Slammed Slammed Best Read || [Colleen Hoover] - Slammed, Slammed This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B TRUDAS Following the unexpected death of her father year old Layken is forced to be the rock for both her mother and younger brother Outwardly she

  • Title: Slammed
  • Author: Colleen Hoover
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Kindle Edition


Slammed Best Read || [Colleen Hoover], Slammed, Colleen Hoover, Slammed This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B TRUDAS Following the unexpected death of her father year old Layken is forced to be the rock for both her mother and younger brother Outwardly she appears resilient and tenacious but inwardly she s losing hope Enter Will Cooper The attractive year old new neighbor with an intriguing passion for slam poetry and aThis is an alternate Slammed Best Read || [Colleen Hoover]. Slammed Best Read || [Colleen Hoover] - Slammed, Slammed This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B TRUDAS Following the unexpected death of her father year old Layken is forced to be the rock for both her mother and younger brother Outwardly she

  • Slammed Best Read || [Colleen Hoover]
    363Colleen Hoover
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  1. This review was posted atMy Secret RomanceI am going to SLAM my review Not really sure if I SLAMMED it correctly, to be honest Before I do, I need say this this book deserves an endless number of stars I fell in love with a book by an author Who wrote the most beautifully compelling storyI think I have ever read For realA story of two people struggling to climb a mountain of quicksandWith nothing to grab onto but each others handA story of a heart shattering love And life s winding roadsBut inst [...]

  2. Dhak dhak dhak you hear that That s the sound of my heart beating as I finish the bookDhak dhak dhak you hear that That s the sound of my heart chanting I wish this would never end.Shush shush shush you hear that That s the sound of my lips trying to form words enough to express what I feel.Right now I m thinking I so wish this story was realWill made me fall in love with himLake and Julia made me cryKel and Caulder were adorableEddie was like the fourth of july meaning sparkling, full of liferr [...]

  3. MOVIE NEWS Both SLAMMED and POINT OF RETREAT have been optioned by a MOVIE producer WOW 6 stars What a beautiful and powerful book Definitely aMUSTread I loved this book for so many reasons I loved that Will and Lake were wonderfully refreshing hero and heroine characters because they were realistic, smart, not annoying in any way and didn t make stupid decisions I loved the author s writing style its very simple but very powerful and its one of those books that really makes youfeelwhat is going [...]

  4. Awesome Must read I devoured this book The story sucks you in and doesn t let you go Adore Colleen Hoover and must read of her.

  5. Wanted to love it, but this is not my kind of romance Not even for a YA romanceAMMED was angsty teenage love story with a heart wrenching sub plot, but the heroine made it a very disappointing read I expected a mature minded heroine, not an overly emotional girl who thinks a mad boy crush after one date is the real thing The whole high school giggly student bit was a turn off for me I liked Will a lot, and thought his maturity and love for poetry was well portrayed, but I didn t get the connect [...]

  6. I am conducting what I m shelving as a New Adult NA Experiment I m going to work my way through some of the popular New Adult books and see if I can weed out the crap and hopefully find some surprising gems Here s hoping It s been a while, my friends I had to take a break for the sake of my sanity I decided to return to the NA experiment with Slammed because I d heard it was less offensive than Hoover s later novel Hopeless and also because I ve had luck with a NA student teacher romance in the [...]

  7. 2 stars Review posted August 11, 2013First of all I must say that I LIKED the slamming I don t mean the doors, I m talking about the poetry Sorry, couldn t resist I would rate that with four stars.Up to the 35 % mark it was nice, it was good, it was ok even though it didn t knock my socks off I ve had a few minor issues but nothing too annoying Unfortunately a lot went downhill after that update and too many things and especially a HIGHLY annoying and juvenile bitch compromised the book for me S [...]

  8. Wow I can t believe I m only allowed to give this book five stars It affected me on so many levels I mean, gut wrenching, sobbing, tears streaming down my face affected me and I m not a crier It touched my soul It was filled with not only everything I was looking for, but everything I needed romance, heartache, poetry, beauty, humor, friendship, family and love, so much love that it hurt my heart This book is so much than a love story It s packed with important life lessons If you ve ever lost [...]

  9. Slam poetry plays a major role in Colleen Hoover s Slammed So instead of the traditional way, I present you my attempt at a simple poetic review Note Schooled is originally written by Layken Cohen, the main female character in this book Schooled I got schooled this yearBy fictional charactersBy a beautiful storyBy a bookI got schooled this yearBy Layken, Will, Julia, Kel, and EddieThey taught me to accept death and lifeThat it ll get in our way and we have to be readyThey taught me to laugh, lov [...]

  10. Idk why I keep reading Colleen Hoover when I know I won t like her Actually, I do know why I read this book in like 12 hours because it s so addicting Even though it was so lame and clich and the characters are infuriating and this plot was such a mess and I don t like her booksH maybe someday haha i ll read an actually good colleen hoover bookis one didn t even have sex in it what was the point

  11. I am a girl named CoryWho really likes to read storiesI suck at rhyming But that s just fine ingAnd fa la la la la.This is a book about poetryThat doesn t like to show us thingsIt tells us it s speshulIt tells us it s differentWhen really it s just the same old shit Fin.

  12. 5 starsDon t take life too seriously Punch it in the face when it needs a good hit Laugh at it.Slammed is one of those books that is completely unforgettable for me It was one of my first Indie books I read years ago and for some reason this week, I got the itch to re read it Sometimes when I read a book for the second time, I feel different about it I like it than the first time, or I realize it wasn t as good as I thought it was with Slammed, it was exactly as I remember it Unique, beautiful, [...]

  13. Don t take life too seriously Punch it in the face when it needs a good hit Laugh at it Inspiring I am genuinely floored by the brilliance of this book I adored every single one of these amazing characters and the way they were so realistically portrayed The unique plot, the bitter sweet tension, and the tender romance all had me mesmerizedbut I won t further digress on these elements, as I m sure they will clearly speak for themselvesWhat I do want to shine a light upon is the breathtaking wisd [...]

  14. I hated this book JUST KIDDING Let s start with Lake I feel like I can call her Lake since I know her so well Many authors huge, famous authors write characters that make me roll my eyesrunch up my noseose the book and not miss them EVER Lake was not one of those characters She was literary flesh and bone She was cool and funny and deep Most of all, I believed she was eighteen We all know what Will was, so I won t go there Maybe I WILLI want himYou know what else I want Accolades for another ris [...]

  15. Push your boundaries, that s what they re there for It s currently 2 10 in the morning I finished Slammed over 30 minutes ago And I just stopped crying I went into Slammed ONLY knowing that this book involved slam poetry I had never even read the synopsis too this story after reading Ugly Love I knew that when it comes to Hoover books you have to go into it blind The odd thing is of all of Colleen s books, I ve owned this one the longest and I m just now reading it I HATE MYSELF FOR THAT I would [...]

  16. There Comes a TimeThere comes a time in life when you read, feel, or hear something and wordsCannot not describe the emotions, thoughts or actions it brings out of you There comes a time in life when you feel inspired to do something that it is you ve never done before,Experience things you never thought you could do There comes a time in your life when against all odds you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, And that you will make it out okay Breathing, living, crying, screaming, ye [...]

  17. I just read this whole thing on a plane and WOW This is one of the best contemporaries I ve read in a long time I was wary of this book because it s new adult, but I really, really enjoyed it Having older characters was a nice change and the story was seriously so fast and addicting flies to to order sequel

  18. Book Trailer toughcriticbookreviewsspoSo I promised myself I wouldn t use some cheesy play on the word slammed, but daaaaaamn this book not only slammed me right out of my book slump but slammed me into total Colleen Hoover submission I confess I wasn t slammed right away In fact, I was devistated Utterly disappointed and totally convinced this was going to be another generic romance that happens way too quickly.I was wrong Wrong Wrong WRONG The turning point for me was the plot shocker and shoc [...]

  19. I haven t been reading much lately I ve been busy writing my sequel Slammed is the first book I ve been able to read in almost seven months and it s not my typical read.In all honesty, I don t usually read YA books because they usually don t have any sex in them I read Colleen Hoover s, Slammed, because she took a HUGE chance recommending my dark erotica to her mainstream audience I appreciate the hell out of that.So, what did I think At first, I wasn t sure I was going to enjoy the book that s [...]

  20. So you keep your ocean, I ll take the Lake So, I got a lotta feels from this book, happiness, excitement, heartbreak yea, quite a lot of times to experience that one , gut wrenching sadness, hope, a bit of frustration and annoyance, etc This was an awesome, heartwarming story but it wasn t a complete five star for me because of two ppl Lake and Will They were absolutely cute and loveable but they reallyy know how to make things complicated, unbearable and hard for themselves and any potential pr [...]

  21. Imperfections define perfection When something bad happens is not easy to move on.If you dont have someone by your side then you are stuck in your misery.If he leaves you , then what Lake Push your boundaries, that s what they re there for Lake is trying to move on.Her father s death costed her a lot and like that wasnt enough she has to move in a new town because of her mum s job.She is hopeless , being the new girl is never easy.However she never thought that would meet someone like Will Coope [...]

  22. This was such a moving story I couldn t put this down once I started reading Eighteen year old Layken, or Lake, has just moved to Michigan from Texas Her father has just died six months earlier and her mother moves them there because she gets a good job offer and they can no longer afford their house Immediately after pulling up with the moving van, Lake meets the neighbor across the street, Will, and his little brother Caulder He s a few years older than Lake, and in her eyes, hot Caulder and L [...]

  23. Rating 2.5 StarsSlammedis a book that has been making waves on GoodReads bigwaves,popularwaves,amazingwaves Waves that have words floating in them likeoriginalandheart breakingandtear jerkerandromanticanddeepandthought provoking.Waves that, quite unfortunately, led me believe that at least some of these qualities, if not all, would be present inSlammed.Needless to say, I was terribly disappointed by the story I found within the covers of this ever so popular novel andSlammedfailed to make me joi [...]

  24. 3 Stars Life happens Shit happens And it happens a lot To a lot of people I loved that the book focused on the stages of grief and the significance of healing other than the romance However, I feel like I would ve enjoyed this book so much if there wasn t the infamous insta love I lost my connection with the book the moment Layken Lake Cohen and Will Cooper became emotionally attached to each other in an instant Would it have been better if they started off as friends rather than having their r [...]

  25. Holy hell I read this in 6 hours I don t even remember if I fed the kids dinner or who put them to bed This book deserves a lot than 5 stars I don t even remember the last book I read that sucked me in like Slammed did Colleen you have a way with words story telling It is glaringly obvious why this was picked up by SS Beautiful story, amazing poetry, characters I want to know in real lifeI can t say enough good things You have a gift I would read the phone book of you wrote it.

  26. Made our Badass Hidden Gem list.dassbookreviews badass hdassbookreviews review sWhat an interesting dilemma this book put me in On one hand, I should be a responsible reviewer and review this book objectively, pointing out the flaws, the inconsistencies, the problems SCREW THAT.This book gripped my heart and swept me up in a whirlwind of emotion Yes, I m going cheesy here I don t care It s my review and it s going to ooze cheesiness I cannot help it You get a cheesy me when I cried for most of a [...]