Mistral's Kiss Free Download Mistral's Kiss - by Laurell K. Hamilton - Mistral's Kiss, Mistral s Kiss I am Princess Meredith heir to a throne of faerie My day job once upon a time was as a private detective in Los Angeles Unfortunately princess has now become a full time occupation My aunt Queen

  • Title: Mistral's Kiss
  • Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9780345443588
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Hardcover

Mistral's Kiss

Free Download Mistral's Kiss - by Laurell K. Hamilton, Mistral's Kiss, Laurell K. Hamilton, Mistral s Kiss I am Princess Meredith heir to a throne of faerie My day job once upon a time was as a private detective in Los Angeles Unfortunately princess has now become a full time occupation My aunt Queen Andais will have it no other way And so I am virtually a prisoner in faerie trapped here with some of the realm s most beautiful men to serve as my bodyguards and myI am Princess Mered Free Download Mistral's Kiss - by Laurell K. Hamilton. Free Download Mistral's Kiss - by Laurell K. Hamilton - Mistral's Kiss, Mistral s Kiss I am Princess Meredith heir to a throne of faerie My day job once upon a time was as a private detective in Los Angeles Unfortunately princess has now become a full time occupation My aunt Queen

  • Free Download Mistral's Kiss - by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Mistral's Kiss
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  1. I m not entirely sure why I can t stop reading Laurell K Hamilton s books, but they re like cake frosting I always want , but it s so very, very bad for me For example, I m completely underwhelmed by this book, yet I just added the two she will be releasing this year to my wish list.The best thing I can say about this book is that there s some resolution at the end which is than I could say about the two prior The rest of it is pretty much sex and faerie politics Really, this series is just thi [...]

  2. Amazingly enough, I enjoyed MISTRAL S KISS After the farce that has become the Anita Blake series, I was worried that the Meredith Gentry series would inevitably take the same downhill dive Thankfully, that wasn t the case This book is enjoyable, and does actually contain a plot There are some negatives, of course, the first of which is the length of the book itself or, accurately, the lack of length At only 212 pages, this story is 100 pages shorter than the other books in the series It would [...]

  3. I really love the whole story line of Princess Meradith NicEssus and her struggles to become queen of the Unseelie court but I m getting really tired of chapter after chapter of sex scenes It really inhibits plot development and Ms Hamilton spends a lot of pages catching the reader who might not have read the previous books in the series up Maybe if the books weren t so short and had less sex, we might actually get somewhere in the story Granted, there s nothing wrong with an occasional love sce [...]

  4. Ok before I review the book I need to say something.I am so tired of hearing all the negative reviews about this series and the Anita Blake series The negative reviews say that there is too much sex, not enough plot, the book took place in only a day, not enough action Well, if you hate it so much why are you still reading it, I mean this is the fifth book of the series After the first book you should of had an idea that the series was going to have A LOT to do with sex I mean she is a from a fe [...]

  5. This one was my favorite so far, I will explain why soon To be continuedOkay so this will have a spoiler in it This one is my favorite book because of Doyal s confession I love Doyal and Frost More and with every book I love them so much that I can not think straight to be honest I love that Merry feels for them too I do not think I can handle it if Merry becomes pregnant with someone else s baby I would love for it to be Darkness because you know that he loves Frost and they would not get rid [...]

  6. 3.5 Well, this was a short one.I don t understand why didn t the author make one book from the last three I mean, it s the exact same thing I don t like the idea that she split them just to make money Although you shouldn t judge a book my its author.The book was good, I really enjoyed it, but I still can t seem to be able to rate it with than 3.5 stars There are stuff that I still don t like and loose ends that are just not good And even some relationships that make no sense and I m not talki [...]

  7. These books are entertaining, plain and simple You have a barage of colourful men with fascinating eyes, rather not so bad sex scenes and Merry who is quite cool But there are some flaws These books keep getting smaller and smaller There s absolutely no reason why Mistral s Kiss and Lick of Frost couldn t have been combined into one book It s deeply annoying the way the story is being dragged out Repetative phrases How many times does this writer say masculine and masculine laugh We get it They [...]

  8. I m a big fan of Laurell K Hamilton and have read every Merry Gentry book back to back LKH has managed to build up a detailed and rich world with likeable and intense characters that you actually care for, which I find is essential for any long running series Having said that I was a little disappointed to find that Mistrals Kiss is just treading water in story terms Nothing important really happens to drive the story arc forward There are no deadly battles, with the climactic scenes feeling a l [...]

  9. Yeah, this book isn t what I thought it would be from reading the jacket basically a parallel worlds fantasy with clashing dueling races, it begins with what is basically a six chapter sex scene I know it says that she spends most of her time bedding her immortal sidhe royal guardsmen , but I wasn t expecting it to be so detailed or extensive, or the bulk of the plot From the summary one would expect to find a fairly interesting storyline, but it just isn t there What is there is very little tha [...]

  10. Review so far on 5 28 2012Not done yet but I have to start this review before I forget some things First off, I m a little irriated at the font size I actually don t mind larger font sizes, it s easier on the eyes, however my reason for disliking this books use of font size is that it tricks, for lack of better word, the buyer that this is a full length 300 page novel and should be the price of an actual full length novel If the font wasn t made larger than normal this book would have probably c [...]

  11. To set the scene, I read this installment of nonsensical fairy quasi pornography whilst in the background my Nana watched snooker on the TV I found that stolid commentary on the perambulations of balls around a green table really added to the Merry Gentry experience I ran through Mistral s Kiss quickly, because I wanted to get it over with A friend who I won t name and shame warned me that it was by no means one of the better installments in the series, and they were correct I believe this was b [...]

  12. All my reviews for the books of this series are starting to sound like a broken record But I have to keep saying that there is sooo much going on in these books and soooo many interesting things.I just can t get enough In this book, Meredith is still at the Unseelie Court and they hopefully have the crimes solved from the last book but the sithen is calling to Meredith She has the Goddess working through her to bring it back to life through things she does and yes, through having sex with differ [...]

  13. The Good Lots of sexy times, a little hardcore than we ve seen before in the series Variety is good in a series with this much mating going on Significant increases in power move the story along and give the reader some interesting possibilities for the future Merry remains awesome, as she masters diplomatic issues and the hardness that is necessary in the world of faerie.The Bad Mistral s Kiss is significantly shorter than the earlier books in this series Normally, not a huge deal but here it [...]

  14. I couldn t really find a plot to this book at all Having not read any of the other books in this series, I was at a complete loss to work out what the whole idea of the book was If it wasn t for the description on the back of the book I would have no idea that Meredith was trying to get pregnant, and was willing to have sex with pretty much anyone to achieve it The whole story seemed to concern having sex in one place, then going to another place and having sex with some other guy, then having s [...]

  15. Totally, entirely, and utterly lame book I don t think than a single page was concerned with anything other than meaningless sex I read it in literally 15 minutes I m getting tired of Laurell K Hamilton and I think other than rereading her older books that aren t trashy wannabe erotica I m done Total yawner.

  16. Fifth in the Meredith Gentry erotic urban fantasy series revolving around a very magically fertile faerie princess Based in Illinois.My TakeFor as vicious as Mistral can be, you can t help but cry with him The queen is such a nightmare She claims to be so willing to give up to help her Court live again, and yet she can t actually change her methods of doing business.The sithen does have a mind of its own as the magic takes so many of Merry s men even as it responds to Merry s desires Now if only [...]

  17. Although this one was shorter than the others I still enjoyed it, well most of it The first half was boring for me I m pretty sure the first 30% was just one entire sex scene with some other action in between I am all for sex, in all shapes and forms and read some trashy smut, hell I worked in an adult boutique for 6 years but damn 30% really I was so bored and sex should not be boring Now the last 50% of the book was all action, fast paced and bloody, it was brilliant, I loved it I m so addicte [...]

  18. Short Very short With the title being about Mistral I expected him to have a important part or to find out he might be king to her queen Or if she was pregnant But this book didn t have much going on in terms of plot I can t really say exactly what this book was really supposed to be about except sex This one is pretty much smut.

  19. This was a bit slow to startI was getting worried that this series was fading to be honest but this one brought it back for me From the mid point on I was hooked again like I was with the first couple novels Looking forward to what comes next

  20. This book was supposed to take place the day after where things left off in the last book Actually, come to think of it, all kinds of things happened in a mere span of 2 days, spread across 3 books from book 3 to this one, 5 Quite frankly, I was quite disappointed with this instalment, because not only did the plot made no further progress, things didn t really move anywhere in the space of about 300 pages.For the first 1 3 of the book, we just saw Merry engaging in a lot of sex related acts whi [...]

  21. Meredith Gentry 5 Mistral s Kiss, by Laurell K Hamilton Mistral s Kiss is a slim volume in the Meredith Gentry series, and feels like a novella instead of a novel More a collection of scenes than a flowing story, the book finally gets Merry and her men out of the sithen, where they have spent the last two books But that move comes at the very end of the book, and before then we are given quite a few sex scenes, the first starting a mere 25 pages in Yet again I m having trouble figuring out what [...]

  22. Like one of LKH s other books Danse Macabre , I tried several times to read this book all of the way through I kept picking it up putting it down, then trying to read it again later with determination I just couldn t do it because the plot just wasn t there This book picks up at the end of the previous book the incredibly slow moving Stroke of Midnight , with Merry her men trying to get out of the sithern Still It also takes place pretty much over one day, which gets kind of old There s tons of [...]

  23. Now, having just blasted Hamilton s A Stroke of Midnight, I have to admit that I enjoyed this book, despite it having some of the same problems as the previous book in this series The repetitive bits of descriptions given verbatim throughout the story are still there There are plenty of errors Rhys left his gun in the bedroom with his clothes but whoops now a couple of pages later he has his gun Makes you wonder where he pulled that sucker from, doesn t it But there s plot in this book and it f [...]

  24. As a five star effort, this is a bit weak It was a close decision as to whether to give it five stars or four In any case, it s quite good if you like the general concept if you aren t up for a LOT of graphic sex and almost as much violence, this book is not for you In fact, none of this series is for you, but this book is even extreme in those areas than some of the previous offerings in the series Actually, the violence isn t extreme and might even be slightly less, but not enough so to make [...]

  25. If you haven t read this series and come across these books out of order You probably could still read them although the first three books are kinda story builders However The amount of recapping is ridiculous for people who have read the series up till now So if you haven t read any merry books the recapping might work in your favor It distracts from the story, while trying to build the story If you liked fairy tales when you were younger this is a very adult and erotic fairytale of merry gentr [...]

  26. I got this book at the library yesterday I guess I didn t realize that it was the 5th book in a series so i didn t really know what was going on There seems to be a trend in Laurell K Hamilton s books where a the heroine s physical description is similar to the author s b the heroine has a HAREM of dudes that she nails on a regular basis c the heroine is just on the safe side of kinky rough in the sack Now none of this really poses a problem for me as a reader of trashy supernatural romance crap [...]

  27. finished Mistral s Kiss i that Hamilton can always get me out of a reading slump i also love that in her stories the main characters always increase in power in these installment of Merry Gentry s journey she has given to Sholto what he most wanted and brought even life to faerie i also found out she is mostly in love with Doyle i m over joyed about that he s my fav of her men.i m anxious to read the next installment to see what happens to Cel and Andais it s time that both of them were gone i [...]

  28. It is hard to give this book a review The plot is virtually non existent Merry and her shifting group of sex buddies dash from one sexual scene to another, occasionally something bad or scary happens but the solution seems to be sex in highly improbably configurations This book did bring Sholto back for a little while and I do like the character Or did, he seems to have lost the edge that I liked about him in this book and has become another one of the whiney men that seemed oh so strong until M [...]

  29. The guards are receiving tattoos with interesting significance for each one Still hating Andais Here we meet Mistral, one of Andais guards which she will not relinquish to Merry After having sex with Mistral in the dead garden and awakening old magic, things gets pretty deadly Merry have sex with Prince Sholto, which awakens wild magic and we learn about the great hunt A little exciting when there is so much killing going on.