The Fall of Dragons [PDF] The Fall of Dragons | by Û MilesCameron - The Fall of Dragons, The Fall of Dragons The blood thirsty epic Traitor Son Cycle comes to its gripping conclusion in this fifth and final book In the climax of the Traitor Son Cycle the allied armies of the Wild and the Kingdoms of men an

  • Title: The Fall of Dragons
  • Author: MilesCameron
  • ISBN: 9781473208896
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback

The Fall of Dragons

[PDF] The Fall of Dragons | by Û MilesCameron, The Fall of Dragons, MilesCameron, The Fall of Dragons The blood thirsty epic Traitor Son Cycle comes to its gripping conclusion in this fifth and final book In the climax of the Traitor Son Cycle the allied armies of the Wild and the Kingdoms of men and women must face Ash for control of the gates to the hermetical universe and for control of their own destinies But exhaustion treachery and time may all prove deadlier enThe bl [PDF] The Fall of Dragons | by Û MilesCameron. [PDF] The Fall of Dragons | by Û MilesCameron - The Fall of Dragons, The Fall of Dragons The blood thirsty epic Traitor Son Cycle comes to its gripping conclusion in this fifth and final book In the climax of the Traitor Son Cycle the allied armies of the Wild and the Kingdoms of men an

  • [PDF] The Fall of Dragons | by Û MilesCameron
The Fall of Dragons
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  1. Another amazing book in this series, and a stunning conclusion to the story The Fall of Dragons wraps up The Traitor Son Cycle which will be added to my top 10 favorite fantasy series of all time I rated only 2 books in this series 5 stars, and book 2 only got 3 stars So, I m sure your wondering how I can put this in my top 10 Well, this series had everything I love about fantasy and it was done extremely well throughout the series as a whole The characters are well thought out and complex, ther [...]

  2. Not quite full 5 But this is the last book in a series and I love Miles Christian Cameron.It took me a while to collect my thoughts I felt a bit torn in my opinion when I read the book On one hand, it is incredibly messy particularly part 1 a dazzling kaleidoscope of characters, plot lines, adversaries, conflicts, enemies, allies It is genuinely hard to stay on the same page with the author On the other hand, Miles Cameron clearly cares deeply about his characters, the world and the background h [...]

  3. FIVE EASY STARS What a grand finale that truly was.You like epic battles in your epic fantasy Do not fear, this book this series ends with the biggest of bangs and the most battles I ve read in one book Battles, both running and static, hermetical and in the real Large and small, multiple and, truly and honestly, one big one that s split between areas and armies and allies and foes factions and companies and species and worlds Battles incredible battles aside let s face it, if you ve read the se [...]

  4. Spectacular conclusion to the series Book 5 proved to be just as amazing as I had hoped When I think back on the first book, I immediately remember what a challenge it was to keep people and places straight, how quickly pov s changed and how very little I felt for the characters at the time There were kingdoms at odds with kingdoms, humans at odds with animals and the many fantastical creatures, and a magic system that wasn t fully understood yet Every corner of this world was beginning to feel [...]

  5. A fantastic end to a fantastic series That left me with only two thoughts Is the Traitor Son cycle one of the best fantasy series I have ever read A resounding yes, its probably in my top three Is Miles Cameron the best fantasy writer of his generation Again, probably yes He has a better grasp of the scale of military and political machinations than R Scott Bakker, as a good a grasp of characterization and pace as Joe Abercrombie, the sly sense of humor of Scott Lynch and the pure writing power [...]

  6. As always this review can also be found on my blog The Tattooed Book Geek thetattooedbookgeek.wordpressI received a free copy of this book courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review.When you come to the last book in a series it s very hard to write up an overview of the plot contained in the pages Especially if you don t want to give away any spoilers and inadvertently ruin either the book or the series on a whole and as such, I m merely going to offer my own thoughts and overvie [...]

  7. A brilliant finale to what has become one of my favourite book series of the fantasy genre I came home to dear old Blighty from a funeral in Ireland, my mood dark and my immune system battered after what I can only describe as the most violent cold I ve ever had As I changed into my pajamas and got ready to just flake out, my doorbell rang Cursing, I hobbled downstairs and opened the door with irritation lining every crevice on my face it was 11pm to be greeted by my lovely smiling neighbour hol [...]

  8. Simply flawless.There is little need for a long summary in review of this novel and the Traitor Son series No flowery words of glowing praise will adequately describe the joy I felt reading to the end The work speaks for itself It is quite simply a masterpiece.

  9. A deservedly inspired ending for such a diverse cast of characters, having developed on a grand scale over the course of the series Sauce was the true standout for me I m calling for a spin off It s 90% hack and slash a la all fantasy series finales, but there was still enough character focus to keep it interesting for readers like me I ll honestly miss this bunch of crazy outsiders I had a tear mid epilogue Probably won t miss the word puissant ance being so liberally used though I don t know w [...]

  10. I am second to no one in my love of epic fantasy Sure, I love those slim paperback sword and sorcery novels from the 70s But I still view a great epic fantasy series as the pinnacle of all of speculative fantasy But epic fantasy is a big commitment I was in elementary school when I started reading The Wheel of Time By the time I finished it, I was a practicing lawyer So far be it from me to complain if you ask 1 is the series finished and 2 does it stick the landing I m looking at you, Death Gat [...]

  11. This was a good ending to a fabulous series I was impressed by some of the Lovecraftian elements, but, in some moments, I felt that the novel needed to be shorten by some of it s actions.I wasn t very happy with the ending, but I guess that it was hinted all along the novel, that the thing will happen So it really happens In this last book, some of the povs from the previous book, very interesting ones, were almost forgotten, some of them, tragically died, soNot so happy about this aspectBut, ov [...]

  12. This is actually my least favorite of the series, I m not a battle girl and this book is mainly that as is necessary, but this series is just soooo good I will miss the characters.

  13. ReviewThe Traitor Son Cycle has been Miles Cameron s fantasy debut, with so many amazing Historical fiction titles written and read by many proving the quality and power of his writing, for me this was always going to be a case of how good can this get, how can it compare to the many accomplished fantasy series out there, how will the plot cope with the freedom beyond the structure of history Full review parmenionbooks.wordpress

  14. 5 unequivocal stars And so we reach the end of this epic in every sense of the word series It has been a long, but incredibly exciting road, and I find I do not regret a single page The series is not without its criticisms I ve seen and heard people talk about its level of detail when describing arms and armour, its use of real world religions, how many tropes it explores, and even how it uses chivalric terminology Now, to me, these are all valid objections, but only as subjective observations, [...]

  15. A worthy end to an fantastic series that in many ways is one of the best fantasy series being written and published in the last few years It is a satisfying end to what began in the Red Knight and brings the various plotlines and characters to a brilliant if sometimes bitter sweet ending It is a flawless continuation of the previous books and if you liked those you will love this book.Indeed my one big problem with this book is a problem with the general development of what role magic played in [...]

  16. There s a part of me that feels like this book was a frenetic mess that could have used a heavy handed editor, but it s not a big enough part to spoil it Edit The I think about it the I remember how confused I was through about a 1 3 of the story, so 4 Stars Oh, and there is a glossary of characters at the back of the book if you need refreshers I wish I had known that before I was halfway through it would have alleviated a lot of confusion since the cast of characters is vast.

  17. The fifth and final volume of the Traitor s Son Cycle.Can this book be read as a standalone Which to me makes a good entry into a series Yes it can and you will be hard pushed to find a fantasy action packed story However to get the most from this book I would recommend, that you read the other books in the series first This will give a much broader understanding of what is going on amidst all the chaos.The first part prologue carries action than a lot of other complete novels and that s just [...]

  18. 5 stars are very rare for me Very This earned it It s the end of an epic fantasy series The world is wonderfully filled in, with mixes of Christian, Celtic, and European folklore, as well as many original characters and concepts The war against Ash has been building since the first book Now, it s all out, ugly, fighting, as allies and enemies clash in the final fight, winner takes the world Or worlds, possibly Gabriel, the Red Knight, has created an impressive alliance of friends and traditional [...]

  19. A satisfying conclusion, though not as satisfying as I had hoped It had all the good things from the previous books, but ultimately some very interesting character arcs got short changed for the sake of grand, epic fight scenes Look for a full review soon on the new review site Epic Fantasy Fanatics.

  20. I hate to say it, but reading this one was a bit of a slog and maybe that was intentional but by the end, I felt every bit exhausted as Gabriel and his army I think this book suffers from two major problems I will call them the Robert Jordan problem and the Naruto problem.For the Robert Jordan of the Wheel of Time fame problem it s just too many characters I m sure the author knows and loves each one For me, I really struggled to remember and in many cases, just couldn t People died and I couldn [...]

  21. Ten stars for the ending novel of the history of the First World War the fantasy version What a ride

  22. Fitting end Great series definitely worth a read Excellent characters A great mix of action and humour Couldn t give it a better endorsement

  23. Read the full review at my site Digital Amrit I hate men, Ash said loudly I hate their vanity,I hate their promiscuity, I hate their selfishness, their endless greed, their pettiness, and most of all, I hate their failure to pay attention to details When I have extirpated man, this world will return to its natural order And the details will be properly attended to Kneel IntroductionThe Fall of Dragons is written by Miles Cameron It is the conclusion 5 to the Traitor Son Cycle.The Traitor Son Cyc [...]

  24. Consider this a review of the entire series, as this book wraps it up.In short The Traitor Son Cycle is The Wheel Of Time if it were co written by GRRM and Mark Lawrence The scope of the world and the indulgent immersion and obvious love of worldbuilding that Cameron shares with Robert Jordan are elevated and modernised by some of Martin s textbook ruthlessness and attention to minutiae and a significant amount of that Lawrence special sauce when it comes to dark, complex character development.B [...]

  25. Calling me the dragon would be like my calling you the patricide DAMN Oh, wie ich diese Charaktere und diese Welt vermissen werde Es ist schwer ber das letzte Buch einer Reihe zu sprechen ohne zu spoilern, daher sei nur gesagt, dass ich nach langer Zeit endlich nicht vom Ende einer Geschichte entt uscht bin Was f r ein w rdiger Abschluss einer unglaublich guten Reihe, die sich weit ber die Mittelm igkeit auf dem derzeitigen Fantasy Markt erhebt.Dieses finale Buch l sst einem kaum eine Atempause [...]

  26. This guyUnder both names the author uses I have read them and enjoyed them all These days I find authors find success and the work suffers These books and this world didn t in the least.

  27. Originally published on my blog Nonstop Reader.Immersive epic fantasy series like the Wheel of Time, Game of Thrones, Kingkiller Chronicles, Farseer and tie ins, First Law and others, everyone has a favorite with 700 page books and 5 or books in the series These are the series that many fans revisit every few years over a span of years or decades.I am a huge fan of what I think of as BIG fantasy Doorstop books that you carry around for weeks Books that drag you in so deeply that you actually mi [...]

  28. 3.5 stars.Overall a solid read, but I couldn t help but be disappointed with this one.The Good The prose and attention to detail are spot on as usual Battle scenes are immersive The main conflict of the series is resolved.The Bad This book was missing the political intrigue and plot twists that made me love the first 3 so much I enjoy battle scenes as much as the next person, but an entire book dedicated solely to fighting with nothing to break it up gets a little tedious I also felt a lot of ch [...]