El Diablo El Diablo Best Read || [M.Robinson] - El Diablo, El Diablo I was ruthless I was feared I had sacrificed Myself Her Everything Living in a world where I was worth dead than alive was a choice I was a bad man never claimed to be anything else I ve done things

  • Title: El Diablo
  • Author: M.Robinson
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  • Page: 261
  • Format: ebook

El Diablo

El Diablo Best Read || [M.Robinson], El Diablo, M.Robinson, El Diablo I was ruthless I was feared I had sacrificed Myself Her Everything Living in a world where I was worth dead than alive was a choice I was a bad man never claimed to be anything else I ve done things I m not proud of Seen things that can t be unseen I ve caused pain that I can t undo It was all my choice Every decision Every order Right and wrong nevI was ruthless I was feared I had sacr El Diablo Best Read || [M.Robinson]. El Diablo Best Read || [M.Robinson] - El Diablo, El Diablo I was ruthless I was feared I had sacrificed Myself Her Everything Living in a world where I was worth dead than alive was a choice I was a bad man never claimed to be anything else I ve done things

  • El Diablo Best Read || [M.Robinson]
El Diablo
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  1. El Diablo stand alone book 1 Meet the man behind the legend Alejandro Martinez s epic saga spanning decades She was trying to save me when all I would do was destroy her They called him El Diablo, the devil Alejandro Eduardo Martinez spent his life running a worldwide mob empire Death and fortune attached themselves to him Governments bowed to him The law bent for him Men equally feared and admired him And women swooned at his feet.One woman would come along She would be his weakness, his downfa [...]

  2. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewShe needed to stay away from me I wanted her to stay away from me I should ve made her leave, but it didn t matter because I couldn t stay away from her any longer And in the end I didn t want to A seductive tantalizing read that will for sure leave readers begging, wanting, craving, crying, and dying for of El Diablo The devil has truly left its mark as M Robinson has cemented her place as an author that deserves your full undivided attent [...]

  3. Spanning decades, El Diablo tells the story of Alejandro Martinez, a notorious cartel leader Following him from his childhood, this book provides a front row seat to the tragedy that was his life He was born into the life and groomed from a young age to take over his father s role as leader of the cartel In so many ways, he never stood a chance at a normal life.Surviving the loss of numerous loved ones, especially the women closest to him, he grows into a callous man He shows no emotion or conce [...]

  4. El Diablo is another extremely angsty read from M Robinson This is one author who knows how to write an angsty story It was an unexpected and thrilling ride with a great antihero Martinez is one of those characters you will hate to love and love to hate I love characters like this El Diablo is Alejandro Martinez s life story in a way It spans decades and tells the story of a man who is the devil At times, he is a monster, but he s only the monster they created him to be He s not all bad, in fact [...]

  5. 5 My Dark Angel starsThe Devil is in the details, and this doesn t miss a thing riding that fine line between love and hate Alejandro Martinez is El DiabloI had killed I had avenged I had loved I had destroyed lives and now it was my time to pay for being the Grim fucking Reaper, taking lives that didn t belong to me He s never wanted anything until he sees her, knowing all too painfully he can never let her near After all nothing ever good comes to those that loved him And you d think after the [...]

  6. FULL REVIEW TO POST ON TOUR DATE TALKING ABOUT ANGST ON STEROIDSSHITTTTTT Good lord i barely made it alive.is fucking book gawdi cried, screamed, i hated, i loved, i had an ulcer but i made it alive LOLwhat a tripShhluts Foresome F BR CC, Liz, War I m the angel on the right ready to please El Diablo or fight him whatever haha Covergasm alert I was ruthless I was feared I had sacrificed Myself Her Everything Living in a world where I was worth dead than alive was a choice I was a bad man, never [...]

  7. 3.5 STARSThe first forty percent of this story which spans the hero s childhood to adulthood was definitely a five star read Thereafter, I had a hard time with the manner in which the story was drawn out and dragged out till the reveals I think for me, the first forty as a standalone story or prequel would have worked since I would have been prepared to let go of a heroine and embrace the hero s new infatuation love interest Or perhaps if the story was just condensed a bunch in the second half M [...]

  8. Every Devil needs an Angel.And she was mine OH MY GOD I m speechless right now This book literally took my breath away I loved it so freaking much 3Pls stop whatever you re doing and go read this book Go and meet with the Devil asap You ll love him a lot image error

  9. Complimentary Copy Provided by the author M Robinson exchange for an honest reviewThank you TITLE El DiabloSERIES The Devil, 1 AUTHOR M Robinson GENRE CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE CHAPTERS Prologue 43 Epilogue RELEASE DATE August 30th 2016MY RATING 5 STARS DELICIOUSLY DIRTY, EMOTIONALLY RAW, KISSABLY DELICIOUS Buddy read this with Sonya Chatterbooks book blog EL DIABLO This kicks starts us off in the Prologue yet again M.Robinson has cast her magic and I m under her spell, the story grips you as soon as [...]

  10. 4.5 DEVIL STARS I knew I was going to Hell I just never imaginedI would be taking her with me El Diablo is a dark and delicious treat full of action, suspense, angst, intrigue, passion, and dark romance The highly anticipated story of Alejandro the ruthless mob boss certainly does not disappoint We met Alejandro in the final book of the Good Ol Boy Series Crave Me Although El Diablo can be read as a stand alone, I was so happy to have read the entire Good Ol Boy Series because it gave me a full [...]

  11. 5 beautifully broken and soulless stars for El Diablo As much as I wanted to hate Alejandro Martinez, I couldn t do it Don t get me wrong, he was scary as hell and had a huge price on his head but he had not always been this way I loved the way the story is told through his entire life From the small sweet boy to the cruel man that he turned into It was at times hard to keep up with his age I think he was in 50 s by the end of the book Either way, he was still rocking that hot body and having se [...]

  12. 3 StarsOverall Opinion Well, I honestly am struggling on how to rate this one Many other readers are loving this book, including some of my GR friends, but I didn t love it This is definitely NOT for my safety gals I don t mind an unsafe book from time to time, so that wasn t my issue I had some major issues with the pacing see below section , the constant push pull from the H, wanting the h to be stronger at the end, and there was an overall lack of some good grovel by the H It kind of lost me [...]

  13. Genre Contemporary RomanceType Standalone Book 1 from El Diablo seriesPOV First Person DualRating Alejandro Martinez grew up as a mob prince As the son of the feared leader, he was groomed to take over the empire But crime life quickly took its toll when the people he loved were taken away from him one by one He earned the name El Diablo from being ruthless and heartless, locking his heart from emotion until a young girl wormed herself into his life.Lexi learned to be independent since a very yo [...]

  14. 5 FANFUCKINTASTIC StarsOMG, I loved this book sooooooooooooooooo much This is going to be a really hard review to write becauseThis superbly written book had everything I love in a book, intrigue, drama, suspense, twists and a dark side all of its own This was not a mafia mob or cartel book as I thought going into it, it was the story of one mans fate in life It starts when he is 15 and finishes when his in his 50s, so you get to read all the life changing events that turn Alejandro into El Diab [...]

  15. 4.5 STARS For my unfiltered review prettymessreading.wordpress.cLet me take the time to introduce my future baby daddy Alejandro Martinez aka El Diablo The Devil I am aware that commits murders in his spare time but that doesn t stop my love for him, if anything, it me love him .Let me start by saying that M Robinson did an amazing job at building the characters in this book I don t know how she did it, but she did So, bravo Before Martinez became El Diablo, he was Alejandro Martinez, son of one [...]

  16. 5 Sinful Stars ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review Author M Robinson the undisputed queen of angst is back with another heart pounding novel, that will claim your heart from the moment you read the prologue El Diablo will set your heart on fire, he will own you, hurt you, and love you like no other Alejandro Martinez is the heir of a powerful Colombian drug cartel From a young age he was being molded into becoming the ruthless leader that would follow into his father s [...]

  17. Was a ten star read but regrettably could only give five Diablo lived up to the hype and the well deserved reviews, comments, and gifs my Goodread s friends raved about Set in true cartel, mafia fashion Alejandro played his villainous role as the devil perfectly He was everything I embodied in an asshole When I hated him, OMG I was ready to commit book murder Yes there is such a thing It s called chucking the tablet down and being very inventive over his death, nothing was off limits I could pra [...]

  18. romanticcynicblog.wordpress.cBeware of Spoilers Star Ratings Heroine Lexi 24yrs oldHero Alejandro 45yrs old Plot 1 5 so disgustingGrovel noneCheating H deliberately has sex with another woman in front within hearing distance of the h KNOWING he has feelings for the hHEA yes with a goddamned baby they are so fucked up, it may as well have been incest Triggers attempted rape, detailed description of sex with OW, child sex abuse h was sexually molested by her stepfather for years Average score 1 5B [...]

  19. 4 Diablo Stars I have been practically chomping at the bit to read this story and like everyone else, I was wondering how did Alejandro Martinez become the infamous El Diablo How many bodies did he rack up on his journey to being one the most feared men of his time and who was the woman that brought him to his knees This was the story of how money,power, and a forbidden love became the ultimate demise of the one and only Alejandro Martinez.Being the heir to a Drug Empire, Martinez knew the rules [...]

  20. This book, I swear it s something Let me start by saying it was completely addictive, from the beginning I was intrigued and wanted to know Alejandro Martinez s story This man is insane, ruthless and dominating He will stop at nothing to get what he wants, it s that level of intensity that gave him the nickname, The Devil.When we first meet Alejandro he is just a child and we see how this young boy turned into the monster he is now I will be honest, there were so many times I was reading this st [...]

  21. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEADI am really struggling to write a review on this bookMost of the readers of GR have loved El Diablo but for me just didn t do it There were things I disliked about the whole book than I actually liked Now don t get me wrong.I don t mind reading dark stories and I was looking forward to finding out what all those 4 5 stars reviews were all about.The first part of the book was okay.I felt for the trauma that the two main characters went through their child [...]

  22. Alejandro Martinez was destined to fulfill the path already chosen for him leading to a life of crime, corruption, greed, lies and tragedy At 20 years old, he was already feared and known as El Diablo, but knowing the destruction and pain his family caused, Alejandro vows to protect what remains in his life despite the consequences Learning to be a Martinez at a very young age, Alejandro shields his heart but as decades pass, he begins to question whether loneliness is his fate or a fool s choic [...]

  23. 4.75 all consuming starsImpossible, complex, complicated, painful, trecherous, all consuming LOVE between two people who were pre destined to meet, fall, shatter, hurt each other, then equally so find each other again through a time span of a lifetimeThe cruel crime boss Alejandro Martinez who was born into it, groomed and hardened by the merciless rules of a drug lord s life he was brought up in, turned him into a notorious force to recon known as El Diabloheartless, cold, cruel, fearedhe left [...]

  24. ARC kindly provided by M Robinson in exchange for an honest review Title El DiabloAuthor M RobinsonCategory Mafia, RomanceSeries or Standalone StandalonePOV DualPlot 5Characters 5Scorching Level 5HEA Not tellingJesus Christ I feel like my heart was put through the grinder What an amazing story.M Robinson has outdone herself with this book The raw emotions, the heart breaking twists and turns made this book a masterpiece There is pain, danger, love, passion, fear and torment The author puts her c [...]

  25. 4 Rollercoaster Stars Keeping this short as so many others have done terrific reviews of this book so good, it caused me to take the time to read it This is not for the faint of heartIt is exactly what is advertisedRuthless behavior happening throughout the book A crime family so destructive, no one is safe from its clutches Father corrupts sonSister fears with good reason what her brother is turning intoA young man destroyed by his destiny and must learn how to survive and conquer it allor be e [...]

  26. 4.5 stars At the risk of sounding like a broken record I m gonna say again, this one blew me away Before I started reading it I was mentally preparing myself for the ride and plus I didn t read a lot of reviews just a couplebut then I saw the word anti hero and I knew I had to read it I Love anti heroes, even though they re kinda tricky because for me there has to be a good reason or explanation why, and a believable redemption of the anti hero This one was absolutely fantastic Alejandro Martine [...]

  27. 3.5 Stars WHOA That was an angstfest Utterly addicting Definitely a book for dark readers who love an anti hero I would also say, CONTENT warning view spoiler violence, rape, lots of dark thing happening here hide spoiler Shocking stuff hahahaha I m still trying to sort my thoughts I don t really know how I feel I just IDK I hated Martinez And just when I thought I could like him, he ruined it for me While I could sympathize with his plight, I couldn t connect to his crazy He just IDK And that t [...]

  28. Extra, extra have you read all about him, Martinez aka El Diablo If not what are you waiting for This is M s best book so far and I have loved all of them Martinez takes Lexi to hell and back This book is raw, emotional, heartbreaking and beautiful It is full of some surprises that you don t see coming Get on the train to Hell and see why he is called El Diablo You won t be disappointed M outdid herself on this book Hands down 5 star read

  29. 5 stars ARC review Martinez is mine3Wow I can t even find the right words to write a review for this amazing book I mean, how do you even find the adequate words to describe what is such a brilliant read To give Monica and this book all the recognition they deserve This is by far my favorite book by M Robinson I wasn t even halfway done, yet I knew this was an easy 5 stars and top favorite book for me No ifs or buts about it I loved it so much Monica is truly an amazing storyteller How she comes [...]

  30. 4 angsty, awesome twist starsWow this one was a ride There was so many times i was going to stop reading this book but it kept pulling me back in So much darkness and violence but im glad i kept going This is a story of a man, who is groomed and made to takeover a violent, vicious gang We get to see it from the very beggining, as an innocent 15 year old right up to when he finally finds some answers at 54 i m hoping i got that right, not a fan of math It is raw, real, dark and my emotions were a [...]