Snakecharm Free Download Snakecharm - by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes - Snakecharm, Snakecharm Zane Cobriana cobra shapeshifter thanks the gods every day for Danica his hawk pair bond and the peace their union has brought to the avian and serpiente Soon Danica will have a child to carry on

  • Title: Snakecharm
  • Author: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
  • ISBN: 9780440238041
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback


Free Download Snakecharm - by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Snakecharm, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Snakecharm Zane Cobriana cobra shapeshifter thanks the gods every day for Danica his hawk pair bond and the peace their union has brought to the avian and serpiente Soon Danica will have a child to carry on their royal line But what should be a happy time is riddled with doubt Syfka an ancient falcon has arrived from Ahnmik claiming that one of her people is hidden in theirZane Cobriana co Free Download Snakecharm - by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. Free Download Snakecharm - by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes - Snakecharm, Snakecharm Zane Cobriana cobra shapeshifter thanks the gods every day for Danica his hawk pair bond and the peace their union has brought to the avian and serpiente Soon Danica will have a child to carry on

  • Free Download Snakecharm - by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
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  1. First, I thought the characters kind of regressed in characterization Zane was so bland I frequently forgot who was narrating They all seemed a bit lifeless The last book focused so much on Zane s Danica s developing relationship, it was a bit of a letdown to see how far into the background the characters were pushed in this story Every character was just there to move the plot along, and there wasn t even that much of a plot But my main problem with this book is the lack of world building We le [...]

  2. Danica and Zane are still trying to heal the rift between their two peoples the avian and the serpiente clans Their marriage is about to bear fruit, as Danica has become pregnant But now there s some concern from both groups about how the child will be raised, and how she will be able to hold the two peoples together once she grows up It s even important to make a decision when Danica is attacked Her guard is able to save her life and that of her unborn baby girl, but informs Danica that this w [...]

  3. I read Hawksong years ago, twice, and I really liked it for the little bit of romance it had in it To a young teenager that was really exciting Since then I ve read quite a few books by her and realize how actually terrible the writing is Like one of the worst I ve read Very simple, fast, not deep at all in regards to both the plot and characters I don t remember much about Hawksong Pair bond seemed a stupid way to refer to someone s mate Why not just mate Pair bond seemed like a word for affect [...]

  4. The war is over What now The story continues in this book The peace has been made Tentative moves are also made to unite the avians and the serpientes Some are successful, some are not.But the royal couple is expecting a heir and it is dubious that the races will accept a mix blood as future ruler Who will raise the child serpiente or avians But the child of a cobra and a hawk is a less certain equation The serpiente don t mind having a hawk as Naga so long as their Diente is pure cobra the Naga [...]

  5. After Hawksong, I was immediately filled with a desire to know about Zane, Danica, and their tumultuous world Thankfully, I had Snakecharm on hand and began it almost at once Yet, this sequel leaves much to be desired While Danica is expecting a child, which puts both herself and Zane in the difficult situation of figuring out how to rear their heir, the haughty falcons have come into their world to search for missing falcons who have hidden among Danica s warriors Although these two plot threa [...]

  6. Solid 3 stars This world that Atwater Rhodes has created is wonderful but the books are just too short and too fast paced On the other hand, there is barely any plot drag that current YA fantasies seem to have Despite the Keisha ra series being an MG YA fantasy, the author s really good with her romance I remember Hawksong being so sensual even though there wasn t anything extra in it just good word choice Not so much here I kinda wish she would slow down a bit, a fantasy needs that, and I deepl [...]

  7. This was not a good book and shared very little with its predecessor, Hawksong I thought I read somewhere that the author wrote the first book when she was a teenager and ended up publishing it herself Unsure if this book followed the same self published route but it had none of the personality nor spine of the original In that sense, this is akin to poor Susan Ee surprising us with her self published book Angelfall but then disappointing for the two sequels THE GOODThe reveal of the identities [...]

  8. Despite the fact that I love Hawksong with my whole heart, I still went into this book somewhat hesitant I d heard some negative reviews with this novel, resulting in my thinking that perhaps it wouldn t live up to its predecessor But it DID I LOVED this book I still am partial to Hawksong, but this book and Hawksong sort of go hand in hand I adore them both.I love how much you learn in this novel In Hawksong, it was about the war, in Snakecharm, it s about the peacetime And because it s the pea [...]

  9. The seconf od the Kiesh ra series, this book gives light to Zane Cobriana s mind As the narrator for the book, he provides a significant change to the prior novel, which was told through the voice of Danica Shardae his new wife Zane is much sarcastic and emotional than she, and it gives the plot a bit pazzaz The story line in itself develops nicely and explors the reasons behind the struggle for both the avians and serpiente to live harmoniously to a greater extent.

  10. well this is awkward.i loved hawksong it has always been one of my favorite books and although i thought i hadn t read this one before, i remembered a lot of it as i continued to read and i remembered just how boring it was so the premise of the book is that syfka, a royal falcon, comes to the serpiente court to announce that a fugitive is living among either the serpents or the avian people being that danica is pregnant, the falcon s presence is a huge source of concern for zaned then some stuf [...]

  11. While I was very very happy to be back in this world with these characters I do wish things had been a little longer I need angst with my drama and that s easily done with length Still seeing things from Zanes point of view was a nice change and I d still like to continue on.

  12. So far Snakecharm by Amelia Atwater Rhodes has been really great It took a while to get used to the style of writing that the author uses, but after getting past the strange style it is a really good book The plot is progressing all the time so there is never a dull moment Once you get into it you don t want to put it down Zane Cobriana Zane Cobriana, the main character in Snakecharm by Amelia Atwater Rhodes, is a cobra shapeshifter with a hot flaring attitude determined to keep peace and tranqu [...]

  13. This is one of my favorite books and I love rereading it over and over This will be a short review because there are lots of spoilers in this book and I don t wanna give anything awayThis books picks up a few months after the first book, Hawksong This book is in Zane s point of view The war between the serpiente and the avians is over Danica and Zane rule both people in their each individual courts While the war is over, the two cultures have not merged together Some brave individuals have trave [...]

  14. Checked out from the library.Review Rating 4 out of 5Danica and Zane have achieved a lot in their aim of peace between the avains and serpiente However, when Danica becomes pregnant, will the peace last long Also, a falcon named Syfka comes and that causes problems, so is the falcon just there to find their missing falcon Or, is she there just to stir up trouble amongst their people Another supernatural book, however, this time it is about shapeshifters, again Yay o As a second book of series, [...]

  15. I rediscovered Hawksong on my shelf, and given my current predilection toward both escapism and nostalgia for childhood books, I decided to try and read the rest of the series This book was.OK It seemed to just continue the plot of the first book without a lot of the emotional urgency or sexiness that made Hawksong seem pretty great to 11 year old me still is pretty good The two main characters are madly in love and there are machinations and stuff they have to contend with, but it s just bland [...]

  16. As I ve mentioned in Hawksong s review, these books, though a delightful read, left me wanting.One thing I should add when it comes to Snakecharm is how well the author dealt with how the inter species in a way marriage worked and the difficulties that came from raising a child of two cultures Most books tend to sweep these conflicts under the Happy Ever After rug, it s always a nice treat when an author does not shy from these issues Granted, it s fantasy, but these are also issues prevalent in [...]

  17. Charming, charming, charming NOT Let me start off by saying I had high hopes for this book, Hawksong its predecessor was a light exhilarating read With Snakecharm however, you feel that it is too fast paced and too rushed For example, view spoiler Danica only named Zane as her Alistair a a year ago and barely able to trust him In Snakecharm, she s pregnant How absurd The character development changed immensely in ONE YEAR enough to have a child hide spoiler What I m trying to get at is, Rhodes d [...]

  18. This book being the second of the series, was under a lot of pressure to impress the fan base of the first book I enjoyed the first book immensely and I was expecting development of the two protagonists and the continuation of their lives after the first novel Is that what you get from this sequel Yes and no Yes, they are still characters in the book, they make appearances through out it, but no, they are no longer the book s focus This sequel was disappointing to me, not simply because the cha [...]

  19. My rating is actually 3.5 stars As always, I am impressed with the author s firm grasp of world building and I get easily attached to her characters That being said, I was not as engrossed by this story as I was with the first There was something in the desperate attempt to create peace that was engaging and that was lacking a bit in this one I appreciated how the characters strove, constantly, to overcome each other s prejudices in the hopes of making a better world, because that was realistic [...]

  20. I was absolutely in love with Hawksong The characters the plot, and not to mention the obvious chemistry between Zane and Danica This book was kind of a disappointment With their new world of freedom and semi peace, the avian and serpiente people are on edge when a falcon comes claiming that there is one of her own kind hidden among Zane and Danica s people When people start to find out that Danica is pregnant with a half cobra hawk child, arguments are started as to what will happen to it, who [...]

  21. After reading Hawksong and falling in love with it, I immediately went to reserve Snakecharm from the library It took a few weeks for them to get it in, so I was chomping at the bit to read it when I finally got my hands on it I still like the world, and the characters though in Snakecharm there s a narration shift from Danica to Zane About halfway through the book we find out that Danica is pregnant with their first child, and along with that comes the problems of raising a mixed breed child, a [...]

  22. I started reading Atwater Rhodes when she wrote her first book, In the Forests of the Night in, oh 1999 2000 It was published while I was working the Books department at Media Play It was interesting I suppose, but there was this niggling thing about the way she writes pedestrian is what I called it, to my boyfriend This book and the next, Snakecharm are the first two books of what I can only imagine will be at the least, a trilogy, called the Kiesha ra Atwater Rhodes has made a huge world, that [...]

  23. Sequel to Hawksong, it was not as bad as I feared, but definitely less immediate than its predecessor, where one clearly feels Danica s emotions and thoughts Zane s narration in this volume feels far removed from the action an observer s viewpoint rather than a participant s Further, the falcon angle seemed overdone just how powerful are they and why don t the Serpiente and Avian clans have some of that good old magic on their side Honestly, I think Zane s version of Hawksong would have been muc [...]

  24. The sequel to Hawksong, and not as good In this one Danica and Zane are ruling their respective kingdoms just fine, and then a representative from the falcon kingdom comes to find a falcon fugitive that is hiding somewhere among the snakes and birds Danica is pregnant and this is going to cause a problem between their two kingdoms, because evidently everyone got used to the fact that they re married but no one banked on them having children There was the one story of the falcon fugitive, which w [...]

  25. I loved the first volume of this series, Hawksong, but like so many love stories, once our hero and heroine have fallen in love and confessed and consummated it, they become a lot insufferable The plot of this book was considerably weaker than that of the first as far as politics and world building, and the increased sappiness of the love story only made that obvious This book could have been much worse, but I still won t seek out the rest of this series.

  26. Okay, well I liked Hawksong but this one just lacked.arm Anyway, we slogged through it You know you don t like a book when you would rather watch an old episode of That Girl than read And I kept getting mixed up about the point of view and having to remind myself that it was not Danica talking this was not a fault of the book just my lack of focus on it I think I will go reread the Lord of the Rings to get myself psyched about fantasy again

  27. Short but really good book Now that Danica and Zane have finally settled into married life the Falcons are intruding looking for an escapee from their lands Some life changing events happen and they find out who their close friends really are A great series I m ordering book 3 from the library.

  28. I loved the first 2 books in this series, but I didn t care for the turn of events in the remaining titles I loved the growth of the relationship between Danica and Zane as they continue their journey to unite 2 kingdoms in this sequel to Hawksong I also found it intriguing to hear the tale from a new pov.

  29. Not what I expected after reading the 1st book The story just didn t have the power Hawksong did When I found out about this sequel, I was really excited After I finished it, I was not expecting the crazy amount of conflict that ensued Yes, it may have been for the sequels after it, but there was too much and it just turned me off unfortunately.

  30. Halksong was better I didn t really like it from Zane s point of view because he pays attention to the big picture and not small details like emotion It doesn t even say anything about their baby except that it is a girl It skips eight months that they were together I was really surprised with the whole Rei think but i liked it.