Wicked: Witch & Curse [PDF] Wicked: Witch & Curse | by ✓ Nancy Holder Debbie Viguié - Wicked: Witch & Curse, Wicked Witch Curse Complete text of Witch and Curse in a single volume Holly Cathers s world shatters when her parents are killed in a terrible accident Wrenched from her home in San Francisco she is sent to Seattle to

  • Title: Wicked: Witch & Curse
  • Author: Nancy Holder Debbie Viguié
  • ISBN: 9780760783207
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback

Wicked: Witch & Curse

[PDF] Wicked: Witch & Curse | by ✓ Nancy Holder Debbie Viguié, Wicked: Witch & Curse, Nancy Holder Debbie Viguié, Wicked Witch Curse Complete text of Witch and Curse in a single volume Holly Cathers s world shatters when her parents are killed in a terrible accident Wrenched from her home in San Francisco she is sent to Seattle to live with her relatives Aunt Marie Claire and her twin cousins Amanda and Nicole In her new home Holly s sorrow and grief soon give way to bewilderment at the strange incComp [PDF] Wicked: Witch & Curse | by ✓ Nancy Holder Debbie Viguié. [PDF] Wicked: Witch & Curse | by ✓ Nancy Holder Debbie Viguié - Wicked: Witch & Curse, Wicked Witch Curse Complete text of Witch and Curse in a single volume Holly Cathers s world shatters when her parents are killed in a terrible accident Wrenched from her home in San Francisco she is sent to Seattle to

  • [PDF] Wicked: Witch & Curse | by ✓ Nancy Holder Debbie Viguié
    351Nancy Holder Debbie Viguié
Wicked: Witch & Curse
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  1. OK My friend Mandy and I picked this up on a whim Cool cover we said to each other Little did we know it is a series that has been out since 2003 and seems to have been published by a small publishing company The two books in the store are really the first 4 books The final book comes out in September Apparently there was some publishing house issues I am telling you all of this because I feel so sorry for the people who read this book in 2003 and had to wait until 2009 for the conclusion Each b [...]

  2. Warning The following contains spoilers but PLEASE do yourself and favor and be spoiled.Title WickedBook One And Two Witch and CurseAuthors Nancy Holder Debbie ViguieCaption on the cover The first two novels in the captivating series Summary Holly Cather s world shatters when her parents are killed in a terrible accident Wrenched from her home in San Francisco, she is sent to Seattle to live with her relatives, Aunt Marie Claire and her twin cousins, Amanda and Nicole.In her new home, Holly s so [...]

  3. It is refreshing to come across some delightfully disturbing magical characters one in awhile These are not your Love and Light witches The clue s in the title, people These witches show the full potential of blind power, ambition and greed It s thrilling and truly frightening in parts Although I was disturbed at first by the Evil portrayal of witchcraft in this way I swiftly told myself to get over it and remember that I was reading fantasy fiction and not a historical novel on pagan traditions [...]

  4. Sort of a Romeo and Juliet with witches No real character development, I never grew attached to any of the characters and I couldn t understand why the Romeo and Juliet were in love at all since they spent a cumulative maybe 2 hours in each others presence over the course of almost 2 years.The villains, the Devereauxs, have little to no sense when trying to kill the Cahor, or Cather, women They weave these long complex spells that make all manner of monsters and goblins appear when I honestly th [...]

  5. I had high hopes for this book when I bought it Being that I m a huge fan of anything having to do with witches, I was excited by the premise and the write up seemed promising After about 100 pages though, I had to give up and stop reading I very rarely give up on a book, but this one is sadly, a DNF The plot was difficult to get into, the explanations on the world and it s characters were sorely lacking I didn t care for the protagonist, and the stereotypical dark magic was disturbing and quite [...]

  6. Witch I have always been fascinated as magic As a child, I found magicians and the idea of magic just so awesome I was in awe of Paul Daniels, he was practically a god As I got older, my fascination didn t fade, but grew as I discovered there were real people out there who thought themselves witches Whether or not people believe they have any power is down to each person s individual opinion, but I m fascinated by the witches personal beliefs So, understandably, I was ecstatic to discover that t [...]

  7. This book started out ok With many characters and motivations it had a lot of potential The first book was a good introduction lots of action, star crossed lovers, evil bad guys to destroy But, in the second book this book is two in one , the story begins to unravel The main character, Holly, loses momentum in the second book Her story line just seems to plod along One of the secondary characters, Nicole, is actually far interesting in this book.The second book lost me when Holly did something [...]

  8. This was recommended to me by a acquaintance After reading the works of Nacy A Collins, Laurell K Hamilton J.R Ward I can take the dark I ve got spoilers in my review, read on only if you don t care mind.So after reading the first book I thought that this had some potential with some interestingly and surprising dark situations for a YA novel Clearly shouldn t be in that section at all This is put in the wrong section and marketed towards the wrong audience I m not saying YA readers can t handle [...]

  9. Based only on WITCH, the first book first half I can honestly say that this was one of my least favorite books I have ever read1 Okay, so when I read the back of this book, it seemed like a book that would be a rather light read The summary on the back of the book seemed so far off about what this story was truly about It s supposed to be about Holly But it really isn t.2 To me, it seemed like the author was trying so hard to make sense of why the Cahors and Deveraux hate each other that it only [...]

  10. This book was recommended to me by my cousin, Gianna I was skeptical at first because it s a YA romance and it does contain insta love and a Capulet Montague like family rivalry between the main characters, but I did like the fact that this was a witch book that focused just as much on the male characters having powers as the female ones Usually with witches you find that stories are woman focused and that if any men are witches wizards, they tend to be underdeveloped side characters or love in [...]

  11. Es mi primer libro que leo en ingles integramente y me ha costadoun poco leerlo, pero porque no estoy habituada, poco a pocohar mejor las rese as de libros en ingl s.E de comentaros, que es el primer libro que leo de Nancyy me dejo asombrada se nota que tiene tablas y queha escrito muchos libros, su estilo, su forma de narrar las cosasy lo que pasa me encantaron.La historia es sencilla pero te atrapa desde el primer momentola hermana del padre de Holly ,Marie Claire no se hablaba con este perode [...]

  12. As a lover of all things magic and fantasy fiction, I absolutely loved these books The Wicked Series takes its readers into the world of witches and warlocks, ancient battles with modern rivalries, and soulmates It was a thriller, tragedy, romance, history, and even at times a comedy It integrated magic into the everyday real world of a normal girl I really enjoyed reading these I finished all four books in just two days obviously I have no life.As I am a bit conservative, I don t think I would [...]

  13. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn t really enjoy this book I think that the overall story was an awesome concept but the delivery was crap There are way too many characters so it makes it in credibly difficult to keep track of whose who and when Well I guess the main characters stay the same but they jump back and forth through time and some people remain the same while other change and it just gets utterly confusing I also didn t like the writing style, I dobnt really know how to describ [...]

  14. I wanted to give this book a chance I wanted to rate this book five stars As I continued reading it, I was willing to overlook the simplistic writing and call it a guilty pleasure But I can t overlook an entire book just because the synopsis is the best part.I ll start with the literary tactics, which begins with the fact that this series has two authors It s obvious that this book is the result of a compromise between the two, as the writing styles do not match the supposed tone of the book The [...]

  15. This book is absolute garbage and here s a long rant about why view spoiler I tried reading this once back in high school and wound up DNFing it back then Why The main character, Holly, murders a cat by drowning it This cat is her cousin Nicole s pet and familiar, and Holly murders the cat as a sacrifice to dark powers in order to become powerful herself hide spoiler That was why I originally DNF d this book.Fast forward to present day I wanted to give this book a second chance because I want t [...]

  16. udah hampir setahun dibeli, akhirnya dibaca juga, soalnya ntar keburu terbit terjemahannya hahaha Ini dua buku yang dijadiin satujadi tebel gitu deeh.Tentang permusuhan antara dua keluarga witches Cahor dan warlock Deveraux.Buku Pertama WickedMenceritakan asal mula dendam membara di antara kedua keluarga.Jean Deveraux dan Isabeau Cahors dijodohkan dengan harapan mendamaikan masing masing keluarga, apalagi jika telah memiliki anak.Tapi ternyata both families punya agenda masing.Dan berakhir denga [...]

  17. El plot era interesante pero las autoras no supieron aprovecharlo.Los padres de la protagonista mueren y ella piensa que se queda hu rfana, cosa que no es cierto ya que tiene una t a que nunca hab a visto, por diversas razones se tiene que ir a vivir con ella y su familia En su nueva casa empiezan a suceder cosas extra as, Holly la protagonista tiene alucinaciones, siente que la persiguen y hay un chico por el cual siente una gran atracci n Resulta que la familia de nuestra protagonista es desce [...]

  18. Picking up these books, I expected something good, based on the synopsis Instead, I got something truly awful I m sorry, but this is a terrible excuse for a book Warning long review because I ve really got reasons for disliking this If you so wish to just see my reasons and not the reasoning, look at the following paragraph It had a plotline that went all over the place, the characters were flat, there were no consequences for horrible actions, a romance that was completely unrealistic, gore tha [...]

  19. The first half, Witch, is fairly good The second half, Curse, is tedious, boring, sophomorically written and riddled with cliches, and reads like nothing so much as a Charmed ripoff written in the BTVS vernacular, albeit one in which the heroine is evil It s not really a YA novel It deals with adult themes, and editors, writers, and publishers all need to learn that just because a book has a teenaged protagonist doesn t make it a young adult novel Definitely NOT for the preteen or probably earl [...]

  20. I really do love this book The cover itself caught my attention Witch is a great gateway to learn a little about Wicca, but also enjoy a nice nonfiction story The story plot caught my attention and it was quite the adventure the entire time I was reading I will admit it was a bit boring at first None the less, it was a beautifully crafted book It caught my attention and made me cry, scream in frustration, and laugh Good job Nancy Holder I cried like a small child who dropped their ice cream Anyw [...]

  21. I purchased the book on a clearance sale From the back description, the book sounded interesting I mean, star crossed lovers, timeless feud, magic, what s there to hate Well, as it turns out, there is plenty And the presence of this book in the clearance racks should have been enough of a warning, but after having discovered diamonds in the rough in similar situations, I ignored it and boldly acquired the book.What I received in return, is a under developed plot, flat, two dimensional characters [...]

  22. Refreshing The only wold that can come to mind to this book I did quite enjoy this book for several reasons, the main being it revolved around witches The societal values between the Deveraux and the Cahors seemed too Romeo and Juliet The quarrels and the blasphemy between these families is based purely on GREED and POWER, not whats good and bad Neither family showed a sense of justice Preceding to present day, there are many scenes that leave question marks riddled inside my head I don t know w [...]

  23. This book was given to me by a friend after she couldn t read past the sacrifice of the falcon The first book in this double set is Witch and EW I am saddened by the teens who may come away from reading this book and thinking that Wicca is about sacrificing animals and people, that we are an evil lot This first book focused on so much EVIL that I did have some trouble getting through it Beyond that, it seems to jump near the endteen angst, teen angst, OMG we are all witches although that doesn t [...]

  24. I have to say Ive read a lot of witch books but none that are so dark and that have so much dark magic in it I really enjoyed it though In Witch while I found the book confusing at first, because it seemed to switch from one POV to another with no warning, I still loved the story Holly is a likeable character and even though Jer Deveraux is one of the bad guys I still really liked him In Curse its everything Witch was but This time I wasn t confused at all and the story flowed really well After [...]

  25. This 2 book volume is the first 2 books in a 5 book series Engaging, fast paced, interesting The storyline centers around Holly Cathers, a girl who has everything planned out She is getting ready to start her senior year of high school, has plans with her best friend, etc On a summer trip with her parents, her world turns upside down when a whitewater rafting trip turns deadly Holly is the only survivor, even she herself is nearly killed She goes to live with her aunt uncle in Seattle, with twin [...]

  26. I just finished this series and it was really good If you re one of those Twilight fans anticipated about the release of BD, this will sure keep you occupied This book s main theme is witchcraft and wicca It s protagonist is a girl who s parents and best friend has died in a boat accident She goes to live with an aunt who she never knew existed Throughout the story the protagonist comes to realize that she is a witch and someone is out to kill her and take her powers I highly recommend this book [...]

  27. Honestly appalled I made it as far as finishing the book I m by no means a heavy critic, but man this one was just acidic to the mind Barely any character development whatever is there is measured by huge unexplainable jumps in ability , blindly driven by a loose plot with hardly any structure besides flashbacks to events relating to the characters ancestors The transition of perspectives was so frequent and unorganized it added to the difficulty of enjoying the book I stuck through until the en [...]

  28. I really wanted to like this book, it was very nicely set up a lot of intrigue, but was an incredible let down in the long run The editing was terrible, I constantly found mistakes and not your vs you re grammatical errors but missing apostrophes, ending quotes, and the story gets mixed up the farther into the series you get I would suggest the first book if you are really interested but I caution going further.

  29. I really enjoyed this book I remember reading it in high school and getting really involved with it because it flashes between the past and present it was really interesting to read about the history of the family while reading about the same family hundreds of years later It s been a while since I read itbut I do remember really liking it and lending it out to several friends.I wish I could remember about the individual characters though hahah

  30. Review of Witch I m finished with the first book It was really good A couple of things did annoy me though, but for a first book it was really good I d give it 4 stars so far I m going to read the second book in the bindup, Curse, at a later date I want to read something else, and I m not dying to read book two I would still recommend giving this book a try, it s really good Review for Curse will come once I decide to read it.