Goddess of Light ☆ Goddess of Light ↠ P.C. Cast - Goddess of Light, Goddess of Light When hardworking Pamela Smythe whispers her wish for a god like man she never expects to find one especially not in Vegas But the goddess Artemis has dared her twin handsome brother Apollo to change

  • Title: Goddess of Light
  • Author: P.C. Cast
  • ISBN: 9780425201961
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback

Goddess of Light

☆ Goddess of Light ↠ P.C. Cast, Goddess of Light, P.C. Cast, Goddess of Light When hardworking Pamela Smythe whispers her wish for a god like man she never expects to find one especially not in Vegas But the goddess Artemis has dared her twin handsome brother Apollo to change all that ☆ Goddess of Light ↠ P.C. Cast. ☆ Goddess of Light ↠ P.C. Cast - Goddess of Light, Goddess of Light When hardworking Pamela Smythe whispers her wish for a god like man she never expects to find one especially not in Vegas But the goddess Artemis has dared her twin handsome brother Apollo to change

  • ☆ Goddess of Light ↠ P.C. Cast
    468P.C. Cast
Goddess of Light
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  1. Hi, Apollo, we meet again.How can you not tear up when you read a book that touches your heart This book gave me so many feels In fact, this might be my favorite of the series alongside Goddess of Spring and Warrior Rising It s fun and it s wonderful The story centers around Pamela, an interior designer and Apollo, god of light, prophecy, truth, healing, plague, music and poetry There are also many wonderful side characters, including the charming Artemis, the scheming Dionysus Bacchus , and the [...]

  2. P.C Cast has become one of my favorite writers ever I started by reading house of night So it was nice to get away from the whiney teenage drama and into something I could connect with I love that all her women leads are strong, and independent but not hard to connect to I would have given this one a 4 star rating had it not been for the ending I would not stand for a trade off that Lina and Hades got, and well, he couldn t body jump like Dylan In the end I started crying, very happy that my emo [...]

  3. I LOVE this book I really like the relationship between Apollo and Artemis This may be my favorite of the entire series Apollo is absolutely loveable Bacchus is a super fun charactereven if he s kinda a butthead The ending Heartbreaking or a beautiful ending I am not even sure I felt them both Love it.

  4. Oh My God, I LOVED this book deep breath ohmygodohmygodohmygod deep breath phew.Goddess Of Light was an amazing read for me and I m currently struggling with words and thoughts, that seem unimportant and imperative all at once, trying hard to place even the barest of magic I felt into this review.I d already read and fallen hoplessly in love with the Goddess Of Springand discovering that I liked this one better though by a mere difference of, lets say a hair weird I know, but go along with whate [...]

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  6. It s probably only 4 stars, but the last page almost made me cry so that gave it brownie points I got into this book faster than the previous Goddess books simply because the main characters inner monologue stayed in her head.I really enjoyed Apollo He was so sweet and loving A man who knows the meaning of the word romance is a remarkable occurrence Him and his fear of metal creatures was funny and cute, although a little cheesy Oh well though

  7. Mais uma vez fui surpreendida pela originalidade e pela forma como tudo se conjuga para dar vida a uma hist ria simplesmente magn fica Desta vez, a hist ria tem muito do livro anterior, sendo que Hades e Lina s o personagens que, inclusive, participam tamb m nesta hist ria e s o o fundamento dela Toda a narra o efetuada na terceira pessoa, principalmente na perspetiva de Pamela Por vezes, no entanto, temos a perspetiva de Apolo e de rtemis e sempre com nuances de sentimentos e pensamentos de out [...]

  8. In the Goddess series, Cast can make you believe it is absolutely possible the hero and heroine can not make it through to a happily ever after However, she always finds a unique way to pull the story together at the end Each book has an amazing life altering event or decision that I have found unique in this genre These stories are than just the traditional Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl that most romances are based on at the core.The heroine doesn t NEED the hero in order to be [...]

  9. You can find that review and at bff book boyfriendsWhen hardworking Pamela Smythe whispers her wish for a god like man, she never expects to find one especially not in Vegas But the goddess Artemis has dared her twin handsome brother Apollo to change all that.That s all there is on about that book and since that as well is a reread for me, I have to start of with admitting that the first few pages were really boring for me, but then, I knew the story It really started to kick off for me when th [...]

  10. I adored this book my favorite book in the series so far Cast started the book out well and introduced all the main characters swiftly and smoothly after the first couple of pages I fell in love with Pamela Apollo and Artemis which I did not expect because she was stuck up her own arise pretty much just my opinion but once the book started to faster and then introduced E.D Faust that s when you find out that even the goddess of the hunt has a soft side once it get there P.C Cast does decide to s [...]

  11. I just love this series P.C Cast shows us a world where gods and goddesses mix with modern mortals and the fun adventures that ensue This is another awesome addition to the series In this book, we are given a different take on Apollo I love the relationship that grows between Apollo and a mortal WHile, this is not the first time that I have read this book I have fallen in love all over again If you enjoy stories about the ancient gods this is definitely the series for you Enjoy Third time throug [...]

  12. 3.5 stars P.C Cast is a bit of an odd duck Gihugic Really I mean, I was down for the use of ginormous because duhat word is perfectly usable , but there has to be a stopping point somewhere At least there wasn t raging, explosive diarrhea in this book Oh waitShe should be sore and tired and probably battling a raging urinary tract infection from too much sexG, MS CAST WHY DO YOUR CHARACTERS SEEM TO HAVE SUCH VIOLENT BODY REACTIONS All kidding aside, I found Goddess of Light to be a fun little es [...]

  13. I found this book in the library and didn t realise at the time that it was part of a series I read it anyway and totally fell in love with this book I have been a fan of P.C for a while and have read her house of night series and the start of her divine series Back to this book I fell in love with the characters easily and being someone who follows the Greek gods and goddess as my religion, I loved how they where described Modern yet hold the ancient values that the gods possess I also loved th [...]

  14. Before reading Goddess Summoning, I haven t read any other book of P.C Cast Now I have to say that I would love to read them all including House of Night If they are half as fun as these serie s books then I can safely say that I will love them Mythology for me being born in the very place those myths started their marvelous trip all over the world was always something fun and intriguing So, even though I don t like that the book takes place in Las Vegas, the Sin City, I like to say that P.C Cas [...]

  15. I loved this book I loved the idea of it being set in Las Vegas instead of Tulsa, OK I loved the character of Pamela and Apollo It was such a sweet love story but i also liked the fact that Artemis wasn t happy about it all.I thought that the ending was so sad with what happened to Pamela But the good thing was that they got to live another life together and I loved the fact that Hades and Lina were in this one too I love this series so much and P.C Cast makes the gods and goddesses so real.I gi [...]

  16. E mais uma vez P C Cast me supreende com este livro Iluminada o terceiro volume de Chamamento da Deusa e onde conhecemos Pamela, uma mulher que saiu recentemente de uma rela o obsessiva e controladora e que, desde ent o, fechou o seu cora o aos homens Numa viagem de trabalho a Las Vegas v se numa embrulhada quando invoca por engano rtemis O seu pedido era ter, de novo, algum romantismo na sua vida E aqui que entre Apolo, o Deus do Sol ou da Luz e irm o g meo de rtemis Durante uma semana Pamela e [...]

  17. A wonderful journey from beginning to end I could hardly put this novel down because I was eager to find out what was going to happen next When I reached the end, I was left wanting and to know what happened next in the new life both of them choose to be with one another I give this novel 5 out of 5 stars for being completely addicting and totally awesome Cannot wait to read installments of the Goddess Summoning novel series I m completely hooked.

  18. Yet another enchanting read from the Goddess Summoning series Magic, myth and romance all with a modern twist, what could you ask for Can t get enough of this series

  19. I highly recommend this book to those readers out there who truly love greek Though the book is a total fiction yet the love story between Apollo and Pamela is a two thumbs up.

  20. I was in love with Apollo before reading this book and now i have countless fantasies about him As a person who loves Greek mythology i really like P.C Cast

  21. 17 02 2014Auch hier verliebt sich wieder eine Sterbliche in einen Gott, es ist aber etwas v llig anderes, da Pamela nicht wei , dass Phoebus in Wahrheit Apollo der Gott ist bzw das erst sp ter erf hrt und dadurch nat rlich wieder ein Beziehungsproblem entsteht Auch Hades und Lina tauchen wieder auf, weshalb man G ttin des Fr hlings unbedingt vorher lesen sollte, da sonst vieles schon verraten wird Au erdem hat Bacchus seine Finger im Spiel und versucht, sich an den Zwillingen Apollo und Artemis [...]

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  23. That when Pamela die at the end of the book and Apollo went to Hades to see Pamela they drink from the River of Forgetfulness to meet up with each other to be new soul mates again but Apollo had to become mortal and his sister Artemis save his throne for him but they did end up together with new names Kristin and Jordan

  24. This book was extremely difficult to enjoy I wanted to as I love Greek mythology, however too much of the plot was just annoying I didn t like the heroine She didn t grow on me Short hair is not befitting a heroine in any story it s just wrong She uses the same annoying words from the House Of Night Zoe character such as gihugic and ginormous For teen Zoe it s annoying but age appropriate, for a 30 year old heroine not so In fact, Pamela sounded like a grown up Zoe She was just plain boring, too [...]

  25. What did I really like about this book Well, Apollo and Artemis always fascinate me To find that Lina, from book two in this series, intrigued Apollo enough with her devotion to Hades was a great way to open the possiblity of love for him Naught Bacchas ensuring the twins were stuck in Vegas was a lovely way for not Apollo, but also for Artemis, to learn that there are important things in their long immortal lives than toying with the emotions of others Artmeis, coming to geniunely care for the [...]

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  28. I feel obligated to write a review for this book because I liked it so much.All of the Goddess Summoning books have a beautiful message in them and I have loved them all, but this book being put in the modern world of Las Vegas made it feel real to me.Im sure alot of us indentify with the heroines of this books, well I identified with Pamelas experiences, having had the same experiences in my past marriage she had in hers Running away from over protective, suffocating ex husbands that want to d [...]