Secret Origins ↠ Secret Origins ↠ JamesRiley - Secret Origins, Secret Origins Bethany travels to a new fictional world to rescue her father in this third book in the New York Times bestselling series Story Thieves which was called a fast paced action packed tale by School Lib

  • Title: Secret Origins
  • Author: JamesRiley
  • ISBN: 9781481461252
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Hardcover

Secret Origins

↠ Secret Origins ↠ JamesRiley, Secret Origins, JamesRiley, Secret Origins Bethany travels to a new fictional world to rescue her father in this third book in the New York Times bestselling series Story Thieves which was called a fast paced action packed tale by School Library Journal from the author of the Half Upon a Time trilogy Owen and Bethany have sworn off jumping into books for good But they didn t make any promises about not jumpingBethany trave ↠ Secret Origins ↠ JamesRiley. ↠ Secret Origins ↠ JamesRiley - Secret Origins, Secret Origins Bethany travels to a new fictional world to rescue her father in this third book in the New York Times bestselling series Story Thieves which was called a fast paced action packed tale by School Lib

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Secret Origins
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  1. OK Wow Wow Wow Originally, half way through the story, I was gonna rate it three stars, but then, that ending Oh dear god that ending was Well, I m speachless.I m just gonna finish this review with three simple words Read This Book Alright, five Give Me The Next Book

  2. At the end of The Stolen Chapters, Bethany and Owen said they weren t going to jump into fictional worlds any However, it now appears that someone is watching Bethany s house When she sets out to track him down, Owen feels obligated to come with The mystery man leads them to a strangely small house that contains a glowing portal to a different world the fictional world of the Doc Twilight comic books Owen is thrilled to be entering a comic book world Comic books are his thing and he understands [...]

  3. I M FEELING THINGSTHIS BOOK HAD ME HOOK LINE AND SINKER THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH takes a deep breath I still can t believe I finished this in 7 1 2 hoursBasically, Bethany sees someone watching her house so her and Owen decide to investigate and then they see a portal leading to a comic book world so they get Charm and Gwen to help them and it makes me feel a whole lot.Things that gave me feels OWEN AND CHARM MY BABIES BETHANY EXPLODING INTO LIGHT That was some Eleven from STRANGER THINGS stuff rig [...]

  4. It was amazing All the plot twists in this series are what make it my favorite Keep writing, James Riley

  5. It s been two months since Bethany last jumped into a book, and she s started to notice a man sitting in a car across the street Owen thinks Bethany is overreacting to things, but as the friends follow him to his house, they make a startling discovery Have they stumbled upon Bethany s fictional father This book overs things to the comic book world, and I found this setting to be lots of fun The plot twists out in some surprising and fun directions, and the cliffhangers at the end of each chapter [...]

  6. First of all, wondering if there is going to be another book to tie up a few things and big kudos for the shout out to Ben Hatke s Zita the Spacegirl It felt very appropriate for an origin story for the entire series to be motif ed along the lines of a superhero comic with comic panels too nice Love again how the lines between fictional non fictional are being absolutely, sureally messed with int his series.

  7. Oh my god I NEED the next book I cannot wait for the next book I do hope we ll see of Kiel and Owen x Charm I ship it but I really, really, need the fourth book now

  8. james riley did it again everybody this man is an absolute mastermind and he sure knows how to continuously surprise his readers i gave this book four stars instead of five because i felt like everything that happened up until the real action started taking place, was just there as a placeholder and it didnt hold my attention for too long maybe that s why it took me than a month to finish this book or maybe im still on a reading slump who knows i cant lie, i actually teared up a little when i t [...]

  9. Amazing James Riley is a genius This really blew me away Just when I thought he couldn t do anything better than the last one, he proves us wrong Can t wait for the next one

  10. A lot of nonfiction books prompt you to ponder the never ending questions of human existence Story Thieves Secret Origins does it just by being fictional Like its predecessors, the third book in the five book long Story Thieves series is funny, entertaining, a bit meta at times, and a lot of fun to read In this book, Owen and his book traveling friend Bethany find out about a comic named Doc Twilight, its darker and edgier reboot, and a man who is using portals to arrive in the comic s world, ca [...]

  11. See full review here deseretnews article 86 Story Thieves Secret Origins is the third book in a planned five book series by James Riley In this installment, preteens Owen and Bethany team up again in the ongoing search for Bethany s father.In the previous books, we learned that Bethany has the ability to jump into books and enter their worlds She has been doing this in hopes of finding her missing father, who she believes isn t in the nonfiction world any.When Owen catches Bethany, he convinces [...]

  12. Gr 4 6Bethany, who is half fictional, and her regular friend Owen have sworn not to go into the fictional world any It is dangerous and the evil Nobody, a man without a face, has threatened them if they come back But when Bethany discovers a mysterious man watching her house, she is determined to track him down and find out why And she just needs a few tools from the fictional world to help her When they arrive at the man s house, they discover a portal into a comic book world, several superher [...]

  13. 60 pg remainingok me a while to get into this 3rd book thoughng 10pgs was a bit confusing was it a dream ended up reading 2 other books instead But i m glad i didn t put this book off any further Definitely a great continuation to the story if not a bit weirdought the author was gonna write himself into the Story after book 2 Its not as good as the first 2 books which put the series up high, and because of the weird start 4 starsd the ending was a bit shottyWhich is a disappointment cuz the noti [...]

  14. My only complaint is that IT ENDED TOO SOOOOOOOOON I need to read the next book NOW Until then, there s no way I can write a rational review.

  15. Amzing Read book 1 and 2 before this book I think there will be another book coming out next year, so you have plenty of time to read them Enjoy

  16. fantasy and science fiction mystery and now comics I have written but not published several comics, and i found this book to be a funny and interesting take on that genre the plot twist about nobody was somewhat odd though, since s his identity has not appeared in any of the other books and therefore we can t figure it out i look forward to pick the plot with much anticipation.

  17. 4.5 There s a lot of improvement from the last two books Secret Origins is my favorite of the series thus far I loved all the comic book references.

  18. I am exited to read the next book September is too far away This book was really good I would recommend this book series to anyone who likes fantasy with some science fiction I think that the the author James Riley not Nobody is smart and cleverly wrote this book.

  19. I love this series It s one of my favorite read alouds for this age group I would probably give it 4 1 2 stars if I couldere are some slow parts in the middle, but the ending is incredible Can t wait to read the next book later this year

  20. Continues the tale of Bethany s search for her father Several characters come along on the latest book jump Definitely a cliff hanger ending Looking forward to the next book coming out.

  21. The Story Thieves series continues down its metafictional road, this time turning to comic books to drive its story in Secret Origins Owen and Bethany get sucked into the world of Doc Twilight, who they both believe to be Bethany s father Though the two of them have sworn off jumping into books after the debacle of The Lost Chapters, the thought of finally finding Bethany s father is too great for them to ignore Plus, Owen is convinced that he knows about about comics to keep them safe, but this [...]

  22. I I m at a loss where to begin The Story Thieves series is written, or marketed, as a Middle Grade tale Perhaps at its most basic, it could be considered as such However, the way the story is written really makes one think Riley presents us with an idea, completely far fetched in our reality, that makes one pause and think, well, what if If you are considering this book 3 in the series , then what follows shouldn t be a spoiler so, what if writers actually were get glimpses into other worlds thr [...]

  23. The book, Story Thieves Book 3 Secret Origins, by James Riley is about Owen Conners and Bethany Sanderson They are trying to find Bethany s lost father They find out a lot of secrets and, they find a portal that leads to a come book world Bethany and Owen think that Bethany s lost father is Doc Twilight and a super hero The world is written by a man named Murray Chase and Mason Black In this world, there is a super villain named the Dark who controls many shadowed figures that turn people mad wi [...]

  24. Secret Origins is a definite step up from the mess that was Book 2, even if it never quite recaptures the brilliance of the first book The characters are fun, even if Charm is virtually unrecognizable from the character in the first book And the best part of this series is, of course, the satire this book satirizes comic books, which is a genre that s definitely primed for some gentle mockery.But and this is a very big BUT Riley has got to lay out some rules for this world Much cleverer fantasy [...]

  25. In Book 3, our heroes rescue DC Marvel from gritty rage fueled cynicism.Here we find a forgotten world A heroes world, enslaved by rage Darkness reigns supreme Nobody is watching from the shadows But where, in all this twisted twilight, is Bethany s father With a last stand as hopeless as X Men III, and a bleaker conclusion than The Empire Strikes Back, Secret Origins doesn t quite satisfy, but leaves you desperate for closure.I ve come to the rather sad conclusion that Owen isn t really, and ne [...]

  26. Yikes This book series completly lost its way My nephew completly lost interest in listening to it I never would have thought the series needed Kiel, but this book had no catch.In this story Owen, Bethany, Charm and Earthgirl all travel into comic book world They are sure they have found Bethany s dad Well they do, just not like they think they will.I thought that having Bethany and Gwen earth girl would be such a treat Then they seperated Owen from the group Bethany and Charm do not mix well Ne [...]

  27. I wasn t as impressed with this book as I was with the previous two novels Probably because I m not one for lengthy series and I skipped ahead a bit in the book I also had to reread the previous two books because I couldn t remember all the little details and Riley doesn t really do a great job of refreshing your memory.I m just sort of ready for everything to be resolved you know Yes, Story Thieves is still funny, adventurous, and at times shocking However, personally, I m just ready for it to [...]