bo luklar vard Mant m n kavrayamad eyler oldu Olaylar ok h zl geli ip ok h zl sonland Bu kadar ele tirdikten sonra 4 y ld z veriyorum Yazar bir 5 kitap daha yazmaya karar verirse onu da okurum b y k ihtimalle Bo zaman doldurmak i in e lenceli kitaplar.