The Alibi [PDF] Unlimited ☆ The Alibi : by Sandra Brown - The Alibi, The Alibi Assistant DA Hammond Cross has his sights set on the DA s office Prosecuting a high profile murder case practically ensures him the job But a Saturday night encounter with a mysterious woman is the st

  • Title: The Alibi
  • Author: Sandra Brown
  • ISBN: 9780446618670
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback

The Alibi

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ The Alibi : by Sandra Brown, The Alibi, Sandra Brown, The Alibi Assistant DA Hammond Cross has his sights set on the DA s office Prosecuting a high profile murder case practically ensures him the job But a Saturday night encounter with a mysterious woman is the start of a living nightmare [PDF] Unlimited ☆ The Alibi : by Sandra Brown. [PDF] Unlimited ☆ The Alibi : by Sandra Brown - The Alibi, The Alibi Assistant DA Hammond Cross has his sights set on the DA s office Prosecuting a high profile murder case practically ensures him the job But a Saturday night encounter with a mysterious woman is the st

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ The Alibi : by Sandra Brown
    213Sandra Brown
The Alibi
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  1. I know I must sound like a broken record right but I truly enjoy all of the Sandra Brown books that I have read so far Well, there was one that fell a little short for me but all the others have been such fantastic reads for me.The Alibi is one of my top three SB books This one takes us to Charlotte, South Carolina where we meet the sexy Hammond Cross and the stunning Alex Ladd With each book I have read, there is something a little extra that I end up loving Whether it is the location, the side [...]

  2. 5 STARSWow It s been a while since I ve read a Sandra Brown book And damn, have I missed them And l have to say that this is a difficult book to review, as I don t want to slip up and give anything away Trust me, with this one Just go in blind Don t read any reviews or even plot descriptions Just start reading Hammond CrossJust know that there are some incredibly juicy characters that await you The writing is fabulous as usual, and the intrigue undeniable Alex Ladd The dense air was redolent wit [...]

  3. I really enjoyed this book, as I have enjoyed every Sandra Brown book I have read.Out here, he wasn t a professional, or a colleague Or a son Tension, anger and the weight of responsibility began to melt off him The sense of freedom was heady.It s on the suspense and mystery than on the romance but don t let that put you off There are still some hot scenes Dispensing with the frivolity, he kissed her meaningfully When at last he pulled away, her troubled expression alarmed him What Be careful, [...]

  4. After checking the book out by mistake, the plot once again was intriguing but looooooooooooooooooong The romance was silly.The culprit was well disguised A good few ideas for mystery authors.

  5. One night of escaping reality turns into a long, ominous nightmare for Prosecutor Hammond Cross A spur of the moment decision turned into a night of passion with a mysterious woman who was gone by dawn s light Hammond doesn t even know her name He will before long, and it just may be his downfall.Intriguing characters flaunt their way through The Alibi At first they didn t seem to have any connection to one another, leaving me wondering where it all was leading It soon becomes apparent as the i [...]

  6. I know I said the exact same thing about every other Sandra Brown novel I had read, but The Alibi truly is the best romantic suspense ever to be written And this time I m sticking to my guns well, at least until August, when her next one Mean Streak will be out.

  7. Another excellent RS from Sandra Brown I m really amazed how she manages to find a really inticate stories, full of tension and suspense

  8. I loved this slow building character driven murder mystery by the Queen of romantic suspense, Sandra Brown In fact for me the motives of each of the characters involved in the murder of shady business man Lute Pettijohn on both sides of the law and the way they intersected were of a page turner than finding out who actually did the murder It s become a bit of a goal when reading a Brown to try and tease out her multiple threads and work out whodunnit I didn t in this particular case but the way [...]

  9. One of my favourite Sandra Brown novels.Loved the relationship between Alex and Hammond and Hammond and Davee.Right from the get go Steffi comes across as harsh I know she was trying to get ahead in a man s world but she seemed to hate every female.The mystery aspect was great All I know is that it wasn t Alex or Hammond Everyone one else was up for grabs.Wished there was an epilogue.

  10. Overall rating 4.5 stars Triggers Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler Love triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler Sex with om ow view spoiler No There were TWO scenes where two different women came onto the hero, Hammond Cross, but the hero wasn t even remotely interested either time All he could think about from the moment he met Alex Ladd was her and that was in the beginning of the story The first woman was a woman who he worked with He had a casual relationship with her for a year exclusive [...]

  11. The absolute best Sandra Brown book ever Hammond Cross is the best hero she has ever penned The book moves at a fast pace The ending is excellent Ah so tempted to give it 5 stars but only God rates a 5 I have 3 copies of the Alibi for fear something might happen to one and then I d be without I keep a copy on my bookshelf, my desk at work, and in my car That way I am covered There are very few books I am that anal about but this book along with Sharon Sala s Out of the Dark and Anne Stuart s Rit [...]

  12. 4.5 Captivating Stars Fantastic I ve been in the absolute worst reading funk of my entire career as an adult reader I swear, if this book would ve been another flop, I think I would ve been done reading for a good long while But leave it to the brilliant mind of Sandra Brown to bust me right out of it Amazing, unputdownable read Wish there would ve been even a teeny epilogue Even tho I know it isn t her style.

  13. Oh, Sandra Brown This woman kills me I just don t know what I would do without her books I m beginning to wonder if I have some sort of addiction problem I just can t get enough of her novels Okay All gushing aside, lets rip this book apart and see what s going on within the pages If you ve read my reviews before, you know how much I love a flawed character Sorry, but the messed up they are, the I love them Come on, it s got to be easy to write the PERFECT character Everything is great in thei [...]

  14. NO JUST NO DON T READ THIS GARBAGE.I received this book as a prize for English when I was 12, and it was my first experience of the modern thriller Comparing it to my regular staple of classics I was utterly shocked by the amounts of sex and retarded writing NOTHING stirred any emotion in me but I laughed quite a lot at how pathetic the book got with each page One particular point of comedy for me was how horny the characters were One time Hammond the lead guy breaks up with a girl and the girl [...]

  15. After reading Mean Streak this one felt short for me A little confusing and the end twist sounded forced Nevertheless, Sandra Brown will continue to be one of my favorite writers and I intend to read a lot of her books.

  16. 4 Stars Very enjoyable.Interesting to watch Hammond who was in a bad fix He had strong ethics, yet he was tormented with his lust for a woman He wanted to do the right thing, yet kept doing the wrong things to help her, yet it was good what he ended up doing and how things ended.Some authors make characters do or say things that are not reasonable or do not fit their characters motivations in order to have a plot twist or suspense That annoys me This book did not do that It had twists that were [...]

  17. Coming from someone who rarely gives out 5 star just 10 of all read books maybe and even rarer to thrillers d damn, I have too many freaking reasons for it, including but not limited to it manages to keep the suspense.even when it dedicates last 50 60 pages pointing in a person s direction you don t feel is right, it keeps the mysteryy novel that is able to keep it for 80 of the span, is worth it its a mystery book, but such soft mystery that half the book you won t even care for ityou would be [...]

  18. This is a shockingly bad book about lawyers There s some romance and a mystery involved those were blah The romance was based on immediate physical attraction that supposedly deepens into amazing trust and a willingness to sacrifice everything for each other after one night when the two characters don t even know each others names I roll my eyes in disbelief.But the legal aspects of this story made it almost unreadable for me Every attorney law enforcement officer has significant conflicts of i [...]

  19. Wow I finally finished this book Took me long enough I gave this book a 3 star rating because I did enjoy it, but I felt that the book took way too long to get to the point and didn t keep me turning the pages quite as fast.This story was about a prosecutor named Hammond Cross who goes to clear his head one evening and decides to visit a fair where he runs into a beautiful woman whom he just has to talk to At the end of their little escapade, he wakes up to find her gone Pissed off royally he he [...]

  20. 1 2018 upped my star for this one, though my feelings area bout the same as when I originally wrote this review back in 2014 I enjoyed it this go around, I guess I love most of Sandra Brown s work, but this one really fell flat for me It was almost 20% into the book before it s clear who the actual main characters are, and the romance of this romantic suspense is about nil This is pretty much a straight mystery suspense, which I was not expecting, and my rating reflects my disappointment in tha [...]

  21. I loved this book again loved Hammond Cross and his gallant behavior I have been little annoyed with Dr Alex Ladd, and her damsel in distress act Good plot line, an you will never guess who the killer is Great recommendation

  22. REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK JUNE 3, 2014Narrator Dennis Redfield.One of the best SB s I ve read Nothing she s written in recent years can match this 1999 murder mystery.The MCs are flawed, vulnerable and fighting for survival Hammond Cross, for his career, Dr Alex Ladd, for the same and her life My thoughts about Hammond ran along the lines of not another think with my dick hero , it s black and white, dickhead and you just met her, how can you be so besotted so in a way, Hammond Cross, currently the Sp [...]

  23. The Alibi by Sandra BrownLuke is dead at the hotel, shot 2 times They inform his wife and she s not surprised he s not been murdered from his lovers husband He has had many affairs in the past and although they are married, live in the same house, she knows nothing of his style or meetings of his life.At the hotel there was also several others who had come down with food poisoning that may have seen the murderer The cops try to get through to the ER doctor that they must talk to the people right [...]

  24. It was such a compelling read I couldnt stop reading it and had to sleep late for 2 days Loved the suspense I loved how Hammond and Alex met for the first time So cliche but romantic even though Hammond later turned into kind of a stalker for his obsession toward her But I understand it And i loved how they had to play cat and mouse with their coworkers for their love affair It totally adds the thrill And I cant wait to get my hands on another SB book.

  25. 10% of this book is about hammond thinking about sexother 10 of this book is about alex thinking about sexother 10% of this book is about both hammond and alex wanting to jump to each other.There s not a single likable character nor mystery is any good and let s not even talk about the love story.

  26. A quick and dirty summer read involving a murder, legal culpability, and much action An entertaining crime drama set in Charleston, SC.

  27. I wasn t expecting a romantic suspense when I put this on my to read shelf I mean, I am often confused by that how do you say a novel is romantic suspense Almost every novel has romance element in it And after reading The Alibi, I got it you say a book is a romantic suspense when the central idea of the book focuses on the romance and the suspense only comes second This one qualifies.I am a fan of thriller novels, those which contain some romance in it because really, what good is a book without [...]