Girl Online Going Solo ↠ Girl Online Going Solo ☆ Zoe Sugg - Girl Online Going Solo, Girl Online Going Solo As Penny starts the school year she s ready to face the world alone Noah has gone off the radar after ending his world tour early and no one including Penny knows where he is So when she accepts Meg

  • Title: Girl Online Going Solo
  • Author: Zoe Sugg
  • ISBN: 9780141372174
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Hardcover

Girl Online Going Solo

↠ Girl Online Going Solo ☆ Zoe Sugg, Girl Online Going Solo, Zoe Sugg, Girl Online Going Solo As Penny starts the school year she s ready to face the world alone Noah has gone off the radar after ending his world tour early and no one including Penny knows where he is So when she accepts Megan s invitation to visit her performing arts school it seems like an opportunity to make some new friends Helping everyone else seems to be the right remedy Elliot needsAs Penny ↠ Girl Online Going Solo ☆ Zoe Sugg. ↠ Girl Online Going Solo ☆ Zoe Sugg - Girl Online Going Solo, Girl Online Going Solo As Penny starts the school year she s ready to face the world alone Noah has gone off the radar after ending his world tour early and no one including Penny knows where he is So when she accepts Meg

  • ↠ Girl Online Going Solo ☆ Zoe Sugg
    119Zoe Sugg
Girl Online Going Solo
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  1. November 2016 I sat by the post box all morning waiting for my copy and it was SO worth the wait It took 2 hours and 35 minutes to finish it which is actually a record time for me AND ZOE SUGG LITERALLY JUST QUOTED MY TWEET AND SAID SHE S PLEASED I ENJOYED THE BOOK AND I CRIED This was just on par with the other two basic vocabulary, plenty of cheese and cliches, just the right amount of action and plot to keep me turning the pages without rolling my eyes too much What can I say I m a sucker for [...]

  2. One thing I ve learnt recently is that blowing out someone else s candle doesn t make yours shine any brighter It s been a year since I ve read the first two books in this series and even though I wasn t too happy with the first book, I decided to still read Girl Online Going Solo I liked the second book better than the first one and hoped that I d maybe also like this book better than the second one After finishing it though, I can say that this unfortunately wasn t the case but I still liked i [...]

  3. i must admit that i didn t enjoy girl online going solo as much as i enjoyed girl online, but it was still enjoyable i mean, during the first half of the book, penny was quite irritating but after i got past the first 150ish pages, i flew through the book and didn t want to put it down this series is a tad bit too juvenile and clich for my usual taste in books but somethin about penny s relationship with her family, friends, and noah just got me hooked from the first few pages of girl online

  4. Oh my gosh What a wonderful ending to Girl Online I kinda don t want it to be over When Callum came into the picture I was a little worried, then I thought Zo wouldn t do that to us He was very sweet though Of course Noah came and surprised her again When she wouldn t talk to him I was heart broken but then again I understand why And poor Elliott, glad things kinda worked out in the end for him I wasn t expecting an ending like that but it was a beautiful ending This book was also great as it ch [...]

  5. it s not actually a 1 star read, but a very solid 1.5, just so you know maybe even a 1.75there s a distinct lack of going solo for a book literally titled going solo, and i guess that s all i want to say before i go back to reading decent literature again I ve wasted an entire evening already as it is

  6. June 18th 2016 Omg I m so excited for this new book July 1st 2016Omg I m so excited for this book to come out 3 MONTHS July 3rd 2016I can t contain the excitement I have for this book Hoping for cute things to happen in the book hahaJuly 9th 2016I just saw the cover and title from Zoe s vlog BOOK 3 TITLE AND COVER REVEAL youtube watch v C2Qld and am now even excited because she gave us some hints as to what it s about I m just so sad about the fact that Penny and Noah aren t together August 20 [...]

  7. Finished late last night loved it I love how in those books, it is not all about a boy boys being in love, but also about family and friends, the ups and down that come with that, about what you want to do with your life in terms of a profession etc Someone called it slice of life books and that is the perfect term for these It is a very quick read, easy writing and highly enjoyable I cannot think of a reason for 4 in stead of 5 P Maybe some parts were predictable, but somehow I did not really m [...]

  8. The internet is both a beautiful and a terrible place I was reading something, and as one thing leads to another, always, on the internet, I ended up reading that the Girl Online franchise would be spawning a third monumentally disastrous book There s only so far you can take something, especially if the said something was so bad, and Ms Sugg should ve taken the hint after the first book, if not after the first few lines The fact that this book already has a rating of 4.5 even before its schedul [...]

  9. I m so happy that I actually really enjoyed this one if you have seen my reviews for the first two, you d know I have negative feelings towards them Zoe has really grown as a writer 3.5 stars A better review coming tomorrow.

  10. Wel een leuk en vermakelijk boek Geen kwalitatief hoogstandje, maar wel leuk voor tussendoor

  11. These books are so cliche and predictable but I love Penny and Noah and Elliot and they are just so cute It s really interesting how Zoe described the panic attacks and anxiety where Penny from suffers I know Zoe has anxiety too and I think it s really brave to talk about it I secretly hope that Zoe will write a book four because this series is my guilty pleasure and I just love them so much

  12. I absolutely adored this book Read in a day for the Booktubeathon.Is this the end Will there be I could certainly read about people in this universe and like to think of this series as my guilty pleasure I like how this book focused on than just Noah, as much as I love Noah, it s nice to show that there is to Penny than just being in relationships.

  13. I didn t really like this book It took me about four months to finally finish this book I started to like this book when I was half way through view spoiler and that s when Noah finally came back hide spoiler From there on I loved the story and the events happening in there Callum was kinda annoying though, I think his behaviour was kinda unrespectful but oh well.

  14. Sugary sweet, where almost nothing goes wrong and the balance is returned to Penny s life Well, I finished another series at least

  15. Nie spodziewa am si , ani nawet si nie nastawia am, e b dzie to co wspania ego, podchodzi am do tej trylogii z dystansem, poniewa tak radzi wielu ludzi, kt rzy ju przeczytali ,,Girl Online I wiecie co Mieli racj Naprawd trzeba podchodzi do tych ksi ek z dystansem, a wtedy si je polubi, b dzie to wr cz czysta przyjemno z czytania Akcja ksi ki rozgrywa si w Wielkiej Brytanii w mie cie Brighton, kt re bardzo mnie zaintrygowa o i ch tnie odwiedzi abym to miasto, poniewa jest w nim mn stwo wietnych m [...]

  16. Before this review, just putting out there that I love Zoe Sugg Zoella s videos She seems light hearted, funny and incredibly positive and her books reflect that Even though I did not particularly enjoy this book, it does not mean that I do not like the author, or judge her in any way Just putting that out there Slightly in depth reviews will come on MY BLOG of my recent reads, so go check it out This was my overall reaction throughout the whole book It was OK There were a few main some small, [...]

  17. Girl Online Going Solo I love these books I would say they are my guilty pleasure but screw it, I don t feel guilty about it I m so glad she wrote a third book, not because I care about if Noah and Penny were getting back together or not I wanted to read from Penny, I wanted to see how she would evolve and what would happen on her journey I love Penny as a character so much, she is just so freaking relatable And even though there is a huge age difference between me and her, I actually feel like [...]

  18. Since there s no free Wi Fi on the cruise ship, I m spending most of my time binge reading the books I have on my Kindle I loved Girl Online and Girl Online On Tour, and this book is as lovely as the other two.I finished Girl Online and Girl Online On Tour than a year ago, and as much as I loved the story of Penny and Noah, I seem to have forgotten all the details so it took me a while to figure it all out Once I did, the first thought that came to mind was, Penny and Noah have to get back toge [...]

  19. Audiobook Review 5 Stars Two years ago, when I listened to the audiobook of Girl Online I was amazed with the beautiful story of Penny Porter and the incredible production of the audiobook Last year, Girl Online On Tour was published and I loved it too, but I was left with a sad face because of how it ended SPOILER ALERT view spoiler Penny and Noah broke up hide spoiler But in the end, I understood why it happened and I knew it was for the best, but my heart was so so sad And that s why I was so [...]

  20. A sweet and wonderful story about real friendship, the love of a caring family, the love we share with our boyfriend and that we have to take care of ourself no matter what if we want to be able to help others This book came at the right time to me and helped me a lot Full review to come.

  21. I don t know why I m reading the third book when I gave both the first and the second book one star Maybe it s because I find them entertaining being so cliche and eyerolling, but whatever it is, it obviously didn t affect my rating Once again I have to say I didn t particularly like the book, I found this entertaining than the other two, probably because I had so low expectations towards it The characters we re a little bit less annoying, however the whole Omg Callum is so hot thing no girl It [...]

  22. 3 STARS Someone else s success is not your failure Now this book was pretty cheesy and incredibly predictable wasn t it It was enjoyable but I liked it the least of all three Also the title isn t really compatible with the story because Penny isn t even going solo However my tolerance level towards Penny and Noah together dangles quite above the average so that s fine I m not sure if there s going to be another book since it doesn t imply that this one is the last one anywhere, plus, it s called [...]

  23. Den ersten Teil der Girl Online Reihe habe ich damals komplett ohne irgendwelche Erwartungen begonnen und hatte au erdem eher Negatives geh rt Ich war dann komplett berrascht wie gut mir das Buch gefallen hat und dies hat sich durch die Reihe gezogen.Der nun dritte Teil der Reihe ist ebenfalls wieder unterhaltsam mit viel Witz, ein wenig Romantik und vor allem starken Freundschaften Ich kann es gar nicht erkl ren, aber ich habe mich in der Geschichte irgendwie immer wohl gef hlt und es war einfa [...]

  24. Will these books ever end Failing that I will still read it to see if it s the same as the other two Overrated Probably.