Among the Betrayed Among the Betrayed Best Download || [Margaret Peterson Haddix] - Among the Betrayed, Among the Betrayed Everything that had happened to Nina was real She had real handcuffs on her wrists real scars on her back real fear flooding her mind They re going to kill me Nina whispered and it was almost a re

  • Title: Among the Betrayed
  • Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix
  • ISBN: 9780689839054
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Hardcover

Among the Betrayed

Among the Betrayed Best Download || [Margaret Peterson Haddix], Among the Betrayed, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Among the Betrayed Everything that had happened to Nina was real She had real handcuffs on her wrists real scars on her back real fear flooding her mind They re going to kill me Nina whispered and it was almost a relief to finally finally give up hope In a society that allows no than two children per family under penalty of death third children are forced into hiding or Everything that had Among the Betrayed Best Download || [Margaret Peterson Haddix]. Among the Betrayed Best Download || [Margaret Peterson Haddix] - Among the Betrayed, Among the Betrayed Everything that had happened to Nina was real She had real handcuffs on her wrists real scars on her back real fear flooding her mind They re going to kill me Nina whispered and it was almost a re

  • Among the Betrayed Best Download || [Margaret Peterson Haddix]
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Among the Betrayed
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  1. Erst dachte ich, dass es sich hierbei nur um einen Zwischenteil der Grundgeschichte handelt und war etwas ent uscht, aber die F den finden sich zusammen und so bin ich doch sehr froh ein wenig mehr von Nina Idi, einem der Schattenkinder, zu erfahren Ich glaube, dass sie im weiteren Verlauf noch eine gr ere Rolle spielen k nnte Ich bin gespannt ob ich recht habe Also auch dieser Teil konnte mich berzeugen Da es eben eher eine Dystopie f r j ngere Leser ist, ist die Sprache und der Aufbau nat rlic [...]

  2. Among the Betrayed is the third book in the series I really enjoyed this book This book is about a young girl named Nina The population police found her useful and used her to betray other third children In her holding cell she meets three other children, Alia, Percy, and Matthias While in the cell she tries to find information about them, but they do not tell her anything One day while The Hating Man was questioning her a guard was found poisoned Nina finds the poisoned guard s keys and escapes [...]

  3. Awesome book I loved it Its about this girl who has to decide whether or not to betray these three young kids She makes the choice to help them and is on a long journey, with these really smart kids, to find a safe home to stay, in the shadows hidden from the rest of the world.

  4. Among the Betrayed The main character is Nina, and she is the third born child in her family Nina is illegal, because she is the third born of her family, and third born children are illegal, because it is hard times where she lives Nina used to live with her aunt s, but she got caught For third born children to try and not get caught, people make fake ID s for them to try and help them The book is about a girl, Nina , who gets caught being an illegal, and she is then thrown in prison The guards [...]

  5. this book is good because Nina is another shadow child and is actually with luke from the first book and luke doesn t know that she is a like him but she doesn t know if she should luke but IDK if she knows likes real name isn t lee grant luke is trying to say to say he can help her this book is good because I like the series of the among the shadow children and all of these books mostly have action and its interesting

  6. Third in The Shadow Children Sequence, and perhaps the most fascinating so far, with its edgy examination of trust and perception Among the Betrayed shifts focus and the protagonist of the first two books in Haddix s seven volume series becomes a minor player A peripheral character in Among the Impostors, Nina, takes center stage Readers of the first two books, and it definitely is a plus to have read these first, will themselves not be sure whether to trust Nina Nina, held and questioned by the [...]

  7. I loved this book At the beginning I felt it was a little boring and could of had detail, but I loved the twist ending so much it definitely deserves 4 stars This book had lots of action and included a lot of twist and turns I did not see coming It just goes to show you, trust no other man alive At first I thought it would be a bad book because it was in Ninas point of view but I was completely wrong If anything it made the book better.Plus this is my favorite cover for this series very cool A [...]

  8. Personal Response I thought that this book was pretty good The plot had a lot of action to it and it was very detailed throughout the book I was able to follow what was going on with the characters pretty easily I also thought that the variety of the characters was also very good The ability to know what the main character was going through, both internally and externally, allowed for me to get involved in the reading of the book PlotNina is very confused on what has happened to her She has bee [...]

  9. I thought the book Among the Betrayed was very good It was interesting and kept you wanting to read I enjoyed the book because it was intense, entertaining, easy to comprehend, and the end had a twist on it that made the book good The plot of the book is that there are these third children in this country that only allows you to have two kids because there is not enough food, this book is about this girl name Nina Nina goes to this special school where there are a lot of third children She goes [...]

  10. Personal ResponseI thought this book was good I liked it mostly because it had a really good story line I thought it was good, because it usually had some action Another reason I liked this book was because every character changed so much throughout the book PlotAmong The Betrayed was about a girl, named Elodie, who was a third child She lived with her aunts at the start Then she had to leave, and she moved to Harlow School for Girls with the name of Nina Idi Harlow was a school for third childr [...]

  11. I decided to read Among the Betrayed by Margaret Peterson Haddix because I read her first two books in the shadow child sequence and I loved them Among the Betrayed was an attention grabbing book I kept wanting to read The main character is this book is Nina Nina is a shadow child with a fake identity She used to live with her aunt until she moved to the school for girls Nina has a friend named Jason who also is a shadow child with a fake identity who went to the school for boys They met in the [...]

  12. Among the Betrayed by Margaret Peterson Haddix is a science fiction children s book The age group this book is intended for is intermediate readers The book talks about the government controlling the population by only allowing two children per family If families had any than two children, they would be executed so, many families hid the children known as shadow children or exnays.I like how this book was written The book theme was based on survival I like how the younger characters knew to use [...]

  13. Now it s Nina s turn for her storyter Jason betrayed her, she was handcuffed and arrested Imprisoned with three small children, Percy, Matthias, and Alia who are only ten, nine, and six, she is faced with a dilemma The hating man who is holding her captive wants to make a deal if she can get the three children to open up and confess that they are illegal third children, he will let her live Otherwise, she will be executed But, can she do it Can she betray others as she was betrayed to save her s [...]

  14. Haddix switches gears here, telling a story that occurred at the end of Among the Impostors and overlaps it The main character switches to Nina, leader of the thirds at the girls school, about whom we know next to nothing Most of the story occurs in a Population Police Prison.Haddix does a great job of revealing how a situation like a political prison would work, especially when you add intrigue within the prison itself, and the Population Police There aren t very many characters most of the tim [...]

  15. I really enjoyed this book, just as I enjoyed the first two books in this series It is a good sequel to the first two books However, I did enjoy the first two a little bit because I feel as if the plot was developed and interesting in Shadow Children 1 and 2, especially in 1 All in all, among the betrayed is definitely worth reading and is an overall good book.

  16. I liked this book This book was about a girl who had been captured by the population police because the law in her country was that a family was only allowed to have 2 kids Nina, the main character of this book was accused of being a third child and was turned into the police This book was pretty good, I would read it again I recommend this book, especially if you want a quick read book.

  17. I had a really good book here and I liked all of the action and scary stuff that has happened to her I really like this series and no there super cool.

  18. Among the Betrayed by Margaret Peterson Haddix Is really good it is a series This book is about a girl named Nina she is a 3rd child and your not aloud to have than 2 kids and she has to hid and never come out of her house because if she gets coat then she will die Nina needs might get caught because everyone found out So she has been hiding for a really long time and she is just done with it so she gets out of the house and goes somewhere I really liked this book because there was a lot of ent [...]

  19. Among The Betrayed is the companion to Among The Hidden.I really enjoyed reading this book I liked the characters, the setting and the plot Nina s worst nightmare comes true and she is captured by the Population Police and taken from relatives who took care of her to be thrown into a cell The Hating Man, as Nina calls him, interrogates Nina and tells her that Jason turned her in Jason is Nina s first love, this news is very upsetting to her and it makes her furious The hating man makes Nina a de [...]

  20. Personal ResponseI really enjoyed this book It kept me focused and not wanting to stop reading There were many different things that could ve gone wrong for Nina and certain times throughout the book For Nina, she ran into many obstacles The first big one, was being a third child, which meant she either had to stay hidden or live under a different name Nina tried to get with other children that were the third ones in their families and they turned on her I think if she would have gotten a fake i [...]

  21. Personal Response This book is different than the other two It s all about Nina from the girl s school and about her getting arrested It s still good and its important book among them Still simple to read and understand.Plot Nina from the girl s school got arrested for being a shadow child She went to prison but it was odd that she and 3 other people were in the whole section of their cells She meant with the head master at the prison He gave her all type of banned good food and he told her she [...]

  22. Personal response Among the Betrayed was a great read and I enjoyed the book greatly This book was a page turner and I never wanted to set it down Among the Betrayed really sucked me into it At first, I was confused with how the story began but after finishing the book it all totally made sense I will continue to read this series because it is the best series I have ever read I hope to be just as enthusiastic about the next book, and I will be sad when I finally finish the last book of this seri [...]

  23. Personal Response I liked this book a lot It is an easy read I thought the book had a mysterious or dangerous feel to it Just how the children had to hide and have fake identities Summary Elodie Luria had left a dreary but emotionally comfortable life with her three aunts and grandmother For the sake of giving her a chance to live out of hiding, they managed to scrounge together enough savings to purchase a fake ID and identity for her Nina Idi and sent her to live at Harlow School for Girls Aft [...]

  24. Personal Response I liked the book, Among The Betrayed, because it always left me thinking what would happen next I rated the book four stars, because the end left me hanging I did not know what would happen later in Nina s life Nina is the main character who is an illegal third child The book is based off a government that only allows two children because of a famine in food Where did the third children live Plot The book was about third children who were born, and then the law was passed so fa [...]

  25. In the book among the betrayed by Margaret Peterson Haddix, Nina is put to the test In this 156 page realistic fiction thriller, Nina s life appears to be on the line This book takes turns that you would never expect and it really keeps you interested Out of the books that I have read so far this one has to be the best I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in or wants to get started reading This is another 5 star book written by haddix.In the book, Nina is taken to population police [...]

  26. DNF at 80% and skimmed the rest of the way through.Uh.Such a drastic drop in quality, I don t even know what to say.I wasn t too keen on the new POV character, one we knew nothing about, but whatever, I could have dealt with that if her story turned out to be interesting But I realized soon enough that she was just a stupid, insipid, wildly unlikeable girl, who had been thrown in a preposterous setting with too many plotholes to count.The whole interrogation part, the over the top scheming and t [...]

  27. The novel Among the Betrayed by Margaret Peterson Haddix is an amazing addition to the Shadow Children book series This book is the third installation, but is completely different from the first two books Just like the second book, this book is just as good as the first or even better, but in this installation, you see the story from another character s point of view, Nina s Since we see Nina s side of the story in this book, it makes you rethink everything that you have learned from the other t [...]