Every Which Way But Dead Every Which Way But Dead Best Download || [Kim Harrison] - Every Which Way But Dead, Every Which Way But Dead There s no witch in Cincinnati tougher sexier or screwed up than bounty hunter Rachel Morgan who s already put her love life and soul in dire jeopardy through her determined efforts to bring crimin

  • Title: Every Which Way But Dead
  • Author: Kim Harrison
  • ISBN: 9780060572990
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Kindle

Every Which Way But Dead

Every Which Way But Dead Best Download || [Kim Harrison], Every Which Way But Dead, Kim Harrison, Every Which Way But Dead There s no witch in Cincinnati tougher sexier or screwed up than bounty hunter Rachel Morgan who s already put her love life and soul in dire jeopardy through her determined efforts to bring criminal night creatures to justice Between runs she has her hands full fending off the attentions of her blood drinking partner keeping a deadly secret from her backup anThere s Every Which Way But Dead Best Download || [Kim Harrison]. Every Which Way But Dead Best Download || [Kim Harrison] - Every Which Way But Dead, Every Which Way But Dead There s no witch in Cincinnati tougher sexier or screwed up than bounty hunter Rachel Morgan who s already put her love life and soul in dire jeopardy through her determined efforts to bring crimin

  • Every Which Way But Dead Best Download || [Kim Harrison]
    367Kim Harrison
Every Which Way But Dead
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  1. This is a paranormal urban fantasy that I can like It wasn t always apparent I have been reading this series because it has an end That kept me going in this particular book Then things got marginally, then noticeably better.The thing is that I don t know how to review a book from this subgenre I didn t gasp in rapture at the sex scenes and I didn t take sides in Nick vs Kisten I read the books for the story and the dialog, sometimes.The ending was like a cozy mystery family and friends together [...]

  2. Welcome to our What Kind of Heroine are you Quiz Please select the option that best describes what you would do in the following situations You have recently started a business with a friend Should youA Work as a team and solve mysteries and crimetogether playing off each other s strengths.B Go off on your own rarely telling yourpartner what you are working on and where youare going, with no indication on when you willreturn.C Hedge your bets and have a few other people beings you are working wi [...]

  3. Reviewed by Rabid ReadsYou know how they say the things you hate in others are the things you like least about yourself When I was 21, after an extreme bout of poor decision making, I decided to take a sabbatical from dating In quick succession, I had dated a slightly younger than me guy, a guy who was my age, and a than slightly older than me guy, and they were ALL great, big lamewads 19 y.o Mark, the 6 7 college basketball player and DRAMA QUEEN liked to wake up, drink milk, and then try to k [...]

  4. DNF at 61% Go me and stuff.Why the murderous crustaceans are DNFing this PoC thing and won t bother continuing with this series All relationship romance dating BS crap and NO plot story whatsoever Rachel, Ivy, Nick, Kisten, Skimmer view spoiler the murderous crustaceans shall very graciously refrain from commenting on this slightly pathetic name hide spoiler Reading this book feels like watching a bloody shrimping culebr n Which might explain why much eyerolling and facepalmingpincing occurred w [...]

  5. It s been a while since I last read a Hollows book, but it was good to be back I like this world that Kim Harrison created I like the mix of different species, and how complex their relationships are I really like Rachel She s down to earth, and flawed enough to be relatable I like that she s self conscious about her appearance, freckles and frizzy hair, and boyish figure She seems like she d be a nice person to know in real life Although Rachel slips up in her inter personal relationships with [...]

  6. I m glad this hasn t reached a low point And I sure as hell hope it won t because so far I m loving every second of reading this series It s fast paced, the action is abundant and there are so many characters I just can t help but love.As you must have assumed, Rachel finds herself in an impossible situation once again As the shit hit the fan and everything goes to hell Rachel must find a way to get herself out of the deal with Algaliarept without getting herself or her friends killed in the pro [...]

  7. This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life.I liked this audiobook but it was bit of a disappointment after absolutely loving the first two books in the series This was a re read for me but I actually didn t remember anything about it from my initial read years ago I am actually pretty sure that this is the book that I stopped on when I started the series the first time It was a good book but it wasn t anywhere near as entertaining as the first two in the series were for me.This book s [...]

  8. Even though there s a lot going on in this story, there seemed to be quite a few lulls Fortunately, the many revelations kept it moving One of the things I like about Rachel is her ability to think her way through situations, especially when she s figuring out how to balance her magic skills with what she knows about the rules of her world She s pressed to her limits in this story and learns so much about herself and her gifts I ve not liked or trusted Nick Sparagmos and he doesn t do anything t [...]

  9. I have to deduct stars from this for several reasons All three books so far have suffered from a shit poor editing job and my inner editor constantly screams while reading them.Then there s the fact that Rachel Morgan is just unbelievably stupid Painfully stupid So stupid that she shouldn t be allowed to live So stupid that I don t understand why she IS alive I WILL read the next book because there re a number of things that intrigue me However, if the next book isn t markedly better then I doub [...]

  10. This one was excellent A series that started well, got better in the second and has hit its stride in the third I really enjoy the large cast It reminds me of the Dresden files in that way, where each builds on the one before and the side characters develop along with the main protagonist and broaden the whole picture of the world created.Recommended series Book 4 here I come

  11. This, third, book ofKim Harrison s Rachel Morgan series has the weakest plot so far On the other hand, the character driven scenes kept me reading, and when the plot finally got rolling in the last 30% of the book, I was frothing.The book starts out with two problems presented to Rachel A demon that she owes favors to has come to collect, and a new crime boss in town is making life difficult for everyone After that, we get a lot of character development and the plot fades away, showing up now an [...]

  12. I have a confession to make, I didn t love the first book in this series, in fact, I forced myself to finish it And months later, decided to give the second a chance because some many people loved it.And while I did like the second book, I still wasn t blown away by it and was still wondering, what all the fuss was about.You see, it wasn t until book three, this book, that I finally got it That something clicked and I understood what all the fuss was about Can I just say, I love Rachel, Ivy, and [...]

  13. Alguien m s que extra e a Buffy tanto como yo Bien, no os preocupe s m sporque Buffy vive en casi todas las novelas de fantas a urbana y THE HOLLOWS no es una excepci n por suerte Y si no hay ganas de leer, Buffy est en Netflix ACLARACI N Aunque esta rese a tiene marcado spoilers despu s de cada tem, no suelo spoilear nada Es decir, no escribo nada que arruine la trama principal En caso de hacerlo, lo advierto previamente con una nueva marca de spoiler O sea, te encajo un spoiler adentro del spo [...]

  14. I loved this one, starting to really get into this series Also I mean can we talk about Kisten I am so up for Rachel and Kisten as a couple I feel kinda bad for Ivy though and her strong feelings toward Rachel and her not knowing what to do with them I hope Ivy will find someone.

  15. Hmm I felt this one was a little weaker, overall, than the second book possibly because there was a little less emphasis on plot and a little on Rachel finding or less every single guy hot.It didn t really bother me for which I need to give the author some props, because it so easily could have, and should have but really, it was getting ever so slightly ridiculous how Rachel was basically drooling over every man she met Kisten s hot Trent s hot David s hot Lee s hot Nick who I have to admit, [...]

  16. Really, why I haven t read this series earlier What an amazing read Exactly what a good urban fantasy must be With a very well structured world building and many great characters that in every book have very interesting development, this book was definitely one of my best reads this year It seems that this series is getting better with each book, another good reason to read The Hollows series by Kim Harrison.Rachel has too many things on her plate right now Her boyfriend can t get far enough fro [...]

  17. I m currently on book three and I really don t know what to say This series doesn t really do it for me but I feel deeply compelled to continue on hoping that it gets better So far I find Rachel to be judgemental, a bit of a victim, and too stupid to live, yet she s suppose to be the baddest b % I don t see it She s constantly getting her butt kicked and getting lucky in the end with the help of others She can t stand Trent for his business dealings, drugs and biomedical research, which is illeg [...]

  18. I loved this one So much better than the first 2 books I enjoyed every page of this book, although it took me much time to read it.Rachel is becoming stronger, which I love, I really want her to become even powerful than she already is.Nick didn t make an appearance after the first half of the book, which IMHO was the reason for why I adored this book much than the first 2 He is a boring and irrelevant character and even if I know it is a terrible thing to say I wish he could just dye, but a [...]

  19. Book Reaction not a full review In the third installment of Rachel Morgan s adventures, she s mostly dealing with the fallout of some of the events of the previous book Sadly, this means that the book has a heavy focus on vampires and demons, and in Harrison s world, that means that the book is all about seduction, temptation, and weird rapey vibes An amusing side adventure involves Rachel acting as body guard for Trent because wait for it they believe that she can handle vampiric vibes better t [...]

  20. This book is the best thus far in the series You can tell it s starting the hit its stride The characters are becoming established and the lines between protagonists and antagonists are thinning a bit Rachel strikes a deal with Algaliarept, a demon, to testify against Piscary To do it she ll have to become his familiar From there she meets his old familiar, Ceri, who happens to be an elf She turns out to be a very mysterious, interesting, and powerful character Does Rachel want to make her exis [...]

  21. Tink s panties this is the best one so far Rachel Morgan is back, stirring up some trouble in the Hollows I couldn t ask for anything non stop action, danger, of my favorite characters Trent, Kisten and Takata , some great new additions Ceri, David and Erica and finally some overdue romance I had Trent and Kisten listed as potential suitors for Rachel in my head after the second book, but Kisten has definitely won me over Rachel s character started out a diamond in the rough who is now evolvi [...]

  22. Re read November 2014 Memorable moments in this one as well happy sigh I m pretty sure from the earliest books, this one had some of my most favorite scenes with Trent and here I started jumping head first on Team Trent Then there s the wedding part mwahaha D Rachel is already showing signs of her personal growth and self discovery And everyone is so badass I m so in love with Kisten at this point Debating if I should or should not go through that part of the series again or just skipping ahead

  23. Actual rating 4 starsIt s officialI truly love this series The world is amazing, and our main characters are just as awesome This book would ve been five stars, but the typos were ridiculous It was to the point where the story was affected because often the typos made me have to stop and figure out what the author was saying It sort of hampered my reading experience But Kisten made up for itoh how I love him

  24. Hello fellow reviewers Minor spoilers ahead In this installment of the Hollows series, we meet lots of new characters, say interesting goodbyes and even better hellos, and we go in deep with new plots You may have noticed my four star rating and that may confuse you considering this is my favorite series That being said, I enjoyed this book but it s not one of my favorites I ll explain later I always start with my good feelings on it.Soooo, I love the budding new alliance between Trent and Rache [...]

  25. Every Which Way But Dead4 StarsThere is a lot going on in Rachel s life as she deals with becoming Algaliarept s familiar, Nick s aloofness, Ivy s possessiveness, Kisten s advances, Jenks s hurt feelings as well as a possible Were stalker, a dangerous extortionist and last but not least, Trent Kalamack s mysterious machinations With all this, its amazing that she hasn t lost her mind yet or has she The majority of the book revolves around introducing new characters and developing existing ones T [...]