Short Short Best Download || [Holly Goldberg Sloan] - Short, Short Julia is very short for her age but by the end of the summer run of The Wizard of Oz she ll realize how big she is inside where it counts She hasn t ever thought of herself as a performer but when

  • Title: Short
  • Author: Holly Goldberg Sloan
  • ISBN: 9780399186219
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Hardcover


Short Best Download || [Holly Goldberg Sloan], Short, Holly Goldberg Sloan, Short Julia is very short for her age but by the end of the summer run of The Wizard of Oz she ll realize how big she is inside where it counts She hasn t ever thought of herself as a performer but when the wonderful director of Oz casts her as a Munchkin she begins to see herself in a new way As Julia becomes friendly with the poised and wise Olive one of the adults wiJulia is very short for Short Best Download || [Holly Goldberg Sloan]. Short Best Download || [Holly Goldberg Sloan] - Short, Short Julia is very short for her age but by the end of the summer run of The Wizard of Oz she ll realize how big she is inside where it counts She hasn t ever thought of herself as a performer but when

  • Short Best Download || [Holly Goldberg Sloan]
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  1. Nuts I loved Sloan s COUNTING BY 7 S, and I thought this book would be amazing based on the descriptionbut I just thought it was okay There was something about the voice of the young protagonist I could tell she was supposed to be quirky and funny, but it didn t always play that way for me Still an enjoyable read, just not as good as I wanted it to be.

  2. 2.5 stars, rounding down.I liked this book better when I started reading it than when it ended After the middle, this book started to drag a lot for me, and I found myself forcing myself to see it through.The big issue is that Julia has a great voice, but after a while it got tiresome mostly because Julia spends most of the book in her head Also, I realize this isn t the story Sloan set out to tell, but I would have probably liked this a lot better if Julia had actually interacted with some kids [...]

  3. Endearing novel seen through the eyes of the oh so charming preteen Julia Marks Discouraged about her lack of stature and grieving the loss of her beloved dog, Ramon, Julia isn t looking forward to her summer Her life changes dramatically no pun intended when her mother signs her and younger brother, Randy up as Munchkins in a semi professional production of The Wizard of Oz During the course of the nearly daily rehearsals Julia is introduced to the world of theatre and a quirky cast of characte [...]

  4. A girl who is short, doesn t want to he short, gets cast in play to be short, and learns that being short is a very tall order and she is ready to tackle it Wizard of OZ meets realistic fiction Loved it

  5. I think Sloan is a super writer so in addition to the good reviews I d read I fully expected to enjoy this I thought this was super I loved the frank age appropriate voice of Julia as she observed the world around her and did not get everything It s tricky to write a child character who s not too preciously precocious and savvy, but can talk about feelings, and I think Sloan did an amazing job of it I loved seeing things through Julia s eyes, including how a play gets produced, what it feels lik [...]

  6. I ve been looking for read alouds with unrepresented characters and this one qualifies I ve loved Holly Goldberg Sloan s writing since I discovered her in Counting by 7 s This one was right up there So many great lines.

  7. I grew this summer Not on the outside, but on the inside And that s the only place where growing really matters Short by Holly Goldberg Sloan features Julia Marks, a matter of fact girl who does not like people referring to her as short In fact, she has banned the word from her vocabulary To make matters worse, her mother is forcing her to try out for the theater production of The Wizard of Oz, and what does she get casted as That s right, a munchkin Plus, her two best friends are gone for the s [...]

  8. It s been a long time since I ve read contemporary middle grade I think kids will LOVE this it has the right mix of heart, relatability, humour, and seriousness that speaks to kids that age Especially fun for kids who like theatre but I was never a theatre kid and I really enjoyed it Just FYI, if you are an adult it may make you cry, IDK what to tell you.

  9. I liked this book It was a sweet story of Julia and the summer she spends playing a Munchkin in her town s production of The Wizard of Oz There were some very funny moments and observations made by Julia and overall, it was a good story Great for those middle grade kids who like realistic fiction without any edgy parts whatsoever.

  10. I enjoyed this I think I would ve enjoyed this had I read it with my eyes I don t generally enjoy Sands young voices They tend to come off too quirky for my taste I loved Julia s meandering self centeredness.

  11. Read as part of the 2017 Washington Post KidsPost Summer Book Club.This is the book I have been waiting for all summer at least in terms of the KidsPost Book Club For me, it was the right combination of funny and sweetly insightful Take, for example, this quote from p 198 Correcting people isn t very fun and just ends up being extra work Words to live by, especially if you have a personality like mine.I could also relate to Julia s desire to be appreciated and taken seriously by adults I had fri [...]

  12. I loved this book Julia s voice was adorable and hilarious I often found myself reading lines out loud to my husband because he kept asking what I was laughing at Definitely a great middle grade middle school read

  13. My favorite quote from this novel, I grew this summer Not on the outside, but on the inside And that s the only place where growing really matters.

  14. This was wonderful Julia has a great voice, able to make me laugh out loud and even cry Very touching, highly recommend.

  15. I enjoyed this middle grade realistic fiction novel about putting together a summer stock production of The Wizard of Oz As a theatre and music major, I have spent many summers putting together plays and this story brought back memories of the backstage romances, quirky actors and directors, navigating complicated technical aspects including special effects like fire and flying, the excitement of opening night, the small town reviews by local newspaper journalists, the curtain calls, and the sen [...]

  16. Julia is very short for her age twelve She s planning to spend her summer being short and missing her recently departed dog, but her mother makes her audition for a semi professional production of The Wizard of Oz instead To her own surprise, Julia is cast as a munchkin The rest of the book is your typical coming of age plot with a lot of theater flavor thrown in By the end, you will be unsurprised to learn, Julia has truly grown Ok, first of all, why would you call your book Short Have you neve [...]

  17. 3 stars I gave this book 3 stars because it was a cute book There really wasn t an amazing plot line to the story but it had some good life lessons This story is about a girl who participates in a play over the summer She makes new friends and finds out new things about people she already knew She is just a normal girl, in no way special or unique, really In the Wizard of Oz play she is in she tries new things that she never thought she would do before But again there is really no grand finale o [...]

  18. I wanted to like this book much than I did I loved Counting by 7s so much and was sure I would feel the same about this book Unfortunately I didn t The whole Wizard of Oz musical was interesting, and it was great that Julia was able to grow from her experience as part of the cast, and also felt needed and appreciated, but I m sorry to say I just couldn t feel any emotion for her It just wasn t happening The character that I loved and wanted to know so much about was Julia s neighbor Mrs Chang, [...]

  19. This book has an amazing middle grade voice with the main character, Julia Julia tells it like it is, usually blunt but true A coming of age story that is funny, full of heart, and short on nothing.

  20. I thought this was a sweet sort of book Julia is a girl who s very short for her age 12 and finds herself cast as a munchkin in the Wizard of Oz She makes new friends and learns new things through doing theater, and comes to be comfortable with her height and herself It s also a good distraction for her as she just lost her dog a couple of weeks earlier.A lot of the beginning part of this book dealt with her grief over the death of her dog I felt myself relating to her feelings a lot at this po [...]

  21. This was a delightful story about Julia and her first experiences with theatre Julia is forced by her mom to audition for a local summer stock production of Wizard of Oz and ends up realizing this was the best thing that could have ever happened to her Julia discovers new strengths, makes new friends young and old, and realizes that her height is not nearly as important as her actions I loved that Julia s family was close and dealt with mundane issues like coordinating kids activities with work [...]

  22. Just as I have loved and continued to think about Willow Chance in Holly Goldberg Sloan s Counting by 7s, I am so in love with hilarious Julia Marks and will continue to think about her as such a special individual her love and continued sorrow over losing her beloved dog, Ramon tore me us , thoughtful but also inwardly thinking about herself what middle school child doesn t think self centeredly about themselves , funny, honest, and likable youngster who is a mover and a shaker Julia is small, [...]

  23. I came across this book after reading counting by 7s which was as long a great book I really loved this book as it has a really happy and heartwarming message at the ending The brief summery is that a girl called Julia who at the beginning of her summer holidays, auditions for the play of wizard of oz throughout the book she gets better and enthusiastic about it, asking her master clothes maker neighbor to help with the costumes By the end Julia has come over some major fears and anxietys and a [...]

  24. Julia is often mistaken for being younger than she is because she is very dare I say it short Her parents convince her to audition for a role as a munchkin in a local theatre production, and her life begins to take shape from there While dealing with grieving over the loss of her precious pooch Ramon, Julia s coming of age story focuses heavily on theatre and the self While I loved Counting By 7s, the voice in this book just didn t speak to me in the same way I honestly cannot say I m a fan of S [...]

  25. I gave this the rating I did because it was not as interesting as the cover makes it look besides that I really liked it something i noticed was it kept bring back a symbol, this symbol was her dog Ramon I believe this was a symbol of safety and love, i think this because of her insecurity of being short her dog that keeps coming in the story has something to do with that Maybe she thinks if she keeps him in her thoughts because he is gone now, it will keep her safe.

  26. This is a super book, and my first nominee for the 2018 Mock Newbery in my district Julia, who is somewhat vertically challenged please don t use the word short on her and truly down in the dumps following the death of her dog Ramon, is coerced at the start of summer into trying out for a community play and cast as one of Oz s many Munchkins She dreads participating at first, but is gradually pulled in and ends up quite changed by the experience I had some trouble liking Julia at first because h [...]

  27. I really liked this book Its about a girl who doesn t like being short at all, so much, she stopped using the word all together Her mom makes her audition for the play The Wizard of Oz and she gets cast as a munchkin She meets an adult her height, and they become friends I really liked this book and it is one of my favorites.

  28. I started reading this but then I downloaded the audiobook because I was driving and I m so glad I did I loved the narrator She fit the main character perfect This was super funny.I didn t know that this book was also about loosing a pet because it really focused around that as well as the musical I liked Julia and Olive s friendship.

  29. Cute middle school realistic fiction Love the context of a theater production Our drama musical students would enjoy it Much lighter than the author s Counting by Sevens I ll note her next book and read it, too Nice to find appropriate realistic fiction as it s always a favorite with students

  30. Absolutely adorable read for your middle level readers Kids will connect with Julie, a short, average student who has struggled to find her niche But when her mom makes her audition for the summer stock production of The Wizard of Oz presumably for free child care , Julie discovers how magical the theater world and those who are in it really are.