The Hard Count ↠ The Hard Count ☆ Ginger Scott - The Hard Count, The Hard Count Nico Medina s world is eleven miles away from mine During the day it s a place where doors are open where homes are lived in and neighbors love But when the sun sets it becomes a place where young

  • Title: The Hard Count
  • Author: Ginger Scott
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  • Page: 159
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The Hard Count

↠ The Hard Count ☆ Ginger Scott, The Hard Count, Ginger Scott, The Hard Count Nico Medina s world is eleven miles away from mine During the day it s a place where doors are open where homes are lived in and neighbors love But when the sun sets it becomes a place where young boys are afraid where eyes watch from idling cars that hide in the shadows and wicked smoke flows from pipes West End is the kind of place that people survive It buries tNico Medina s ↠ The Hard Count ☆ Ginger Scott. ↠ The Hard Count ☆ Ginger Scott - The Hard Count, The Hard Count Nico Medina s world is eleven miles away from mine During the day it s a place where doors are open where homes are lived in and neighbors love But when the sun sets it becomes a place where young

  • ↠ The Hard Count ☆ Ginger Scott
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The Hard Count
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  1. 5 Honor Brotherhood Tradition STARSWhat is a Hard Count A strategy used by a quarterback in which they will use a deceptive snap count in an effort to draw the defense offsides Typically, a good hard count will rely on using a longer count to force an overaggressive defense to rush too quickly A hard count can benefit the offense in two distinct ways First, a team could be called for offsides and the offense could gain five free yards Second, a team could receive a free play and have a chance to [...]

  2. 5 stars Honor.Brotherhood.Tradition.This is my favorite kind of YA read Just the right amount of romance, heavy on the feels, self discovery, family and friendship Add in the fact that it was a sports romance, that just made it all the better The Hard Count is not only a beautiful YA romance, it s also uplifting and inspiring It had such a wonderful message and makes you want to do better, to be better Nico Medina goes to the same school as Reagan Prescott, but he s from the West Side A very dif [...]

  3. 4.5 Stars The Hard Count is the latest stand alone book by author Ginger Scott in the young adult genre I am a huge fan of this author and am completely enad by her style of writing and the beautiful love stories she pens She is seriously one of the few authors that can get me to read the New Adult Young Adult genres This book is yet another example of a story that will touch your heart and make you believe that love does conquer all It allows one to believe in the purity and goodness in life an [...]

  4. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED Just don t ever stop looking at me Look at me like you expect Look at me like it isn t going to be easy He breathes the words against my lips Make me earn it I ll earn it I ll never stop trying to earn it to earn you Holy wow, this story had SO MUCH HEART It was a YA sports romance that drew me in from the first few pages The author perfectly captured the intense passion of the game in a way that brought tears to my eyes and made me want to cheer out loud, and in the mids [...]

  5. 5 Stars In our twisted world, a boy from West End is the only shining light I absolutely loved everything about The Hard Count Ginger Scott is a magician with the written word I was reminded whilst reading this book why I love YA books so much It was filled with love, loss, friendship and family I ve struggled to find a great book that really speaks to me and has the ability to stay with me forever This book has it in spades and then some This is a story of what happens when two, completely diff [...]

  6. I rarely rate my books in herebut damn itI believe in this one I hope you all love it too It s every little piece of me XO

  7. My favorite book is live 333 dp B01HSM221W 5 BEAUTIFUL STARS Home.Nico is so much like home like no home I have ever known This story was perfection I loved it so much, I was torn between wanting to finish and wishing it would never end, because it was so beautiful It wasn t a simple romance, it was so much Lately I ve been reading a lot of sport romances and this one was the best Everything in this story is special, original and unique I love Ginger Scott s writing, as always she managed to h [...]

  8. Title The Hard CountSeries StandaloneAuthor Ginger ScottRelease date July 15, 2016Cliffhanger NoHEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Honor, brotherhood, and tradition These are words that inspire great triumph and mold the future success of the football team at Cornwall They also instill fear and desperation to meet incredibly high expectations At this private school, there s no room for error, no second chances Winning and being on top of the competition is considered a frantic goal that must be m [...]

  9. I was pleasantly surprised with this book It s a young adult book with a sports theme In the beginning I thought I was going to become bored with the football talk and play by play on the field but that was the farthest from the truth As I continued to read, I found out this was a story that showed the value of family, loyalty, perseverance and love This book is an angsty read but it s full of heart Nico is the boy that lives in the West End, which is the bad neighbourhood, one where they may be [...]

  10. Whose house is this Our house I m in love with this book, period This was such a great read for me As a sports nerd and a huge football fan, this book was everything I expected it to be and then some This book reminded me why I love YA so much and why I should read YA often The High School experiences, the anticipation, that first touch, the first kiss, the first love, this book had all of that, and I enjoyed every second of it The difference between our two worlds is impossible not to notice t [...]

  11. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Special Loyal Smart Mysterious Important.I want words for him Before I begin my review, I think I should properly thank Ginger Scott for writing a YA sports romance that is so much than just the game Thank you for writing a story that tethers reader s hearts to a story that shines brighter than Friday Night Lights Hard Count was pure perfection It was the quarterback sneak It was the 40 yard dash to the end zone It was the touchdown This [...]

  12. I m not a person connected to sports I ve never been I was born lazy.At school, I used to do everything I could to not participate in sports activities.I hated P.E and for that only, this story could have failed me big time.Anyhow, I was curious after reading a few reviews I thought that maybe I could skim the boring parts And focus on the romance Gah Did I I did not Not sure how the author pulled this off I mean, getting a 5 Star from me, because there is a lot of football here I enjoyed every [...]

  13. Ginger Scott is an auto one click author for me I love her stories, but this one might just be my favorite First this book had so much heart in it, it inspired me and it made think I loved falling into this world The Hard Count is a named after a type of football play I had no clue what it was, even after I read the definition I was a little confused However, I had my husband explain it to me and I was like okay, I got it but why So as read this story I still wondered why Is it just because it s [...]

  14. On sale for 0.99 First and foremost I LOVED the message in this one As the author states in her acknowledgements This book is about than just football It s about family And it s about the way people see other people And that really shined through for me People don t always see the best in one another, and sometimes it s not even done in a malicious way Sometimes people have the best intentions and just don t know any better It s not okay it s never okay to treat someone differently or make assu [...]

  15. The Hard Count generously provided in exchange for an honest review 5 No matter how far that is StarsGinger Scott continually awes me with her uniquely gifted YA voice Her penchant for story telling steals your reading breath from beginning to end in The Hard Count She quite eloquently captures the very essence of growing up Her main characters learn and build upon their own ideas of what s right and wrong deciding for themselves where the gray areas lie and where there shouldn t be any at all S [...]

  16. 3 StarsOverall Opinion This wasn t just a story about two kids falling in love, I felt like it was about family It was about the fact that no mater where you come from, whither you come from the the poor side of town or the rich, everyone has their own struggles and obstacles that they face While I appreciated the family feel of the book and the overall message, I wanted a little romance tbh I just didn t fully feel their connection romantically I did feel like they cared for each other, but i [...]

  17. I m just going to lead with the fact that THIS BOOK IS INCREDIBLE I can t remember the last book I read that completely captivated me the way THIS extraordinary book just did This was my very first Ginger Scott book and within two or three pages I was absolutely addicted to her writing style Within four or five pages I was absolutely consumed by this storyline The cover screams sports romance The prologue whispers of an emotional, difficult journey The first chapter alludes to the potential for [...]

  18. 3.5 STARS I liked this one It had those YA feels Those coming of age belly flutters Those first love goosebumps It was a little slow at the start, but then kicked up and I ended up really enjoying it I was really invested in these characters Nico is the sweetest hero And Reagan is a great girl I loved them together and apart And I really, really loved the way Reagan rooted and wanted the best for Nico Overall this is a good, sweet, story that brought some tender, achy, but lovely feels FOLLOW ME [...]

  19. 5 LOVED IT Stars Ginger Scott is an automatic buy for me This woman always brings out the feels in me when I m reading one of her books She always has me melting with that first kiss This book right here was no different and I loved every bit of it I didn t want it to end So happy I had a few good days and was able to read this because I didn t want to put it down once I started Awesome job GS Can t wait for from you

  20. If you are looking for a storyline that is gritty, filled with conflict and jealousy, this one is for you I loved it It s edgy It s exciting It s surprising It s extremely compelling It Is Just Darn Everything The love story builds and builds upon itself from page one and is completely satisfying Reagan Prescott and Nico Medina, are seniors attending the same college prep school and are both academically gifted, but Nico comes from the wrong side of the railroad tracks They ve been on the debate [...]

  21. Just couldn t get into this one In all fairness, I ve been in one serious book rut and this is the 4th book I couldn t connect to.It had everything going for it a YA sport romance with 2 star crossed lovers But it was really, really, realllllllyyyyyyyy slow And had an inordinate amount of football talk I just didn t care about Lately, it s also been really hard for me to get into books that aren t dual POV, mainly because I find being in one character s head for that long cumbersome And the hero [...]

  22. Love Loved Love Wow, this is an amazing story of struggle, loss, determination, acceptance, finding your place, and having the love of not only family but that one special person I absolutely love a book that the couple gives it their all, Nico Raegan dive head first into their relationship and never give up They embrace each other and the struggles together Amazing The story is told entirely from Reagan s perspective, but it works However at times, mostly before the 55% mark, I d have given any [...]

  23. 4 Football Sports Fan Lover StarsI love Ginger Scott reads She s my go to author for meaty emotional books with real issues and real people The Hard Count is a young adult read with a football sports theme If you are a romance sports theme lover or just love football in general then this book is for you.I love a good young adult book I found these types of reads very innocent and I love how emotional the characters are I ll be honest and admit I m not the biggest sports fan reader, only because [...]

  24. 4.5 starsThis book totally took me by surprise I ve read books by Ginger Scott before, and I know she writes captivating, intense and emotional stories, but this one is something just a little bit different a dramatic, mature YA sports novel that is heartfelt and inspiring Beautifully written and with a gorgeous romance tied in, it s something special, and I really loved it Nico Medina is a boy from the wrong side of the track Of mixed ethnicity and raised in a dangerous neighbourhood by his lov [...]

  25. The Hard Count by Ginger Scott4.5 stars Ugly doesn t have a color It lives among selfishness and hate And as much as this story is about football it s also about that The Hard Count was one inspirational story penned by Ginger Scott A book of traditions, beliefs, blanket misconceptions, prejudices and honour A book whereby talent prevailed rather than the amount of cash and social standing your parents had, a book whereby a coach believed in the underdog and put his own reputation and job on the [...]

  26. 4,5 starsAn ARC has been kindly provided by Captured Press, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.This book is about so many things it s amazing how the author treated them all without being just too much but rather flowing so effortlessly one into another.It s about football of course but it s also about family and prejudice It s about making errors and learning from them, mending your soul, going past your jealousy and insecurities to become a bigger man It s about kicking back when [...]

  27. What s a girl to do when she literally has a dozen books she has to read One clicks a different one and reads it in one sitting because it s the new Ginger Scott novel of course I have been waiting a month to read this book but I managed to stop myself pre ordering it because I knew I had too many other books to read but of course I couldn t make myself sit down and read any of them for the last two days waiting for this one to release so I caved and spent a rainy Saturday in bed and I couldn t [...]

  28. Whoa I wasn t expecting this book to WOW me as much as it did Amazing book, believe the hype Hard Count is a beautiful, engrossing story about young love, football, dreams, hope, brotherhood, determination, jealousy, and family This incredibly well written book touches on sensitive topics such as racism, hate, and socioeconomic status the very things that tends to draw a line between humans Ginger Scott blew me away with all the feels and pretty much everything about this story I will remember t [...]