Plea of Insanity Plea of Insanity Best Download || [Jilliane Hoffman] - Plea of Insanity, Plea of Insanity The prosecutor Julia Valenciano Young ambitious and facing a case that could launch her career The defendant David Marquette A successful Miami surgeon and devoted family man The victims Marquette s

  • Title: Plea of Insanity
  • Author: Jilliane Hoffman
  • ISBN: 9780141024592
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback

Plea of Insanity

Plea of Insanity Best Download || [Jilliane Hoffman], Plea of Insanity, Jilliane Hoffman, Plea of Insanity The prosecutor Julia Valenciano Young ambitious and facing a case that could launch her career The defendant David Marquette A successful Miami surgeon and devoted family man The victims Marquette s own wife and three small children The plea Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity The perfect father and model husband David Marquette seemingly just snapped His expThe prosecutor Julia Va Plea of Insanity Best Download || [Jilliane Hoffman]. Plea of Insanity Best Download || [Jilliane Hoffman] - Plea of Insanity, Plea of Insanity The prosecutor Julia Valenciano Young ambitious and facing a case that could launch her career The defendant David Marquette A successful Miami surgeon and devoted family man The victims Marquette s

  • Plea of Insanity Best Download || [Jilliane Hoffman]
    234Jilliane Hoffman
Plea of Insanity
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  1. There is a trend in genre fiction of the flawed hero, a protagonist with a drinking problem, two dead children, three ex wives, four drug convictions, five ex girlfriends, etc the idea being, I guess, that the personal struggles of the detective main character add something to the book besides bulk Personally, I often find these flaws distracting and unnecessary, adding nothing to the plot, but I suffer along because the vividness of the setting or intricacy of the story are appealing But I alwa [...]

  2. This was a really boring book It had a great premise but nothing of interest happened with it Every time I thought it would pick up it didn t I felt robbed with the ending as there really wasn t one To read through the slow boring book you would at least hope for some conclusion How she ended it was a joke And her heroine, annoying, naive and stupid comes to mind.

  3. some fear madness some choose it julia is a young prosecutor who has been chosen to be second chair at a murder trial h e this is no ordinary murder trial if there is such a thing david marquette a renowned doctor is accused of butchering his own wife and 3 children after being wounded himself he makes his plea not guilty by reason of insanity and then it transpires he has dual nationality and it turns into an international media circus as france was not advised within 24 hours as decreed add in [...]

  4. Relativ langweilig und langatmig und teilweise nicht nachvollziehbar f r mich Es fing extrem gut an, lies dann aber stark nach.

  5. Plea of Insanity by Jilliane Hoffman is a 2014 Thomas Mercer publication This book was originally published back in 2008, and although that isn t all that long ago, this book had a dated feel to it, for some reason I have enjoyed several of the thought provoking legal thrillers Ms Hoffman has written, but this one falls way short of her usual standards When a man kills his entire family, he pleads insanity, which stirs up some truly horrific memories for second chair attorney, Julia Vacanti Near [...]

  6. Hmmm How to describe this one The lead cast of characters Assistant District Attorney Was a victim of violence as a child, has a schizophrenic brother that was connected to the violence Is sleeping withDistrict Attorney Who assigns her to a high profile case, though she s never done one before.Defendent A man accused of murder He is either a schizophrenic or a psychopath with very rich parents.Detective Investigating the murder, is interested in the ADA.The whole book is a giant mindgame about w [...]

  7. Don t start this book if you have to sleep, work or do anything It s so hard to put it down

  8. Vielleicht bin ich einfach kein Fan von juristischen Krimis und Thrillern wobei mir Die Firma von Grisham sehr gut gefallen hat Mir hat dieses Buch auf jeden Fall nicht wirklich zugesagt Ich muss sagen, dass mir hier der Fokus zu sehr auf Julia und ihr Leiden gelegt war Ich habe kein Problem damit, wenn Charaktere in solchen B chern irgendwie ein Problem haben, Alkohol, Rauchen, beziehungsunf hig Selbst ein schrecklicher Tod in der Familie, alles gut und sch n Aber hier war mir das alles zu sehr [...]

  9. Darf man einen offenbar schizophreniekranken Arzt, der des 4 fachen Mordes an seiner eigenen Familie angeklagt ist, zum Tode verurteilen Der Frage muss sich Anw ltin Julia in Vater Unser stellen, und das ist nicht das Einzige, dem sie sich im Laufe der Geschichte stellen muss, denn sowohl der Anklagte als auch sie selbst haben Geheimnisse, die ihrer beider Leben bald so richtig durcheinander wirbeln werden Und als w re das nicht schon genug Chaos in Julias Leben, das im Grunde nur zwischen Arbei [...]

  10. For an example as to why people not licensed in mental health should not write books with mental health as the main topic, please read this train wreck of a book.First of all, the Schizophrenic defendant was being administered an antipsychotic Thorazine that is conservatively prescribed as there are newer drugs with less side effects It s a first generation antipsychotic, and is used cautiously as it can cause permanent side effects such as tardive dyskinesia, which the defendant was already exp [...]

  11. After reading Jilliane Hoffman all I can say is John Grisham who Damn this woman can write a wicked good legal thriller Fast paced, on your toes action and always making you guess what the heck is gonna happen next.Dr David Marquette is a successful surgeon living the life in Miami Married with three kids, he has a picture perfect life That is, until he decides to slaughter his wife and children Cue in Julia Valenciano, your ordinary fight the trenches lawyer She is pleasantly surprised when she [...]

  12. I have mixed feelings about this book For most of it, it was a great read, but the plot collapsed during the latter stages What particularly annoyed me was the non resolution of several key points I m reluctant to say which ones, as I don t want to give plot spoilers, but a couple of important issues never got explained The novel examines schizophrenia, so I m guessing the author wanted to leave the reader also unsure what was real and and what wasn t As a literary device, though, that doesn t w [...]

  13. Obviously my personal opinion, but this was a great disappointment to me after Hoffman s excellent first two books The last one, Last Witness, ended in such a way that it left the series very open for a third in the series.For some reason Hoffman has ignored that and gone off on a completely different track of almost amateur psychologist and the study of mental illness.Maybe it would be OK for people who have not read her first two as they would not have the high expectations created by those ex [...]

  14. A really enjoyable read I picked the book up at a used book sale and had never heard of the author before, but I m really glad I discovered her She writes extremely well and wove an intriguing story The back story about the lawyer s mad brother killing her parents and her own fear of madness added great interest and flavour to what is far from the typical crime story Plenty of action and suspense here, and the characters were drawn extremely well Highly recommended for anyone who likes crime nov [...]

  15. Not as good as some of her other books It was a good read and provided some insights into the condition of schizophrenia and how mental illness is handled under the law and the difficulties of accurately diagnosing it.The main character Julia Vacanti comes across as a bit weak, not for the obvious reasons of being stressed by the circumstances of the case but in her attitudes to men She s 28 for chrissakes and sleeping with her boss and then being all thingy about it The story covered a difficul [...]

  16. This is the first book I have read by this author I very much enjoyed the book I love legal and psychological thrillers It was a fast read, that I wanted to keep on reading to see how it ended The only thing I wanted of, was a look into the mind of the killer, but that may have ruined the ending It does make you wonder.

  17. I just couldn t get into this book, no matter how many times I tried I could never get than half way through it s the only book I have ever been like that with It was just boring, nothing exciting happened at all, slow paced, just not good at all Completely given up on this now

  18. This is a crime novel with a message It isn t just a fabulous page turner, it also exposes the reality of schizophrenia in a way that many popular crime novels skip over For that reason, this is a cut above your average mainstream crime thriller.

  19. A month ago, scanning the shelves of Karlsruhe State library for some thrilling booty, I came across this piece by Mrs Hoffmann and found the plot very intriguing A young and ambitious lawyer, Julia, embarks on a case which could skyrocket her career in a very conservative, slowly moving environment of Public Court It is about a respectable surgeon, with impeccable references and of noble origin, who in a fit of inexplicable rage cut the throat of his three little children and beautiful wife The [...]

  20. 3.5 As expected, there was a fair bit of ableism in this book, not as grossly as I feared, but yeah The author s medical knowledge also fell far short I can t decide which result would have been frustrating view spoiler If David was insane, it just perpetuates the whole violent murdering schizophrenic trope which is not only hackneyed but harmful But the way it happened that he wasn t insane just pushes the whole people fake insanity thing so I guess I wouldn t be happy either way I also though [...]

  21. EXCELLENT An absolute pleasure to read, this book had me in tears several times The main subject we are dealing with mental illness, specifically schizophrenia Having grown up with a schizophrenic mom and brother, I related to the characters especially Julia who grew up living with her dad and brother having it too.This book left me wondering if the defendant was so brilliant with an act or if his condition was true Very well written I highly recommend this book to all

  22. What a crazy rollercoaster ride Just when I thought I had something figured out.oops I was wrong So much suspense I would call this a thriller for sure I listened to this and it was wonderful

  23. Gripping Didn t turn out the way you expected and took a complete change of focus near the end and almost became a different book in its own right.Only criticism Is ending was brought around too quickly and felt there was missing info from both plots want to k n ow

  24. I ll be honest, I skim read the last half of this book, although I don tthink that would have mattered The theme was interesting, but in my view skirted around the topic of schizophrenia rather than really getting down to the bones of it.

  25. Insane or not Is the killer insane, or is the prosecutor Read to find out, maybe A page turning ride, as a case too similar to her own past turns a young woman nearly inside out A good escape from your own reality, for a while.

  26. Excellent writer and story tellerI have read almost all her books and each one is better than the last every one I become engrossed in the story so much so I hate to see it end