Take the Key and Lock Her Up Free Read Take the Key and Lock Her Up - by Ally Carter - Take the Key and Lock Her Up, Take the Key and Lock Her Up The princess is dead Long live the princess Centuries ago the royal family of Adria was killed or so everyone thought Now Grace Blakely knows the truth There was one survivor and that survivor s blo

  • Title: Take the Key and Lock Her Up
  • Author: Ally Carter
  • ISBN: 9780545654951
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Hardcover

Take the Key and Lock Her Up

Free Read Take the Key and Lock Her Up - by Ally Carter, Take the Key and Lock Her Up, Ally Carter, Take the Key and Lock Her Up The princess is dead Long live the princess Centuries ago the royal family of Adria was killed or so everyone thought Now Grace Blakely knows the truth There was one survivor and that survivor s blood runs through her veins This simple fact could cause a revolution which is why some people will stop at nothing to keep it from coming to light There is only one way for Free Read Take the Key and Lock Her Up - by Ally Carter. Free Read Take the Key and Lock Her Up - by Ally Carter - Take the Key and Lock Her Up, Take the Key and Lock Her Up The princess is dead Long live the princess Centuries ago the royal family of Adria was killed or so everyone thought Now Grace Blakely knows the truth There was one survivor and that survivor s blo

  • Free Read Take the Key and Lock Her Up - by Ally Carter
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Take the Key and Lock Her Up
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  1. Honestly I haven t been a huge fan of this series overall So why do I keep reading it Erm, well 1 I received and unsolicited copy in exchange for a review, and 2 like part of me wanted to know what would happen AND YAY THAT I FOUND OUT But naaaay that I still care like 2% I just honestly do not care about anyone in this series And I blame that mostly on Grace who is the most dramatic, angsty, whiny, self centred protagonist ever But the drama levels THE DRAMA LEVELS Take the key and lock me away [...]

  2. I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher via NetGalley This in no way impacted on my view.Like everyone else who s read this series, I was desperate to get my hands on book 3, Take the Key and Lock Her Up, after the shocking revelation and cliffhanger at the end of See How They Run Grace now knows she s descended from the lost princess of Adria, and to the point, her and her brother, Jamie, are in danger from either the Royal Family, the Society, or both She only has her friends to [...]

  3. yes i am very disappointed so insanely disappointed this book gets two stars for at least being an entertaining read that made me forget about university looses a star for the woman hating looses a star for the fact it felt like every friendship and relationship other than alexei and grace had been forgotten where were my bestie dynamics that i adore so much and it looses a star for frankly feeling like a hastily written draft.i didn t feel like i was reading the finished book of a finished tril [...]

  4. UPDATE THERE S A COVER AHHHH IT IS GORGEOUS GIMME GIMME GIMME sees release date whimpers and curls up in dark corner to wait for 2017 Old review Why do I have to wait till 2017 That s than 365 days That s than 8760 hours That s than 525,600 minutes That s than 31,536,000 seconds I m a shriveled soul

  5. Just don t bother The most interesting angle of this series though always handled poorly still, anything can happen was the mental health angle That s totally dropped in this novel with regard to the protagonist, though there are badly done elements of it cropping up elsewhere In between the drugs and the murders and the complete lack of trial by jury Then there s most predictable resolution, to both the mystery and the overall plot, that could possibly be written.And then there s this writing M [...]

  6. This was an awesome conclusion to the series I will admit when I read book one I was not totally sold on the series Book two got me ready for book three right away because I did enjoy that installment This installment sold me on the series It was intriguing and fast paced I do still find Grace a bit obnoxious but hey, we aren t going to thoroughly love every protagonist we come across as readers In conclusion, this series was interesting and had some great twists and turns throughout the trilogy [...]

  7. It is over It is finished It incites madness It is repetitive as a toddler asking you why Know is used 558 times.Think is used 220 times.Feel is used 141 times.Run is used 138 times.Need is used 116 times.I do appreciate that Ally Carter draws attention to PTSD and mental health issues She does break down that wall and makes it approachable to readers who may not have come into contact with it before However, the execution of Grace s experiences was off putting and frustrating than helpful for [...]

  8. EDIT After reading Rating 3.7 of 5 stars Totally made that up I don t know what s wrong with me but I found myself in the first half of the book totally annoyed with Grace I felt like she was constantly being overly dramatic about everything She could have solved all her problems a lot faster if she just stopped being thoughtless and unnecessarily taking risks for just a second Yeah Like I said, there was something wrong with me Don t shoot me please But since this is Ally Carter we re talking a [...]

  9. I m always a huge fan of the hidden princess plot, and I love a good group of five diverse teens, both of which featured heavily in this finale Yippee But the actual story telling made me roll my eyes a lot for being overly dramatic It turns out there s only so many times you can read variations of the sentence I m going to end this There was a lot of back and forth between Grace deciding to work as part of a team or to go it alone which grated against me.At least I finally got the romantic scen [...]

  10. It is not secret that I did not enjoy the first two books in this series In fact, I rather loathed them for their irritable protagonist, overly simplistic writing style, and nonsensical plotlines You can see why I d be surprised to find myself feeling rather meh and okay about this series ender, rather than flat out disliking it I will admit that pretty much all of the things I had trouble with in the first book are still present in this finale, but there was something an intangible, undefinable [...]

  11. Galley provided by publisherIf I m honest, I m a little underwhelmed by this one I had high hopes, because it s Ally Carter and she always writes good last books, but this one just didn t quite have me as hooked as the others.It felt like the plot was a little all over the place, much like Grace appeared to be how she didn t get jetlagged absolutely defeats me One moment, they re in America, then Paris, then Russia, and all of this happens in the span of a few pages each time It exhausted me jus [...]

  12. Interesting.This series took off and ended in a way I wasn t expecting it to just by reading the back of the first cover.Had I known there was royalty, thoughWhile the overall plot was interesting, and I did enjoy it better than the Gallagher Girls series much cleaner than that series even bought this one still had some questionable content , I remember enjoying the humor and friendships in both previous Ally Carter series This series did not have much of that However, like I ve said in my revie [...]

  13. Centuries ago in the land of Adria, the royal family were killed in a siege One member of the royal family escaped though, the youngest who was a baby at the time Princess Amelia Princess Amelia has been smuggled away and hidden, they changed her name, and people never knew she was alive Sure there were rumors, but they were always squashed Grace s mother knew Amelia was kept alive and spent her time along with Alexis s mother searching for the ancestors of Amelia as they would now be the rightf [...]

  14. I love Ally Carter s work Really But Grace is seriously annoying, and I just want to slap her for most of the book She is forever going off half cocked and is then surprised when things don t end well Also, she was offered a pretty good alternative to Alexei I m one of those people who think that Princess Diana would have been better off if she had stayed with Prince Charles If she really wanted to get back at Camilla, she would have stayed married and never let her come to light Anyway, teens a [...]

  15. Take The Key and Lock Her Up begins mere moments after the revelations of See How They Run, Jamie is injured, Alexei a fugitive and Grace is determined to carry her mother s legacy, finding evidence of the lost princess view spoiler Grace Blakely is a descendant of baby Amelia hide spoiler , a centuries old mystery that the government and Society of Ardia are determined to protect Since moving into the embassy to live with her grandfather, Grace has been embroiled in controversy Grace is relentl [...]

  16. Source Library Genre YA, Action Adventure Rating 3.5 My Thoughts Take the Key and Lock Her Up is the third and final installment in author Ally Carter s Embassy Row trilogy 200 years ago, there was a coup and Adrian King Alexander s family was murdered But, in the chaos, another baby, Amelia, was smuggled out of the castle, and protected by The Society The Society is a group of women who have seen regimes come and and dictators fall over their one thousand years of existence Full Review Gizmos R [...]

  17. Perfect easy read 4.5 stars So let me say first off, that I am kind of a sucker for Ally Carter books Her Gallager Girls series was my first introduction, and Embassy Row certainly doesn t disappoint Yes, there are cliches Yes, there is teen romance and all that jazz, but for the most part it is just good, clean fun I read Take the Key and Lock Her Up in about 3 days, even while working and taking care of my family, so it is a nice relaxing read, while still keeping your interest and getting you [...]

  18. 3.5 rounding upI ve been following this series from the beginning I wasn t sure after the last book that I would come back for this one but I did It s kinda crazy and a bit messed up, really, but I can t help but be sucked into the fast paced drama that unfolds on every single page It s a bit far fetched and sometimes unbelievable but who cares It s fiction ha The last book had me frustrated with all of Grace s internal dialogue and the repetition in that inner dialogue Fortunately this book did [...]

  19. I enjoyed this series I didn t like it quite as much as Ally Carter s Gallagher Girls or Heist Society, but it is still funny though less so than those others , has plenty of action and danger This book wrapped up the series well There was even less of Megan, Noah, and Rosie, which was disappointing since they were some of my favorite characters.

  20. 3 STARS FOR TAKE THE KEY AND LOCK HER UP BY ALLY CARTERTwo hundred years ago, there was a palace coup and, in the chaos, a baby was smuggled free The Society hid her among their own She was raised in secret Protected Safe And, eventually, she grew up, and her bloodline survived.Until someone started trying to kill us.Out of all three Embassy Row books, I think this one was Ally Carter s strongest There s a lot of development with Grace s emotional state She s not cured or fixed of the trauma she [...]

  21. 3.25ish starsAs with the first two books, Grace is the main problem with this series for me I really wanted to shake her every time she talked about being crazy or how she was afraid that whatever another character said they were right She didn t seem quite as illogical as in the first two, but then the plot suffered a little I like the set up of the story and many of the other characters, but there were some logical errors in the plot this time around Like.r mind, I don t want to spoil anything [...]

  22. So I just read the expert and love it so farI have now completed the book Fantastic Beautiful Best one in the series Ally Carter you made cunning book like this okay K Everyone should read thisNothing wrong with this book I wish there was romance Like kissing just kissing just It was good Great READ IT

  23. 6 30 2016 release date Jan 26 2016 one month before my birthday and almost seven months away okay I can wait that longybeUPDATE THE COVER AND TITLE Hello I mean I need this book than I need life PLEASE HURRY 2017

  24. This is the end I was disappointed with Take The Key And Lock Her up It wasn t as interesting the previous book.

  25. This was my favorite book in this series Somehow all the pieces come together in the plot twisting, mind bending way of this series Very good read