Shattered Mirror [PDF] Shattered Mirror | by ✓ Amelia Atwater-Rhodes - Shattered Mirror, Shattered Mirror To the casual observer Christopher Ravena and Sarah Vida look like normal high school students But he s a vampire who has sworn off human blood and she s a witch a daughter of the most powerful vam

  • Title: Shattered Mirror
  • Author: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
  • ISBN: 9780440229407
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Paperback

Shattered Mirror

[PDF] Shattered Mirror | by ✓ Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Shattered Mirror, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Shattered Mirror To the casual observer Christopher Ravena and Sarah Vida look like normal high school students But he s a vampire who has sworn off human blood and she s a witch a daughter of the most powerful vampire hunting dynasty in history Slowly without meaning to Sarah finds herself won over by his sensitivity his gentleness his kindness But his past and her future collideTo the cas [PDF] Shattered Mirror | by ✓ Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. [PDF] Shattered Mirror | by ✓ Amelia Atwater-Rhodes - Shattered Mirror, Shattered Mirror To the casual observer Christopher Ravena and Sarah Vida look like normal high school students But he s a vampire who has sworn off human blood and she s a witch a daughter of the most powerful vam

  • [PDF] Shattered Mirror | by ✓ Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
    207Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
Shattered Mirror
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  1. Cold as ice strong as stone She faced the darkness all alone.A silver goddess a reflectionA mirage a recollection.No return no turning back.The past is gone, the future, black.Serpents gather in their nest.And she stands above the rest.Shadows hunt she hunts the shadow.The moon is risen she stands below.She views her world through the eyes of others.Black and white there are no colors,As she looks down upon a shattered youth.A shattered mirror shows a shattered truth Nikolas, Shattered Mirror.I [...]

  2. My biggest problem with this book was that I thought I was getting a book about a teenaged witch in which witches hunted vampires but then this young witch learned that friendship can transcend etc And for the first third of the book, that s what I got, and so I was lured in.Unfortunately, when the jaws of the actual book snapped shut, it turned out that I was trapped with a book that was really about the tragic immortal angst of twin vampire brothers and their desperate need expressed in poetry [...]

  3. Okay, so I did not finish this book I picked it up because there were a ton of books by this author on the shelf, so I figured, okay, she must be pretty good But I was turned off right away by the heroine as she went off to kill people and thought about how tough she was, and then right after she met Christpher he started leaving things in her locker which I had someone do to me in college, and found it very creepy and an invasion of my personal stuff There was no time for a relationship or feel [...]

  4. Somewhat Spoiler WarningI read Demon in my View years ago when I was in high school I m not entirely sure if my tastes have matured since then most likely , or if it was just a better book, but I remember enjoying that one far than this one In the end, I can only say there was one redeeming quality about this book, and that is that Sarah does not immediately decide she s in love with Christopher at the end of the book, even though he seems to have taken quite a liking to her in the span of time [...]

  5. Why just two stars, you ask This book had potential It could have been a high seller Unfortunately, it simply fails to fulfill its potential I liked the storyline Christopher is a fascinating character, and his sensitivity is refreshing compared to the usual stereotypical vampire archetypes Sara isokay As the protagonist, there should be a lot feeling associated with her, but she was a truly dull, flat character Yes, she falls in love with Chris, but the reader can t feel any of the romance, pa [...]

  6. Shattered Mirror was an excellent and thrilling book It was about a girl named Sarah Vida who was from a long line of witches These witches also hunted and killed vampires Things start to change when Sarah meets a charming new guy at school named Christopher who happens to be a vampire She struggles with this problem very much through out the book, because it is against her families laws to befriend a vampire She also struggles with trying to hunt a very ancient and dangerous vampire named Nikol [...]

  7. Haven t you ever once wanted someone you could talk to about something besides killing Someone who has no idea about your power and is simply a friend pg 45Vampire hunting witch Sarah Vida is starting a new school, and struggling to deal with the myriad of complications her paranormal life throws at her She can only have certain types of friends and forget about being friends with vampires It s against the rules, which are some of the strictest ones I have heard of before Sarah s life is nothing [...]

  8. I don t necessarily find vampires sexy, and this book seems to have been written for people who do Assuming those people think 2 vampires feeding on one girl is sexy, that is I expected a Buffy type adventure with some romance thrown in, and in that I was disappointed There is no romance, surprisingly enough of a friendly acquaintance and the initial fun bits of vampire butt kicking quickly degraded into the heroine doing lots of soul searching and wondering if she was going to be someone s lun [...]

  9. Shattered Glass is about a girl named Sarah Vida who is a vampire hunter and Witch The setting takes place in Massachussetts Her Family, The Vidas, are one of the most famous witch families known to kill Vampires She moves to a new town and falls in love with a vampire named Christopher Christopher is harmless but his twin, Nikolas, is not The vidas has been chasing him ever since he killed one of their family members Sarahs mother, Dominique, would be furious if she found out Sarah has been int [...]

  10. I found myself trying to identify with the characters, but failing miserably Rhodes gives us tons of backstory and everything, but the characters still feel incredibly flat Plus the whole, mad awesome strength not human Mary Sueness of Sarah just got to me after awhile Not to mention, the whole story felt rather rushed Before I could even try and get into the story, it was over Overall, I thought this book was incredibly forgettable.

  11. I don t know why I keep trying to read this author s old books They always seem to disappoint me There s no world building, no attachment to the characters, and the plot is usually inconsistent I admit, I couldn t make it through all of this one I got bored and just wanted Sarah to get killed already The writing style is crass and it s very obvious that a younger person wrote this Not to mention there pages are tiny and the words are huge I don t recommend this book to anyone.

  12. So far, this was my least favorite story out of the bunch.I don t think it s due to the fact that the main character isn t a vampire, i just didn t really care for any of the characters in this story.I do enjoy the poems before each story though, and i really enjoyed Christopher s poetry in the beginning middle of the story.I just wasn t drawn in to these characters as much as i was with the characters from the first two

  13. My world was black and white for months after I read this novel It s short and bitter sweet Plus, if you have a fancy for twins, then this is your thing The poems scattered here and there are a bit corny I must admit, but they add to the story line nicely.

  14. This is a pretty good series Is it the best out there No But I m still enjoying reading them, especially in between intense books These are ones that are very easy to read and so I can read them pretty quickly.

  15. I have grown to enjoy Amelia Atwater Rhodes writing style Her characters are a sort of guilty pleasure and her novels continue to exceed my expectations I did enjoy this book and will continue reading her work I do recommend this to the young adult community.

  16. This book went way too fast I really wanted in this story What was there was awesome, but definitely needed

  17. This was my favorite book out of all of the ones she has written that i ve read It was that good I highly recommend it.

  18. I m standing in a slaughterhouse where the cattle are begging to become hamburgers I have a right to be jumpy view spoiler WOW These books just keep getting better and better From the beginning I really liked Sarah She was a witch and a vampire hunter how cool is that However, I thought it was really weird she didn t know how to handle friendship at all I get that Christopher and Nissa, the two people in the entire god damn school she became friends with, were vampires but they weren t attacking [...]

  19. My only real problem with all of Amelia Atwater Rhodes books not just this one is that I always wish she had taken the time to make them a little longer, a little in depth Because they are Just So Damn Good That being said, Shattered Mirror was not quite as enjoyable as it s two predecessors, perhaps because cough cough it didn t have Aubrey in it cough , or perhaps because there generally seemed to be less of a vampire vibe, but in any case it was still amazingly enjoyable Even if a little de [...]

  20. major plot spoilersI didn t really connect with the story, but I resigned myself to being open It was when she was attacked by the vampire at the party, and they just got bored and let her go, that I couldn t buy it A household of vampires decided to let a hunter of their kind walk free out the doors to kill of their kind and try to kill them in the future because they got bored That sounds like lazy writing on the author s part It would have been plausible that she escaped Sarah s personality [...]

  21. This book is everything wrong with vampire related fiction Many others have gone in depth than I will about their problems so instead of repeating those points I will point out a nitpick Book description says Sarah is won over slowly Slowly It takes like two days of him creepily obsessing over her and writing her love notes before she s like Yeah you know what This is definitely worth throwing away everything I know for Slowly would be I them time to develop an actual friendship before [...]

  22. I love hated the ending I did not think she would actually turn into a vampire WHAT I am not saying that the whole vampire hunter turned vampire thing doesn t happen but it caught me off guard I kind thought her sister would kill her before that could happen That would have made a very cool ending, but alas it wasn t meant to be My only confusion is that when Sarah was hunting Nikolas did she just not know what he looked like In my opinion it has to be really hard to hunt someone and not know wh [...]

  23. A shattered mirror shows a shattered truth Slowly losing my focus with this series A teenage witch vampire hunter book already sounds clich , but there s potential there for awesomeness Buffy the Vampire Slayer style But it turns into an angst y romance I love him but I shouldn t kind of supernatural tween book think Twilight but shorter.

  24. 3.25 5Once again, the author does a horrible job at explaining the new pieces of the Den of Shadows world It would have been nice to know about SingleEarth than what was given in this book I do think the characters were fleshed out so much than in the previous two books.

  25. Not as good as what I remember In the forests of the night which I read about 15 years ago being but it was a good read I just felt like it moved too quickly with not enough description I couldn t get fully immersed like I wanted Great read though.

  26. I enjoyed the plot twist and characters in this one The story, character development and setting are sparse, but the story it told well.

  27. I read these in middle school and I ve got to say this one was my favorite out of the three I read I kind of got out of the teenage vampire love stories since twilight ruined everything that was awesome when I was a teen Every once in a while I ll find an urban fantasy that brings me back nostalgically to my first few books of my addiction to the library Root for the underdog Looks aren t what they seem, good isn t always good, evil isn t always evil Sometimes things aren t just black and white [...]