Among the Brave [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Among the Brave : by Margaret Peterson Haddix - Among the Brave, Among the Brave A Reluctant HeroTrey may have saved Luke s life but he still thinks of himself as a coward who can barely stand to be outdoors Now Trey finds out Luke has been taken prisoner at Population Police hea

  • Title: Among the Brave
  • Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix
  • ISBN: 9780689857959
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback

Among the Brave

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Among the Brave : by Margaret Peterson Haddix, Among the Brave, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Among the Brave A Reluctant HeroTrey may have saved Luke s life but he still thinks of himself as a coward who can barely stand to be outdoors Now Trey finds out Luke has been taken prisoner at Population Police headquarters Trey is terrified but he knows that if he doesn t rescue his friend no one will At police headquarters Trey impersonates an officer to try getting to Luke ButA Reluctant H [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Among the Brave : by Margaret Peterson Haddix. [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Among the Brave : by Margaret Peterson Haddix - Among the Brave, Among the Brave A Reluctant HeroTrey may have saved Luke s life but he still thinks of himself as a coward who can barely stand to be outdoors Now Trey finds out Luke has been taken prisoner at Population Police hea

  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Among the Brave : by Margaret Peterson Haddix
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Among the Brave
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  1. Trey was thinking about Luke, and how brave he was He wished he could be that brave But, if you thought about it, he never really got a chance Until now Trey is left stranded in front of Mr Talbot s house as the Population Police rade it He manages to survive just barly, hidding behind a flower pot until Luke comes for him But he never does Now Trey knows that something s up So, he teams up with a boy named Mark Garner in order to find his friends and save them from the Popualtion Police Even if [...]

  2. Among the Brave was an inspirational, thrilling, and action packed novel filled with suspense and drama all at the same time Not only is the main character a young boy, Trey, but a illegal third child that should not have been born After living his whole life in hiding, being exposed to the real world mentally impacted Trey With the government being overthrown, the new military based, monarch takes over everything needed to live and forces control over everyone, even the free people With crazy g [...]

  3. A Review of Among The Barons by Margaret Peterson Haddix If you lived in a country where you can only have two children, if you were a third child you would be in hiding A law made fourteen years ago changed millions This law is that you can t have than three kids, and if the population police catch or find you You will be punished in death, and if you had to decide, what would you do Hide for the rest of your life or go out and try to live life but not get caught Luke, a third child, was born [...]

  4. Personal ResponseI really like this book This book has a great story line and one of the main reasons has to be the constant suspense The author does a great job of adding a sense of urgency and intensity into the character s actions I also like how I am able to witness the growth the main character goes through throughout the book.PlotThe rebellion against the Population Police has hit a snag The leader of the rebellion and some of its important members have been arrested by the Population Poli [...]

  5. After reviewing this book on my blog I decided to re read it because it s been a while It was as good as I remembered Trey is a likable hero because he does courageous things despite his own fear If you re willing to look for them, the book also has some good themes about doing the right thing despite potentially bad consequences, the sanctity of human life, courage, friendship, etc This book is my favorite in the series and can be read alone, but I d recommend reading the stories in order.

  6. Among the Brave is the fifth installment in the Shadow Children series In this book it is all about how Trey, as a third child, went and fought against all odds He was forced to put his fear aside in order to save his friends.

  7. Hiding and running away from the law are challenges Luke Garner has to face because of his secret In Among The Hidden by Margaret Peterson Luke Garner struggles by hiding a secret, he is a shadow child, a shadow child is another term for the third child which wasn t allowed in Luke s town.Luke is tired of hiding, he wants to be a kid, he wants to play outside and football with other kids like his brothers Matthew and Mark, Luke wants to go to school and have friends His mom just wants him to sta [...]

  8. Among the BravePersonal ResponseI really enjoyed reading this book This was one of the best books in the Shadow Children series, I think at least I really liked how each book went with a different character The last book in the series I read was about Luke, but this one was about Trey PlotTrey and his friends, Nina, Joel, and Jon, are all on their way to Mr Talbot s house When they arrived there they debated on who was going to get out of the car and go knock on his door There mission was to tel [...]

  9. Through a series of well timed, unfortunate events, Trey finds himself testing his illusive bravery Being separated from Luke, he finds himself hiding out at the home of Mr Talbot The home has been trashed and Trey is afraid After a few days pass, he spies Smits and Luke s brother, Mark near the house Could it be that Luke s family is living near him Conjuring up gumption, he decides to confront Mark While deciding if Luke and Nina are in danger, they decide to rescue them, unbeknownst to Luke [...]

  10. Trey is an illegal third child, who has spent his whole life in hiding, until he went to Hendricks School with other third children with fake IDs In Among the Brave, Trey is overcome with his cowardice when he is driven to Mr Talbot s house and is abandoned Mr Talbot works for the Population Police, who seek out illegal third children in order to bring them to justice However, Mr Talbot is a double agent, and helps third children The Plot The entire story takes place in a little over a day, and [...]

  11. Personal ResponseThe book Among the Braveby Margaret Peterson Haddix was a good book I liked it because it gave good and clear details of everything that went on in the book It gave good perspective of each event The book would sucked me in once I started reading I did not want to put the book down PlotIn the beginning of the book Trey and Lee were running from the population police and had to find a new safe place to live Their previous place had just been raided and the Grants were killed They [...]

  12. Personal Response You have to read the rest of the books in the series It s easy to read and that s a good thing for weak readers The story line is getting really good, so can t wait until i m done reading them Hopefully they can overrule the government and make kids legal again.Plot Among The Brave is about four young kids trying to plan an escape to get Luke Gardner out of the population police jail before the police try to kill him The main character s friend Luke has been taken prisoner by t [...]

  13. I have read 6 out of the 7 books in the Shadow Children series, and except for the first book, this was my favorite so far In this book Trey, one of the boys Lee mentored at the school, is the protagonist and hero ,something he never would have thought himself capable of As a 3rd child, Trey grew up hiding in the city with his 2 friends until they got caught by the population police and held in prison, until they could be brought to Lee s school by Jen s father Trey looks up to Lee and admires h [...]

  14. Again, I m going to have to give a book in this series a 3.5 because I can t bring myself to give it 4 stars Bummer This is book 5 in the series, and it is Trey s story after he is dropped at Mr Talbot s house in the end of Barons He thinks he s there to get help from Mr Talbot while his friends wait in the car, but when Population Police tear out of the garage with a handcuffed Talbot, and Nina and the others speed away from the house, he s left alone, confused, and scared He learns that the pr [...]

  15. Personal response I liked this book a lot because of the ongoing story line throughout this series This story kept me very interested through the whole entire book The way the author writes is very intriguing and keeps me interested Plot Trey was a very scared third child for along time He was scared to even see other people when he was first introduced Trey went from being that scared to being stranded on the Talbot s porch looking for answers Trey became one of the bravest characters in the bo [...]

  16. First sentence Great, Trey thought I do one brave thing in my entire life, and now it s like, Got anything dangerous to do Send Trey He can handle it Doesn t anyone remember that Cowardice is my middle name Premise plot Among the Brave is the fifth book in Margaret Pertson Haddix s Shadow Children series Trey, the narrator, faces great challenges in this one For Trey, going outside is an act of bravery So when all of his friends disappear, and the trustworthy adults in his life disappear as well [...]

  17. The book Among the Brave by Margaret Peterson Haddix interest me a lot with their unpredictable events that happen to the main character In page 31, I figured out that Trey s friend was an illegal children.Then he was followed by population polices, because his parents are captured by the police He was helped by his friends named Mark, which helped him get to Mr Talbot to help them.He gets help from his friends to save his other friend Luke I really loved this book, how the children in this book [...]

  18. This is probably my favorite book in the series The protagonist is now Trey Jackson which annoys many of my students because they just want to know what is going on with Luke However, Haddix continues to develop all of her characters and this portion of the story is Trey s as he and Luke s brother, Mark, set out to rescue Luke Lacking self confidence, Trey never felt he was brave or worthy until fate steps in and makes him do things he never thought possible This novel features action than any [...]

  19. This book is about a kid named Trey He is a elegal third child and families can only have two children per family Trey and his friends escape the Grants house They travle to Lee Grants house He is a eleagal third child His real name is Luke but Trey does not know that Luke goes up to the frount door steep of a erson named Goerge Talbot and when he gets their Mr Talbot does not seem so nice Then the population police show up Trey hides until the population police leave Then he goes in the house a [...]

  20. Trey has done one brave thing in his life saving L s life at the end of the previous book Now he is on his own out in the open world He spent his first twelve years living in one room and never leaving, so just breathing outdoor air is an act of bravery for him Can he find it within himself to save his friends who are in danger from the new and worse Government If you re reading all my reviews, then you ll see how quickly I ve read these As I said in the first review, they are written at around [...]

  21. A very different book, a wholly outdoor adventure at last Very surprising that things fell into place that easily in the end You would think the leader of the Liber group, or whatever they call themselves, would be better guarded But this sets the stage for the final battle, and another switch over from Luke to Trey opens up the door for further self discovery.

  22. The reason I love rhis book is because there isn t one page that you aren t scared for the character s life I love the characters How they have all been so traumatized and still can be so brave The main character in this book is Trey, who in this book series is considered to be the weakling and turns out to be a real hero He saved other people from death even though he was afraid.

  23. Although I felt the book started slow with a character I had a hard time connecting with in early books, it only took a couple chapters to hook me with the story line and to develop a new side to a familiar character I felt like I grew and changed with the characters and truly believe that this story might be a metaphor for the way that many people feel in their lives today.

  24. Among the Brave was an amazing continual to the Shadow Children Series It s cool to see Peterson change perspectives throughout the series This time, it was from the point of view of Trey, the World s Biggest Coward I would definitely recommend this book to a friend.

  25. This was the first book I read from the Shadow Children series It is set up so it doesn t really matter whether or not you have read the previous ones So if you want to read this one, or most likely any of the others, you should do it and not worry about not knowing background info.

  26. More action packed then the last book Now I am really curious to how they free themselves Next book here we go.

  27. Tray, Nina, Joel, and John were driving to Mr Talbot house when they got there Nina pushed Tray out of the car because they all thought he was the bravest because he saved Luke from a chandelier falling on him But when Tray knocked on Mr Talbot door nobody replied Then he looked in the window closest to the door and saw the Population Police trying to take Mr Talbot Tray started to run back to the car but the car drove away from the house Tray looked of a hiding spot out side of the Mr Talbot ho [...]