The Empathy Problem The Empathy Problem Best Download || [Gavin Extence] - The Empathy Problem, The Empathy Problem Perfect for fans of Graeme Simsion s The Rosie Project and Gavin Extence s debut novel THE UNIVERSE VERSUS ALEX WOODS comes a wild and witty searing and true novel about life s ups and downs Driven

  • Title: The Empathy Problem
  • Author: Gavin Extence
  • ISBN: 9781473605213
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Hardcover

The Empathy Problem

The Empathy Problem Best Download || [Gavin Extence], The Empathy Problem, Gavin Extence, The Empathy Problem Perfect for fans of Graeme Simsion s The Rosie Project and Gavin Extence s debut novel THE UNIVERSE VERSUS ALEX WOODS comes a wild and witty searing and true novel about life s ups and downs Driven by money power and success Gabriel has worked ruthlessly to get to the very top of the banking game He s not going to let the inconvenience of a terminal brain tumour get iPerfec The Empathy Problem Best Download || [Gavin Extence]. The Empathy Problem Best Download || [Gavin Extence] - The Empathy Problem, The Empathy Problem Perfect for fans of Graeme Simsion s The Rosie Project and Gavin Extence s debut novel THE UNIVERSE VERSUS ALEX WOODS comes a wild and witty searing and true novel about life s ups and downs Driven

  • The Empathy Problem Best Download || [Gavin Extence]
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The Empathy Problem
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  1. I wasn t sure what to expect when I picked up The Empathy Problem, the blurb intrigued me and the cover is stunning, I started to read with an open mind.A couple of hours later I looked up, I was hooked, well and truly This writing is so compelling, and Gabriel Vaughan is a lead character that I should hate, but who has snuck into my heart and stayed there.Thirty two year old Gabriel is at the top of his game He earns over three million pounds a year, his suits cost 30,000 His chauffeur drives h [...]

  2. This is Gavin Extence s third book and it s the third book of his I ve loved and the third book of his I d tell you to go out and read He has a real knack for getting under the skin of any given situation and dealing with it, without making it a parody or overly sentimental and slushy and The Empathy Problem is no different.Set against the backdrop of the St Paul s Cathedral protest a few years ago, The Empathy Problem follows Gabriel as he learns about his brain tumour His office overlooks St P [...]

  3. Gavin Extence is an excellent, witty and insightful writer and I enjoyed this book, but I don t think it s in the same class as his previous two.In The Empathy Problem, Extence creates Gabriel Vaughn, an unpleasant, unfeeling hedge fund manager who views everything in life as a series of transactions and who has no humanity whatever Vaughn develops a terminal brain tumour and, for the first time in his life, forms a genuine attachment to a woman The story is set in 2011 12 during the Occupy prot [...]

  4. The theme of bankers and greed reminded me of The Mark and the Void Paul Murray , that of potential redemption made me think of Eleven by Mark Watson, but Gavin Extence has his own voice and his own theme running throughout his novels so far brain injuries conditions and mental illness seem to feature in each.Here we have a rather interesting protagonist a banker Patrick Bateman without the psychosis, a greedy and thoughtless young hotshot rising up the ranks to be suddenly stopped in his tracks [...]

  5. Let s be honest for a second.The book wasn t a masterpiece It didn t make me cry, and it won t make my top ten list Still, it was such a fun read I read the book in two sittings, mostly because the chapters were super short A quality that I love in a fiction book It was enjoyable and fun I liked the setting and I liked how the author didn t cut Gabriel any slack It takes daring to set up a character like how Gabriel was The book was recommended to me by a friend, so after I was a few chapters in [...]

  6. Empathy Noun 1 The psychological identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitude of another In The Empathy Problem, Gabriel Vaughn has made a great success of himself partly due to a lack of it Now a tumour the size of a golf ball lodged deep in something called his anterior insular cortex is causing peculiar side effects That empathy is presented as a problem is the crux of this novel Is it really never too late to change your life Does that change count if [...]

  7. Gavin Extence is rapidly becoming one of my favourite authors His style is so understated yet beautifully, movingly and perfectly expressed He has a slow way of unfolding a story that is always engaging and completely absorbing very difficult to put down without completely knowing why This is not a blockbuster style of writing with a cliffhanger at the end of every chapter, yet he lures you into his lair and chains you to the lives of his characters so gently, you re hooked before you know it.Th [...]

  8. Another break from my usual crime fiction and another winner I am so glad I am branching out and these days Gabriel works in hedge funds Basically, he makes money for people, lots of people and, of course for himself He came from nothing, has worked hard to get to where he is today and today, he wants for nothing He lives in luxury, works for a prestigious firm, chauffeur driven from door to door when he is not driving himself in his top range car But that s his life Estranged from family, no [...]

  9. Reviewed on snazzybooks This has swiftly jumped into one of my favourite books of the year It s heartfelt without being too emotional and so well written I started reading and was completely hooked The story follows hedge fund manager Gabriel, who really lives the typical rich lifestyle and doesn t really seem to care about anyone apart from himself He s well aware of this, and to be fair he doesn t pretend to be anything he s not, but he really doesn t give seem to give a damn about anything ap [...]

  10. Totally loved this book The story of Gabriel, a hedge fund dealer, who is diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour and whose life and personality totally change because of this The book is not in the least bit depressing, it s funny, witty, uplifting but also heartbreakingly moving It s certainly one of the best books I have read for a long time Well worth reading

  11. Gavin Extence is fast becoming one of my favourite authors His first book The Universe v Alex Woods was my favourite read of 2013 and his latest novel The Empathy Problem didn t disappoint A thought provoking beautifully written book I won t hesitate to recommend it to friends and customers.

  12. I practically inhaled this book Loved the central character, and was 5 stars all the way to the end Perhaps it was compounded by the fact i din t want it to end and the female wasn t really grabbing me at all, but i felt a little disappointed at the end Still a hugely enjoyable read.

  13. This is nothing like I thought it would be and yet I really enjoyed it Gabriel as a character should be fairly detestable and yet somehow I actually found him quite engaging A man at the top of his game, multi millionaire hedge fund banker has no empathy for anyone other than himself Gets diagnosed with a brain tumour has six months to live, no cure.Brain tumour creates emotional liability or lability if you want to get technical Gabriel starts crying at the drop of a hat and falls for a musicia [...]

  14. This book sort of crept up on me and won me over the principal character of Gabriel is in many ways unsympathetic and it took a little while for him to get under my skin I really liked the way that this book not only made me change my opinions of some of the characters but also made me question my own preconceptions of people and the way we might judge people unfairly on the basis of their jobs, dress etc I really loved Caitlin and we could see why she had the impact on Gabriel that she did.Whil [...]

  15. I received this book as a giveaway thank you The beginning of this book was all finance and hedge funds which went straight over my head, I didn t like the main character and then the book grabbed me I was really rooting for Gabriel and a miracle by the end although the financial bits still went over my head I thought that I wouldn t be able to recommend this book to anyone but I was so wrong I will now be reading other books by Gavin Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read a book that w [...]

  16. So, I didn t cry But I did tear up a few times The book started off a bit slow, with all the finance and hedge fund talk But it picked up after all that good stuff was established and I really got into the book.

  17. This months book group book and wasn t sure what to expect, reviews I had read were good, but still undecided Was surprised how much I enjoyed reading this difficult to put down as gripped from the beginning.

  18. BrilliantFinished this book in record time Liked everything about it the characters and the story Made me wish it was all absolutely true.

  19. It took a bit to get into this book as it wasn t like Alex Woods Versus the Universe which I really loved Nonetheless I did get into it and enjoyed it.

  20. PoignantSeems that fiction is the only place that the bankers get their comeuppance This fiction does it well Pity that our capitalist society does not.

  21. This was a very mixed read for me Although I can t fault the author on his writing, I can t say I felt all that much for any of the characters Although Gabriel undergoes this huge transformation, and tries to right some of the wrongs he caused, I felt the entire story to be somewhat implausible A brain tumour causing a person to become someone completely different, over a matter of a few months, feels too much like a author gimmick, and I didn t buy into it at all Gabriel s character at the star [...]

  22. Review originally posted on josbookblog I loved Gavin Extence s first two novels The Universe Versus Alex Woods and The Mirror World of Melody Black , so I was absolutely delighted to receive a copy of his latest novel, The Empathy Problem, to review.At 32, Gabriel Vaughn seems to have it all Film star good looks, a seven figure salary thanks to his work as a hedge fund manager, a Ferrari, a swanky apartment in London Not born into money, he s worked hard to get where he is, and looks down conte [...]

  23. I found this book a little slower to get into than previous books by the author I really liked the main character despite him being quite unlikeable The further I got into the book the difficult I found it to stop reading.

  24. This was actually a bit of a wake up call for me as I saw so much of myself in Gabriel not his power and success but definitely putting work before health Getting the work life balance is something that many people have off to a tee but for the small number of workaholics out there it s something that is very difficult to do, even when you have a health scare.Gabriel simply doesn t have time for a brain tumour, it will involve taking too much time off work Gabriel will allow absolutely nothing t [...]

  25. I so wanted to like this book It reads a little like a mash up of The Rosie Project and The Firm It s a fast and easy read but ultimately it doesn t have enough of an emotional payoff.Gabriel is 32, a handsome and very successful hedge fund manager working in London His life revolves around his work He lives in a swanky apartment, drives a yellow Ferrari and only wears bespoke suits Then he is diagnosed with a brain tumour and given only months to live.His initial impulse is to tell nobody and k [...]

  26. What can I say about this book Having read and loved The Mirror World of Melody Black , I was excited to immerse myself into another book by Gavin Extence This time we were following main character Gabriel Vaughn He is vain, arrogant, unfeeling and works as an hedge fund manager for a company in London, earning millions of pounds a year When he finds out that he has a brain tumour and only months to live, everything changes But are the changes just due to the tumour messing with his brain or is [...]

  27. I really loved this I haven t read any of his previous books before although I am going to read both now This book quietly creep up and grabs you from behind and before you know you it you are hooked The character, albeit stereotypical of a cold, calculating and selfish hedge fund millionaire, was intriguing after finding out in the first line that he has a golf sized tumour in his brain The part of the brain that is linked with emotion The author takes the reader into the world of high finance, [...]

  28. A great read I hadn t realised how much I missed some substance, or how often I ve gone without it in the past months I do have to confess I did think the story had a slightly preachy tone to it Maybe I m ignorant and it really is the evil rich people against the poor victimised 99%, but I just don t have it in me to believe that the world would become a better place if a different alternative were at hand for how the big machine worked Gabriel turned out to be very likeable, as a character I pa [...]