Just Henry Free Read Just Henry - by Michelle Magorian - Just Henry, Just Henry Just Henry is a mystery thriller set in post war Britain Whenever Henry can escape his new and annoying stepfamily he does and goes to the cinema For his school project Henry is given a camera bu

  • Title: Just Henry
  • Author: Michelle Magorian
  • ISBN: 9781405227568
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Hardcover

Just Henry

Free Read Just Henry - by Michelle Magorian, Just Henry, Michelle Magorian, Just Henry Just Henry is a mystery thriller set in post war Britain Whenever Henry can escape his new and annoying stepfamily he does and goes to the cinema For his school project Henry is given a camera but he s initially disgusted to be put in a group with Jeffries the son of a man who went AWOL and Pip born illegitimate Free Read Just Henry - by Michelle Magorian. Free Read Just Henry - by Michelle Magorian - Just Henry, Just Henry Just Henry is a mystery thriller set in post war Britain Whenever Henry can escape his new and annoying stepfamily he does and goes to the cinema For his school project Henry is given a camera bu

  • Free Read Just Henry - by Michelle Magorian
    307Michelle Magorian
Just Henry
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  1. I decided to read this book because I had nothing to read during the holidays, and when I read the blurb it sounded interesting and different from something I would normally read.The category this book completes would be the book that teaches you about another time in history, and this book taught me much about the olden days specifically around the World War 2 This category is very interesting as it teaches you a lot about the past, especially because the world has changed so much Not many peop [...]

  2. I found this a bit hard to get into at first, mainly Henry is a bit of a twit at the start, but as the story went on you could see how his Gran s malevolent influence had brainwashed him He slowly started to see that she was wrong about various things, and as he started to realise just how awful she really was the plot began to get and interesting I was really gripped by about a third of the way through, and raced through it.The setting was really well done immersive, detailed and realistic, d [...]

  3. This is the story about a boy called Henry, who is sometimes called Henry Dodge and sometimes called Henry Carpenter, so ends up being just Henry He lives with his mother and stepfather, his stepsister Molly and his Gran the mother of his father While he grows up, he is told many tales of his father s heroism and his Gran takes every opportunity to talk down his stepfather Bill and Molly.When a new teacher takes over history Henry is forced into a group for project work with Jefferies the son of [...]

  4. I remember starting this when I first received it as a gift, but I was only about 30 pages in before I got sidetracked It took me two days to finish the rest of it once I picked it up again I didn t want to put it down once I started I ve enjoyed Michelle Magorian books in the past, so I was looking forward to this one as well view spoiler I found I adored Uncle Bill and the mother instantly It did not take long for me to dislike Gran I felt sorry for Henry, for giving someone bad the benefit of [...]

  5. Good book about a boy heavily influenced by his grandmothers views, he is interested in films and getting into work as a clapper boy His real father comes back into his life but is not what Henry pictured in his head, what follows leads all of them down a nasty path Enjoyed it even though it was a long book.

  6. Some books are rather hard to get into This, however, was not one of them It had me gripped right from the start It highlights the issues of living just after the war, and has a recurring motif family and friendship Henry starts to learn that not everybody is the same as their parents, and that not everybody can be trusted, no matter how close you are.

  7. I picked this up when I went on holiday three years ago because I had read Goodnight Mr Tom in school and was interested in what Magorian s other books were like I had been pleasantly surprised when Goodnight Mr Tom turned out to be a nice read so I wondered if Just Henry would be the same the other books in the hotel looked dodgy as well.Just Henry is about a teenage boy called Henry set around world war two It features a lot of trips to the cinema and has a rather thrilling ending That is all [...]

  8. An interesting read, about challenging prejudices and what post war Britain was like I liked the fact we had an unreliable narrator, in the form of a child, and the villains were deliciously written Grace and Pip were particularly great characters Only a few things irked me The character of Mrs Beaumont view spoiler seemed a little unrealistic, pulling solutions out from her sleeve and being overall incredibly kind, as well as conveniently rich hide spoiler but this is perhaps where the fact thi [...]

  9. This ought to be a nice little story, an award winning YA coming of age tale of fourteen year old Henry, set in a not quite settled post war England, learning that his assumptions about people are not always accurate Yet none of it worked for me So what went wrong Firstly, the characters are so simplistic it s hard to take them seriously There s a harassed mum, a bratty sister, a truly nasty and parasitic gran, a working class stepdad studying to better himself There s the angelic Mrs Beaumont, [...]

  10. I probably wouldn t have read this if I hadn t quite enjoyed Goodnight Mister Tom, but I m glad that I did pick it up It follows a similar pattern, chronicling the trials and tribulations of a boy as he learns the world around him is a little bit different than he first imagined.Obviously, it s written for kids so it was easy to read and quick to whip through, but I still enjoyed it The way the story unfolded, so that Henry s prejudices against others and against his own family were gradually re [...]

  11. How did I not know about this great historical from the author of the superb Goodnight Mister Tom Okay, so I m being anachronistic, but every time Henry s malevolent grandmother is onstage, George Thorogood s Bad to the Bone played in my head She s one nasty piece of work, and if not the Nastiest Fictional Grandmother Ever, certainly a major contender.But a host of other splendid adult and child characters rise to counter her sneaky, nefarious ways, and help teen Henry see the truth about her, h [...]

  12. The Second World War has ended but times are still tough and Henry Dodge loves to escape everyday life at the cinema He loves but resents his Mum for marrying again after the death of his war hero father, and dislikes his step father who seems to stand for everything his father despised Influenced by his Gran s prejudices Henry has also found it difficult to make friends at school Then a new teacher sets the pupils projects about their interests and hobbies, and Henry finds himself in a group st [...]

  13. This book has a very funny twist I will not reveal it, however, because its a bit subtle, despite being outrageously blatant The thing about this book is that its characters are quite lovable, as Magorian seems to take you along with them in a personal manner Theres a subtle hint of dramatic irony, especially concering Henry s grandmother, where you can see how deluded she is and hopw mean and brainwashy, but Henry cannot Its another example of Hnery s maturation, as it were, how easily such an [...]

  14. Just incredible Just awesome Just amazing Just Henry.Michelle Magorian is just awesome Her book is a mixture of emotions and an excellent story that difficulty, you ll find another with some stuff like that Henry is a young boy that lives a sad life without his father that dies in the Second World War Henry tries to console himself with the movies in the cinema Then he ll find friends that will help him in all the aspects in her life But, suddenly, a camera enters in the story, you may thing tha [...]

  15. Absolutely splendid read, which once again proves a fine children s writer can often be engaging and just worthwhile than an adult novel Magorian turns her wisdom and compassion seen in the classic Mister Tom to a post war setting and the prejudices and hardships therein, but also the exciting power of the new Escapism in the form of cinema is a large part of the book, but slowly four outsiders become friends over a very readable plot Read the blurb for but this is a very good book Marked as a [...]

  16. Ah, Michelle Nothing is ever going to approach the love I feel for Goodnight, Mr Tom at this point But it has the advantage of having had at me early, when I could still truly fall in love with a book Still, this was a great one as well Despite being quite a bit longer than Goodnight, Mr Tom and most of your other books, I would say that this one is almost better for a younger audience a mix of derring do, mystery, and youthful coming of age Dark themes, as always, but if there s anything I ve l [...]

  17. I like this book, but not quite as much as the author s Goodnight, Mr Tom This one, like her others is set around WWII, or just after Henry is a 15 year old boy who has been very sheltered He is put wiht 2 boys he feels are not his equal for a school project, and what he learns after this starts his growing up The book is a bit long, and could have been shortened some, but there s a lot going on The author s biography states the books are for young people, but I really enjoy her writing One note [...]

  18. Having read and enjoyed Goodnight Mister Tom thought I would give this one a try Set in post war Britain 1949 this book is an insightful look into the attitudes of the times The story centres around Henry He misses his father who died a war hero, and he escapes from his annoying stepfather and stepsister whenever he can and goes to the cinema his passion One day in the cinema queue he meets Mrs Beaumont who also loves films, and lends Henry a camera for his school project The story takes Henry o [...]

  19. Set in post war Britain, Henry s views are heavily influenced by his paternal grandmother who shares the house A new class teacher sets his pupils the task of finding out about a something that interests them and researching changes in the last 50 years Henry is obsessed with films and is happy to research the topic but he is outraged that he is grouped together with the son of a deserter and a bastard The book shows how Henry s prejudices are challenged and eventually banished I enjoyed this bo [...]

  20. Starts a little slowly, but moves to a rollicking climax Not quite as good or as touching as Good Night, Mr Tom or Back Home, but I m definitely glad I read it I wish Michelle Magorian would write books and do it faster

  21. This book is 700 pages long My initial impression was 700 pages about a boy who goes to the cinema a lot Yawn But, the cinema thing just acts for a backdrop for the rest of the incredible events to build on.I have become slightly fed up with children s war books in which the plot is almost identical, when we all know that people had a variety of experiences in the war which would be much interesting to read about.I learned a lot about the way things were for people after the war and the differe [...]

  22. What a surprisingly brilliant book, I never suspected that I would enjoy it as much as I did In fact it lead to at least two 3 am reading sessions Although the main character is sympathetic, it s hard to stick with him in the beginning as he is quite arrogant and unlikable However, the book does a great job of charting the growth of Henry and the reader s affection for him This novel gives a fascinating view of post WWII London, and the changes in society such a huge loss of life wrought, but th [...]

  23. Just Henry was a really enjoyable read Touching, funny and very real in a way unlike some historical fiction that just uses the chosen time as an ornament, it really felt like the characters were living and breathing 1949 1950 There were a lot of lovable characters, and a few suitably despicable characters too, and because they all were seen through Henry s eyes, it wasn t always obvious who was who The story was a bit heavy handed in the way it taught it s lesson to the reader, but it was a goo [...]

  24. This book may possibly have the most evil grandmother ever in it It is truly astonishing to watch Henry s world completely turned over Set in Britain in the 1950 s it is an incredibly long and detailed portrait of the time and place I first read Michelle Magorian in middle school Good Night, Mr Tom and I am surprised she s still around 25 years later stellar work Because a lot of the book is focused on Victorian films, this would be interesting to pair with Brian Selznick s Invention of Hugo Cab [...]

  25. I caught the tail end of a dramatisation of this at Christmas and it looked good, so I bought to book I loved the story, despite it being aimed at children young adults Brilliant characterisation and the story really drew me in a real page turner Moral issues are not particularly subtle and are very post war specific, however that did not distract me from the story Luckily I did not remember what happened in the dramatisation with Eddie Izzard , because it would have spoiled the ending.

  26. Not quite up there withGood Night, Mr Tom or Back Home but then I am coming to this twenty odd years later still read it in one sitting with breaks only to shout at characters or grope blindly for tissues All teh Michelle Magorian feels.

  27. 4 y media de hecho, pero esto no es Rotten Tomatoes as que solo hay estrellas enteras Pero me gusto este libro as que decid redondearlo a 5 en lugar de cuatro, aunque en ocasiones algo lento y predecible me gusto su tem tica y personajes y el hecho de que al protagonista principal le encante el cine.

  28. This book simply is a masterpiece It has the ability to break your heart, completely ties you to the story, and makes you love the characters than you should have With pages after pages read, you realize that you couldn t stop reading it until it was over I would have liked to give this book a 6 5 stars review if I could I absolutely love it Awesome work by Michelle Magorian.