A Loving Scoundrel Free Read A Loving Scoundrel - by Johanna Lindsey - A Loving Scoundrel, A Loving Scoundrel THE MALORYS ARE BACK Johanna Lindsey brings to glorious life her beloved aristocratic family of adventurous rogues and spirited ladies as the Malorys confront the shocking news that Jeremy the rakehe

  • Title: A Loving Scoundrel
  • Author: Johanna Lindsey
  • ISBN: 9780743456302
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback

A Loving Scoundrel

Free Read A Loving Scoundrel - by Johanna Lindsey, A Loving Scoundrel, Johanna Lindsey, A Loving Scoundrel THE MALORYS ARE BACK Johanna Lindsey brings to glorious life her beloved aristocratic family of adventurous rogues and spirited ladies as the Malorys confront the shocking news that Jeremy the rakehell son of gentleman pirate James Malory has fallen in love When Jeremy Malory hires Danny a young woman who grew up on London s streets disguised as a boy as his upstairs mTHE MA Free Read A Loving Scoundrel - by Johanna Lindsey. Free Read A Loving Scoundrel - by Johanna Lindsey - A Loving Scoundrel, A Loving Scoundrel THE MALORYS ARE BACK Johanna Lindsey brings to glorious life her beloved aristocratic family of adventurous rogues and spirited ladies as the Malorys confront the shocking news that Jeremy the rakehe

  • Free Read A Loving Scoundrel - by Johanna Lindsey
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A Loving Scoundrel
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  1. This was another one lovely and adventurous story from the Mallory family This family had managed to climb upon my heart and i don t get enough of their adventures I m having such a wonderful time with their companyThis time was Jeremy s turn who in this book is 25 years old God, he grew up very well We had met him on the second book and he was just 16, so i m feeling exciting for his turn And in the equation of this crazy bunch was added DannyJeremy Mallory had an adventurous life since he was [...]

  2. 5 brilliant stars I adore Pygmalion themed romances and I adored this one The Malory family is the best family in historical romances ever When Danny is five, she wakes up in an alley, bleeding with no memory Her companion dies short thereafter and she is adopted by Lucy who teaches her to dress like a boy and talk like a street urchin Danny pretends for fifteen years, until she walks into a trap set by Jeremy Mallory to find a thief to do their bidding He immediately realize that she is a woman [...]

  3. In A Loving Scoundrel we have a young woman, Danny, who grew up on the streets, learning how to pick pockets and steal to survive She has no memory of her life before she was found and integrated into a gang of pickpockets and thieves Having no choice but to pose as a boy, in order to protect herself, so that she doesn t have to work at a whorehouse, she has cultivated a excellent talent in thievery and pickpocketing, however deep inside she aches for a stable future and a husband and children T [...]

  4. Ugh I m not sure why I keep reading Lindsey, other that the fact that I know that the declarations of love alone won t make me gag I consistently find her plots formulaic, and her constant repetition of the same tropes in each of her successive Malory novels wore thin for me after the first one The idea of Danny, a pickpocket girl who pretends to be a boy to attract less notice and avoid prostitution, was interesting, I suppose, but I am SO TIRED of the smug, domineering male deciding to tame th [...]

  5. Well, I quite used to like the Mallory books and I still have a lot of them on my shelves I especially liked Jeremy in the various supporting roles he had in the previous books but this time I read about 150 pages and it s all family reunion when there is talk.The most exciting bits are the early childhood of Danny and the heist that she, Jeremy and Percy pull off And then Jeremy falls into instant lust with her And Danny when thrown out of the gang, doesn t want money from Jeremy as a recompens [...]

  6. I found A Loving Scoundrel at the library and quickly proceeded to check this one out too I started this one Sunday morning and finished it late, and I do mean late, Sunday night say around 3 am This reminded me of many a time in my past where I stayed up far too late reading and re reading the latest Johanna Lindsey novel Jeremy Malory continues the tradition of thoroughly, mild numbingly hot heroes He would definitely be hard to resist if I was Danny, his amazing, enjoyable heroine This book d [...]

  7. 3 starsI haven t read a Johanna Lindsey book in a whileeeeee I was so happy to jump into this one because I always said that I d do just that only for something else to read and then Jeremy kept getting pushed back I loved Danny right off the bat and Jeremy was a charmer I did not like how he kept trying to push Danny to sleep with him when she wanted to stay true to herself who just wanted to earn a living I didn t appreciate that of Jeremy and his belittling of her and her dreams And the drama [...]

  8. Once upon a time there was this romance author, Johanna Lindsey.She began publishing in the late 70 s and from the 80 s through mid 90 s she was one of the Avon queens of historical romance Sure you had Wooodiwss, who published one book every four years, and Rosemary Rogers, whose tawdry bodice ripping plots weren t for the faint of heart Then there was Johanna Lindsey You could always guarantee a virgin heroine, a loyal, overbearing hero and a story that would have you either rolling your eyes [...]

  9. Okay, I m cheating here, and I don t like them all equally, but I do love the Mallory s They re all funny I especially liked Love Only Once the first book , Gentle Rogue my favorite , and The Magic of You where the heroine chases the hero shamelessly.

  10. Mixed feelings about this strange book Very entertaining, certainly, and the character of the heroine Danny is unique and priceless, but Too many details and too much speech that are completely inappropriate for the supposed setting post Regency but pre Victorian England Too many parts of the plot that make very little sense e.g the girl who was so desperate to marry the hero that she started a rumour about being pregnant with his child and add very little to the book Too many coincidences and t [...]

  11. This was the first of the Malory series that I read and it will likely be the last I doubt I ll read anything else by this writer either I liked the premise, but it was so poorly written researched that I found myself frequently irritated by what I was reading The historical period was, at best, only vaguely defined The characters used phrases that were not current before the 20th century, and I lost count of all the anachronistic Americanisms in their speech They also behaved in ways that didn [...]

  12. This story is about the illegitimate son of James Malory, Jeremy, and a pickpocket, Danny, who for most of her life pretended to be a boy Really good historical story I really enjoyed seeing other Malorys from the previous books The end made me cry a bit.

  13. I love the Malory family and have been waiting for Jeremy s story for a long time I m happy to say I loved it While not particularly earth shattering regarding plot, it made up for that in charm I m glad that Johanna kept the irrepressible spirit that earned Jeremy the title, Scamp She pairs him with an equally charming and equally irrepressible young lady by the name of Danny Her introduction is funny and starts the ball rolling into what turns out to be a delightful story Danny and Jeremy are [...]

  14. This is one of my most favorite books in the Malory series Jeremy Malory has finally grown up and is living as a bachelor, following in the footsteps of his father and uncle who, before settling down, once held the reputations of being the most notorious rakes in London Jeremy is gorgeous and the most desirable man in all of London, all debutantes want to shackle him as their husband He steers clear of all the hungry ladies because he has no intention of marrying, ever, that is until he meets Da [...]

  15. Ho boy, this is a GREAT example of how men and women are just different, ya know Because she s all dressed as a boy but he just KNOWS by looking at her because of how she walks, because of her beauty, and because, well, when you ve a giant manslut you know these things And then there are other gender stereotypes turned into character traits here that make me want to smack this woman Danny spends 15 years pretending to be a boy so that she won t be forced to prostitute and we find out her big goa [...]

  16. Listen to the audiobook then bought the book I really enjoyed this Another classic by the Wonderful Johanna Lindsey.From the beginning to the end, I always pictured Carole Lombard and Clark Gable as Jeremy and DaniI mean, how could I not Carole Lombard as DaniDani is meant to have short hair that was short enough to be a boys yet long enough to be a girls and Blue violet piercing eyes I don t know if it s my obsession with Carole Lombard or what but she was the first person I thought of to be Da [...]

  17. Ok I was really annoyed with this book Danny spends 15 years to avoid being a prostitute and has a goal to marry a respectable man and have a family But then she throws it all out the window to roll in the hay with Jeremy because OMG, he is so fine Really I couldn t understand why she wasn t worried about not being a virgin any for her respectable husband, you know or getting pregnant And he was a selfish, horny, creep because all he wanted to do was make her is mistress knowing she wanted and [...]

  18. O carte captivanta Comicul situatiilor, personajele amuzante, sinceritatea emo iilor si actiunea alerta, fac din aceasta carte o lectura pe care nu o vei putea uita Recenzia mea o pute i citi aici justreadingmybooks.wordpress.

  19. como apenas llevo 7 libros le dos de malory, todav a no puedo decir si es el mejor de todos, pero s confirmo que de los que le me gust mucho m s ste Es una historia con mucho drama, conmovedor lo que tuvo que pasar danny o danette, su nombre real cuando intentaron matarla tambi n a ella, y c mo gracias a su ni era se queda a salvo de ese destino Conoce a Jeremy en circunstancias muy peculiaresu vemos tambi n mayor desarrollo para James, mientras ayudaba a su hijo fue una novela con m s que una s [...]

  20. After reading this book for a third time, I realized 2 things 1 I haven t written a review about it and 2 I don t like it nearly as much as I did the first two times I ve always know what the problem was, and somehow, when it came to Jeremy, I was able to forgive But not this time I hate JL s Malory Men, and a few Andersons but who really cares about them at a time like this.At the tender age of 5, Danny is found abandoned and without any memory of her life prior, by an orphan gang Specifically [...]

  21. Jeremy Malory , scoundrel, rogue, and friend extraordinaire, has yet again saved his innocently witless friend, Percy, from the consequences of a foolishly reckless night of gambling in which he lost an invaluable family jewel However, in the process of this miraculous salvation, Jeremy encounters the one and only female to inspire such incredible lust and awe that he vows that first night of meeting to have her in his bed Yet, Danny doesn t react like any other woman Her first instinct is to fi [...]

  22. Since forever I ve been looking forward to Jeremy s story, actually since his introduction in book 1, because it s known he s not the first bastard in the family, but he was one with unusual background and was suddenly found and was instantly adopted by the family The whole book was entertaining and intriguing, and what I liked most about it, that it didn t focus solely on the mystery part of the book, regarding Danny s past or about just the romance between the main couple, but instead it also [...]

  23. Jeremy Malory butuh bantuan seorang pencuri untuk mengambil kembali cincin warisan sahabatnya Saat itulah dia menemukan Danny, cewek pencuri yang menyamar sebagai cowok Gara2 membentu Jeremy mencuri dari seorang Lord, Danny diusir dari rumah penampungannya Dia kemudian mencari Jeremy balik untuk menuntut dia bertanggung jawab dengan memberikan pekerjaan Danny pun kemudian bekerja menjadi maid di rumah Jeremy Jeremy ingin menjadikan Danny mistress nya tp Danny menolak karena ia punya cita2 memban [...]

  24. Orphaned at a young age with no memory of her past, Danny was taken under the wing of a group of thieves When Danny is banished from her gang because she helped handsome Rakehell Jeremy Malory steal back the jewels his friend lost in a card game, Danny demands that Jeremy give her a job She is determined to change her life and become respectable in order to fulfill her dream of marrying and starting a family Intrigued by her beauty and spunk, Jeremy hires Danny as his upstairs maid, although he [...]