Incubus Dreams [PDF] Download ↠ Incubus Dreams : by Laurell K. Hamilton - Incubus Dreams, Incubus Dreams In the latest New York Times bestselling Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series Anita s life is complicated than ever as she is caught between her obligations to the living and the undead A vampire seri

  • Title: Incubus Dreams
  • Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9780515139754
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Kindle

Incubus Dreams

[PDF] Download ↠ Incubus Dreams : by Laurell K. Hamilton, Incubus Dreams, Laurell K. Hamilton, Incubus Dreams In the latest New York Times bestselling Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series Anita s life is complicated than ever as she is caught between her obligations to the living and the undead A vampire serial killer who preys on strippers is on the loose Called in to consult on the case Anita fears her judgment may be clouded by a conflict of interest For she is afterIn the latest New Y [PDF] Download ↠ Incubus Dreams : by Laurell K. Hamilton. [PDF] Download ↠ Incubus Dreams : by Laurell K. Hamilton - Incubus Dreams, Incubus Dreams In the latest New York Times bestselling Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series Anita s life is complicated than ever as she is caught between her obligations to the living and the undead A vampire seri

  • [PDF] Download ↠ Incubus Dreams : by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Incubus Dreams
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  1. We re wasting time with all this personal sh t WARNING Sorry about the gif spam I make an effort to keep it to a minimum in my reviews, but this one needed some gifs or I would go madOT Oh, you expected a plot summary of this book Okay, I ll try to be serious now.Larry is marrying that horrible, evil, wicked Tammy Anita is one of the groomsmen Because She drags along her two boytoys Because She is called to the scene of a crime Apparently strippers are being killed.Whoaaaaa, that was way too muc [...]

  2. Okay, so I had been warned beforehand that this series would eventually jump the shark and turn into a crap fest And, here we are Crapfestville Crapfestville s neighboring townsHere s the thing, I don t mind sex in a book if it is a part of the bigger plot in these kind of books Or, if it s just straight up a paranormal romance novel But, thish This is like someone who is having a clusterfuck in their head that they decided to write down for posterity and got paid a bunch of money because the pr [...]

  3. I don t think I ve ever been so relieved to finish a novel, since it ate so much of my time In my hardcover version, there are 658 pages of the smallest type I ve ever seen in any other hardback To say the least, it was painfully long.Not that I care how long a book is If a book keeps me interested enough, I ll be happy to read thousands of pages But Incubus Dreams is painfully slow, simply because not much is going on If you ve ever read heard an interview with Laurell K Hamilton, you ve probab [...]

  4. Incubus Dreams Wherein Anita Gathers Superpowers Like Beads at Mardi Gras and in much the same way you earn beads at Mardi Gras.I tried to do live updates in the comments while reading this, but had to stop just over halfway through the book I thought it would be fun, but it wasn t At all.I wish I could identify a plotline for you here there s something about murdered strippers, but that can hardly count given it s only present for about ten pages at the start of the book and then a few chapters [...]

  5. As we read further into the Anita Blake series, the theme is colorful, and surrounded by relationships, sex, blood and sex A metaphysical handicap forces Blake to feed off of someone as she screws him It was a neat idea, but in the end it gets a little old I mean, how many people could she possibly have sex with Look A bad guy Hold on, I must have sex with this stranger before I can function I enjoy a nice twisted sexual triangle any day, but the adeur has become something of a repetitive drip [...]

  6. Yet another one of my faves in the Vampire Hunter series A lot of fans are against the current storyline and how Laurell has turned the lead character into a full blown Succubus, but I know she has a plan and we just have to be patient and wait for it all to unravel If she were a man writing such detailed sex scenes, no one would have a problem with it Sorry, but this is the 21st century I have yet to see her write anything that didn t have some semblance of purpose as the storylines progress fr [...]

  7. Holy mother of God I remember reading the reviews for this book they said there was a lot of sex Well They weren t lying She has sex every few pages or so As someone pointed out, how is she even able to walk after that Now, I am as much of a fan of sex as the next person, and maybe even than the next person, but come on How much can a person I mean the person reading not the person experiencing P take Speaking of which, how much can the person experiencing take too Isn t there a physical limit [...]

  8. I have about 20 pages left of this book to read and I am having the hardest time finishing it The reason I have read the books until this point is that I read the first 5 or so and they were ok, so I bought 6 through 12 thinking that they would be similar I was so wrong Every few pages I find myself rolling my eyes and think to myself Seriously Why am I still reading this I am making myself finish the ones I have bought and then I am done There is way, way, way too much sex in these books It s n [...]

  9. I think this is it for me When I started reading this series, it was for a great crime action paranormal book And then the Richard vs Jean Claude thing started and I was all for some romance I don t mind a sex scene thrown in here or there, they liven things up in the right places But somewhere around book 10, or maybe a little before, I lost my great action novel and apparently started reading erotica with the same series name This book start out relatively strong Someone dies, and Anita is cal [...]

  10. Original review Jan 2007 Overall 2 5Story 2 5 Re Readability 3 5Characters 2 5There s a plot here I m sure I read through all 752 pages of this, the 12th Anita Blake novel, and there were vague hints of a plot toward the end I think The rest of the book, though, should have been subtitled, How I Stopped Worrying and Came to Love Wanton Sex I mean, really By the end of the first chapter, Anita erstwhile vampire hunter and current multi discipline sex queen of St Louis has boffed two strangers A f [...]

  11. I have officially given up on Antia After the last two books gave me a serious case of squint eye, I had almost given up, but I decided to give Anita the benefit of the doubt one time and try and ignore the fact that she now seems to have sex with every single male character in the series.Well, I tried, peeps Really, I did But I have to draw the line at this one It s devolved into Erotica sprinkled with only the tiniest morsels of paranormal plot, and I don t even read Erotica.This series was m [...]

  12. This book is where I gave up I would say it was like Custer s Last Stand for me but I didn t die and I think Custer was an arrogant douche bag Anyway, I m drifting here I ll give LKH one thing Anita isn t a static character She goes from hardass, kick ass, screw you not literally though heroine into Anita Blake sex kitten who sometimes kills vamps when she s not having metaphysical three way sexy time and other random sexy time to tame that damn ardeur You may be under the mistaken impression th [...]

  13. First, the cast list Of the vamps, we saw plenty of Jean Claude and Damian, plus Buzz who hasn t been around much lately and Malcolm, plus we were introduced to Requiem, Byron, Wicked, and Truth With the wolves, we saw plenty of Richard and Jason, and we were introduced to Clay and Graham With the leopards we saw plenty of Nathaniel, Gregory, and Micah With the wererats, we saw Dr Lillian, Claudia, and Louie We saw Ronnie With RPIT we got Tammy, Jessica Arnet, Zerbrowski, and Dolph And with Anim [...]

  14. After a very strong start with Guilty Pleasures Laughing Corpse this series has taken a drastic turn from it s well written and exciting mystery modern fantasy action beginnings into a embarrassingly disconnected plot nightmare sandwiched in between and descriptive and frankly unbelievable sex scenes.The main character, Anita Blake, has evolved from a near virgin, vampire hating, stickler for the letter of the law to a cold blooded murdering I ll sleep with anything within a 5 mile radius whor [...]

  15. Aannnnnnd This is where I just gave upI adored books 1 10, 11 was meh, and I tried so hard to like ID, even just to get through it I m a bit OCD when it comes to finishing books, and series I guess I m always afraid I ll miss something really good if I don t finish I tried to read ID for weeks and got only 1 2 way through, considering I usually finish a book in a couple of days, that s really saying something It s just one giant mess.I have no problem with the sex, I generally have no problem wi [...]

  16. I started reading the Anita Blake series two weeks agowhile at the beginning it seemed interesting, though just another vampire book, now I m starting to that this is a complete waste of time.The most important thing about this book is that Anita has a lot of sex Continuously With everybody and everywhere You start wondering how she can walk any, if every two chapters she has sex with someone Unfortunately, sex is not just a little spice added to the plot of the book Sex is about everything that [...]

  17. We re a u fucking nique bunch here in St Louis This one was a re read for me I had forgotten how many of my favorite scenes were in this book Anita and Nathaniel in her office the neck biting and animal instincts were very hot , a savage Damian reinstating his blood oath to Anita, her laughing in Primo s face when he tried to best her in magic, the introduction of Wicked and Truth sigh so many wonderful things happen I really enjoy Nathaniel s character and the first half of the book focuses mai [...]

  18. This is a huge doorstop of a book and the latest installment of Anita Blake s sexcapades with beautiful otherworldly men.This one begins at the wedding of Larry Tammy whom after this interlude are not mentioned again Anita is one of Larry s groomsmen Her dates are Micah and Nathaniel Hey, why bring one when you can have two Anita s trying to duck out on dancing with them when she s called to visit a murder scene Yay, a murder investigation, I thought, the book is getting back to the series roots [...]

  19. wasn t quite sure how to rate this some parts I enjoyed while others I was thinking okay, i get the point can we move on at times it almost felt like two different books.i m not a prude, i don t mind hot sex scenes in a book but when its overkill, thats when I get bored annoyed It was interesting learning new tidbits about the Ardeur and Anita controlling it but for me it got tiresome seeing one sex scene then a few pages later it kind felt like she was repeating herself too much at times I want [...]

  20. First read Jan 21, 2010 with my first reviewRead again August 26, 2011In some ways, this is a very happy story with all the acceptance going on Marriage, new triumvirates re forged, warriors brought into the fold, Richard is actually trying, sexual preferences acknowledged, remodelingBusy, busy, busySecond ReviewTwelfth in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter erotic urban fantasy series revolving around Anita Blake, necromancer, vampire executioner, and middle class American with middle class values [...]

  21. I start most reviews with a recap That would require there to be plot for me to recap Ok fine, I ll try Anita gains new woo woo lots of sex is needed Relationship angstStrippers are murdered, people manage to care about that at the end of the book.There, done.It never ceases to amaze me how a book can go on for so long before anything relevant happens and there can be no greater example of this than Incubus Dreams which also sets a pattern for most of the later Anita Blake books beyond the sex, [...]

  22. This book epitomizes all that went wrong with this series It starts tantalizingly like the early books, seeming like it might be another noir like supernatural mystery And there were several developments that would be enough for several books, which might be cool if they were followed up in either the book or the series But I don t think Hamilton had any clue any longer if she ever had about where she wanted to take this series Many people, including me, complain about the focus on sex In this 7 [...]

  23. Now Im reading this just for laughs Luckily, it s full of them.Edit Not nearly enough laughs Words phrases used way too often it was as if intercourse only intercourse is sex, or am I being too American all the adjectives ie his blue, blue eyes metaphysics REALLY RAGE vomit spill as in JC RAZ Asher Nathaniel insert any male here spilled out of his satin ruffled, laced up crotchless chaps every f ing praise about Anita ie Oh, you re such a man You so badass I want intercourse with you as does eve [...]

  24. I kept reading the books because I had loved the first 5 or 6 of them, at this point I was wondering why I still kept reading them to tell the truth, I guess I keep hoping that there will be some further character growth, and that the series will return to its roots of an ass kicking heroine who has a very unusual job

  25. Oh, if only you could choose less than one star for a rating.I had heard such good things about Laurell K Hamilton and her Anita Blake series Obviously they weren t talking about this particular installment Anita Blake Vampire Hunter That s obviously a typo that got past the editing team Anita Blake Vampire Humper would be the correct turn of phrase.I picked it up expecting a fast paced, semi noir, vampire staking extravanza But no NO, No, no Not even close.What I got was 500 pages of smut The s [...]

  26. Book 12 is truly erotica Anita is still trying to control her new power, and this requires lots and lots of sex It is a wonderful tale out my review because friends told me it was just pornography WRONG WARNING SPOILERS Ok, she starts the serial killer story in the first few pages, and then don t hardly mention it until the last three or four chapters And that was pretty much the major plot that ran through the story unless you read deeper yes, I love Laurell, and will defend her books to my dea [...]

  27. If you ve read one Anita Blake book, you ve read them all Actually, this wasn t always the case, but lately, since Anita lost all or most of her scruples, we just find her in bed with a bunch of guys, vamps, lycanthropes, every few pages She is living the orgy And while this might make some of us tingle with jealousy, and some of us just tingle lasciviously, mostly, it just gets exhausting Does Anita sleep I m exhausted on her behalf And in this particular book, I was DYING for a plot Really The [...]

  28. Sex, sex and damn sex I don t mind the sex on its own, but when its accompanied by distinctly poor writing and an over reliance on certain phrases, it makes it difficult to enjoy If I had to know that a man was pressed thick and hard against Anita, or that he had spilled inside her, one time, I think I was ready to chuck the book Also, this Anita is not the Anita that has bugged the shit out of me for umpteen books That Anita had only a few rules and one was no casual sex It was a big rule It [...]

  29. I have read all the books so far and I have to say that actually this one the longest of the series is my fave Incubus Dreams is SO entertaining I have a veneration for Jason, I always liked him and even since Cerulean Sins He is a surprise every book, you think better and better of him and the dialogues with Anita are very thoughtful, so true but even so damn funny And in this book the part in Jason s room when he stands up to Richard, his Ulfric, was absolutely amazing But what to say about a [...]