Goddess of Spring [PDF] Goddess of Spring | by Û P.C. Cast - Goddess of Spring, Goddess of Spring Lina s trendy bakery in Tulsa is proving to be less than lucrative and she must come up with a plan When she stumbles upon an Italian Goddess cookbook Lina can t help but think she s found the answe

  • Title: Goddess of Spring
  • Author: P.C. Cast
  • ISBN: 9780425197493
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Book

Goddess of Spring

[PDF] Goddess of Spring | by Û P.C. Cast, Goddess of Spring, P.C. Cast, Goddess of Spring Lina s trendy bakery in Tulsa is proving to be less than lucrative and she must come up with a plan When she stumbles upon an Italian Goddess cookbook Lina can t help but think she s found the answer to her problem even if it means invoking a goddess to save her business Soon enough Lina finds herself face to face with Demeter who has a plan of her own She proposes tLina s tr [PDF] Goddess of Spring | by Û P.C. Cast. [PDF] Goddess of Spring | by Û P.C. Cast - Goddess of Spring, Goddess of Spring Lina s trendy bakery in Tulsa is proving to be less than lucrative and she must come up with a plan When she stumbles upon an Italian Goddess cookbook Lina can t help but think she s found the answe

  • [PDF] Goddess of Spring | by Û P.C. Cast
    245P.C. Cast
Goddess of Spring
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  1. Ultimately, the body is just a shell it is the soul which defines the man or woman, god or goddess Hades.I reread this book every couple of months This might be my favorite series of all time Goddess Summoning series offers a refreshing take on the ancient Greek myths P.C Cast managed to create heroines who are strong, independent, and don t need a man to save them Her heroes are badass, but appreciative and respectful of women So if you love Hades, Apollo, Achilles and smexy mermen you ll love [...]

  2. Lina as Persephone How wonderful is it to find a book about soul mates where the coupling is actually focused on two people loving the soul of another person, and not about two people being brought together by some sort of instant connection Before I go into what I really liked, two other things 1 The amount of Batman references were horrible And annoying Repetitive gushing STOP IT Besides, when is cape wearing a romance hero thing 2 While I did sigh heavily at mentions of the street cats organi [...]

  3. Middle aged Carolina Santoro has just discovered that her struggling bakery is heavily in debt to the IRS Trying to rework her menu to attract business, she s poring over old cookbooks one night and after several glasses of wine she unknowingly invokes the aid of Demeter, the Goddess of the Harvest It s perfect timing for Demeter needs a host body to place her daughter, Persephone, the Goddess of Spring She wants her daughter to grow a little, away from her influence Demeter promises that Lina [...]

  4. Re read 5 7 2015Ahh, oh Hades You make me wanna be bad This is my favorite out of the Goddess Summoning books Everyone should read it.I absolutely adored this book Who would ve thought anyone could make Hades sexy

  5. I absolutely loved this book and I ve never read a book in one go and so fast Literally couldn t put it down P C Cast has created a wonderfully enchanting take on the once thought gloomy Underworld It s very refreshing I really liked the heroin Lina was smart, funny, strong and kind It s so nice to read a fantasy romance novel where the heroin is someone you can admire and even relate to, instead of someone to mock and who you find to be completely stupid I also thought her friend Eurydice was v [...]

  6. As always, P.C Cast never fails to leave me breathless With this second instalment to herGoddess Summoningseries, she did a great job Imagine a modern middle aged woman with a bakery business that ll soon go bankrupt that can only be saved by summoning Demeter, getting a bargain with her and get switched bodies with Demeter s daughter, Persephone and get plunged to the ancient world where Greek gods and goddesses still believed to be existed and see Olympus yourself Now, add a really dark and my [...]

  7. Hmmmtek kelimeyle s ylemeliyim ki kitaba BA YIL DIMk saca zetlemek gerekirse bir f r n i letmekte ve maddi a dan zor durumda olan Lina, z m r nlerine yeni eklemeler yapmakta bulur Tanr a Yemekleri gibi bir isme sahip eski ve bi nevi sihirli bir rit elle yap lan yemek tarifi kitab sat n al rdaha do rusu bu kitap ald 10 kitaptan sonuncusudurtalimatlar biraz ilgin bulsada yerine getiri ve rit elin son k sm nda Hasat Tanr as Demeter den yard m ister.kabul m mk n gibi g z kmesede dile ine cevap al rO [...]

  8. Goddess of Spring was first book by P.C Cast that I have read curious to know what pc wasso for those of you like me who want to know, it s Phyllis Christine , I had no idea if it was going to be a good read or not Greek gods goddesseswell I do love Sherrilyn Kenyon s Dark Hunter Series so I why not read a different take on this genre of mortals and mythical beings get together The story has an interesting premise of an older mortal heroine yes quite a lot older, but about her later who falls i [...]

  9. I have to admit, I was really skeptical when I read that this book would be about Hades because just like Lina, I thought that Hades was just some boring god who had chosen to isolate himself out of total angst and wanting to be different Actually, the image of Hades that was ingrained into my memory was the one from the Disney cartoon Hercules, which I now know should not have been the case The depiction of the god here was definitely not boring or asexual He was actually hot.I honestly didn t [...]

  10. Sabe se l porqu , mas sempre tive uma queda pelo senhor dos mortos Hades sempre me pareceu ser um dos Deuses mais fascinantes da mitologia grega, principalmente porque me pareceu um incompreendido pelos outros O seu amor por Pers fone sempre me pareceu mostrar que havia mais nele do que transparecia N o fiquei nada desiludida com este livro Muito pelo contr rio Mais uma vez, a hist ria tratada na terceira pessoa, exceto em algumas partes em que se encontra na primeira Vemos tudo da perspetiva da [...]

  11. I loved this book I would have to say, it s my most favorite of all the series I just loved how Hades was portraited Spent 2 hours reading this and I finished I was acutally surprised at how Lina came to hell, but it was briliant Hades was not the bad guy, not like in most stories, instead, he was the myterious, yet kind soul who was just looking for a soul mate THe part where he said One thing humans know better than Gods is how to love I just fell in love with him on the spot Lina I loved too, [...]

  12. I enjoyed the first book in this series, Goddess of the Sea, but this one was about a million times better in my opinion Another great thing about this book is that the series is loosely tied to together by a common theme, so it doesn t matter if you read them all in order or just any single book The beginning was just a tad slow, but it wasn t too bad and it picked up quickly This book is Beauty and the Beast with Hades and Persephone, only better I loved everything about this book It was compl [...]

  13. I ve never been interested in reading PC Cast books before, but now I ve changed my mind This book changed it It has such a nice blend of romance and fantasy all rolled into one that you can t stop reading and finding out what happens next.And I won t probably look at Hades the same way again after reading this book He ll forever be the Sexy, Sexy Batman, like what Lina would say.I love how this book showed Hades not just as a God, but someone who feels, someone who can fall in love and get hurt [...]

  14. I cannot describe how much i liked this book It made me smile It made me cry It angered me so much I had to shout And I loved every page of it I added a new character to my Favorite smoking hot, lick your fingers, drool all night studs.

  15. Serinin kan t m kitaplar n okumama ra men sadece iki tanesini seviyorum Onlar tekrar tekrar okumaya de er buluyorum.PC Cast beni kendisinden ok so utan bir yaz oldu Bahar Tanr as ve Deniz Tanr as.Bahar Tanr as n seviyrum nk i inde imkans z bir a k n mutlu sona ula mas var inde hala bir ok eksiklik var ama okudu um zaman ben bu eksikleri farketmeden kitab n sonuna geliyorum i te bu y zden bu kitap benim i in m kemel.Hades ve Per in a k beni ger keten mutlu ediyor Her ne kadar mit in orjinalinde b [...]

  16. bitti maalesef ok sevdim hadesi izgi filmlerden falan hat rl yorum ve k t biriydi ama bu kitapta sevdirdi kendini kerata g zel bir a k hikayesi olmu iyi i karm yazar s radaki kitaplar ni merakla bekliyorum

  17. Raise your hand if your wanted this book to never end raises both hands Seriously, I wish P.C Cast could have stretched it a little bit longer Once I read that the novel revolved around Hades Persephone, whether it was good or terrible, I felt like I shouldn t rush reading it And I I Kind of DidCarolina is a middle aged women trying to overcome her bakery s heavy debt to the IRS Her bakery, Pani Del Godess, meant a lot to her and she would do anything not to lose it, even if it meant an assistan [...]

  18. Disclaimer Snark and gifs DRating 2.5 First of all, every time she mentioned batman, all I could think of was this This is fiercefabulous No snark, I actually love this picture.Second of all, find another word for sexy Kthxbai.Third of all, note to all if you find a ritual in a random cookbook please do research before doing it For the love of all the gods When they whisk you away to another realm please do not be a brat Show some respect Thank you A practising pagan.Me After reading those secti [...]

  19. Hades fark derler buna Beyaz n iyi ve saf olu una da iyilik timsali olarak lanse edilen mitolojik karakterlerin inand r c l n da hayat m boyunca inanmam , samimi de bulmam t m Bu y zden seriye yap lm bir Hades dokunu u bana ok iyi geldi.

  20. ncelikle yazar tebrik etmek laz m nk iyi ara t rm ve harmanlam mitolojyi DD lk kitab ndan kesinlikle daha iyi bir kitap belki de ben Hades in ekicili ine iyice kap lm olabilirim PP Antik Batmanim benim heheh DD Konusu yine i leri iyi gitmeyen bir kad n n tanr ayla yer de i tirmesi P Kahraman m z Lina orta ya l bir kad n f r nc , talyan ekmekleri pi iriyor leri yolunda gitmeyince lokantas nda daha ok e it yemek satabilmek ad na ara t rma yaparken bir g n sihirli yemek kitab eline ge iyor ama o ge [...]

  21. This is by far my favourite of the series This installment of the Goddess Summoning series tells the story of Hades and Persephone Goddess f Spring only that Persephone is not really Persephone Her mother, Demeter, switched her soul with that of a 43 year old mortal woman from mondernday Tulsa USA in order for her daughter to mature in the real world While the sould of the Goddess of Spring rests in Tulsa, the mortal Lina resides within the goddess body and travels to the underworld in her stead [...]

  22. I m in love with this book since I read it and since that happened I ve read it 3 times due to how awesome and well written it is I must give my congratulations to the author because this series it definitely one of my favorites It has the heroine that I really like but kinda kept imagining her ugly I don t know why Because she s not I keep imagining her old I m 18 so and then I see Hades this handsome God of The Underworld that is well immortal But apart from that I found this book beautiful a [...]

  23. This book was a page turner I loved it from start to finish It was my Favorite out of the Goddess Summoning series

  24. This book downright offended me Once again we have the same cut and dry story about a middle age midlife crisis woman who has an awesome grandma and parents that never really get mentioned because the grandma is Just So Awesome, who lives in Oklahoma, yadda yadda.This woman, Lina, is the only protagonist in a book by Ms Cast that I have read that doesn t have a Cherokee awesome grandma, so I guess I should take what I can get.But anyway, boo hoo, she picked an accountant without making sure he w [...]

  25. Ahhh this book was SO much better than I was expecting it to be I admit, it got off to a bit of a slow start, but once Lina met Demeter, things definitely picked up.Hades fans self Oh my fans self some Hades was delicious How I adored him He was absolutely everything a romantic hero should be dashing, tender, sexy, wealthy, compassionate, and above all, willing to own up to his mistakes, all the while maintaining his powerful aura He was the perfect blend of alpha male, full of the natural arro [...]

  26. This book is the second installment of the Goddess Summoning series It s a twist of the Persephone Hades story Recap if you don t know the greek myth Persephone the goddess of spring gets tricked into staying in the underworld by Hades god of the underworld by eating six seeds Demeter her mother gets pissed and tattle tales to her brother Zeus king of the gods Persephone then must stay in the underworld for six months because she ate six seeds The end I recommend reading the longer version of th [...]

  27. We all know the story of Hades and Persephone and how she spends six months on the surface with the Gods and Goddesses on land spring and summer and the other six months in the Underworld with Hades autumn and winter Well this is a new and interesting take on that story.Meet Lina, the owner of Pani Del Goddess a small bakery in Tulsa Oklahoma A bakery that is doing less than stellar Desperate for divine inspiration Lina starts searching for new recipes to showcase in her bakery One cookbook she [...]